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  • Executive Meddling: According to Ted Woolsey, one of his biggest regrets is not being able to finish his localization of V. The suits in Tokyo nixed the idea of releasing V in America so soon after after the disappointment of IV. Enix was breathing down their necks, so Square wanted to move 1,000,000 units. But IV was one of the earliest SNES titles, so the user base was small. They decided that a "training" RPG would sell more copies. They rushed out Mystic Quest, "which is basically a Game Boy game that was put out on the SNES."
    "I thought FFV was spine-tingling with the sound of the wind and bells in the background and dragons to ride on. That was where I really got hit deep into this style of RPG. The sheer fact of not being able to bring that one out here, that's where I was worried about being met in a dark alley by someone who was pissed off. I would have understood being bludgeoned for that. That was a mistake. We should have brought that out I thought."
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Bearaga: The "spell" that is cast when releasing a Sand Bear as a Beastmaster; named so because it is on par with a Black Mage's -ga tier spells in terms of damage.
    • NED: Neo Exdeath, via Fun with Acronyms; similarly, tree-form Exdeath is referred to as TED.
    • Cutezerker: Krile as a Berserker, since she looks like she's wearing tiger-themed pajamas.
    • Pajama Mage/Santa Mage: Geomancer outfits are very comfortable-looking, and feature Santa-esque Nice Hats, complete with little pom-poms on the ends!
  • Fan Translation: The SNES game was translated by fans. This translation was released before the PlayStation version came out and is considered far superior to that translation. The newer translation for the game's GBA release, however, was received fairly well in its own right.
  • Game Mod: Besides the Fan Translation, a GBA script port for the SNES, a SNES music port for the GBA, multiple joke translations, several rebalance mods and randomizer mods for both the SNES and Gameboy Advance versions, there's also a mod that changes the SNES game to a rogue-like dungeon crawler similar the Ancient Cave, which in itself has a Fan Translation, and the GBA game also has an Ancient Cave-like hack.
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  • Name's the Same: Bartz's mother, Stella, is not the same character from the early drafts of Final Fantasy XV.
  • No Export for You:
    • The original SNES release wasn't released outside Japan. It took until the game was ported to the PlayStation that the game saw a Western release for the first time.
    • The Steam release for PC is not available in Asia.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In the concept phase for the game, Exdeath had two designs, one of which ended up being discarded. If Square had not chosen for the villain to be a Tin Tyrant, he would have been a Demonic Centaur. Parts of his alternate look ended up being incorporated to Neo Exdeath.
    • Early in development, Kelger was going to be human.
    • Minor boss Magissa's design was a prototype for Lenna. The final design has fair hair and longer robes.
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    • V was originally planned for a US release under the name Final Fantasy III (which eventually became the North American title for VI), and then later under the name Final Fantasy Extreme due to the Job system being so complex for the time.
    • Faris was originally a female gambler named Eva Scherwil, and she was unrelated to Lenna. That concept was later reworked into Setzer Gabbiani from Final Fantasy VI.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Final Fantasy Wiki and Wikia Final Fantasy V Wiki.


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