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Heartwarming / Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin

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  • Raz's pondering over his relationship with Lili at the start of the game can be seen as pretty adorable. Despite Lili making it very clear that she likes him, he still isn't entirely sure what's up with them. It's a cute moment.
    Raz: I mean, I think she's my girlfriend. There was that kiss. But it's not like we've had The Talk or anything. But hey! She said it first! ... Didn't she?
    • The very end of the game reveals what Lili thinks of their relationship. When Truman is pulled out of the facility barely conscious, Lili starts excitedly whispering in his ear. Suddenly, Truman's eyes lock onto Raz, he sits bolt upright in his chair, and cries, "Your BOYFRIEND?!"
  • What is shaping up to be the core 'team' of the series [[Sasha, Milla, Lili, and Raz]] have all developed their relationships from the previous game. Milla has more respect for Raz and actively helps him instead of trying to protect him as she did in the first game, Sasha's behaviour is notably warmer referring to Lili as 'Darling' and casually discussing his interest in science fiction, and Lili, whilst primarily concerned for her father, is still affectionate with Raz and appreciative of his support.
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  • Sasha hearing music that his mother listened to when he was young is what triggers him to break free of his Psylirium sickness. He seems tranquil while listening to it.
  • At the end of the game, Raz has a minor panic when he believes that the Psychonauts are leaving without him, due to being out of his body so long. Oleander's response to him sheepishly explaining this is a jovial, "You think we'd leave a man behind?" and Milla tells him that he did amazing on this mission.

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