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Of old he who was well versed in the way
Was minutely subtle, mysteriously comprehending,
And too profound to be known.
It is because he could not be known
That he can only be given a makeshift description[...]
- Lao-Tzu, Book 1 Verse XV of the Tao Te Ching (trans. by D. C. Lau)

I am desperately afraid I will die before I've written all the stories I have in me.
- Harlan Ellison, "Where the Stray Dreams Go", the introduction to From the Land of Fear

Rather than stuff I've done, I'd rather use this page to list wiki-related goals I'd like to see completed. Not interested in reputation so much as achievement, although I really should be working on my novel instead. Help with wiki projects is, of course, appreciated. Go ahead and vandalize my page under a divider below, if you want.

  • Current goal: Do something with this? Maybe? I dunno.

YKTTWs currently mulling over: None at the moment.


Vandalism here

I claim this spot for the Patriotic Anti-Anarchist Social Democrats of America. AND YOU CAN'T DO SHIT ABOUT IT BECAUSE YOU AIN'T GOT NO GOVERNMENT TO REPRESENT YOU, SO NEENER NEENER NEENER. :P ~ Flyboy

  • I live in Canada. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are going to ask you politely to vacate that spot. In both our official languages. :P


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