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  • Pretty much the entirety of the player's relationship with Amanda, which all players grow to care about very quickly.
    • It's clear that she is going through something rough and doesn't want to bother you with it, despite your attempts to get her to open up with you. It's really sweet when she finally does open up to you.
      Amanda, fully voiced: I love you too, Dad.
    • In a meta sense, it's really sweet that all players are avoiding her bad ending like the plague.

Mat's Route:

  • Mat thanking the player for helping him sing in public again, ending it with them kissing.
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  • At the end of the route, Carmensita will ask Amanda advice on how to survive high school, Amanda's advice is simply for her to be herself and befriend the people she likes, rather than try to look cool to others.

Joseph's Route:

  • It's clear that Joseph loves his his children, despite how uneasy his marriage to Mary is. He knows to give his eldest son, Chris, a break now and again because it's tough being the eldest, and he actually finds it funny when his twins pull the creepy twins act. We get to see him and Christie playing in the kitchen, and the player character can add to the adorableness by joining in.


Damien's Route:

  • Helping Hugo and Ernest's relationship by convincing them to adopt Duchess Cordelia, who Ernest is completely enamored with to the point where you see him call Hugo 'Dad'. Even Hugo's struck speechless and thanks you for breaking into his house.
  • Casually coming out to the player as trans, by geeking out about cool Victorian binders.
  • Lucien may seem to act like your typical broody teen, but he actually does love his dad as much as Damien loves him. If you get the good ending, he tells you that, and that he's noticed that you really make Damien happy, too.
  • His secret side gig as an animal shelter volunteer.


Craig's Route:

  • Craig is a father to Briar, Hazel, and River, coaches a softball team, and maintains a fitness regimen, and all because he considers his daughters to be his top priority. And even more heartwarmingly, after your player character convinces Craig to take more time for himself, his parenting skills aren't affected one iota, so Craig gets to be a great father and have romance in his life. His reward for his hard work up until now is to have the best of both worlds.
  • There are scattered indications on Craig's route that hint that he was attracted to the player during their days in college, which adds to the happiness that comes from following his path.

Robert's Route:

  • The end of his third date, if you did everything right: Robert will break down over the fact that he fears he is too broken to fix the bad things he has done, as the MC consoles him. It ends with Robert crying quietly on his shoulder and the two sleeping while hugging like that.
  • If you get his good ending, then you will successfully begin the reconciliation between Robert and Val. Despite the fact that they have a long way to go, the love they have for each other is still pretty clear. Val will threaten you and ask you to look out for her dad, and when Robert finds out what she's done, he only has one thing to say:
    Robert: That's my girl.


  • Mary comes off incredibly condescending at first. You're under the impression she's cheating on Joseph and at the cookout she seems fairly neglectful of her children. Continue on Robert or Damien's routes and you'll find out that she's actually a really good friend to both of them and cares a lot about them, warming up to you because she sees you make them happy. If you finish two dates with any two dads besides Joseph you can walk her home from Jim & Kim's where you'll learn from Neil that she'll flirt with men in the bar 'til the cows come home but never goes home with them and has an arrangement for one of the staff to walk her home at the end of the night. While she's drunk she'll apologize for being so mean to you, thank you for taking her home and hug you. She also volunteers at an animal shelter and handles a lot of responsibilities at her church (and she will be offended when you express your shock at either of these facts). In Damien's ending she will tell Amanda all about the dogs they have for adoption at the shelter and promises to sneak her in to play with them. In all other endings where you didn't pursue Joseph she'll give Amanda tips for surviving college. All in all, while she's definitely not a perfect person, it seems like her harsh demeanor is to worm out people she doesn't want interfering with the cul-de-sac, who she considers her family. Once you've been there long enough, so long as you don't screw around with her husband, she'll welcome you into that family in her own, weird Mary way.
  • Even a few of the bad endings count, in a way. Even if you really hose it up royally and put Damien, Hugo, or Mat off the thought of ever touching you, they'll still be glad to count you as a friend and hang out with you.
  • Even if you don't manage to hook up with anyone, Amanda will point out that the player character is surrounded by neighbours who care about him. While he may not have gotten the deep relationship he was hoping for, he's still not alone.
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but during the ending, when giving the player character privacy with his love interest, Amanda says she's going to go for ice cream with the Emmas, showing that they and Amanda have mended or are at least beginning to mend their friendship.
  • DJ or Quizmaster Quin recurs a few times as someone whose crippling interpersonal problems keep leaking into his performances, to the point where no one's sure if his schtick is awkward misery or he's genuinely in crisis. Near the end of one of the routes it's revealed that some of the characters have staged an intervention about wanting him to be better and love himself, and he went into couples therapy.


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