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  • Nicola Adel basically marches to his own tune. After Urias challenges him, he gets goaded to begin to unleash his true power... but then stops and leaves, because he's too hungry to continue.
  • As Nicola Adel shows Luna around Isunia, a challenger shows up, trying to best him so that he can become a one-man guild too. Nicola, without missing a beat, punches the challenger so hard that he flies off into the distance. Nicola later reveals that this happens on a regular basis.
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  • As Nicola advises Luna to eat more so that she can grow taller, he promptly shoves a full sandwich to the girl's mouth, which led to him receiving a sermon from Marlone:
    Marlone: You can't just put things into other peoples' mouths!

Cards — Voice Acting

Cards — Art and Text

  • From Dawnbreak Nightedge comes Waters of the Orca, a 2pp Dragon Spell that summons a Megalorca. But there's more to the rest of the card:
    Enhance (4): Summon 1 more.
    Enhance (6): Summon 1 more.
    Enhance (8): Summon 1 more.
    Enhance (10): Summon 1 more.
  • Father Punishment is practically doused in hilarity due to how over-the-top his expression, explosion of clothing, choice of punishment, and flavor text is. What makes it even better is that while he maintains a piddly 1/1 statline even when evolved, his strong evolve effect invokes Shoot the Mage First during the evolve turns, making him a Lethal Joke Character if ignored.
  • There exists a mod for the game called the "Summertime mod" which changes the card arts of various cards into summer themed version of their arts. While mostly having female and a handful of male in characters swimsuits as probably is expected, it also has some rather funny inclusions such as Jeno, Blood Wolf, Tart Man and the common Skeleton.
  • In Omen of the Ten, one of the cards is Armored Troll. It bypasses Wards, but can only attack the enemy leader. If the face plays Ward, it still goes face. Some see this card as a Take That! to the mindset of aggro players in CCG like Shadowverse and Hearthstone.
  • Steadfast Angel's flavor text describes the work of a celestial blacksmith. Mostly.
    His hammer ringeth across the heavens, like unto a blessed bell. One angel is drawn by the rhythmic chorus of his labor.
    "Ding-dong, ding-dong!"
    "You annoying little—I'm trying to work here!"
  • The flavor text for Feena, Dynamite Daredevil details the various misadventures of her and Goblin Mage.
    "C'mon, Goblin Mage! We've got treasure to hunt!"
    "Ooh! Feena, I found some shiny stuff!"
    "Wait, don't touch that! It's a tr—"
    —Feena and Goblin Mage, falling for an obvious trap.
    • The evolved text shows that things aren't exactly getting better.
      "F-failure? Ha! I don't know the meaning of the word!"
      "Ah! There's something shiny on the floor! Yoink!"
      "Did you hear a click just now?"
      —Feena and Goblin Mage, about to fall into an oubliette.
  • Mino, Crafty Reaper apparently writes Slash Fic in her spare time.
    "I'll put in my hours, but don't expect me to clock in any overtime. What... I dropped something, you say? O-oh, that's the HaZeus fanfic I wrote! Y-you're a fan too? Omigosh, let's gush! HaZeus or Zeudes? I just can't choose my OTP!"
  • Elegance in Action, the title of the card mixed with the art of a maid stumbling around is just snark at its best. The description just seals the deal.
    "Visitors to the mansion always depart with an item gifted in apology."


  • While most of the funny lines come from the cards, the alternate Shadowcraft leader Mordecai manages get a little gem with his sorry emote. It's something especially amusing hearing a skeletal knight saying sorry in such a silly and childish tone.
  • A lot of leaders usually have subtle facial expressions in their victory or defeat screens, but one noticeable facial expression that considered hilarious is Cagilostro's evil grin in the Victory screen, which has become a meme within the fandom of how over the top the facial expression is.
  • Miyako, if defeated, screams that she's dying... and then realizes that, as a poltergeist, she's already dead.
  • Galmieux is one of the haughtiest leader skins, and her voice lines show.
    Greeting emote: Oh, a nerd. Great.
    Thanks emote: Wait, that's it?
    Defeat line: Pff! Kiss my ash!



  • Episode 14 is one of the sillier ones — Hiiro squares off with the eccentric Marcel, and he's left baffled by the chef's behavior. Even Marcel's entire deck is ridiculous, as a mostly neutral deck with a cooking theme using sillier cards like Hamsa, Ultimate Carrot, and Humpty Dumpty.
  • In episode 26, Alice eyes a prize in a crane game and Kai scoffs at it, calling it immature. Alice taunts him, saying that even a "genius among geniuses" has his limits. Without missing a beat, Kai starts formulating a strategy to claim the prize.

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