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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • The true finale of the taxi racing missions has Nakajima and Onisaka reunite under good terms, now that Onisaka has had the last race he waited decades for. They are suddenly joined by Furumichi, who turns out to be the third Musketeer. With the team reunited, they decide to go out for drinks, and Wada seems bummed that he, as the "d'Artagnan" of the group, was excluded until Kiryu reveals they were all invited.
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  • Saejima's version of The Little Match Girl, in which he finds a cute little girl selling matches on the snowy streets of Tsukimono. Thankfully, he's familiar with the story and makes sure her story doesn't end the same way, though she's already lost her father and is selling matches to buy a gift for her mother instead. He buys her food and her present as well, and she tells him that for the time they spent together, it was like her dad came back. Not what you'd expect from a guy who's on the run from the cops and punched out a giant bear a short while ago.
  • In one substory, Kiryu has to transfer money to the Orphanage so they can get Christmas gifts. He’ll also think about each kid before he makes a deposit. There’s no reward at the end, but it’s a nice case of Video Game Caring Potential
    • Also sending money to the orphanage at an ATM as either Kiryu and Haruka will nab you an achievement
    • In another substory, Haruka answers several fan letters which she soon realizes are from the kids at the orphanage. Taichi’s letter is especially heartwarming, as it states that he sees Haruka and Kiryu as mother and father figures.
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  • Also in Saejima's story, that moment when Saejima learns that the unknown sniper who shot the Kitakata family boss was Baba. Baba reveals to Saejima that he basically lied to him from day one about who he is. Worse, he worked with Jerkass Kugihara to control Saejima's time in jail so he would be freed when it was convenient for them. But Saejima says that it doesn't matter, and that Baba is still his bro. Baba loses his shit and begs him to stop, wishing he died in the snow so it wouldn't come to this. Baba tries to commit suicide only to be punched by Saejima. They fight, "I believe in you" plays (which makes this fight a Tear Jerker) and Saejima forgives him. Baba then pulls a genuine Heel–Face Turn and from this point on, and becomes a true, loyal ally to Saejima.
  • The reunion between Daigo and Tatsuo. Even if they end up fighting, Daigo has only respect for his old friend.
  • The game's finale and ending, which double as Tear Jerkers.
    • After Baba and Shinada fight, Baba tries to pull the gun on himself again, but when the shot rings, the gun is knocked far away, shot out of his hands by Himura, who is accompanied by Oshima and Kosaka. They all talk some sense into him and convince him to turn himself back in. Shinada seems envious he has friends and a place to call home, when he receives a call from Takasugi and tells him that Milky not only wants to see him, but everyone back in Kineicho misses him, causing him to break down in tears.
    • After Haruka sings a song which can be clearly seen as a love song to Kiryu, she announces her retirement from the Idol business, in front of at least 100,000 people, because she can't bear to keep her family secret and be far from Kiryu and her brothers/sisters from the orphanage.
    Haruka: Kazuma Kiryu is family to me.
    • And the fact that her speech is watched by nearly every surviving cast member who came Back for the Finale, whether they're in the audience, the back of the stadium, or on the streets watching her on TV.
    • What makes this moment even more heartwarming is that Haruka is doing what Kiryu had done for her from the ending of the first game. Both have made sacrifices and went through lengths to reach at the top of their profession...Yet they are more than willing to give it all up for the sake of their family
    • The Stinger: The reunion between Kiryu and Haruka.
  • In Premium Adventure, Kiryu can take Haruka along with him and visit all five towns together. Visiting certain landmarks in each city (minus Kamurocho) will trigger a conversation between the two, as if they were able to see each other regularly as a taxi driver and pop idol, and discuss things like loneliness and family. She can give her good ol' Uncle Kaz a huge glomp in the photo booth, and they can hold hands again when her trust level rises. Unfortunately, Yakuza 6 reveals these interactions never could have taken place, but it's still nice to have.

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