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  • Isis' win animation has her posing when a soldier who was apparently impaled on his own weapon comes up and drops dead in front of her, Isis gives a gasp of horror, and then brings the soldier back to life before handing him his weapon and sending him back into the fight.
  • One of Hades' joke is a reminder that he's still an example of a just God despite the dark job description: He still thinks of some of his 'residents' in the underworld.
    Note to self: Bring home bones of enemies for Cerberus to chew upon.
  • A cross between this and Tear Jerker for the fanbase but a terminally ill person on the Smite reddit recounted his story and how he met his best friend on the game and how the game helped him through this game. An overwhelmingly majority of the comments are positive and even a game developer from Hi Rez contacted him to what he would like on a map in memory of him.
    • Unfortunately, the post has been blocked from public view.
  • Sylvanus' Bob Ross skin. Grover gains a happy smile on his face, and all of Sylvanus' quotes are references to Ross' catchphrases, spoken in a gentle and soothing voice, getting you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. One of his death quote crosses with Tear Jerker, but is still uplifting and heartfelt.
    Grover, you are my dearest friend. Thank you.
  • Skadi's win animation shows brief moments in a typical day for her and Kaldr. They train together during the day, and at night the eat together at a fire, sharing a meal. And it ends with them cuddled by the fire, with Skadi petting her sleeping wolf friend before falling asleep herself.
  • One of the things Hera is most infamous for is her tendencies to snap and abuse whoever was conceived from Zeus' cheating spree, since marriage is one of her main domains. Smite still manages to make that clear when she scored a kill on either Hou Yi and Chang'e: Hera is instead assuring that the mate of whoever is killed by her still loved the other one so there's no need to grieve over that. Hera knows a good marriage when she sees one.

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