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Proof that the remaining 10% is worth being corrupted by Soul Edge for here:

These are recommendations made by tropers for the Soul Series, all of which have been signed. After a few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the 'fic, based on who recommended it. No-name recommendations will be Zapped!. Nobody would back up the rec. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watchlist, if need be.


Do warn when a fanfic may head into sexually explicit or non-canon territory. Some people just don't like it, and as we all know, Shipping is Serious Business.

Authors, and Websites

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Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Stage of History by GaggedCenobite

  • Recommended by Radical Taoist
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Impossible. Attempts to summarize this story will result in high levels of what, if the summarizing party does not collapse into helpless laughter.
    • Let's give it a shot, anyway: Yoshimitsu is stranded in Venice without a boat to carry his loot back to Japan so he can distribute it amongst the peasants. Conveniently, Cervantes happens by to terrorize the town, so Yoshi decides to take a lift, which the pirate accepts on the grounds of him being Jesus Christ (or so Cervantes thinks). Along the way they pick up a rockstar accused of ripping off from your local Swedish-melodic-technical-death-thrash-metal band, a mercenary duo comprised of a samurai and a whiny emo kid, and then something happens and something else happens and I don't know what else insanity's taken hold of me— Oh, and there's something about a huge sticky ball of junk threatening to destroy the world.
  • Comments: This is arguably the most over-the-top ridiculous spoof parody fanfiction I have ever read. And by over the top, I mean over the top. RunningGags, pop culture references, and other such silliness abound.
    • Edrobot: One of the most well-written Crack Fics ever. I second the nomination.
      • Andy LA: Thirded. For a work of this level of nonsense, the author writes pretty well, and for a second there you might be led to believe that it's gonna be something serious. But then Cervantes starts to think Yoshimitsu is Jesus - and that's on the first chapter, mind you! - and down the sinkhole we go (I mean this in a good way, BTW). On an unrelated note, I'd totally buy an album by Ostrheinsburg.

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

Patroklos and Natsu: Now parents by epicwinston

  • Recommended by Tropers/Kakugo
  • Status: Complete
  • "Synopsis": Post SCV. Patroklos has been in a romance with the ninja known as Natsu. However, due to many one night stands she becomes pregnant. As a result, Patroklos must journey to Japan with Natsu. Main pair is Pat X Nat, but there are others there as well.
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  • Comments: Okay, I'm not going to lie here. There are quite a few errors in typing. But the humor and shout outs to many things are very present. Nearly every paragraph contains a funny line at least once. And epicwinston puts in plenty of corny romance scenes to make you go "Aww."

The Ketsueki Quadrilogy by iceangelmkx
  • Recommended by: Gordhanx
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover with: Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter & Tekken.
  • Synopsis:
    • The Ketuseki Quadrilogy: Chishio No Me: Legends speak of a powerful medallion known as the Chishio No Me. The Bloody Eye. It is said whoever holds it, can control all the power of all the realms. When it ends up in the hands of Shao Kahn, emperor of Outworld, a tournament has been announced as a prelude to his next conquest of the realms. Strong fighters from all across the realms are invited to attend. Some join to stop the emperor his evil goals. Others are there to achieve their own dreams and settle their own scores. (Complete)
    • The Ketsueki Quadilogy: Ano Sentaku Bou: The conquest of the Realms has begun! Shao Kahn infused with the power of the Chishio No Me and the Satsui No Hado, sends his armies to conquer the realms of Earth and Keisei, leaving most of its defenders split up and struggling to fight back against the invaders. As various groups attempt to survive and fight back against the chaos, only four individuals said to be the Chosen Ones, can defeat this evil and end the invasion, before it's too late.. (Complete)
    • The Ketsueki Quadilogy: Majin Seiryu Ki: Set in the vein of the events of Tekken 6, both the Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation go to war, placing the Earth in danger yet again. However, behind the scenes, the demon Azazel, known as the Majin Seiryu Ki, is planning to awaken. On behalf of this, the Mishima Zaibatsu launches the Shikoken Tournament, and hence, the chosen warriors reunite yet again to save the realms. (Dormant; last updated March 2020)
  • Pairings: Ryu/Julia Chang, Lei Wulong/Chun-Li, Jin Kazama/Cammy White, Raiden/Rose, Vega/Anna, Kenshi/OC, Baraka/Mileena and Shao Kahn/Ivy Valentine, just to name a few.
  • Has its own page.

Alternative Title(s): Soul Calibur