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Heartwarming / Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness

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  • The growing bond between Laharl and Sicily has several moments that are rather sweet (all of them are spoilers):
    • Chapter 4: After finding out that Lanzarote's music made Sicily happy, Laharl assigns her to be Sicily's caretaker.
    • Chapter 7: Laharl says that Sicily should be mad at him, to keep her from being angry at their mother. She joyfully says that she's not going to hate anyone, and proceeds to attempt to glomp him.
      • Prior to that, Laharl and Flonne calling out Archangel Virunga for wanting to take Sicily back, which doubles as a Moment of Awesome. Virunga thinks it's only right that Sicily return to Celestia as she is still an angel even if she is a Demon Angel and extend his hand to her to return. Laharl slaps away the hand and he and Flonne call him out for only thinking of Sicily's race, telling him that he should have realized that Sicily's loneliness in Celestia was the reason why she came to the Netherworld in the first place. And just to drive it in further, Laharl calls out Virunga for claiming his actions in the name of love and that, in the end, a Fallen Angel like Flonne is far superior to him.
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    • Chapter 8: Laharl actually starts to refer to her as his little sister.
      • And he apparently promised her that either of them couldn't sleep, they'd sleep together (though he denies it).
    • Chapter 10: Sicily offers her life to make sure that Laharl doesn't get hurt in that battle against Xenolith. After saying that she reminds him of their mother he gives her this line:
    Laharl: " Believe in the power of the Overlo-! Believe in your big brother."
  • Flonne being one of the characters to truly show Sicily kindness from the start. To the point where in a later conversation, Sicily ends up calling Flonne "Mom". This is especially heartwarming considering that, in the first game, Flonne has often been compared to Laharl's Mom, making her something of a Parental Substitute for Sicily.
  • The end of Chapter 8 has Laharl give a line that sums up his Character Development quite nicely:
    Laharl: "What good am I if I can't save the lives of my vassals?"
    • Which is then followed by the Krichevskoy Group saying that he is the only one that could possibly surpass his father.
  • In the Best Ending, Etna using the one wish Laharl promised to grant for her to have Xenolith pardoned for all the things he did.
    • There's also the part where Etna finally acknowledges their relationship while he's being pulled into the depths of the Netherworld. Also qualifies as a Tear Jerker.
    Etna (crying): "I won't let you give up. If you really are my brother, then show me the fight in you! Make it out alive, for me!"
  • Getting the higher likeability levels between characters will often result in some very heartwarming conversations in the castle.
    • This one counts as also a Tear Jerker due to it being a Foregone Conclusion, but at the highest likeability level, Flonne tells Laharl that she may have to return to Celestia one day and wishes that at the very least, he sends her off with a smile.
    • Rozalin allows you to swap her normal personality with her Zenon personality, who is cold to everyone, especially Adell. However, as you raise her likeability with Adell, she becomes a little more accepting though still frightened about letting another person in her life, culminating with this at the highest likeability level:
    Zenon: I am... I am...not alone anymore...
    • Rozalin's conversations with Adell with her normal personality are still incredibly heartwarming, especially when taking into consideration their previous DLC appearances. Each of their previous appearances had the "belligerent" part of their Belligerent Sexual Tension drop more and more. By this game, they don't even hide their feelings anymore.
    Adell: Whatever I do, always stay by my side. When I go back, you're coming with me.
    Rozalin: As man and woman, I believe we can step up our relationship... Show me what you're made of.

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