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Nightmare Fuel / Dream Daddy

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  • There's a moment in Robert's second date that you and Robert are near the woods. In the middle of your date, you see something lurking in the woods. Whatever it is, it's something you can't identify and only vaguely humanoid, so you two, shaken to the core, run away from the place on car and with the lights off to go undetected. On your way home, you two are still extremely shaken by whatever that was.
    • In the cult ending (see below), the "thing" is revealed to be Joseph.
  • The cult ending, which for a time was only accessible by data-mining, is shocking partially because it seems to come out of nowhere for a game that's heavily been marketed as a heartwarming dad-dating simulator. Joseph is the leader of a Cult and has been murdering the wives in the neighborhood. His children and Amanda can be seen being possessed by a demon. It was later made playable by customizing the player character a specific way, for the people who were fans of it.
  • Joseph's Creepy Twins, Christian and Christie, there's even a glitch that will make them follow you around...
    • However, if you play Joseph's route, this is subverted, as you can get the twins to giggle along with their father if you egg them on and then toss them an obscure reference. Later, as Christie watches you and Joseph bake cookies for the bake sale, Christie actually turns out to be very nice when she's not with her twin brother Christian, and if you "slay" her father during a mock duel, Christie even thanks your player character by hugging your player character around the leg.
  • You can actually die on Craig's, Brian's, and Joseph's routes. The deaths themselves are easily avoidable, but very graphically described. Also, the fact that two out of three of them involve you dying in front of your beloved daughter is more than a little horrifying, especially considering how close the two of you are.

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