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Heartwarming / Final Fantasy V

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • At the very end of the game, when Krile lays flowers at the place where Galuf died, feeling sad and lonely, and is immediately joined by the other three party members.
  • Faris finally admitting that she's Lenna's sister and embracing her, and apologizing for her harsh denial when Lenna tried to say it.
  • Faris' and Lenna's sister-bonding in the game, but one moment was where Princess Sarisa, on a break from her lessons, tucks baby Lenna in bed, and she tells her about how their father is going to take her flying on the wind drake tomorrow. Pan to the next room, where Sarisa's tutor Jenica is wondering why she's taking so long. The scene cuts back to the sisters' rooms, where Sarisa pushed her bed next to Lenna's, and they've both fallen asleep.
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  • Syldra and Hiryu being resurrected as Summons was immensely touching, especially given how tragic the former's death was.
  • Gilgamesh's final speech before his Heroic Sacrifice. "Krile, your grandfather was a strong guy wasn't he? Lenna, never lose your kindness towards all life. Faris, try to act like a woman once in a while, if you still remember how. Bartz, I wanted to fight you one last time. Mano-a-mano. You have admirable companions. I envy you."
  • Krile's arrival at the Ronka Ruins restoring Galuf's memories, as the question mark bubble bounces away from his head and she runs around him gleefully.
  • Bartz and Galuf trying very hard to express their emotions towards each other after Bartz, Lenna, and Faris go to Galuf's world expecting that they'll never be able to return. Galuf scoffs at them getting captured but admits it's great to have them there after they're out of earshot. Then he and Bartz chat over some whiskey in Regole.
    Galuf: Bartz... You knew that once you came here, you could never return. So why'd you do it?
    Bartz: ...No particular reason.
  • After Krile's wind drake is near death from injury and needs dragon grass, Galuf drops the sobering news that it can only be found in Drakenvale—and nobody's who's gone there has ever returned. Everyone is forlorn for a moment, then Bartz cheerfully declares "Guess we'll be the first who do!"
    • After the return, the Wind Drake refuses to eat the grass, so Lenna eats some to show it's okay despite the grass being poisonous to humans, but it works. Immediately after this, Krile rushes up to give Lenna some medicine despite having the psychic equivalent of a migraine that kept her bedridden a couple of minutes before.


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