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  • Siegfried vs. Nightmare during the climax of Soulcalibur III. The winner then gets an awesome Pre-Asskicking One-Liner when he turns to fight you:
    Siegfried: "If you're after the sword, don't expect to get past here alive. Sorry to keep you... you're up next!"
    Nightmare: Ahahahaha! The time is ripe... You shall become part of me. You are my first sacrifice!"
  • Ezio Auditore's announcement trailer. The trailer initially plays it up as a Nightmare-kicking-everybody-else's-asses trailer, only for the trailer to "glitch" up... Ezio shows up a couple of minutes later, and asskicking ensues. (All to a remix of "Venice Rooftops," no less.) And at the end, having taken Nightmare's spotlight completely, he faces down the abomination calmly... And then uses the hidden blade on Nightmare.
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  • During the ending of Chronicles of the Sword, your protagonist is hailed as a hero—and has a statue built in his/her honor.
  • Mitsurugi's progression through the series, quite notable as he remains Badass Normal. From Soul Edge where he lost to a rifle to the fifth game where he's gotten to the point that the fighters that gather around the weapons are the only ones who can present a fight (after winning various "unwinnable" battles). It's to the point where he has no interest in either Soul weapon as he feels he doesn't need them.
  • The series' signature intro quotes create rare moments where character taunts match up perfectly, such as...
    Algol: "Fighting is my all... it is my existence!"
    Nightmare: "Your existence is meaningless!"

    Talim: "I don't want to fight!"
    Raphael: "Very well, let us dance."

    Raphael: "Would you like a taste of my power?"
    Mitsurugi: "Let me give you a taste... of my steel."

    Created Characternote : "Why do you choose to fight?"
    Siegfried: "You could never understand."

    Female Voice 4note : "Effort and talent, they are meaningless."
    Female Voice 2note : "What would you call true strength?"

    Voldo: *hiss*
    Z.W.E.I.: "Sorry, I didn't catch all that!"
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  • Cassandra's ''SCIV'' ending. Not only does she manage to defeat Algol and destroy Soul Edge, she also manages to break up Soul Calibur with her own hands. Too bad it's non-canon. But the best part has to be this:
    Soul Calibur: You dare extinguish the light of humanity just to suit yourself?
    Cassandra: After what you've done to Sophitia... You call yourself the light of humanity? GET SERIOUS!!! (snaps Soul Calibur in two)
  • Also from SCIV, Sophitia's ending... is one for Algol. And one in Ivy's ending, for her sword.
  • Some of the Destined Battle cutscenes in SCII are this. Some of the most notable ones are Maxi getting the drop on Astaroth and managing to bring him to his knees with his attacks, and Heihachi rebuffing Raphael with a Barehanded Blade Block.
    • When Necrid encounters Talim, she's able to figure out that he Was Once a Man, and if you lose against her, she's furious that someone or something did this to him.
  • Understated example: in his ending in SCIII, Rock Adams returns to his home in the Americas by swimming across the Atlantic Ocean!
  • Getting Star Wars characters in IV, and two of them being arguably the most iconic: Darth Vader and Yoda.
    • A implied moment of Fridge Awesome for both is the second-to-last fight in Darth Vader's route in Story Mode being against a tag team of Siegfried, Nightmare, and Yoda. For Darth Vader, it's an awesome moment because he evidently scared both Soul Calibur and Soul Edge — whose raison d'être is the destruction of each other — into fighting together to stop him; his getting his hands on them would be that bad for everyone. And for Yoda, it's an awesome moment that he evidently managed to convince them of such.
  • Game Awards 2017: One question - Do your souls still burn?
  • Nightmare's Critical Edge in VI. He literally summons a night mare and runs down his opponent astride it.