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Heartwarming / Wild ARMs 1

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  • Rudy's Robotic Reveal in Alter Code and Jack's reaction.
    Cecilia: Rudy... has a demon's body!
    Jack: Princess! He is my friend.
  • Zed abandons the Metal Demons all to help a blind girl named Aura because she's the first ever to treat him normally. He will attack the party with all of his strength, thinking they're going to take away his newfound happiness by telling her who he was. Since she can tell the nature of a person from the sound of their voice, him being "weird, but kind", he didn't have anything to be worried about.
  • In Alter Code F, Rudy is actually able to make peace with Serf Village, working together with them to destroy the Rotting Beast once and for all. This is also what allows Rudy to awaken Zephyr, the Guardian of Hope.
    • Similarly, while Serf Village's mayor immediately Took a Level in Jerkass after Rudy's prologue in the original, here he is actually very reluctant to banish Rudy, only doing so when the villagers force the issue. He even gives Rudy advice on where he should go next.
  • Jane's farewell to Magdalen after his Game-Breaking Injury prevents him from permanently joining the party with her in Alter Code F after overhearing his backstory.
    Jane: [hugging Magdalen] Hopefully, by the time I'm back, I'll be a little more grown up. And a better person.
    Magdalen: Like your sister Jessica? I will look forward to it.
    Jane: No. Like my mother. Thank you for everything, Magdalen. I'll see you soon.

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