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Heartwarming / Call of Duty

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Nah. They talk to me.


  • The ending of the first game.
    • "Mother. A few days ago, we waved the flag of the Motherland over the top of Reichstag in Berlin. The war at last seems to becoming to an end. There's very little fighting left in the end. Soon I'll returning to our home. There're German prisoners of war everywhere. Today, I crossed the Elbe river in Germany and shook hands with an American soldier. Although I could not understand anything he said, I felt this man was my brother-and I think he felt the same." The music helps too.
  • Call Of Duty 3 has several:
    • Action Girl Isabelle dies at the end of the British campaign, causing The Stoic Marcel to break down. Keith, who was extremely antagonistic to the French resistance throughout the story, finally reconciles with the French and gives his condolences and respect to the fallen.
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    • The Big Damn Heroes moment at the end of "The Mace" when the Canadians rescue the remaining Polish defenders. The triumphant music tops it off like a brilliant ending to a Bleak Level.
      • The joy in the voice of the your comrades as the signal from the Canadian arrival becomes clear is enough to stir emotions too.
    "Green flares! GREEN FLARES!!!"