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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Galuf's one-on-one fight with Exdeath certainly qualifies; every other playable character is powerless under the villain's Agony Beam, but the old geezer powers through it and inverts the Hopeless Boss Fight trope. Exdeath can't beat you in the following confrontation because he can still fight at 0 HP! That's pure badass there. Not to mention that he broke free from the crystals's powers because Krile, who intervened to rescue him and his friends, was knocked unconscious by Exdeath. This infuriated him. And Krile is just 14.
  • Gilgamesh, walking embodiment (and humorous subversion) of this trope. Everything from his first appearance to his Heroic Sacrifice to his theme song is awesome, but his last words are the crowner;
    Necrophobe: Enough of this. Die!
    Gilgamesh: [snort] I believe that's MY line!!!
    • That whole fight is awesome the moment Gilgamesh shows up, especially when you see his sprite flip around and face Necrophobe!
    • ...And he's back to deliver more in later installments; appearing as a Summon in Final Fantasy VIII, rather disappointingly as new forms in IX and XI, but back to his true form in XII in a two-part boss battle with copies of various weapons throughout the series. In XIII-2 he appears as a DLC boss with even more weapons than before. His grand entrances in VIII, XII, and XIII-2 are Moment of Awesome level in themselves.
  • Krile blasting her way into the Ronka Ruins' Crystal Room to save the party in Big Damn Heroes fashion.
  • The Four Warriors of Dawn and King Tycoon holding back the Void long enough for the heroes to regroup and battle Exdeath.
  • Hiryu has two Heroic Sacrifice Crowning Moments Of Awesome. Not only does he arrive and sacrifice himself to save Lenna from being possessed by Melusine, but even after that, he waits at the top of the Phoenix Tower and sacrifices himself to give you the Phoenix summon.
  • Syldra has a similar record, sacrificing herself twice for the safety of Faris and the party, once to get them away from a whirlpool that was sucking her in, and again using the last of her strength to get them to shore later on. Also like Hiryu, the end of her role allows the party to use a summon. Uniquely, however, Syldra becomes a summon, one of the most dependable ones in the game at that, because death will not stop her from protecting her friends.
  • The duel between the Great Sage Ghido and Exdeath. For nearly his entire appearance, Ghido has been this Deadpan Snarker turtle with a grim attitude and little patience for the naive heroes. Then Exdeath arrives, and Ghido shows he hasn't spent all his years chewing lettuce or eating pizza.
  • Faris leaping over a chasm to rescue Lenna from Magissa. Then she plummets to her death—except no, now she's climbing back up to throw a rope to the guys and deliver a righteous beatdown.
    • She doesn't even have to say anything, either. She tosses the rope to Bartz and they're in exact sync in securing it down before he and Galuf cross over, proving his and Faris's status as people who know how to survive.