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Even Gimli doesn't know how to do this, so how should I?
Describe Andy LA here.

Well... How exactly?

Aside from the fact that he is...

Ah, screw this, it's my own page and I write it my own way!

Aside from the fact that I am Brazilian, addicted to rock n' roll music, like The Beautiful Game (which I only call soccer out of convenience; I'd much rather use football, as I do in my native language), tend to be an overall Nice Guy, even though I can have a Hair-Trigger Temper on a bad day (but I always try not to blame those I know are not at fault), and am a comics and sci-fi geek (mainly Marvel Universe and Star Wars), I'm pretty much an unremarkable guy.

At least in real life.

On the Internet, I'm pretty much the same, except since it allows me to talk to people outside of my real life boundaries, it makes me just a teeny weeny little bit less unremarkable.

Stuff to know about me:

  • My real name is Andrey, which is a corruption of Andrei, which in turn is the Slavic form of Andrew. I only use Andy on the Internet for the sake of convenience when talking to non-Lusophone users. It's a matter of personal preference, and I find it REALLY weird to be called by my real name by people who are speaking in English.
  • I speak English, Spanish and some Japanese. I prefer to communicate in English, however, because it is the one foreign language I have mastered over the years (for a given value of "mastering"; after all, we don't stop learning until we die, right?).
  • My lifelong dream is to be the frontman of a rock band, 9-to-5 grind be damned.
    • Unless it's a job I'm good at, like translation. Then I can think of being a weekend rockstar.
  • The LA does not stand for Los Angeles; they are actually my surnames' initials. I will not, I repeat, not, reveal them to you because I feel embarrassed by them. If I use a surname on the Internet, it'll usually be Kusanagi, taken from Kyo Kusanagi, which I've been using for about 10 years now despite not having any Japanese ancestry (it's from my otaku days, but I still like the name).
  • Date of birth: December 3, 1986. Which makes me 27 by the time this page was created (June 15, 2014).
  • Was born on Ozzy Osbourne's birthday and in the same year Master of Puppets and Reign in Blood came out. Me enjoying heavy metal has nothing to do with this. At all. Honest.
  • I can be pretty self-deprecative at times, like when I say I think I have a singing voice that sounds like Ian Gillan and Steven Tyler mixed together, when my high notes would be more like a cat being skinned alive.
  • While I do try to follow Netiquette, I can be a Cluster F-Bomber IRL.
  • I'm a consummate Wiki Walker.
  • I tend to laugh at silly stuff.
  • I can draw well enough, but only human beings and simpler objects. Otherwise, I'm hopeless, unless I have photographic reference, in which I can come up with something half-assed (proof here).
  • Anything else you want to know you can ask me.
  • Oh, and BTW, I'm playing We Are Our Avatars, with a few breaks interspersed with consecutive action periods.