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Awesome / Choice of Robots

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  • You can pick a fight with the entire U.S military and win.
  • Some of the feats of robotics engineering you can do in this game are just Crazy Awesome, ranging from creating actual mecha or Transformers up to and including creating an AI, that is to all intents and purposes, God.
    • Related to the above point when faced with the endgame Sadistic Choice of having to sacrifice your Super Intelligence, your humanity or your lifespan you can say "Screw that!" and commence the Brain Uploading, either by uploading your conciousness into a robot body or, if your Robot Buddy has become the super-AI, upload yourself into the robotic hive mind. Extreme? Probably. Worrying? Possibly. Awesome? YES.
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  • It's actually possible to prevent the Sino-American War altogether. How? As long as you're unemployed, you'll be present at the parade with the Chinese Prime Minister. If your creation has enough Grace, it can actually take the bullet for the Prime Minister and help him. A Military robot can actually kill the assassin as well (though you still need enough Grace to block the shot successfully. Doing so completely alters Chapter 5 and ushers in the Golden Age of robotics.

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