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Heartwarming / Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed

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  • Rom and Ram spend half the game chasing after Blanc, worried that she's too busy to play with them. When they do catch up with her, she reveals she'd been taking on Quests that were too advanced for them so they wouldn't get hurt. But, upon realizing they were already strong enough to catch up to her, decides they'll tackle future ones together after taking some time to have a little fun first.
  • That setting in general. For the first time, we get to see all the girls already as sincere friends, without a stressful world-ending threat hanging over their heads. In other words, the between-mission skits shows us what they get up to as companions and friendly rivals. The world being almost-but-not-quite-like Re;Birth 1's postgame makes this even more relatable to series fans.
    • Neptune even points out that normally, this kind of game would be about the 4 of them as rivals, trying to rub each other's face in the dirt to make themselves look better. Noire tells her that would be utterly ridiculous.
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  • Many of the Level 10 Lily Rank conversations, but the one between Nepgear and Uni tops them all.
  • Some of Neptune and Uni's Lily Rank conversations are also sweet. In one of them, Neptune notes if Uni was her sister, she would possibly be more serious. Uni tells Neptune not to say that and notes that she's great the way she is.
  • At the beginning, after Vert comments about how it's been ages since she's left her room and needs something to do. Noire brings up that they could maybe... hang out or something, even listing some ideas. Even though Vert misinterprets it as a charity case, she still considers the offer. And for once, no one makes fun of Noire for her obvious loneliness.
    • Later in the game, Vert is feeling lonely because she doesn't have a little sister like everyone else. So she decides to pay visit a Noire a visit after realizing this must be how she normally feels.

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