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Heartwarming / Metal Wolf Chaos

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There are some Heartwarming Moments in Metal Wolf Chaos despite the game's utterly ridiculous tone, and they do manage to be really good.

Unmarked spoilers below!

  • While the media has been labeling Michael as "worse than Satan himself" for standing up against Richard's twisted schemes and brainwashing unsuspecting followers to DNN's anti-Metal Wolf propaganda, a young girl who survived Chicago gassing caught a glimpse of Metal Wolf saving the people from the toxic gases. When asked by the news reporters about the incident, she informed them that "As the gas was closing in, I looked up and saw God... And you know what? God is made of steel."
  • The end of Liberty Island mission.
    Jody: [after Michael defeats Warner and she is rescued] "Mr. President... How can I ever..."
    Michael: "Jody?"
    Jody: "Yes?"
    Michael: "...Sorry to be late."
    • The very beginning of the mission also qualifies. Despite them falling to Richard's propaganda and abandoning him, Michael still decides to go rescue his fellow men, fully knowing he's walking into a hostage trap situation, since he "can't turn [his] back on a friend."
    • The Big Damn Heroes arrival of the rebel Apaches.
  • Despite the fact that Hawk had started the coup d'etat against America, destroyed the country's freedom, and was willing to nuke it into oblivion after his Ultimate Weapon was reduced to scrap metal, Michael was willing to risk everything to save Richard from burning away during re-entry during the game's finale. Unfortunately, Richard wanted none of it and threw away Michael's mercy so he can burn among the stars.


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