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Edrobot is a contributor who is sick to death of his page being a red link.

He started the Exit Fate, Pick Up The Phone Booth And Aisle, and Code Geass: Awesome of the Rebellion articles, and tends to fall prey to Rouge Angles of Satin on an occasional basis despite being an awesome fairly good decent okay not a complete moron (Thank god for spellcheck). Is also a sporadic contributor to The SCP Foundation.


Tropes that This Contributors Employs:

  • Creator Thumbprint: In fanfiction, the idea of characters becoming superheroes is a common plot. Also, the name "Gilgamesh" tends to turn up a lot, usually as a refrence to that one or the other one. This is usually becauseany crossover planned out by the author will eventually wind up utilizing one of these two character, but it's mostly beacuse the word "Gilgamesh" is fun to say.


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