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Heartwarming / Quest for Glory IV

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  • Katrina's sacrifice. The music is perfect for the moment and really does fill one with resolve to make sure it counts.
  • The Rusalka for Paladins, albeit in a Bittersweet Ending way. This makes the player realize how far the duty of a Paladin will go, and how encompassing their love is, EVEN to the undead.
  • The Rusalka's final wish, the thing she also wanted? A kiss from a Hero.
  • When the hero brings back Tanya to her parents. Even someone like Yuri reportedly openly cries at the joy of seeing again his long-lost daughter.
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  • When as a Paladin you bring back his grandfather's sword to the Burgomeister, and you restore his faith in Heroes, giving the man much needed closure.
  • The townsfolk progressively warming up to the Hero, and admitting that beneath the gruff exterior, they DO care about Igor, the gravedigger, they DO admit they would have burnt to the stake the Gypsy in mistake. In a Crapsack World where it is easy to give in to hatred and other negative emotions, this really nails the point that the Hero's presence has been a positive influence.
  • Even though everyone shunned Igor, Bella always left him a meal at the back of the inn.
  • Erana finally being freed of Avoozl's clutches. Doubly so for Paladin and Wizard heroes, as she declares her love to the Hero.

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