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Soulcalibur VI has its own page.

  • The Soul series games generally take themselves seriously, but there are moments. For instance, in III's character profile, Sophitia and Cassandra have "Weight" filled in as "Unknown (refuses to reveal)" and "Has lost weight recently" respectively.
  • If you beat Soul Edge/Soul Blade with Mitsurugi, you get a Bonus Boss against Tanegashima, named as such for the rifle he wields, because Mitsu suddenly gets incredibly confident that he can defeat even rifles with his blade. The average player not expecting the fight or the imminent gunshot will die in one hit, to which the shooter comments that he did warn Mitsu beforehand.
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  • In Soul Edge, when Sophitia knees a male character in the family jewels, she will say, "I'm sorry!"
  • The Dreamcast port of Soulcalibur allows you to customize the introduction, which isn't too odd on its own. But there's one scene in particular where the chosen fighter is seen in a wind-blown grassy plain, standing up and running their fingers through their hair as they turn to face the camera. The scene is clearly scripted for a female note ; you can select men for the role, anyway. Yep, even Voldo.
  • Edge Master using a female character's moveset has to be seen to be believed. Especially if it's Sophitia, Xianghua or Ivy (and if you're using Ivy's style, just try using the B+G throw).
    • No wait, here's one better: Edge Master with Tira's moveset. A bearded old guy pulling off ballet moves with a bladed hula hoop, now that's a riot.
    • Edge Master's theme in SCV is called... "Master of Edges."
  • Yun-seong's "good" ending in Soulcalibur III. He chooses steamed buns over Soul Edge, and they turn out to be bait set up by Mi-na so she can knock him out and bring him home.
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  • Cassandra's ending in Soulcalibur III. Either the sword is broken forever or poor Cassandra has to fix the sword alone as punishment for breaking it. This despite the fact that she just destroyed Soul Edge.
  • Siegfried's cutscene with Tira in III's Tales of Souls Mode.
    Tira: I'm annoyed...I'm going to make you disappear forever!
    Siegfried: You're the one...that should disappear forever!
  • Amy's ending in SCIV. RING OUT!
  • In Soulcalibur II, Link is one of the characters who can do the Title Scream. Of course, being a Heroic Mime, he barely gets past the S before just screaming.
    • In Soulcalibur III, Voldo can do this. It's just his heavy breathing, complete with the pause for the III part of the title.
  • The Lizardman's ending in SCIV. Apparently your hand can catch on fire if you hold onto your soul for too long.
  • One of Siegfried's victory quotes in III:
    Siegfried: I avoided your vitals. You'll live.
    • By itself it's not funny, until you realize he says this to everyone he defeats. INCLUDING ABYSS.
  • Dampierre's announcement trailer for V. The whole damn thing.
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  • Dampierre's moveset has a lot of slapstick.
  • The Character Creation trailer for V.
    Tago P (Hisaharu Tago): That doesn't look very Japanese!
    Villager A: My hair's Japanese!
  • When you bump into Xiba, Leixia, Natsu, and Maxi as Patroklos in SCV's story mode. Patroklos needs a favor from the group, Leixia and Xiba in particular. Both agree but Leixia slyly responds that "nothing is for free" in a way that feels like she's flirting with Patroklos. Xiba's thought on the situation? "Hey, he can buy us dinner!"
  • Both of Olcadan's endings in III are hilarious:
    Ending 1: Opens his own school of martial arts and beats the ever-loving crap out of a few of his students who try a sneak attack on him.
    Ending 2: He stops himself right before breaking Soul Edge and sells it to the girls who run the shop. They apparently didn't pay him very much for it, either.
  • In SCV, the cast now has Ring Out-specific lines. Ringing out Raphael makes him yell "HAVE YOU NO SHAME?!?" If you do it again, he yells "DO YOU KNOW NOTHING ELSE?!?" Leaning on the Fourth Wall there, eh, Raph?
    • Other characters have great Ring Out lines as well, such as Natsu going "AW, HELL!", or a player-created male character with the "Veteran Knight" voice set yelling "I CAN'T LOSE!" during the first and "IT'S STILL TOO SOON!" during the second time.
    • There's also the custom voice that yells "I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!!"
    • Kilik gets "I FORGOT OF SUCH METHODS!"
    • Edge Master is quite sporting about the matter: "GOOD STRATEGY!!" "NICE AIM!!"
    • Alpha Patroklos, on the other hand... "DAMMIT!" "STUPID!"
    • Meanwhile, Patroklos gets an excellent "YOU SCARED OF ME?" if you ring him out twice.
    • Yoshimitsu has "YOU CALCULATED THIS?!"
  • Ahh, character customization...
  • Soulcalibur III has a "Random Custom Character" option for Vs matches. This does Exactly What It Says on the Tin, creates a custom character for you with totally random parts. Have both players select this and prepare to laugh your ass off.
  • Some of the character designs you can encounter in Quick Battle are pretty funny. One of the ones that stands out is the person you face to earn the Drunkard title. Everything about him, his name (hige16g), his design (he's a geezer wearing a flannel beanie and glasses, and has a sake gourd hanging from his waist, for starters), and his fighting style (Voldo's) all seem like they were legitimately designed by someone who was drunk off their ass.
  • Ivy breaking the fourth wall and calling players who pre-ordered the game from GameStop.
  • This one's meta, but Ezio's backstory in SCV is that he was "dimension warped" over during a Time Jump portion of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (by this point in the Soul series note , it's close to a century after his own death in 1524); the thing is that based on the lore in question (fleshed out in the Brotherhood novelization) and on the narration of Shaun Hastings (in 2012) mentioning the events (though dismissing them as an Animus glitch), this may well be canon in the Assassin's Creed universe!
  • Sometimes the opening quotes really don't go together in very hilarious ways...
    Aeon: [unintelligible Lizardman growl]
    Algol: Your words will earn you no mercy.

    Femme Fatale Custom Character: Care to dance with me?
    Femme Fatale Custom Character 2: Didn't I tell you "no"?

    Pyrrha Ω: AAAAAAGH!!!
    Cold Assasin Custom Voice: You will die.
    Patroklos: Fine, you'll die next!
    • Or sometimes they together absolutely perfectly.
      Kilik: No use in talking huh? Fine.
  • Have fun with these!
  • Mitsurugi's Time Out quote in SCV.
    "Damn, I'm getting old..."
  • Behold! One the most amusing glitches in the series!
  • Since Kilik became a Ditto Fighter in V, his perpetually-determined personality potentially turns him into The Comically Serious, especially when copying Dampierre...
    • Same with Elysium; some characters' taunts and other animations are hilariously unfitting to her, like Tira's and Leixia's.
  • Add another to the Dampierre pile: His Critical Finish from Broken Destiny. He manages to bring his opponent to tears with a sob story about how he's trying to get money for his sick daughter. This actually works, and can work on guys like Nightmare, Algol and even frigging Kratos can be reduced to a sobbing charity-giving heartbroken baby with Dampierre's sad sad story. Netherrealm Studios weren't allowed to have Kratos look fearful in Fatality animations but Namco were able to get away with making Kratos cry. And judging by Dampierre's last laugh and line of dialogue ("Le Bello's weapon is his silver tongue!"), said sob story was a total con. His "sick daughter" was portrayed by one of his cronies (Giselle) after all!
    • However, when you think about it, Kratos lost both his wife and his daughter. While him crying can still look funny, this guy can relate to Dampierre's (fake) story.
  • Do Raphael and Viola's taunts together in SCV
    Raphael: Show me your power!
    Viola: You're not worthy.
    • Possibly made funnier with the relevation prior to Soulcalibur VI's release that Viola is indeed an older (albeit amnesiac) Amy—the same person who (as seen above) has no reservations about teasingly inflicting a Ring Out on her adoptive father in the middle of him Laughing Mad.
  • Most of the taunts in SCV are hilarious since they all SPEAK... LIKE THIS.
  • Tremor quotes are usually along the lines "What is this?!" or "It's shaking!?" Then, you get Ivy's "Earthquake?!" Really, Ivy?
  • Z.W.E.I. tells Alpha Patroklos to hit him with everything he's got... Then, Patroklos tells Z.W.E.I. to hit him with everything he's got.
  • Dampierre introducing Nightmare in SCV.
  • Talim vs. Raphael in SCII.
    Talim: (innocently and genuinely) I didn't want to fight...
  • SCII and SCIII also have some unintentional hilarity with the narrator before every fight. One of the lines is "The almighty ones have granted you a SWORD to cut your own path." Seems like Kilik, Maxi, and the like are screwed.
  • Yoshimitsu. While his Confusion Fu style is good for a laugh as it is, his funniest moments come from when when he opens his matches with "I shall assist your suicide" or variants thereof. Firstly because he has some genuine suicide moves, and secondly because he has multiple ways of inadvertently ringing himself out. So it's just as likely that you will assist his suicide. Better yet, because of Artificial Stupidity, he will quite happily do it with absolutely no input from you.
  • At the pre-fight screen in SCII, if you facing or playing as Spawn, he will occasionally say "Silence" after next fight is announced. Almost as if he is telling the announcer to shut up.
  • If you force a custom character in IV to use Yoda's normally-unavailable moveset via hacking, you'll soon find out why it's unavailable for custom characters. Because Yoda's so much shorter than the other characters, his lightsaber in the hands of a normally-sized character turns comically huge. Furthermore, his acrobatic style with numerous jumps of several times his (small) height are just normal moves when used by him, but a custom character will rocket into the sky... and out of the ring most of the time.
  • Most weapons in II have a brief description of their effects, but joke weapons get Flavor Text in their place. Some highlights:
    Child's Sword (Yun-Seong): And what am I supposed to do with this?
    Weight (Talim): I'm sorry. Please forgive me, I won't do it again!
    Ethereal Edge (Necrid): So wispy and so useless.
    Shepherd's Crook (Yoshimitsu): Yoshi had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow.
    Bug-Catching Net (Link): Looks like there are no fairies in this world...