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Azure Striker Gunvolt

  • Joule feels a little guilty when she believes that Gunvolt left what was essentially his family just to help her, but Gunvolt tells her that he regrets nothing, if it were for her sake.
  • Joule/Lumen realizing that Gunvolt had worn the useless pendant she gave him over his much more useful QUILL equipment. Especially since her pendant saves his life. And, of course, her resolve to help Gunvolt after he has fulfilled his promise (to take her to see the world).

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

  • Copen, in spite of all his Fantastic Racism, has some pretty touching interactions with his sister and even the robot Lola.
  • The general interactions between the people of Eden and their Oracle Zonda. Despite the fact she's waging a war to Kill All Humans, it's clear that the populace of Adepts see her as a savior and heroine who will save them from all the Fantastic Racism they've suffered in the past, and are perfectly willing to die if it means seeing that dream come true. Even more so, it's clear that Zonda reciprocates their feelings, as everything she's done is specifically to make the dream of an Adept-only paradise on Earth possible.
  • While it doesn't get as much focus, the relationship between Tenjian and Zonda deserves mention. Both of them were abandoned by their real parents for their powers and they came to care for one another as brother and sister, adoptive though they may be. It's to the point that the Mirror copy of Tenjian unleashes a One-Hit Kill in a final attempt to stop Gunvolt and keep Zonda safe, while Zonda herself calls out to her brother as she dies.
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  • The ending, although it's also a big Tear Jerker. After all, all Gunvolt ever wanted was to see Joule living life like a normal girl, even if it means that he mustn't be a part of it.

Mighty Gunvolt Burst

  • During the credits, you have Call or Joule helping out Beck or Gunvolt after the final boss decides to reset the game with them still in it.
    • Topped by the addition of each main hero's supporting character for Burst... Call and Joule themselves, in their own side-stories, partially explaining how they could be there to save them in the first place!
    • You could easily interpret it as Joule finally, through the use of VR, being able to fight alongside Gunvolt. Of course, it couldn't last, but...

Gunvolt Chronicles Luminous Avenger IX

  • Every time Copen interacts with Kohaku and the kids is this.
    • This requires more details. In the talks Copen fought on Sumeragi to protect what little of baseline humans remain. However he was kicked out by people by throwing rocks at him. Justified by Copen himself since they wouldn't want to be associated with someone openly fighting Sumeragi and having their hideouts found out. This is a inversion of the situation with Kohaku and the gang who instead offered him a home (which he immediately noted that she was incredibly nice to him). This resulted in Copen to make the place his base of operations, but in reality it is so to protect them from being uncovered (he is a big "sun dairy" but he will never acknowledge that). When Kohaku get mortally ill due to a disease that was spreading among Minos, Copen rushes into the Medical Center belonging to Sumeragi knowing well it will be swarming with soldiers, machines and traps.
  • The biggest thing however is Copen himself. Living as a cyborg for one hundred years will do many things to you. Things like calming down, wising up, gaining life experience and more. This resulted in him to actually mellow out considerably and open up to others. This is what makes him interact with the Minos gang even while still being stoic (except for that one hilarious moment when everyone was surprised when he genuinely smiled). The largest change however came from him actually letting go of his hatred of Adepts, actually seeing them as human beings. This is even indicated by the fact that thorough the whole game, he never says the word Adept nor any variation of it.
    • This even goes further in the two last levels. When Blade is revealed to be Kohaku's supposedly killed sister after being turned into a new Azure Striker and then brainwashed, she immediately remembers it along with her killing her comrades. It is Copen himself that snaps her out of it with telling her to put the Septima she gained to good use by protecting Kohaku and the kids (old Copen wouldn't have done something like that and instead would've shot Blade dead). Then we have Copen's meeting with Asimov who survived as a being of pure energy and who is responsible for the whole mess with the world. Not to mention that he blackmailed most of the Falcons into working for him, turning Copen's sister Mytyl into the monstrosity that is the Butterfly Effect and him murdering Gunvolt and Joule. Copen, attaining a wholly different level of rage after hearing all of this, says that none of them deserved any of this and that they are human beings, not tools. You heard that right people. This all comes from a person who was hell-bent on killing all and every Adept on the planet.

Alternative Title(s): Azure Striker Gunvolt, Azure Striker Gunvolt 2


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