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Heartwarming / Asura's Wrath

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Heartwarming Asura's Wrath moments

Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

  • At the end of episode 17, Yasha feels guilty for allowing Mithra to be captured and his sister Durga dying. Mithra, now rescued, forgives him in spite of this.
  • Episode 18 has a moment of Heartwarming in-between all the Awesome. After a prolonged battle against Gohma Vlitra's heads, its true form erupts from Gaea and unleashes a Wave-Motion Gun that leaves Asura and Yasha on the brink of defeat. A distraught Mithra prays for her father, and Durga's ghost appears, offering silent encouragement to her daughter. Mithra then gathers the remaining mantra from the destroyed Brahamastra and bestows it upon Asura, who takes a deep breath, sprouts HUNDREDS OF ARMS and with a soul-tearing roar transforms into Mantra Asura! The music that accompanies the moment is a soft remix of Durga's theme, adding even more impact to it.
    • A small one right before that, when Vlitra fires at the duo, Asura jumps in front of Yasha without hesitating. Pretty nice considering how they spent the last 20 minutes of gameplay bickering and threatening each other. They even smile while dodging and deflecting the lasers together.
  • The flashback to Asura and Durga after Mithra is born. it shows that before all the shit went down, he had a really happy life. He rocks her around and freaks out when she cries like any new father would, it's just sweet.
    • Episode 22 has him admit his worries; unsure what to do whenever Mithra cries, and asserts the best he could do for her is punch anyone that upsets her otherwise. Durga, both amused and touched, assures him she would raise Mithra while he focuses his attention on protecting the world for her. Oh, and apparently Baby Mithra cries whenever Asura leaves the house. All together people. Awwwwwwwww.
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    • Another flashback in the episode 20 interlude shows us a cute little scene of a dinner in the Asura home. Apparently Asura has eaten Mithra's vegetables because she didn't want them and Durga is reprimanding him for it, while Mithra just sticks out her tongue during the whole scene, obviously amused. The whole scene just feels so...real. Doubles as a Tear Jerker because Mithra is having this flashback while in Chakravartin's clutches.
  • After Emperor Strada was murdered and Asura killed, the Seven Deities made Asura out to be an insane, depraved monster who murdered Strada, and that it was only by the heroic efforts of the Seven Deities that he was defeated. However, after Asura dies a second time, the villagers who reside in the area around where he is sealed believe that he is watching over them, as there are fewer Gohma attacks in that area. Even though the Seven Deities have made Asura out to be a villain of the worst sort, these people believe that Asura has been protecting them for those centuries when he was sealed away in stone. Considering what kind of person Asura is, that may hold some truth, if only because the Gohma are afraid of making him angry enough that he comes back to life again.
  • In your Belief by Tomoyo Mitani is music of Heartwarming, especially the vocal version, which might bring to mind of many of her vocal themes for .hack and the Naruto Ultimate Ninja series. It manages to out rivals those songs, if that's even possible.
    • From what has been translated so far the song is a real Tear Jerker.
  • Augus' death can count as one in a Tear Jerker kind of way. Augus is only interested in the fight itself, no lofting ideals or goals, just one good battle. He gets exactly what he wants, an epic battle and a warriors death, dying with the same crazy grin he always sports. He even gives Asura some words of encouragement as he's dying. Considering the kind of person Augus is this says a lot about how highly he thinks of his old student.
    Augus: "You no longer need my training... the one who stands in the end is righteous... Asura, walk the path you must..."
  • A Heartwarming in Hindsight example: While Asura was in his blackened Wrath form, he was relentless towards anyone Shinkoku or Gohma related. However, according to a Shinkoku soldier watching from the sidelines, he left the civilian demigods and humans alone. It takes a special kind of heart to understand who is an enemy or not, especially when at this point he is so blind with rage he can't stop fighting.
  • Episode 21: Yasha's sacrifice.
    • " Mithra...and the world."
      Asura: "You idiot. You were always a brother. Never an enemy."
    • Asura clenching his fist one last time, which was about to strike Yasha, and then giving him a fistbump.
  • Episode 22. The final fight. "End It."
    • "My Wrath...Is finally...gone."
    • When Asura opens his eyes one more time, and they're back to normal.
    • As Asura leaves for his last battle, the spirits of Durga and ALL of the Seven Deities all watch, wordlessly wishing him luck.
  • Asura's Badass Boast to Chakravartin combines this and Crowning Moment Of Awesome.
  • The Stinger at the end: Asura, Mithra, Durga, Yasha, and the other deities are all given a second chance and reincarnated in the modern world.
    • And the best part? Asura is reunited with his family, and Yasha is the aloof but still close uncle.