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Despite being a rather dark game for Tales, there are a few moments of genuine sweetness involved.

WARNING: Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies to Heartwarming Moments pages.

  • Eleanor's relationship with Kamoana. After fatally wounding Kamoana's mother-turned-daemon and witnessing her sacrifice herself to restore her daughter's sense of reason, Eleanor takes it upon herself to look after Kamoana seeing as she lost her own mother to daemons years ago. Over time, the two develop a sort of sisterly bond and Eleanor promises Kamoana that in spite of the fact that she's an Exorcist, whose main job is to exterminate daemons, she will protect her. It even gets to the point where right before the group heads out for the final battle, the two can be found happily playing hide-and-seek.
  • The credits sequence, showing snapshots of Velvet and Innominat!Laphicet's shared dream. In their dream world, Celica and her unborn son never died, Artorius is living a happy life and doesn't lose the use of his right arm, and Laphicet's disease is cured enough for him and Velvet to journey around the world just as he wanted, meeting up with various members of the party along the way. Even people such as Oscar, Teresa, Shigure, and Aifread are all alive and well. This ultimately culminates in the final shot right before The Stinger where Laphicet, now Maotelus, is watching over Velvet and Innominat!Laphicet. Even after all these years, Maotelus has not forgotten his closest friend and visits her whenever he can.
    • Special mention also goes to the theme that plays during the above event, Eternal Dream, which pays homage to all six of the main party members by combining all of their leitmotifs into one song.
    • The implications of the dream itself is heartwarming as well when you think about it. If it was Velvet who conjured that dream, it means that despite everything Innominat put her through, she still loves him enough to stay sealed with him for all eternity while giving him the dream of the life he wished for when he was human. If it was Maotelus who created it, it means Laphicet wants to give the woman he loves the happy ending she deserves to the best of his abilities. Another possibility is that Innominat himself could be the one who made the dream happen. Even though he opposed Velvet for most of the game and even declares that he hates her in the ending, in the end when they're locked in a forever embrace, he finally finds a way to make his sister truly happy for real, and the dream they shared together could be interpreted as a way for him to make amends with her for everything he put her through.
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  • Laphicet's character growth over the course of the game. Initially starting out as an emotionless tool for the Abbey to use, steady interaction with the rest of the party causes him to start developing emotions and become his own person. This culminates in a skit at the beginning of the final dungeon where Laphicet takes a moment to thank each of the people who helped him grow into the person he is now.
    Laphicet: Velvet gave me a name, and Eleanor became my vessel. Eizen and Rokurou taught me how to live, and Magilou provided lots of surprises and laughs. All of that made me who I am now, and I'm glad for it.
  • The fishing scene. Once the group establish their goal of searching for the other Therions, they are led to a possible earthpulse point located in the middle of the ocean. What follows is probably the most relaxing scene in the entire game where the group simply goes fishing for the Therion. At the end of it, while they didn't get the Therion they were looking for, they did grow as a group and Velvet starts calling Laphicet by a new nickname, Phi, so that she would stop comparing the Malak to her late brother.
    • That last part deserves explaining. Velvet was already feeling bitter about Laphicet preferring Eleanor's company to her own, and then Laphicet tells her to her face he hates being a Replacement Goldfish. Anyone else would get the cold shoulder at best, but for the first time since the prologue, Velvet does something for someone else's sake by giving Laphicet a new nickname and resolving to reach out to him.
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  • Rokurou's dedication to paying back his debt to Velvet. Just for telling him where to find his broken sword, Rokurou pledges to follow Velvet to hell and back until she's accomplished her goal, often putting her safety above that of the other party members.
  • There are several heartwarming moments in the Mother's Hope Quest. Starting with both Medissa and Eleanor wanting to get medicine for a sick Kamoana.
    • After the group defeats the Boss Troll that killed Eleanor's mother, Eleanor starts to to succumb to Malevolence because of her guilt regarding her role in the death of Kamoana's mother. The rest of the party, including Eizen, becomes openly concerned about it, but both Velvet and Rokurou more or less remain calm. Velvet decides to continue reading from the note that Kamoana's mother which causes Eleanor to calm down. Rokurou does the same and further prevents Eleanor from succumbing.
      • Based on the tone of Rokurou's voice while he reads the letter, it is possible he is only pretending that is what is written on the letter, and he knows that is what Eleanor needs to hear.
    • What both Rokurou and Velvet say to Eleanor seals the deal. Eleanor regains her resolve. She gains her 'Hope to surpass reason.'
    Rokurou: Hahaha, yeah. It looks like her mom had a bit of a forceful streak with her, doesn't it?
    Velvet: Nobody's a saint in this world, not even our own mothers. If they need to, they'll lie and use force. You do absolutely whatever it takes to protect your child.
    Eleanor: The resolve ... to protect your child ...
    Velvet: Well, Eleanor? Have you calmed down now?
    Eleanor: Yes. I apologize for my behavior.
    Velvet: So, what are you going to do, now that you've been asked by both Medissa and Kamoana's mom?
    Eleanor: I guess ... No, I'll make sure she takes the medicine, I swear, she will get better!
    Velvet: Do whatever you feel you need to.
    Rokurou: All right, get a move on, guys! Let's hurry back to Kamoana.
    • When Kamoana goes crazy in her Therion form, Medissa offers herself to be eaten if it helps. Luckily, Eleanor is able to calm Kamoana down and give her the medicine.
    • The last skit of the side quest ends things a good note with Medissa being encouraging to Eleanor and Velvet giving Eleanor a brief You Are Better Than You Think You Are moment.
  • Rokurou and Eleanor's relationship in general is pretty heartwarming considering that it's between an exorcist and a daemon. Eleanor initially acts curtly to Rokurou but grows out of it when she realizes through her travels with the party that not all daemons are created equal and Rokurou acts genuinely concerned towards Eleanor should the latter be experiencing any troubles.
  • The development of Velvet and Eleanor's relationship is heartwarming considering how far they come. They start off as enemies to uneasy allies due to Eleanor becoming Laphicet's vessel and being forced to follow Velvet's orders. While at certain points there is a fair amount of tension between the two, things eventually ease up between the two. Eventually, it becomes clear that Velvet trusts Eleanor, and Eleanor becomes Velvet's confidant in the later parts of the game.
  • After escaping from Innomiant, Velvet's body is emitting a great deal of Malevolence, Velvet understands she is too dangerous to touch Laphicet, so she asks Eleanor to take care of Laphicet. Eleanor immediately catches on to Velvet's problem, and she takes care of Velvet's request without asking questions. When Rokurou chastises Velvet's cold behavior toward Laphicet, Eleanor defends Velvet without telling him Velvet's reasons.
  • Eizen may be a stoic pirate inflicted with the Reaper's Curse, but there's no denying that he loves his little sister Edna. He goes through the entire game sending her letters and gifts to make up for not being with her.
  • Near the final dungeon of the game, the party finally thinks to ask Eizen what his sister's name is. While obvious for most players, the fact Eizen, a pirate, can so easily trust them with the name of his sister shows just how far he's come. Doubly so when, after hearing Edna's name, the once stone-cold Velvet actually comments on how nice a name it is. Eizen's response?
    Eizen: Glad you think so. I'm the one who named her.
    • That last part is especially touching when you know there's a skit in Zestiria which reveals Eizen taught Edna about her namesake flower. Not only did he name her with care, he gave her a Meaningful Name.
  • The final part of the Omega Elixir sidequest. Videl's father gives an ingredient for the elixir to Laphicet out of altruism, wishing for the boy's success in curing the latter's friend, without knowing that said friend is Videl all along. Right after Videl's recovery (thanks to Laphicet's tear), the father comes back in despair, thinking that he failed to save his son, only to find Videl greeting him, all healthy again. After the quest, the father can be found in the inn, happily watching over his son through a window.
  • The night before the group's final battle with Shigure and Melchior, Magilou and Melchior have one final conversation about their past. When it starts to get heated, Rokuro and Eizen show up and let Magilou know that they have her back. Magilou decides not to fight Melchior, however, as Velvet needs to consume him in order to offer up his soul, so they postpone it. However the fact that the two of them showed up to help Magilou of all people shows how close the group has become over the course of their journey.
  • After Rokuruo and Shigure's final battle, Shigure requests that the group let Morgrim go after they defeat him, a request that they honor. It shows that Shigure might care more about just becoming the World's Strongest Man after all.
  • The final scene of the game where Laphicet monologues about people and how he'll live for Velvet's sake. As he's talking, we get to see what the other members are up to after the events of the game: Rokurou travels the world secretly protecting people from Daemons with Kurogane and Shigure's swords, Eleanor has become the Shepherd and still keeps in touch with Kamoana, Eizen quietly watches over the Van Eltia now that the crew can no longer see him, and Magilou records her allies' actions from a distance to pass on their story.
  • The Cameo battle this time around is Milla and Jude from Tales of Xillia. And just like in their home series, they are swimming in Ship Tease and heartwarming moments. Specifically Jude and Milla were separated when they were pulled into Velvet's world and have been searching for each other non stop. Even when Jude is turned into a pengyon he won't give up his search for Milla in addition to fighting off poachers. He also describes Milla as "someone very special" to him when asked about what their relationship is. When they're finally reunited, Milla can't help but be overjoyed that Jude is safe and recognizes him immediately because even if he is a pengyon, he's still Jude to her.
  • Once all the geotrees are found and the geoboard is fully charged, Velvet and the entire party sincerely thank Bienfu for all the work he does for them, unlike every other time in the game when he's The Chew Toy. Bienfu then tearfully explains that he always hated his true name Breyve and thought it was a cruel joke, but feels like he earned it by travelling with the party.
  • In the second half of the game, the crew of Van Eltia has made Titania Island Prison their hideout. Every time you go back there, a piece of soft, gentle music starts playing as if welcoming you back home after a tiring day of adventure. The companions who have come to join Velvet's group in her adventure also make their home there as well, and there will often be warm and fuzzy events like Kamoana playing hide-and-seek with Medissa, Dyle, and Kurogane, Prince Percival letting Griffin enjoying the long-sought freedom flying in the sky, and other pirates generally acting like there's no place they'd rather be in the world. It doesn't last, since the Abbey eventually tracks them down and drives them out of Titania, but the fact that they somehow turned a prison island that once housed dangerous criminals and harrowing monsters into a homely place is pretty impressive and heartwarming in itself.

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