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Heartwarming / Yooka-Laylee

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  • The fact that Playtonic Games is personally handling the Wii U version. Clearly the former Rare has not forgotten their old friends at Nintendo.
    • Sadly, it turns out the Wii U version has now been cancelled due to "unforeseen technical issues". Fortunately, it is not in vain because they made an excellent Nintendo Switch port in its place!
  • If you fall from a great height and land on something hard, both Yooka and Laylee go splat. When Laylee recovers, she helps Yooka back to his feet. It looks adorable.
    • A lot of the duo's animations in general are absolutely adorable.You can tell the really do care about each other.
    • Emphasized in the cutscene before the final battle. In comparison to Capital B, who is far away from Quack and even knocks him over at one point, Yooka and Laylee are standing together, not even flinching despite their small size.
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  • On top of serving as a catchy throwback to the DK Rap, the Yooka Laylee Rap has one particular lyric that demonstrates the gratitude of the development team.
    We really hope you have a blast
    'Cos this friendship is built to last!
  • Shovel Knight appears in the last world and after helping him says that he knows who to call on when he needs help in his next adventure. Considering that Shovel Knight is one of the most successful indie characters in recent years, it's rather heartwarming to hear a big name like him say that to the new heroes.
  • The finale party.


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