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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • Some of the conversations between Ryo and Shenhua.
    • If Ryo tells Shenhua that he would like to visit Canada, she tells him that it's because of Nozomi and that he's told her about her several times. Ryo gets embarrassed until she tells him that she's only messing with him.
    • If Ryo tells her that he never washed his martial arts uniform, he'll notice that she's backing away from him.
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    • Ryo can compliment Shenhua's ability to speak to animals, but curious how she does it, he can also ask her if she's bowlingual or speaks in cow tongue. Offended, she tells him there's no such thing as "bowlingual" and cow tongues are only for eating.
    • Talking to Shenhua often will unlock a mini-game called "Face Off", which is Rock–Paper–Scissors but with an emphasis on making silly faces. Ryo comes off as being The Comically Serious as usual, while Shenhua has fun and gets into it.
  • One of the requests in Bailu Village involves a man who's interested in Wei Zhen, one of the martial artists in Bailu Village, and asks Ryo if he can hook him up with her. When Ryo asks her if she's single and looking for a boyfriend, she reacts with a Big "WHAT?!", thinking that Ryo is the one asking her out. Despite being able to hold her own against him, she can get as flustered as anyone else.
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  • For whatever reason, if Ryo approaches the old shopkeeper in the Panda Market, he's given the option to call her "Granny" or "Gorgeous". The game offers no explanation behind this whatsoever.
  • The phone calls Ryo makes to his friends back in Yokosuka and Hong Kong are filled with this, too. If you're a backer and contributed enough to get a unique phone card, using that will unlock a bonus conversation with them.
    • Fuku-san can mope about being dumped by Akemi, but if Ryo suggests that he should take a trip to clear his mind, Fuku-san decides head over to China and meet up with Ryo, a prospect the young Hazuki isn't ready for.
    • Guizhang is pleasantly surprised to learn that Lishao Tao is actually a beautiful woman, and if that's the one thing Ryo remembers about her, he considers visiting Hong Kong for no other reason than to meet her. And Ryo actually suggests going to meet her together!
    • The bonus conversation with Goro reveals that Guizhang drops his cold demeanor and lights up with a smile whenever Mai's sister Hisaka visits Warehouse #8 with her lunches, while he gives Goro the cold look. Yep, despite his cold and serious demeanor, Guizhang's Not So Above It All when it comes to beautiful women.
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    • If Ryo calls Tom and fondly recalls all of the people who helped him in China, he specifically mentions Xiuying, Fangmei, Joy, Eileen and Izumi, not realizing that they're all women. Tom compliments Ryo on being such a smooth operator and promises not to tell Nozomi. Ryo's embarrassment over the whole thing is what sells it.
    • If Ryo calls Joy and tells her that he called just to see how she was doing, she gets all flustered and can't make a good conversation with him. In her bonus call, she wants to know how Ryo plans to repay her for helping him in Hong Kong, and not a single one of his answers fail to disappoint her. Teaching her a martial arts technique, taking her out to eat at a place where he fought some punks before, or buying her a gift. When he suggests she can have whatever she wants, she can't bring herself to give him an honest answer, then he thinks of gifts like vases and antiques. Real smooth, Ryo, real smooth.
    • Fangmei can tell Ryo about a debate between Izumi and Eileen on who was tougher. If Ryo picks Izumi, Fangmei tells him that she's considering becoming her apprentice, and if he asks her why she's considering picking up martial arts, she makes a flimsy excuse about trying to achieve balance.
  • In Niaowu, Ryo can meet Dejing Hong, who he mistakes as his younger brother Delin from the previous game. Do the forklift job enough times and he teaches you the Brawling Uppercut 2. The scene plays out almost exactly like it did before, starting from him gazing upon the water in deep thought and falling into the water just like his brother.
  • Completing Ma Jialang's request (the woman at the Niaowu Hotel) will net you an exclusive T-shirt that she made herself. It's a heart with her photo on it.
  • Some of the QTE sequences have more slapstick elements to them and would fit right at home in a Jackie Chan flick.
    • When Ryo fights against one of the Red Snakes in a QTE battle, Ryo makes short work of him, but the button prompts aren't there to fight him, it's to prevent him from falling into the stands. Fail one of the prompts and Ryo will simply watch in embarrassment as the clumsy punk falls over and crashes into it. Fail the last one and the punk shoves Ryo into them, who then proceeds to point and laugh at him.
    • During the first chase QTE in Niaowu, one of the thugs knocks over a ladder with a little girl on it. Succeed and Ryo will catch the girl in his arms. Fail it, and Ryo will dive and completely miss...only for the girl to perform a Three-Point Landing. She then gets up and goes into Kung Fu mode with poses and funny noises. Ryo's completely baffled by the entire thing.
    • During the QTE chase with the purse snatcher, if Ryo fails to catch the old man, Ryo will lose his balance and fall into the water instead. If he slips on the fish, the fisherman will bop him on the head with his rod, which also causes him to fall into the water. If he misses the third jump between the rafts, he'll fall over but grab onto the edge of the next raft in a hopeless position, spreading them further apart. A bird appears before him as if to mock him before he loses his grip and falls into the water.
  • Ryo will usually be rewarded with one or two items by completing a request. By doing Ren's request, Ryo receives an unusually large amount of junk from him, enough that Ryo's expression changes halfway through, knowing something's not quite right about all of this.
  • During The War Sequence at the Old Castle, one of the punks tries to take down Hsu to absolutely no effect, all while Hsu is scratching his head in confusion. Meanwhile, Shiling holds her own against a punk by beating him with her broom. Later on, they team up together, as Shiling hits every punk who comes through the door, while Hsu pushes them off the rails and into the water. And no matter how many times they do it, every single punk keeps falling for it.
  • After Ryo takes down the first of Lan Di's henchmen, Ren decides to take on the second. The guy makes a lot of Funny Bruce Lee Noises and isn't doing anything other than showing off, and Ren puts an end to his nonsense with a swift kick in the face, and the dumb fool ends up falling into a bunch of furniture.

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