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"An ominous presence has filled the skies.
People know it by one name:

The Morning Star

It is a price of freedom.
A glimpse of new worlds.
A light reaching into oblivion.
A shadow in mortal hearts.

When darkness covers the world,
the gates of annihilation will open..."
Chapter 1 Introduction

"When the light of hope shines brightest,
the darkness is at its most hostile.
Change awakens our pretension,
and reveals intentions once hidden.
Those with newfound powers,
seek new masters for the hour of war.
On this ever changing battlefield,
We must evolve to survive."
Darkness Evolved

"It is the dragon of creation,
and the arbiter of destruction.
Its echoing roar will rend the heavens,
and fell the gods into the earth.
In the shadow of the supreme dragon,
there can be no sanctuary for those who seek it."
Rise of Bahamut

"When roaring thunder rends the skies,
omnipotent gods will begin to clash.
The howls of behemoth demons,
will tear the earth asunder.
Tender angels will weep,
even as they deliver harsh judgement.
As humanity resists it's hopeless fate,
rebellion looms on the horizon."
Tempest of the Gods

"I have a book for thee like no other,
each page a window to a long lost land.
Where fairy-tales dovetail with myths,
and wishes give birth to legends grand.
Knights and dragons,
will wish for love.
Within this book all ambitions bloom,
but be warned my fickle friend,
A dark abyss awaits us all.
For blood pricked roses wishes be.
But fear not to bite life's fruit,
for in this land courage is key.
With bated breath the door swings open,
glory is bound to be purged in flame.
The hand you choose,
defines your fate.
So I ask you,
Is this really just a game?"
Wonderland Dreams

"Boundless are the heavens,
reaching beyond our skies.
Rays of light,
gleaming trails and tales of luster.
To reach the arena where the humble are forged into heroes,
you must brave perils both as volatile and infinite as the very stars themselves.
In one moment a promise of miracles,
but in the next calamity.
Never lose hope,
for at the journey's end she awaits.
So take up arms against the cosmic horrors,
hold back the fearsome night sky and claim victory from the darkness.
Grasp the light of the heavens,
forge your myth among the stars,
and enter the fabric of legend."
Starforged Legends

"The time has come.
Witness the world's refabrication.
Winds of change sweep across eons,
beckoning heroes forth while wings of valor sunder the heavens leaving naught but flames.
Shining under this fiery torrent,
a beacon of blessed justice brings hope to the land.
However lest we forget,
beneath the facade of creation lies destruction.
To suppress the knowledge of antiquity,
higher beings will set in motion the cogs of war.
And thus divine retaliation begets world ending conflict.
At the far side of this inevitable flux,
born of chaos and order lies the genesis of a new era.
So, won't you join me,
and behold revelation."

"Is this the beginning, or is it the end?
When the light meets the dark,
fate is sure to rear its head.
The path ahead will soon become to.
Will you follow hope,
Or will despair fall into you?
Even howling winds will bend and break.
One gust will be fair,
the other dim and drear.
A kindly smile,
a devious stare.
These two opposing wills,
will tear apart and declare.
War is upon us.
You must make your choice.
Beyond the day and night,
in this realm of timeless twilight,
fate awaits your choice."
Dawnbreak, Nightedge

"Just how far do these skies stretch,
and what could be waiting for us on the other side?
Back when we first asked those questions,
we had no idea where the wind would carry us.
But now, we're ready to soar!
Onward across the skies to that fabled island.
We each have powers hidden deep inside,
powers that we'll use to stand against fate.
Some battles we won't be able to avoid;
We've seen how hard it is to run from conflict.
But we've got a promise to keep.
So we won't give up, now, or ever!
Throughout our adventure, we've made so many friends.
Bonds we share have given us strength to overcome the darkest times.
If evil should ever try to take over the sky,
then we'll be there to protect it,
to provide hope for the future.
O child of darkness and flames,
grant us a path forward,
past the grand blue beyond!"
Brigade of the Sky

"Mortal, seek you glory?
Or is it prosperity you desire?
Very well.
Endure your trials,
and prove your worth.
We are the Omen.
And through us, your realm will reach a new apex.
Defile this world,
until all creation has been unwritten.
Pass beneath the Earth,
and confront untold destruction.
Survive our quest,
and know true power.
Tremble not,
only the feeble will perish.
One thing alone will ensure your triumph:
Now we begin the trials,
for you face o mortal.
The omen of the ten!"
Omen of the Ten

"When peace is allowed to flourish,
It is quaint what humans can create.
But, alas,
all good things must come to an end.
You see serenity, well,
it's a rather... tenuous beast.
After all, the time of change is upon us.
Now, raise your heads in awe, and witness the distortion of your plain.
It will morph your white-winged saviors into willful soldiers,
and pull your fallen nightmares from their graves.
Imbued with new magic, powers most reverse,
will spread throughout heaven and earth,
and twist until they've taken unfamiliar forms!
Head the coming change mortal,
and take charge.
For the world,
will never be the same!
Welcome to the new reality."

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