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Awesome Music / Eiyuu Senki: The World Conquest

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  • "Infinite Melody", the opening movie theme. The song perfectly summarizes the struggle that Himiko is feeling in trying to rally the entire world against a common enemy.
  • "Eiyuu Senki Main Theme". Be sure to simply sit back and listen to it to be prepared to embark on a journey that will span the entire globe. It comes full circle In-Universe as Beethoven composes it and elicits the same reaction from everyone when they hear it.
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  • "Oriental Wind", the battle theme for skirmishes in Zipang and the first one the player will hear in the game. Captures both the essence of its home country and what to expect from later tracks.
  • "Inti Raimi", the theme when fighting against the Incas. It perfectly portrays fighting against an army that may have primitive weaponry but every soldier is a dedicated and strong warrior, making them worthy opponents.
  • "Troops March", the battle theme when fighting the Knights of the Round Table and by default Britannia. Perfect for a theme that involves a battle against some of the most-renowned warriors on the planet.
  • "General Frost", the battle theme when up against the EU and Russia. Also the biggest Ear Worm in the game.
  • "A Fantasia", the world map theme that plays once the campaign against the Illuminati finally reveals itself. Perfect for the prelude to a climactic final battle.
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  • "Light and Darkness", the pre-battle theme during the Zipang Unification. A climax when Zipang's forces are about to defeat an enemy who is now making a Last Stand.
  • Heroic Saga, a boss theme when fighting the Ancient Heroes that were brainwashed to fight against you.
  • "Divine Manifestation", the boss theme for the more major battles up against titans, demigods, and entities like Zeus! The build up illustrates the scale of the battle's impact while the triumphant climax carries the satisfaction of earning victory in those fights.
  • "Crawling Chaos", the true final battle theme. You are up against a god who sees the world as her "toy box" and there is no better way to convey how epic a battle it is.
  • "Where the Sun Rises", the victory theme that follows the final battle fully conveys the satisfaction that comes from defeating someone like Nyarlathotep.

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