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Raz will be forced to be an astral projection since his body is trapped in a water prison designed for him

Somehow from the looks of the game play footage, especially in the trailer, Raz appears to be in the claws of his family curse, while appearing to be in his clairvoyance stance, hopefully protecting him from drowning. This suggest that Trueman's captors knew somehow that a regular psychic trap won't work on him like with the others, thus placing him in a water like prison that will force him to stay in possession form to protect his body, yet unable to trap his AP. Raz will have to use AP to save the others before saving himself.


The events of Psychonauts to Psychonauts 2 are connected

Doesn't it seem like the events of Psychonauts, Rhombus of Ruin and 2 are happening in a sort of rapid succession. Oleander's insanity-induced plot, Trueman's kidnapping, Loboto being hired to try and steal Raz's Brain by an unknown individual, the Psychonauts' Dragon making drastic and amoral changes in the organization's direction, also "Raz soon uncovers sinister things at work in the shadows of Psychonauts headquarters, including double agents and evils of the past. Raz's own family history plays a pivotal part in the story, and Raz must confront the roots of the curse placed on his family once and for all. And also deal with this whole 'girlfriend' term and what it really means. :)" With his family involved, maybe certain people besides the Psychonauts are keeping an eye on him and them for whatever reason, but it may also include Raz' family having many enemies and Raz' psychic talents. What if the plots of Psychonauts and Ro R were just distractions for a much bigger plot in 2? Something this big he's going to need Lili's help for 1. she's a highly trained PSI-cadet with skills to back Raz up in various problems and challenges are case like this are sure to bring 2. since as a cadet, she isn't compromised or slowed down by the system, and her knowledge and connection with the Psychonauts is sure to help Raz do the same, and so on.


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