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Heartwarming / Life Is Strange: Before the Storm

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"You know what, Max Caulfield? You're the freakin' best."

  • Chloe rocking out to "Firewalk" after all her troubles getting to the point where she can see them. For a moment, she seems to shed all her miseries and just be completely and gleefully happy to be exactly where she is.
  • Despite their relationship boiling down to simply seller-client, Frank wastes no time saving Chloe and Rachel from the two punks at the "Firewalk" concert, especially when Chloe is owing him money at that point.
  • It's very clear that Chloe really misses Max. Despite constantly snarking about Max's perceived abandonment, Chloe states repeatedly in her journal that she will forgive Max instantly if Max was to return the next day. She even creates an imaginary Max to talk to in her journal, showing just how important Max is to her. In her darkest moment, the first thing to usually come up in her mind is Max. Chloe also stresses that she has no friend, indicating that she views Max as the only real friend she ever has until Rachel.
  • If you have Chloe steal the money from the Firewalk concert, you can also have her save it to put into Joyce's purse the next day.
    • In Episode 2 (if you do the above and give Joyce the money), Frank will ask why you can't pay him back the money Chloe owes him, because he saw you steal it from the guy. One of the options is to admit that Chloe gave it to Joyce. You'd think that since Frank is a drug dealer this would put Joyce in danger... but instead he actively applauds Chloe for "looking out for your own" and doesn't make much of a big deal about the money she owes for the rest of the episode.
    • In Episode 3, this results in Joyce not selling her wedding ring. Considering how sad Chloe and Joyce are about the subject if it's brought up in episode one, it's nice to see Chloe's actions have a positive effect.
  • Although Principal Wells is an overall thorn in Chloe's side, he has potential to show that he, at the very least, cares for her well-being to some extent. If Chloe comes to school the day after the Firewalk concert with a black eye, he'll openly ask if she's okay and suggest she goes to counseling, seemingly under the belief that she might have gotten the black eye from some sort of domestic problem. Given how elitist his character tends to be, it's pretty sweet of him to extend a hand out to a student that he actively has a level of disdain for.
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  • After Rachel starts a fight with Chloe that results in the former walking away and the latter breaking down, Rachel sincerely and tearfully apologizes to Chloe once they meet again. Rachel clearly treasures Chloe as a friend, not just some object of fascination like her manipulative nature seems to suggest. Rachel even states that she has never seen anyone like Chloe, then proceeds to list every awesome things Chloe has pulled during the episode.
  • Chloe and Rachel performing together in "The Tempest", during which Rachel breaks from the script and ad-libs dialogue with Chloe, essentially confessing how deeply she valued Chloe's friendship and officially asking her to escape Arcadia Bay with her. Even knowing how everything turns out, this is very much a heartwarming scene that really shows how much Rachel cares about Chloe.
  • If Chloe advises Samantha to encourage Nathan before the play, rather than messing up his lines and running offstage in tears, Nathan will perform his role with great confidence and not receive jeers from the audience. Knowing everything the poor guy goes through (and will go through in the future), it's comforting to see him genuinely happy.
    • Even better: Regardless of the outcome of the play, Samantha will later be shown applauding Nathan as he walks off the stage. You'd expect Nathan to brush her off as he usually does....but instead, he gives her a genuinely warm smile.
  • If Chloe nails all her lines as Ariel in the performance of The Tempest, Chloe and Rachel hanging out with each other after the show is a particularly sweet moment. Which can be potentially followed by a even sweeter moment— a Big Damn Kiss between the two of them.
  • While we are already told that Drew North isn't as bad as he seems in Episode 1, we get to see it in full effect in Episode 2. He is a an absolutely loving and caring brother to Mikey. We learn that he has good reason to be extremely hostile toward the Prescotts, as his father is living on the street due to Sean Prescott. If Chloe has any quarrel with him, he will forgive it and attempt to prevent Chloe from getting involved in his messy business, as well as entrusting her to keep Mikey safe. He is also selling drugs to get his father off the street, and will risk Damon Merrick's wrath by not giving back the profit if it means he can help his father faster. If Chloe interferes by giving Damon the money to stop him from beating Drew to a bloody pulp, he'll be angry but forgives Chloe later on.
    • Also, the fact that the code to open the box with the money in his room is Mikey's birthdate is simply precious.
    • If you choose to stay hidden with Mikey, Drew will thank Chloe for keeping his little brother safe despite the fact that his legs are broken and his sports career possibly ruined.
  • Likewise to the above Frank moment, if you choose to give the North brothers' money to Damon in an attempt to keep Drew safe Frank will text you later and tell Chloe that she made the right decision. Given that he doesn't seem to agree with some of Damon's more recent actions it would appear Frank meant this on moral grounds rather than on the grounds of a business man/drug dealer.
  • If you pick the right dialogue options during the meeting at the start of episode 2, Joyce will realize how prejudiced Wells is towards Chloe and will actively defend her, even from several of David's comments during the scene in the parking lot.
  • At the start of episode 3, the cast for the Tempest texts Chloe and encourages her and Rachel to come to the cast party.
  • David tries to change for Chloe, even to extend her an olive branch. Their bond may be smashed and broken over the years to come, but he clearly sympathizes for the loss of William, offering a picture of his dead comrade Phil Becker.
  • When Rachel finds Chloe in the shack at junkyard during Episode 3, she compliments Chloe's new blue streak. That's not the heartwarming part: Chloe cups Rachel's signature blue earring in her hand during the conversation, with a tender note in her voice. Notice how the blue streak is on the left, same as the earring - Chloe likes Rachel so much she modeled her hair after the earring!
  • Rose hugs Chloe as a thank you for saving Rachel before verbally thanking her.
  • If Chloe accuses Frank of being the snitch in Episode 3, Damon replies by saying that Frank is like a brother to him and that he wouldn't hesitate to kill for him. Which makes the fact that Damon later tries to kill both Chloe and Frank al the more tragic.
  • If you are one of the lucky few who managed to figure out how to do it, Sera and Rachel's reunion hug in the ending montage of Episode 3 is definitely this.
    • Another smaller example from Episode 3 regarding Sera: When Chloe arrives to rescue her from Damon, who is holding her captive and attempting to forcibly drug her, Sera will shout at Damon to leave Chloe alone when he begins to beat her (even threatening to kill him herself if he doesn't). This further cements Sera as having redeemed herself from her destructive past.
  • Several moments during Episode 3's ending montage:
    • All of the Chloe and Rachel moments, full on. Too bad the final few seconds reminds us how it ultimately ends.
    • If you make the right decisions regarding Samantha and Nathan, their final scene together will show them sitting together under a tree at Blackwell to read.
    • Regardless of whether or not you're able to spark a mild reconciliation between Chloe and David, seeing David's proposal to Joyce is pretty sweet.
    • Steph playing D&D with Mikey and Drew.
  • During "Farewell", Chloe and Max dig up their buried treasure and find a tape from William among the contents, telling the duo how proud he is of them. It crosses straight into Tear Jerker territory when those are revealed to be his last words to Chloe.


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