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Heartwarming / Rayman 2: The Great Escape

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Kudos for Rayman!

  • Nothing more starting the game, when a despondent Rayman realises that Globox is in the same cell as him. His first reaction? He cries out his name in joy and hugs him, he is very happy to see him again.
    Rayman: (runs over to Globox and hugs him) Globox! My friend!
  • Rayman saving Uglette's babies. Her children were captured and enslaved by the Robo-Pirates to make them look for the fourth mask of Polokus. When Rayman saves them, she cries of happiness and our hero is rewarded for his action: the babies did find the last mask, and give it to him.
  • Mixed with Moments of Awesome and Awesome Music, Rayman releasing all prisoners of The Buccaneer: Prison Ship. The music manages to make us feel that we are about to win, that hope has returned to our hearts, but there is still one last thing to do, beat Razorbeard.
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  • The ending. Sure, Razorbeard escaped, but his army was defeated, all prisoners were released and Rayman survived the destruction of The Buccaneer. Accompanied by the excellent music of the credits. A heartwarming ending to a marvelous game.

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