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  • Shenhua's house in general. Just like the previous game, Ryo can spend a lot of time chatting with her about many different topics, and they go back and forth trying to learn more about each other and where they came from. Aside from each conversation revealing more about both characters in depth, there's a very serene and welcome feeling whenever you're at her house and it's no wonder that many players enjoy spending the entire night talking or playing "Face Off" with her. There's also something charming about her wishing Ryo a good day every morning whenever he leaves her house, and she'll wake him up differently the more you interact with her.
  • The fact that Ryo can call his friends and family back in Yokosuka and Hong Kong and see how they're doing is nothing but pure Fanservice to long-time fans, and we actually get to hear what's become of them since Ryo had to depart from them on his journey.
    • Ine-san is relieved to know that Ryo's all right, and while she wants him to focus on himself rather than being worried about everyone else, she'd rather have Ryo call up Fuku-san instead of her, since he's become lonely in Ryo's absence. In her bonus conversation, she can tell Ryo that Yamagishi and Megumi have visited the house, along with a "foreign visitor". Said foreign visitor is Mark, who wanted to thank Ryo for everything he did for him at the harbor, and decided to head home to the states as well. Although Ryo is clearly bummed to hear it and we may never learn what happened to his brother, it's nice to see that even Mark wasn't forgotten.
    • Ryo can tell Nozomi about how he believes her amulet has been protecting him this entire time, and has come to realize that it's a reflection of her heart and how much she cares for his safety, while telling her that wishes he had given her a gift before they left Japan. He can tell her in a bonus conversation that he has dreams about her, as silly as they are, and she couldn't be happier hearing these things. He still can't admit his feelings for her, but it's nice to finally have Ryo say some really nice things to her and come one step closer.
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    • Ryo can tell Guizhang in his bonus conversation that he always thought about how things would've been like if Guizhang had come with him to Hong Kong and fought against the Yellow Heads together. Guizhang's clearly touched by the sentiment even if he won't admit it. If he tells him that Lishao Tao was actually a beautiful woman, Guizhang considers going to Hong Kong just to meet her, and Ryo even asks him if he wants to go and see her together!
    • Ryo can even call Tom, who many fans thought they'd never hear from again after he went back home to the states. Even from far away, he'll still tell Ryo not to forget to enjoy himself and try to make the best of his journey, and is one of the few people who understands why he's doing what he's doing and what his father meant to him.
    • A possible conversation with Goro has him admit that he doesn't think he deserves a girl like Mai, but wants to change himself and stop at nothing to make her happy. Although Ryo doesn't understand what Mai sees in him, he does nothing but encourage Goro to strive for that goal. Goro's clearly surprised and touched by his support.
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  • Some characters will wave hi to Ryo as they walk past him, mostly little children. Who else does this nearly every time they walk past Ryo? Ren. Joy can also tell Ryo that Ren actually does like him, even though Ryo's still a long way from believing it.
  • The Save Shenmue building in Niaowu is clearly the developer's way of thanking the fans for their support, filled with pictures of the backers who Ryo can compliment on, and even some gatcha toys can be purchased featuring them.
  • Shortly after Shiling attacks Ryo after mistaking him for one of the Red Snakes, she rushes after him to give him an amulet as an apology, clearly feeling bad for what she did. Although Ryo would rather not get her involved with his affairs, the cute shrine maiden is always eager to help him however she can.
  • When Shenhua is kidnapped, Ren discovers a fake replica of the Phoenix Mirror inside one of the shops and suggests using it to trick her kidnappers. Knowing it would put her in even greater danger if they found out, Ryo refuses to go through with it and ultimately surrenders the real mirror to Niao Sun. His decision ends up saving his life later on, as Ren uses the replica to trick Lan Di and save Ryo's life.
  • Just before they head to the castle, Ren recruits Hsu and Shiling to come along with them, and both don't hesitate to offer their help and support as Ryo rescues Shenhua and her father.

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