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Heartwarming / Eiyuu Senki: The World Conquest

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  • In general, any scene that uses the "Circle of Life" track will usually contain one.
  • The scene that introduces Qin Shi Huang, Sun Tzu, and Lu Bu does such a wonderful job humanizing them and showing their friendship that it's almost impossible to not feel bad about having to invade them. It sets a strong precedent for the wonderful character dynamics that contribute to the overall quality of the game.
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  • The character event where Abe no Seimei gives Chihaya a massage to remove the stress he's been building up and, according to her, was dangerously close to negatively affecting his health.
  • The respective scenes where Himiko and Arthur confess their feelings to Chihaya.
  • When conquering Vinland, Teach and Drake tell Lovable Coward Kidd that she's free to go and they'll hold off the Zipang army long enough for her to escape. When the battle begins, Kidd returns of her own volition to help them fight.
    • After the battle, all three of them try to accept punishment up to torture and execution in place of the other two before learning that they're being invited to join the Zipang army despite being pirates.
  • Lancelot refusing to return to Britannia as she questions Arthur's sudden, out-of-character orders. At first she jokes that she doesn't want to return because of the food, but follows up with her other real reason and says it's because it was Arthur who taught her to be honest with her feelings and act accordingly.
    Lancelot: I love Zipang. Master and Himiko and Benkei, Nobunaga and Yoshitsune... I love everyone in Zipang. I believe Arthur feels the same. I refuse to believe that our Queen made such an order to break friendly relations. That's why I'm staying.
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  • The event where Qin Shi Huang is pressured into asking Chihaya to apply medicinal ointment to her body and the two of them are able to just talk through their misgivings and grow closer.
  • Sanzou's final event, ending with her receiving her first kiss from Chihaya.
  • Billy's final event has her receiving her first kiss, and her reaction is adorable!
    Billy: Amazin'!! Ahhhhh!! Uwaaahhhh!! What's up with this?! I'm so happy!
  • Huanya Capac's event where Seimei and Chihaya take care of her after she collapses from a fever. The way she clings to Chihaya really brings out her cute side.
  • While harvesting cacao beans during one of Montezuma's events, Chihaya has a rare moment wherein he laments missing some of the things he remembers from his world: chocolate bars and the like. In a later event, Montezuma treats him to a feast that includes her best re-creations of said chocolate desserts.
    • It becomes a Double Subversion in that she made it all for him so he would eat too much and fall asleep so she could eat him, but then she changes her mind.
  • The event wherein Atlas is revived. It's a stark contrast to her first event where she goes out of control to hear her walk up to Da Vinci and greet her with a warm smile and, "Good morning."
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  • Beethoven's penultimate event, wherein she has a Love Epiphany and this sweet line:
    Beethoven: Sometimes it's alright to be touched by something other than music...
  • Gawain's character event where Chihaya runs into her when she's in her little girl form and offers to escort her home. He gets talking about the Gawain he knows and can only shower her with praise while feeling he has a long way to go to match up to her. Little Gawain is of course touched.
    Gawain: [Whispering to herself] ...Men should be gentlemen. You've qualified in that regard.
    • In a later event, he helps her save face when she has to host a banquet but is stuck in her child form by pretending that she is his daughter.
  • Ywain's character arc has her wanting to prove that she is not Just a Kid and deserves to be seen as an equal to the other Knights of the Round Table. To do this, she secretly embarks on a journey to defeat a mysterious black knight causing trouble nearby. Of course Chihaya finds her out and goes along. After supporting her through the journey and congratulating her on a successful mission, she's touched to the point of calling him "Papa" afterwards.
  • Three words from Takeru to Chihaya in the True Ending: "You are human."

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