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Headscratchers / Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin

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  • Was Lili talking Raz or Harold? When he came too after blowing Lili a way out, was she talking to Raz or Harold the Rat?
  • At the end of the first game, didn't they say that they knew who the kidnappers were? Yet, it comes as a surprise to the team that it is Loboto. Is this a writing slip-up?
  • Nobody else can see Raz’s family curse. But when you’re in Milia’s mind in the first game, there’s one section of water. If you fall in, she’ll comment that “that’s not supposed to happen”, meaning she noticed something strange happened with the water itself.
    • That section of Milla's level demonstrated how the Levitation ball could be used to roll over things that would normally hurt you. The implication is that, normally, Levitation could be used to roll over water like solid ground. Milla just noticed that Raz couldn't do this and interpreted it as Raz having a psychological issue that prevented him using Levitation on water (which is sort of true), as she asks if he has "a problem with water".

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