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Heartwarming / Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

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  • Any of Golbez's interactions with the revived Elemental Archfiends doubles as this and Tear Jerkers due to heavy dosages of W.A.F.F. and Alas, Poor Villain.
    • Scarmiglione:
    Scarmiglione (after the battle): "I... thank you... I... am one of the spiritsss... of the land... Master Golbez... I was hideous... and yet... You came for me... You alone..."
    (Scarmiglione fades away; the party exchanges words)
    Golbez (inner monologue): ("To the earth with you once more... and may it be a more peaceful slumber this time.")
    • Barbariccia:
    Barbariccia: "Master... Golbez!"
    Golbez: "Return to your eternal slumber, Barbariccia..."
    Barbariccia: "I am overjoyed... to see you again..."
    (Barbariccia fades away; and the party exchanges words)
    Golbez (inner monologue): ("Barbariccia... forgive me.")
  • Leviathan is in tears when (if) you rescue him; telling Rydia that he loves her and Asura more than anything in the world.
  • If you rescue Leviathan and Asura, they very tearfully tell Rydia how sorry they are for trying to distance themselves from her and how much they love her. If you don't, they surprise Rydia with their visit and reveal that they survived their encounter and were freed by the defeat of the Final Boss, and that every Eidolon is safely at Feymarch. Then, Rydia introduces young Cuore, last of the Maenads who she adopted, to Leviathan and Asura as her parents. They've come to visit Mist, a big jump from their previous isolationist stance.
    • Edge then comes over, stumbling into Asura telling Rydia how Edge is the one who suggested that they should visit her. Cuore then asks him to play with her, which Edge obliges. The IOS version's credits makes this even more adorable by showing Cuore sitting on Edge's shoulders while Rydia smiles from behind.
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  • Cecil comforting his own dark side, after 17 years of rejecting him in favor of the light of a Paladin.
    Dark Knight: Ridiculous... How could you be Cecil?! What... what does that make me, then!?
    Cecil: You are myself. That is true. the part of myself that has shut itself from the world, once upon a time.
    Dark Knight: I... I...!
    Cecil: But those days are over. You are no longer alone!

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