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  • In Setsuka's "right" ending in Soulcalibur III, she stops a girl from pursuing a life of revenge, as she tells her that her vengeance sought had never brought her happiness in the end. She then guides her as they walk away together.
  • Algol in some of the IV endings. Talim's, in particular. She reunites Algol with his dead son, bringing peace to his soul.
  • Ivy's ending in IV. Her backstory at that point in the series is that her days are numbered due to being forced to get by with an artificial soul after Cervantes siphoned most of her own. After defeating Nightmare and destroying Soul Edge, she's prepared to accept her inevitable death as Soul Calibur traps her in crystal. However, her sword acts on its own to shatter it. If there was any doubt that Valentine is as much a living sword as it's described, this moment shoots it down.
    Ivy: My sword, are you... telling me to live?
  • Raphael's devotion to Amy. It does turn very psychotic, but remember that even though he is cursed of evil power and shunned by the world, everything he does is for Amy. He goes off the deep end and thinks, or has found that, the only way to make Amy a world she can live in is to turn the entire world into monsters of Soul Edge, and when his balance is threatened he goes to the ends of the earth just to make her world a reality. This is all because she gave guards the wrong direction to find him.
    • Amy's character arc after being introduced as Downloadable Content in VI expands on their relationship. She started out trusting nobody, as "hope only brings disappointment". Even misdirecting the guards wasn't to save Raphael, but because she thought the guards were annoying and wanted to annoy them back. But in the coming years traveling with Raphael, she comes to realize that she actually does care about his safety and does her best to protect him when she (correctly) suspects that his studies in his library — unbeknownst to her at the time to be about Soul Edge — are becoming a dangerous obsession for him.
  • Sophtia's SCIV ending. Algol saves Sophitia from being killed by Soul Edge and, being reminded of what happened to his own son, chooses to set aside his plans for world conquest and disappears along with the two swords so that Sophitia's daughter may be saved.
  • In the good(?) ending of SCV, despite being permanently marred by her brief time as Soul Edge's true host, Pyrrha is embraced by the brother she lost twice over.