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  • While Eris uses force in order to persuade most of the cast into staying and accepting the dream world tailored for them, she does not do this to Luna. Instead, Eris somehow managed to understand Luna's suffering from reviving her own parents against their will. They still have to fight each other though, but Eris simply lets out a "You can go, but you'll have to get through me first, okay?" in a reassuring manner towards the child.
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  • As Isabelle prepares to strike down Rowen in a fit of rage in Chapter 13, the spirit of Kyle appears and defends Rowen. He encourages Isabelle to move on from his death, calming her down enough to stop and talk to Rowen. She learns of Rowen's curse, becomes willing to make amends, and gains the strength to face her reality and break out of the Morning Star's illusory world.
  • After all she's been through in the previous chapters, it's certainly heartwarming to see Luna meet and bond with Aenea.
  • Isabelle uses the lessons she had learned from her time in Isunia to give Tetra hope and support as she shoulders her emotional burdens. This eventually lets Tetra find the strength within her to rally the awakened robots to stand against Belphomet.



  • It's easy to tell when someone's coming close to an important milestone or in the middle of their rank-up trials by looking at their ranked score. (Most significantly: Master score of 9800-10,000, which means they're incredibly close to their goal of a month's grinding.) Some players willingly concede their game to those players, giving them an extra win they need to rank up without the frustration associated with losing a full match.
    • The said same thing can be said with Grand Prix runs, those who manage to qualify for the Finals in Stage 2 (either successfully win 4 rounds in Group A or 3 in Group B) would deliberately lose games in their subsequent Grand Prix runs (either playing low-tier decks, or memeish decks), giving other players the opportunity to qualify for the Finals.

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