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Nightmare Fuel / Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin

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  • The ending of the trailer. The start of Rhombus takes place in the jet the Psychonauts fly off in at the end of the first game, and it's goofing around for most of it. Things take a turn after Lili fails to make a connection with her father using his music box and Raz asks to try. Raz makes a connection, and the only thing he hears is Truman struggling to warn his daughter to stay away, that it isn't safe. Raz is jolted from his vision to immediately see the red lights and warning signs as the jet's systems fail and sends it plummeting out of the sky. Oxygen masks shoot out of the ceiling, pillows and furniture start being violently tossed around as they enter freefall. One of the last lines is Oleander's "Oh my god, why is the ocean coming at us?!" and the sound of the jet hitting the water can be faintly heard just before the title card comes up.
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  • After Raz manages to make telepathic contact with the others, he and Oleander have a simultaneous Oh, Crap! moment when Raz mentions that the chair he's strapped in resembles a dentist's chair. Then Raz returns to his immobilized body and can only look around as he begins hearing noises throughout the room, until...
    Dr. Loboto: PEEK-A-BOO!
  • The entire dollhouse sequence in Doctor Loboto's mind, explaining his backstory. He was born psychic and his parents hated him as a result. His insanity was caused by his parents giving him a botched lobotomy to get rid of his powers. Particularly disturbing is the heads of the stuffed animals in the villain's crib ripping open and pouring out stuffing once Raz figures out what happened.
    Mother Doll: Will the procedure hurt him?
    Father Doll: Well, the ice pick is long and very thin, but in the right hands...
    Mother Doll: Oh, I don't care. I just don't care anymore. Just take him away so this will be over one way or another.
  • Towards the end when the fortress begins to flood, The Hand of Galochio appears and faces towards Razputin. While he is trapped. Unable to move. Veterans of the game may understand Raz's fear.
    • Worse, switching to anyone else's perspective during this scene reveals that they can't see the Hand of Galochio. Only Raz can. Now imagine one of Raz's allies seeing him get grabbed by nothing and dragged underwater to his death.
  • Raz believing he's being abandoned by the team when they're escaping the collapsing facility. The eagle-eyed can spot his body being carried along onto the jet, but some players were as convinced as Raz was.
    Raz: Hey. Hey, you guys! What about me?! Don't just leave me here! You guys?!

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