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"Could you hold my hand?"

There are several instances in Fate/Grand Order where you just won't be able to keep yourself from smiling.

Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

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  • Some final ascension events (and/or art) are this:
    • Asterios' final ascension has him just chilling, with butterflies fluttering around him.
    • EMIYA's heartfelt smile when you ascend him into maximum level. It's his last smile from the end of Unlimited Blade Works from Fate/stay night. Archer has let go of the despair and self-loathing that burned within him for so long. He has become Shirou Emiya once again and, looking at this game's Emiya, you can see that he is not burdened by his role as a Counter Guardian. He is only a Servant here. So, he becomes a sempai of sorts to the protagonist and Mash. Shakespeare even claimed EMIYA is the most overprotective Servant in Chaldea.
    • Karna's final ascension is one of the very few times that he gives a proper, full smile, considering that he's usually The Stoic. It's a wonderful smile, and the symbolism of the art seems to imply that he's ascending to godhood as he did in his legend, and bringing you with him as he did with his family.
    • Regardless of what most players think of Nightingale's art, her smile in the final ascension's art is very soothing, especially after her third ascension has her injured and frowning. It helps that her final ascension art is decent.
    • Robin Hood is usually known as snarky and pessimistic. Seeing him smile while hearing him saying that he never felt that happy before warms the heart quite a little bit. His Ascension lines go from doubtful of whether it's worth the investment to fully being sure that his final Ascension was for the best and that neither he nor the protagonist should have any regrets about this.
    • Orion assuring Artemis of her newfound form, telling her that it's all right. Considering that in Okeanos, Orion complained about his current form because of Artemis' intervention, this is quite a gesture.
      Artemis: I ended up turning into something that is a god but not quite a god, it seems.
      Orion: You're fine the way you are. Just as you are now.
    • EMIYA (Assassin). His card art includes Irisviel and she says a soothing line to him as he reaches final Ascension:
      "Kiritsugu... even if my voice can't reach you, I will always..."
    • Lancelot (Saber) in his final ascension, standing in the front lines together with Altria. His small but sincere smile tugs at the heartstrings, especially when you compare him to his grief-stricken Berserker self.
    • In their final ascension art, Swimsuit Anne and Mary are playing in a sunset-lit beach. Seeing their smiles really kicks you in that the Summer Event is truly a vacation for your Servants after their numerous fights to save the world, and they truly deserve what little rest they can receive.
    • Arthur's NP has him releasing his knight's seals, proving his utmost trust for them to seal his strongest weapon. The clincher? One of the seals is Mordred's.
    • When Frankenstein's Monster reaches her final ascension, her picture changes from dreary scenery to bright and sunny. She has a happy smile on her face, and she looks like she's about to have a wedding. What makes even better is Fran saying "thank you" and that she loves you, despite the strain on her voice.
    • Atalante Alter, after several ascensions reminding you how much of a loose cannon she is, smiles peacefully in sunlight for her final art, and opts to curl up for a nap. Interestingly, at Bond 4, she compares the protagonist to the radiant sun.
    • Mash is so happy when she reaches her fourth ascension that she starts tearing up.
  • Reaching bond level 10 gives the Servants their personal Craft Essences. The Craft Essences are usually items or places that have close relation with their respective Servants.
    • Heracles' Craft Essence is the Einzbern Castle, with the flavor text saying that despite his permanent Mad Enhancement in this game, he still has glimpses of a certain white-haired girl who is dear to him. If this Craft Essence's effect is any indication - granting him Guts three times before dying - the memory of this girl is enough to constantly revive him from death, when his sealed God Hand cannot.
      • And it's clear Illya feels the same way, given the fact Sitonai's own Craft Essence depicts the clearing where Heracles protected Illya from the pack of wolves roaming around the Einzbern Castle, with the flavor text also stressing the importance that moment had for Illya. It also a bit of a Tearjerker considering the 'when' of this scene in the UBW anime...
    • Andersen's is the letter he wrote for his unrequited love, the one who hold close to his chest as he died. We can finally see what he wrote in there.
      ''That man said, "I am like a flea biting on a cat." All those concealed, unimportant worries. You, O' so brightly, laughed them off.
    • Antoinette's is the diamond necklace from the infamous scandal. Though she dislikes the entire story behind the necklace, she could still see there's something (i.e: love) shining in how the necklace was made, so she can't really hate it either.
    • Saint Georgios's is the photographs that he took during his time summoned by the protagonist. The kicker is that he didn't have photos of landscapes or anything spectacular. Instead, he took photos of a sleeping cat, a ship, a room decorated for Halloween, and Chaldea personnel. Common everyday things, yes, but the description noted that he loved these photos beyond all else and kept them as mementos.
    • Karna's is a parable about a poor man's lantern. Once upon a time, a wise man was invited to a king's banquet, where he was welcomed extravagantly. The feasting continued into the night, and the wise man's road home was shrouded in darkness. The king commanded that his riches be used to light the path, but a strong gust blew out all the king's lamps. Even so, the wise man's road was lit by a dim lamp. It was not one of the king's proud illuminations, but a feeble lamp left by an old man too poor to even bring a gift to the banquet.
      "Glory and ambition may indeed be the flowers that give life color, but I believe that just a single act of unsung sincerity can make a life feel blessed."
    • Shiki's (the Assassin version) is her red jacket, filled with the memories of her interaction with Mikiya in their youth. Considering that her form in this game seems to be a dream of sorts that formed due to Solomon's efforts of destruction, this could also count as a Tear Jerker.
    • Arthur's is the garden where he met Ayaka twice. First in 1991 when he has a heartwarming talk with little Ayaka and then in 1999 when Ayaka herself summons him for the Grail War. Amidst his journey across dimensions, he still holds those fond memories in his heart.
    • Angra Mainyu's is a simple white flower, a hydrangea. It is also known as a hortensia, which so happens to be Caren Hortensia's last name. Even despite all the suffering and hatred he endured, both deserved and undeserved, one person still managed to love the man who became All the World's Evil.
      "The hortensia that loved him, bloomed into his boundaries."
    • For Hijikata Toshizo of The Shinsengumi, it makes perfect sense that his Bond CE portrays not only his weapons but also 1) an unspoilt blue-and-white Shinsengumi cloak (remarkable considering his Stage 3 ascension) and 2) the flag of the Ouetsu Reppan Domei, one of The Remnant shogunate armies which he spent his last years fighting with/for. The modesty of the room also shows how Hijikata was never fighting for personal glory, but for genuine commitment. It also makes it all the more Tear Jerker-worthy, as the scene implies it to be his last night before falling in his last battle at Hakodate.
    • Arjuna Alter's is a small wooden figurine. He realized that his master didn't want him to be some omnipotent god, they just wanted him to be himself. So he decided to honor that by making a doll, and he discovered that taking the time and effort to carve it by hand was far more satisfying than just using his incredible divine powers for everything. Even though it turned out to be simple and crude, he found that it was valuable because it was something he did.
      "This thing, as incomplete as it is, is something I made. It's small, but it's a sense of pride an almighty god can never possess."
    • Habetrot's shows the dress that Mashu wore in the sixth lostbelt and a reflection on how long she waited for her return.
  • In Fate/Stay Night, Cu Chulainn is meant to be a tragic servant embodying the idea that 'wishes don't come true'- all he wanted was to fight great opponents, but he never really gets to participate in the Holy Grail War the way a warrior should. In Fate/Grand Order, you can finally grant him his wish, giving him the opportunity to fight a much larger variety of Servants and monsters than he ever would have had in a normal Grail War. Looks like wishes do come true after all, Cu...
  • With the addition of Illya (and Chloe), now you can reunite the Emiya family in-game. What make this even more heartwarming is because Iri and Illya are the Morality Pet for both EMIYAs. As seen in Fate/Accel Zero Order, Kiritsugu is slowly softening because of his interactions with Iri, and Illya's death is one of the biggest turning points in Shirou's life in his path to become Archer.
  • The relationship that you have with your Servants (or their relationship with fellow Servants) may have some sweet moments.
    • Jeanne talks fondly about Gilles, even comparing your bravery with his, despite both of you being relatively inexperienced in the front lines.
    • Gilles (the Saber version), on the other hand, maintains a good and trusting relationship with you, even asking you to use your Command Seals to force himself into committing suicide should he stray from the righteous path. Just don't let him talk about Jeanne, since he needs at least 3 hours.
    • Caesar fondly reminisce about his time with Cleopatra, and regretted how he treated her in life. Likewise, Cleopatra's still head over heels for Caesar, she ignores his fat form... maybe.
    • Okita has a very casual and affectionate relationship with you, always wishing you well and offering her loyalty.
    • Diarmuid really appreciates having Altria as allies considering what happened with their last encounter in Fate/Zero. Also, he welcomes Fionn if you summoned him, and the feeling's mutual.
    • Cu Chulainn goes out to hunt some boars for your birthday, presumably for a feast. Truly the bro-est of bros.
    • Chloe feels sadness when she catches a glance of EMIYA (Assassin), but wishes him well nonetheless. She also asks you to keep an eye for Illya's carelessness like a good older sister.
    • Hassan of the Cursed Arm is concerned about your health and remark that you should take a break sometimes. He also offers to clean the place and protect you, and to not hesitate to make him do the dirty work.
  • Also, some Servants retain memories of their past summons and Character Development from other Fate works. They also talk about their former Masters.
    • Karna is the most obvious one. He remembers his time with Jinako Carigiri from Fate/Extra CCC so fondly, he always talks about her in his event appearances.
    • Paracelsus want to atone for his actions in Fate/Prototype Fragments by being so loyal to you.
    • Altria is sad at meeting EMIYA again, because he's still stoically fighting until the end. She's also kind of happy though.
    • In Fate/EXTRA, both Nero and Tamamo are portrayed as incredibly promiscuous, not surprising considering that one is a known supporter of debauchery and the other is a courtesan who is known to flirt with everyone and fall in love very easily, so it says something that neither really commit to anything in this game, Nero refuses to fall in love with any one of the cast in this game, and while Tamamo still flirts, she admits she won't be developing any sort of relationship, this is because of the bond that they both share with their Master in EXTRA, Hakuno Kishinami. They're both so deeply in love with them that they both simply put aside their former habits.
    • In both forms, it is eventually revealed that Atalante still held her hatred towards Jeanne d'Arc. However, she's also willing to see Jeanne's positive sides and realizing that in the end, they're not so different that she couldn't fully hate her. Even her Alter form, who squarely put Jeanne into 'the things she hated', did the same. Additionally, Atalante made an effort to say that Achilles isn't that bad in front of Penthesilea. Although she ended up agreeing with Penthesilea's POV, it implies that she remembers and appreciates Achilles' friendship with her and his efforts to reach out to her even in her madness.
    • While Gareth is in general a ball of sunshine, some of her lines really warm the heart.
      • She's so happy to see Altria that she starts crying as she apologizes for being unable to take part of her king's final battle.
      • Gawain playfully ruffles her hair as she asks him to stop. She then says she's happy to see him again and she loves him.
      • She's completely squeeing if she sees Saber Lancelot.
  • Fate/Grand Order Material III reveals that the reason Rama always puts himself in the Saber class despite being more of an Archer is that Sita also qualifies for Archer so maybe, just maybe, they can reunite momentarily in a Holy Grail War.
  • Saber Altria's Character Development from Fate/stay night is already present. She is a full Heroic Spirit, and, while some things from Camelot makes her sad, she no longer wishes for her rule to be undone. Iskander will even comment on how proud he is that she's no longer burdened by regret. Then he'll laugh to himself and says he still wants to tease her.
  • Summoning for the first time a Servant you've previously met and parted ways with in-story can be seen as the Random Number God reuniting you with that Servant.
  • Arjuna's second Interlude tells about his struggle accepting "Krishna", who symbolizes the darkness he's been holding onto for so long.
    Arjuna: "Nevertheless, I have to accept it. No matter how much I try to deny it, the one who truly shot that arrow was – the one who shot that arrow, was me. I clutched it tightly, I nocked it. The one who shot that arrow was I, Arjuna."
    Arjuna: "Forgive me. Krishna, at that time, you weren’t fighting with me on the chariot…"
    • The truth is, Arjuna is afraid of deepening his bond with the Master because it means that he must let Krishna’s existence be known. That's why the protagonist is lured into his nightmare to be killed. In the end, Arjuna entrusts his Master with everything.
      Arjuna: "… Master. You know everything there is to know about me. Through all my wickedness, my good and my evil, my everything as I am – you’ve taken all my burdens upon yourself. No longer will I fear the darkness nor your smile. Never again, I swear…"
    • After the protagonist awakens, he says this, showing how much he's grown as a character:
      Arjuna: "I’ll hesitate no longer. From now on I’ll put my heart and my soul, my everything into serving you. And yet, even then… though my journey to reach this point was a long one, in others ways it felt particularly short. Nothing in this world is inevitable. In every aspect it can be said that all is flux, and nothing stays still. One’s emotions are no exception. Love and affection may warp into hatred and sorrow. The contrary also being possible… still, there’s one thing I’m certain of. I’m glad I had the chance to meet you."
    • After the fourth Lostbelt, provided you've completed the second interlude, Arjuna's My Room line about the Holy Grail changes from wishing for eternal solitude to this:
      Arjuna: I don't have any wish to entrust to the Holy Grail anymore. No, let's see. That I may be until the end with you, Master.
  • Despite his "Gorilla Jock" depiction by the fandom, Gawain forgives both Lancelot and Mordred in his My Room dialogue.
  • Blackbeard, despite being a fearsome pirate, stated that his love for children is actually genuine in My Room dialogues, and was actually hurt when he thought he's going to get accused as a lolicon.
  • BB (in her Summer form), despite being a seemingly heartless AI, puts the happiness of her master above the safety of the world and is willing to put him in a time loop to keep him from what she considers a fruitless endeavor, the battle for mankind’s future.
  • A meta example with the concept of Palingenesis. You empower your servants past their normal limits with grails, and the fanbase often sees it as a gesture of affection towards the servant, be it for gameplay or for love alone. If you look around, even rather weak servants like Mozart or Mata Hari have received grails, which really shows just how these Masters cherish even the lowest rarity servants, prove that this game isn't all about the SSRs, and emphasizes the point: Every servant can be usable.
    "Grail for love, not for stats."
  • In her Interlude, the Hundred Personas enlists the protagonist's and Mash's help to find someone. What follows Tastes Like Diabetes.
    • All of the Personas are absolutely hell bent on trying to find someone, with Gozul arm-wrestling Beowulf and Kintoki, Makiri racing Atalante, and Zayd dancing with Nero and Mata Hari. The entire time, Asako is running around assisting them. After they didn't get much of an opportunity to shine in Fate/Zero, its sweet to see that the Hundred Personas are not only able to truly shine here, but see how well knit as a team they are, especially knowing they don't have any sort of Psychic Link. Their teamwork and unified goal shows how truly close they are with another, and how much they all cared to find their missing someone.
      • Asako in particular shines, knowing all the quirks and skillsets of every one of the personas, as well as being the most hellbent on finding who they're looking for. When Little Hassan says she needs to go potty, Asako immediately rushes to help her to the bathroom, and the player asks if Asako specializes in babysitting. Asako is presented as a caring figure beneath her rough demeanor, and it shines through best with her care for Little Hassan.
    • After searching high and low, it turns out that the lost person is one of her personas, a child. When asked why she had a child persona, she explains that having a personality that literally knows nothing would be useful if she had been caught and interrogated. Jack and Nursery Rhyme are horrified by this and try to defend Little Hassan, but Asako explains that this was only the case when they were alive. As a Servant, the child persona has no combat skills and is not required to do anything; the other 99 personas were just worried when they couldn't find her and wanted to make sure she's okay. While Asako does ask her to come back to the others, she makes it clear that she's free to do whatever she wants at Chaldea, and that she doesn't have to fight. Naturally this pleases Jack and Nursery Rhyme since they get to stay friends with her, but Little Hassan even moreso, since she finally gets to have an identity of her own.
  • In Sieg's interlude, he was avoiding everyone by staying in spirit form all the time. Frankenstein and Mordred (the two other homunculi from Apocrypha) nag him encourage him to be social
  • Ironically, Jack the Ripper is a walking ball of heartwarming moments (well, most of the time, and sometimes even then). From the moment she's summoned, you become a mother, gender be damned. Her first four bond lines are about building up enough trust with her to playfully tickle her, and her fifth bond line is her asking for a hug. And when asked what she likes she mentions sleeping on a warm bed. Given Jack's a Street Urchin in origin, this means she was either given a room of her own, or her new mother lets her sleep with them.
  • Jinako Carigiri became a Pseudo-Servant paired up with the god Ganesha. As someone on Reddit pointed out, "Jinako actually lost her parents as a kid and this caused her to became a shut-in. However, after partnering with Karna, she found someone that cared for her and even referred to him as an overly doting father (or brother as some comments say). Now that she's Ganesha, Jinako has Karna, Parvati (Ganesha's mother), Arjuna (Karna's tag along), Kama/Mara (Parvati's tag along), and many more if you stretch it. In Chaldea, she has a family."

  • Fuyuki:
    • While it’s sad that their both corrupted, EMIYA fights as the “doorman” of Artoria Alter, perhaps as tribute to their time as Master and Servant. Even in darkness, his loyalty to her remains.
    • While her initial personality takes a lot to get used to, near the end of the Singularity Olga seems to grow less abrasive towards the Protagonist, as if reassessing her view of them. Which, of course, only makes what happens next all the more tragic.
  • Orleans:
    • As it turns out, Mash had prepared some candy for you, as a reward for when you and her get back from Orleans. Sadly, Roman had to go and gobble on it (and get subsequently caught by her while communicating with him), but it's the effort and thought that counts.
    • Jeanne's relationship with Marie Antoinette. The two have quite a lot in common despite their differences, and their interactions are adorable.
  • Septem: Boudica treating Mash like her younger sister, going so far as to give her Marshmallow Hell.
  • Okeanos:
    • Asterios declares his love to Euryale before he charges into a seemingly unkillable Heracles.
    • All of Asterios and Euryale's interactions, starting because she is the first person to call Asterios with his true name, not Minotaur.
  • London:
    • Mordred becoming a great senior and training Mash to unlock her third ascension and skill. She also treats Frankenstein's Monster with care despite their past history in Apocrypha.
    • Hans, despite being kind of an ass to the party and especially Mordred throughout their interactions in the singularity uses his power to shield Mordred from getting erased by Solomon's attack.
  • E Pluribus Unum:
    • Rama and Sita get reunited at Alcatraz with Rama accepting his death since he got to see his beloved one last time. Sita then decides to give up her life for him so Rama can live. Their entire meeting is one big tragic romance.
    • After he was released from the corruption of E Pluribus Unum, Edison laments that because of his megalomania, the world would be truly doomed either by the Celt or by himself. Blavatsky and Karna hold his hand and pull him out of his despairs, not only because they believe Edison really has his heart on the right place, but also because they consider him a friend. Edison is so touched at this, he replaces the strength of American presidents' ambitions from past, present, and future with The Power of Friendship. His strength doesn't diminish for the rest of the chapter.
    • Medb shielding Cu Alter from his death, proving that she really loved him as a person, not as her fantasy man.
    • Rama might as well be the personification of The Power of Love in this chapter. He survives Gae Bolg taking out most of his heart purely from the determination to see his wife Sita once more. Once healed, sadly at the cost of Sita, his love for his wife, you, the other Servants and the soldiers under his care motivate him to move forward and fight what is tantamount of to an all or nothing suicide mission. His character is best summed up in a a line he has the night before the final battle:
      Rama: Love makes me want to protect, and love makes me not submit to fear.
  • Camelot:
    • Also doubles as Moment of Awesome; when the enforcement knights surround the Wailing Wall's refugees and start slaughtering those who didn't pass the Holy Selection, da Vinci advises the protagonist to hurry and get out of there. The protagonist nods, before ordering their Servants to break the encirclement so the other refugees can pass through. Da Vinci could only sigh while saying something along the line, "I should have expected that you're going to say that," before joining the fray.
    • Hassan of Serenity's reaction to learning that the Protagonist is immune to her Poisonous Person properties is adorable. All her interactions with the Protagonist from that point on feature her clinging to the Protagonist as much as possible (much to Mash's jealousy) This is especially poignant knowing that her wish was to be able to touch someone without killing them.
    • Lancelot becoming a doting father to Mash after knowing her origins. In Camelot, he acts embarrassed around her, just like a father that meet his daughter after a very long time. Also, his My Room lines for her:
      "Um, what is my daughter wearing? It's a little..."
    • Holmes and Bedivere assuring Mash that, yes, she is worthy of wielding Galahad's shield and NP and carrying on the legacy of the Heroic Spirit within her.
    • After the Singularity, Roman informs you that a familiar name has been added to the list of Servants that can be summoned. He adds that ordinarily he wouldn't qualify to be a Heroic Spirit because his deeds and the stories of them weren't major and prominent enough, but the events of the Singularity gave him a way to do so. He then adds that you'll see him soon. The hero in question? Bedivere. After enduring fifteen hundred years of guilt and torment, he finally got to earn his happy ending.
      "Saber, Bedivere. From now on, I shall be your Servant."
      • Adding onto this, the happiness Mash displays after learning this. While you'll still be her first senpai, she's overjoyed to have her other senpai joining them at Chaldea, made even sweeter after seeing how close she and Bedivere got during their exploits in Camelot. While she acknowledges its possible he won't remember their adventures together, she's just happy to have him back.
    • The final moments of Agravain. After giving one hell of a fight to Lancelot offscreen, but before the heroes make it to the Lion King, he returns to his king... in spite of his clearly mortal injuries. Whatever Agravain’s motives were, he still served his king faithfully until the very end. The Lion King, acknowledging this, holds him as he passes, soothing his pain while he weakly protests that he still has so much work to do. Artoria is still in there somewhere...
    • Earlier, King Hassan demanded Cursed Arm Hassan's life as compensation for seeking his aid. But when the time came for King Hassan to collect, he instead kills the demon attached to the Cursed Arm. When asked why, King Hassan merely says that the demon is the true Cursed Arm, and by killing it, he freed the man attached to it. This not only spares Cursed Arm Hassan — or rather, Hanam — but it frees him of his responsibilities as Old Man of the Mountain, leaving him to live his life how he wishes. Before leaving, King Hassan congratulates him for being the first and only Hassan to relinquish his title and live. Not only does Hanam get his happy ending, but it turns out King Hassan isn't heartless after all.
  • Babylonia:
    • As Ishtar says, the end of the world is bringing the best out of people, as seen in the Servants you meet, fighting to defend the people, the citizens of Uruk who're optimistic throughout everything, not even running away when Tiamat is right in front of their doorstep, and even the villains of the chapter have a Heel–Face Turn after realizing Tiamat is awakening.
    • Turns out, Gilgamesh really is a good king. While you're watching him administrate his kingdom, he just out of the blue tells an aide to send some healthy fruit to one of the soldier's daughters since he heard she's expecting, and to give the soldier some time off to visit his family since he hadn't had a break in a while and the sight of his newborn grandchild would inspire him to fight even harder when he's back on the front. He even purposely sets command of a patrol group to someone familiar with the area, because it gives said patrol leader the chance to check up on his home (in addition to the practical reasons).
    • While entering through the gates of Uruk, the guard on the door offers Lancer Medusa (who isn't fond of humans) a pastry because she's a little girl who's been on a long journey.
    • Gilgamesh giving a dying Kingu his Grail, despite the fact that Kingu has been an enemy and is impersonating his dead best friend, because Kingu is 'a citizen of Uruk' and it is Gilgamesh's job to protect him. Doubles as a tearjerker, since Gilgamesh also saved Kingu because he does not want to see Enkidu's body fall apart and fade away again.
    • King Hassan's declaration that he's throwing away his Grand title for a chance to fight together with you against humanity's enemy.
  • As mentioned below in Events, the Counter Force will rearrange events so those who died in the Singularity will still die from something else in the proper timeline. However, it couldn’t find any events corresponding to the invasion of the Lahmu and Tiamat, so all the citizens of Uruk who were killed in that attack were brought back. Including one of the most beloved supporting characters of the chapter, Gilgamesh’s faithful secretary Siduri.
  • Temple of Solomon:
    • At the beginning, we see a flashback of Marisbury talking with his Servant Solomon at the end of the fifth Fuyuki Grail War. He clearly sees his Servant as a dear friend and admits to him what the actual purpose of the Grail is, what he actually wants to use it for, and lets Solomon have his own wish on the Grail like he was promised, which is much more than can be said about most Masters. Later we find out he wished to become a normal human, unburdened by his powers and free to choose his own life. The grail gave him exactly what he wanted and he became Dr. Roman. And then he proceeded to spend his entire life as a normal human working to prevent the disaster he saw before he lost his clairvoyance. And he still regards those past ten years as the fondest moments of his life.
    • Mash says that even though her condition is already in a very critical state and she can only do one last mission, she's still determined to follow you through and fight until the end.
    • Servants you encountered in other singularities appear to help you, even those who were killed. Upon seeing Leonidas, who was petrified in Babylonia, Mash is reduced to tears.
    • Boudicca and Nero forgive each other for the atrocities committed to each other's nation. Meanwhile, Altera and Stheno have a heart-to-heart chat, and upon hearing Altera's heartfelt wishes, Stheno apologizes for thinking of Altera an inhuman avatar of destruction.
    • Karna encourages Arjuna to be honest about his more dark emotions, allowing them to talk properly about their issues with each other. They then decide to settle their problems not by fighting each other, but having a competition of who can kill the most demon pillars.
    • Kiritsugu finally gets to fulfill his dream of being an ally of justice by fighting as a Servant for the future of humanity.
    • Doubling with Tear Jerker, that Mash was able to block Goetia's ultimate attack, even though it cost her her life. "So long as the heart doesn't break, those castle walls too shall never crumble," indeed.
    • Humanity managed to defeat Beast IV (a.k.a. Fou), not with violence, bloodshed, or fighting, but by showing it something beautiful enough to be worth protecting.
    • Mash comes back, well and alive, thanks to Fou and embraces the protagonist the moment they return to Chaldea. The story ends with the two, looking beyond the mountain ranges at a restored Earth and future of humanity.
  • Shinjuku:
    • At the start of the chapter, Mash admits to overhearing two Chaldea staff talking about how the Magus Association is likely going to come down on the player character because of the timing of their arrival and how successful they are. One staff member demands the help of the other to help doctor the data in order to make it seem like the player character was less involved then they actually were. The reason? Because you saved them despite everything, and it's the only way they can think of to protect you, and ensure you have a future somehow. It shows that the Chaldea staff really do care about you, even if they would need to turn against the Magus Association.
    • The protagonists came across a white dog, which soon befriends Altria Alter and tags along with her. Altria gives it the name "Cavall II" after Cavall, her favorite dog in her previous life. Alter and Cavall then share memories together during the chapter. At the end of the chapter, Alter spends her last moment with the dog. When she begin to disappear, she wishes the best for the dog since she can't bring it along and hopes the dog can get a good new master worthy of his loyalty.
  • SE.RA.PH:
    • Nero, Tamamo, and EMIYA interacting like old friends, considering their history from the Extra games and Extella. Especially EMIYA who acts just like their older brother.
    • Tamamo Cat acts super friendly around Passionlip, quickly forging friendship with her as fellow discarded Alter Egos.
    • Gawain's actions towards the Alter Egos. At first he's suspicious of Meltryllis, but over time witnessing her loyalty to the protagonist and the protagonist's faith in her convinces him to see Alter Egos as people rather than weapons, culminating in him risking his life to save Passionlip's mind.
    • Meltryllis herself is just a goldmine of heartwarming.
      • Her interactions with Passionlip come across as genuinely friendly sisters who love sniping at each other, which is a far cry from how she treated her in CCC.
      • Her interactions with the protagonist in almost every scene seem designed to tug at the heartstrings, with her saving their lives, following them loyally despite her snark, and having tender moments of vulnerability. And then comes the reveal at the end of the event she basically broke time and irreparably damaged herself just to save the protagonist from certain death, all because she loves them.
  • Agartha:
    • Astolfo and D'eon both followed you to Agartha because they were worried for your well being, and wanted to be there to protect you. That in itself is very sweet, but the way they got there involved two Chaldea employees helping them sneak in so they could leyshift too. When Mash tries to scold the workers, they simply holler that helping Astolfo and D'eon is worth any punishment. It's pretty cute to see that the two have gained some popularity and made some friends within the staff.
    • D'eon begins to have something of a panic attack when about to witness an execution, recalling their inability to protect Marie Antoinette from the same fate. Astolfo calms them down by announcing that they'll both save the victims, even if it's not something their Master ordered them to do, because it's just what heroes do. It's sweet to see Astolfo still showing off his heroic side and saving people just because he wants to, while also comforting D'eon and helping them through a clearly difficult moment.
    • Near the end, D'eon admits that they feel honored to be fighting alongside Astolfo, as they and other knights of France looked up to him as a sort of senpai, and Astolfo is happy to hear it. After seeing these two used mostly for poorly timed and often inappropriate jokes, it's really touching to see them have a sweet moment that isn't interrupted or followed by yet another gag.
  • Shimousa
    • Just the fact that even the Curse of Annihilation could not diminish Raikou's motherly tendencies as Rider of Kalasutra Hell. Even after kidnapping Onui and Tasuke, she could not bring herself to harm them and even cut free their ropes of her own accord (which she tied loose to begin with).
    • The manga adaptation shows us what was happening at Chaldea HQ after Ritsuka fell into a mysterious coma at the beginning of the Pseudo-Singularity: all of the Servants present at Chaldea have either been shown to be anxiously worried over their Master's current state or they have faith that she'll somehow pull through from whatever's going on with her just like she always does while they're all supporting her through whatever means they can to help her out despite being powerless over her unique situation. Goes to show how much they all love and care for Ritsuka.
    • Chapter 17.5 of the manga adaptation has Mash reminiscing a time when she and Ritsuka made rice balls together while she's helping Jack do the same in the present day to help keep both their minds off from worrying over Ritsuka' unconscious state. The flashback involves some of the most adorable scenes on panel where Ritsuka plays around with Jack after catching her sneaking around nearby as they worked. Why were Ritsuka and Mash up that late? Ritsuka wanted to make onigiri for everyone else who was also up that night as a token of appreciation for their hard work.
  • Salem: Sanson throughout all of Salem. In direct contrast to Lovecraft's original prejudicial narrative against other human beings, he tries so hard to be kind. He tells Lavinia that there's nothing horrifying about albinism; and that if he had to give advice, he suggests she eats better. He defends Abigail's befriending Tituba, despite it being "unlike contemporary thought at the time", he argued that humans can enjoy friendships with indigenous natives. And he desperately defended the people of Salem. And though it was his death that was Abigail's Despair Event Horizon, it was also his kindness that redeemed her, and ultimately brought him Back from the Dead. A Cosmic Horror Story is no match against mercy and humanity.

  • Prologue/December 26, 201X: While Goredolf had been something of a pretentious jerk in the chapter, what's the thing that motivates the protagonist and Mash to save him? He repeats Olga Marie's last words, and they refuse to allow a tragedy like that to happen again, showing that Olga Marie wasn't a Forgotten Fallen Friend.
  • Anastasia:
    • Avicebron's Heroic Sacrifice. It's poignant not just because of his parting words, but this doubles as his redemption of crossing the Moral Event Horizon in Fate/Apocrypha where he sacrificed his own Master to become Adam's core. He's aware of that, is ashamed of that to the point he knows his Saint Graph was ruined because of it, but this time he can atone for that by turning himself into the core of Adam, while entrusting mankind's future to the protagonists.
    • The end of the Lostbelt has Salieri sit down and play the piano from Ivan's palace. Honoring his greatest rival's last request, he plays "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" for the Yaga letting them experience music for the first time in their lives as he gently reassures them about the coming erasure.
  • Götterdämmerung:
    • Goredolf despite his attitude makes it clear that he does care for the reminder of Chaldea. Telling the protagonist and Mash to be careful as well as generally acting like part of the team.
    • Upon discovering that the Lostbelt imposes an age and population limit on the villages, and that all children more of less live alone and without supervision, the entire team is appalled and try and explain to Gerda the concept of things like a family, grandchildren, and civilization. Goredolf himself goes into a surprisingly deep and insightful monologue about what it means to grow older together with generations of children, extended family, or even just close friends you value and appreciate and how happy it can make you. He tries assure that "as a Magus I don't care about that myself" but it's clear that he's not only bluffing, but genuinely upset that Gerda has been denied all of these things.
      • What's the first thing Goredolf tells the party later after reestablishing communication with, post meeting Brynhild? There are giants heading to Gerda's village, and the party needs to go protect them right away. He's upfront that the village can provide no resources for them, but it's important to their allies.
    • When the protagonist falls to a mental abyss due to Sitonai trying to force a connection, Dantes arrives to help the protagonist. The protagonist and Dantes then face Heracles who fights them thinking they're a danger to Sitonai/Illya, with the Berserker only standing down after Illya tells him to while thanking him for always protecting her.
    • In the final battle, Sigurd and Brynhild took heavy damage from killing Surtr and are about to die from their injuries. However, being able to die together with Sigurd was enough for Brynhild who, after a long life of suffering and melancholy, gives a genuine smile of happiness. Sigurd's response to her is also a smile and is very reassuring and heartwarming.
      Sigurd: The next time we meet, don’t hesitate to come kill me. If that is the proof of your love, I’ll survive, to prove my love to you all the more.
  • SIN
    • There's a moment where a little boy asks if he can become as strong as Spartacus. Spartacus proceeds to tell the boy about how he was once small like him, but eventually grew up to be big and strong, and encourages the boy in a very kind and friendly tone that he too can rebel against fate and become as strong as him. For all his madness-induced talk about oppression, Spartacus does have a heart.
    • Spartacus sacrificing himself to destroy the meteor and save the people of a village. What makes it especially poignant is that he asks his master to give him the command to "Jump." Remember, Spartacus' very existence was based around his need to rebel, and being commanded by another person would result in him killing them. And yet Spartacus himself insisted on having the protagonist command him, showing just how much faith he had in you.
    • After capturing Koyanskaya and demanding the antidote to both the poisoned Goredolf and the protagonist, Chaldea is dismayed to find out that Koyanskaya only had one bottle of the antidote. Since it requires a full dose of the antidote to work, that means that only of them will be cured. Goredolf then challenges the protagonist to a game of Rock–Paper–Scissors with the winner getting the antidote as a sort-of battle of wills. Goredolf seemingly gives the protagonist the advantage by saying he is going to use rock ahead of time (although in reality, he was planning to trick the protagonist into playing paper and use scissors). Regardless of which option the player does, though, the protagonist ends up giving the antidote to Goredolf as thanks for Goredolf accidentally saving the protagonist's life by consuming half of the poison first. This action visibly embarrasses Goredolf, who wonders about how someone so young could be so "decent."
      • What makes it even more poignant is if you choose the option "Scissors." If you do so, Da Vinci will ask if you were trying to lose the game on purpose, leaving Goredolf visibly stunned, as though he never expected the protagonist or possibly anyone for that matter would do something so nice to him.
    • With their Lostbelt coming to an end, Qin Shin Huang decides to spend whatever remaining time they have left with their people. When the boy asks why would the Emperor be walking around like the rest of them, they respond that they are human, just like all of them.
  • Yuga Kshetra
    • Ganesha(Jinako Carigiri) and Karna's first meeting. Karna is unable to properly remember Jinako, as servants cannot always remember previous masters, but upon seeing her describe the moment as:
      Karna: It feels as though I've just met the light of my life... And like I've just encountered my big sister... And like I've just encountered my life coach... And like I've just encounted someone who needs to be cared for and tended to, all at once...
    • In the Fourth Lostbelt, the Chaldean is mentioned to have saved some of the people there and that they were extremely grateful for his help while he had his own thoughts about their gratitude.
    • Daybit and his Grand Servant showing up to save Pepe (and the protagonist) because he noticed the way the latter described his Lostbelt's situation was strange. He even mentions Pepe's actual name and cracks a smile around him despite being labeled as a loner.
  • Atlantis
    • While the whole chapter was a Tear Jerker with all the allies that perished along the way, the bond and sheer loyalty towards the protagonists are definitely Heartwarming.
    • Chaldea's allies deciding to save Corday's life even when it is better to use the Hephaestus Klironomia to power-up Nemo's ship.
  • Olympus
    • The fact that Aphrodite still loved Hephaestus and mourned for him even after being brainwashed by Zeus to be unable to feel love.
    • The Chaldeas Group, Europa(Hera), Pepe, Prometheus/Hephaestus, Makarios, Adele, and Muramasa all having a brief rest and delicious food while preparing for the fights against Zeus and Kirschtaria.
    • Doubling as Awesome, the bonds between the Protagonists and the servants allowed Ares to show up and save them from the brink of defeat.
    • While Musashi is erased from existence in the process, the fact that she gave everything to save the Party from Chaos shows how much she cared for them. Her final smile is absolutely beautiful as well.
    • Wodime has a bunch of these revolving around him, showcasing his Hidden Depths:
      • He goes through a simulated adventure through the singularities with the Crypters, and though they may not remember any of what happened, he still comes to cherish them. The proof? His password is "KKOAPBD" note 
      • He respects the protagonist throughout their encounters and acts as a Graceful Loser after their final confrontation, trusting Chaldea with humanity’s future enough to protect them from Rhongomyniad and the Alien God’s descent.
      • What made Kirschtaria believe in humanity enough to devote his life to improving them? The fact that a nameless, homeless boy sacrificed himself to save his life because it was the right thing to do.
    • Caenis watching over Kirschtaria as he is dying before going off to fight the protagonist one last time to prove she was worthy of her Master.
  • Avalon le Fae:
    • Pepe once again aids Chaldea, this time in storming Norwich. His plan splits their forces into a B Team and a C Team. When the protagonist notes there is no A Team, he remarks maybe some day him, the Protagonist, and Kadoc can call themselves the A Team.
    • The Protagonist and Da Vinci’s reunion with Mash. Mash sees The Calamity of Norwich, and, realizing that no one else can stop, heroically charges forward to shield the city, even if it costs her life. In a wonderful Call-Back to the first prologue, The Protagonist charges in themself, determined to do what they can to support their Servant. The Protagonist’s presence and Command Seal not only give Mash enough strength to repel (then DEFEAT) the Calamity of Norwich, but it also finally allows Mash to regain her memory. Many players were quite happy to reunite with their Kouhai.
    • This event also leads to an adorable first meeting between Mash and Artoria Caster, ending with the two blushing and offering adorable smiles. Simply touching and cute.
    • Morgan's death while tragic also has some shades of heartwarming. To clarify when they attacked her she was still in a position to take them all down, however the instant she saw they were holding Fae Knight Tristan hostage she stopped fighting back and instead tried begging them to stop. The fact that she was more worried about Tristan's safety than her own shows just how much she actually cared for her.
    • Muramasa sacrifices himself in Artoria's place to forge Excalibur preventing the loss of her experiences. It's ironic and touching that Shirou saved Artoria again even if not in the same state.
    • The Reveal that it was not Merlin, but rather Oberon-Vortigern, that taught Altria Caster magic is this. Even though Oberon-Vortigern cannot use magic, when Altria mentioned during one of their many telepathic conversations that "it would be nice if I can make fire because the stable I'm staying in is very cold," he told her to wait for a few days, went on to learn how to do it, and then taught it to her. For a year, this is how Altria learned magic, and also why the magic that she learned are really unique and eccentric, because all of them are practically things she wanted to learn, and it's just heartwarming to see Oberon-Vortigern making all the effort to actually learn all these different magic in order to teach it to Altria.
    • While tragic that Oberon-Vortigern decided to destroy Pan Human History forcing the protagonist to stop him, there are dialogue options showing that he does have some feelings in spite of his desire for destruction. His death end with him offering a backhand compliment and a best of luck in the future.
    • Despite all the pain Artoria Caster experienced in life the few connections she had with the protagonist (and the nameless fairy from the beginning) gave her the courage and will to save the world that she hated.
  • It’s implied that Baobhan Sith’s markedly different behavior in Chaldea upon reaching her third Ascension is her reverting to her original behavior from before she met Morgan, because of the kindness she received from everyone in Chaldea. While it’s quite painful to see she’s still suffering from madness and hatred, if this is true, she’s implicitly lowering her guard around us because she knows we’ll always be kind and help her. Between the Protagonist, Morgan, and a cute implication of a budding friendship with Galatea, Baobhan Sith has found people who will always care for and support her.
  • Barghest, despite her fearsome reputation, is actually intensely loyal to her Master, and there are multiple moments of her adorable blushing when the protagonist asks if they can examine her horn or otherwise suggest they care about her.
    • She also has unique My Room lines for Mashu when you clear Lostbelt 6, thanking your kouhai for showing her the nobility of the Knights of the Round Table.
    • She also gets a special voice line on reaching final ascension if you hold off until clearing Lostbelt 6 to do so. As she was recorded on the Throne of Heroes after the events of the Lostbelt, she remembers the example of Mash, Gawain, and Lancelot, and their example inspires her to overcome her curse through pure willpower and love for the protagonist. She's your Barghest and no damned curse is going to change that.
  • Melusine has multiple lines where she acts like a sweet little girl, including after she’s ascended and started tapping into Albion's power. She has a charming fascination with guns, but perhaps her most touching is her birthday line. She’s downright overjoyed when congratulating the protagonist, and is deeply disappointed when told we have to go to work, having put together an itinerary for the whole day. In other words, she wanted to spend our entire birthday together with us. Awww! What an affectionate Servant. Melusine in Chaldea basically gets to experience a genuine healthy and loving relationship compared to what her Lostbelt self had with Aurora.
  • Really, managing to summon any of the servants appearing in Avalon le Fae considering the horrible ends the majority of them suffered from in Fae Britain. Special mention goes to Morgan who's finally free of the burden of saving a nation destined to crumble and is now focusing on amending the Parental Neglect she ended up putting Baobhan Sith through. A voice line from Baobhan Sith for Morgan remarks how her mother is cuter and how she feels more like a lion instead of a cat which is a good sign of her physical and mental health recovering.

  • Halloween 2015: Throughout the Halloween event, there were implications that Vlad III had sewn the outfit and redeemable items for Elisabeth himself. Naturally, the fandom ran with this and pictures with Vlad, Nero, Elisabeth, or some combination of the three along with the protagonist (occasionally) exploded in presence.
  • Christmas 2015:
    • The March of Saint Craft Essence. A crying little Rin is comforted by Kirei. This is a bit twisted if you have watched Fate/Zero and assumes that the event depicted in the card happened after the events in the work, but still quite heartwarming nonetheless.
    • Santa Alter makes sure that Jack the Ripper and Nursery Rhyme get to have a Christmas, despite not technically being children, they have children's hopes and dreams; to the point of throwing a fight to let them "win" presents from her.
    • Caesar stands as the event's antagonist, exploiting the fact that people keep mistaking him for that other fat, red, jolly fellow to scam people. When he runs into Jack and Alice, he... cheerfully admits to being a fake, tells them to wait for the real Santa, and that if the real deal doesn't give them anything Caesar'll be sure to have something for them next year.
    • At the very end, Santa Alter (Altria) knights the main character, even though they may not recognize the act; and affirms that they are her knight, her follower, her leader. And asks that her light continue to shine into the future.
  • The Valentine Day's event:
    • Altria's various incarnation gives you many exquisite-looking chocolates. Her base form gives you an intricately-carved chocolate crown. Altria Lily gives you a heart-shaped chocolate that while looking really simple and imperfect at first glance, it's engraved with beautiful patterns once you take a closer look. Altria Lancer Alter's chocolate is an astoundingly beautiful white chocolate tower, modeled after her Rhongomyniad. Altria Alter's chocolate burger may take a long effort of trial and error to recreate in real life. Santa Alter's chocolate, while looking really simple, is a perfect Christmas accompaniment. This indicates that, no matter what kind of Altria you summoned, she would undertake huge efforts to make everyone she cares about to be happy, especially her Master.
    • Each Chocolate Craft Essence comes with a special cutscene of them giving it to you and the chocolate itself has a special message attached to it.
      • Fran's message is one giant <3 written on paper.
      • Atalante's is a chocolate-covered apple with a message that reads "feel free to use it if you ever want to race against me". It's practically a Wacky Marriage Proposal.
      • Mata Hari's message:
        "I want a lot of things, but I want your love more than anything else, Master."
    • EMIYA is an opponent because he wants to give his chocolate to you, and to protect you from any of the female Servants who get too angry with the protagonist. There are also hints that he helped other Servants create their chocolates.
    • Paracelsus wants to protect you from other Servants' chocolate, especially from one with Lethal Chef tendencies (like the Bathory trio), so just like Gilgamesh in Fate/Extra CCC, he brews a medicine that will protect your stomach and digestion system... at the price of killing your taste buds.
    • Mash sent you a letter that triggers a new Main Quest for the event. As it turns out, she had her own chocolate to give you. Even after seventeen failures, she won't give up.
      "After failing 17 times, I had to go into the singularity 27 times to find all the ingredients. Happy Valentine's Day, Master."
    • Altera commented that (while blushing), despite her eventually destroying everything she got her hands on, her chocolate doesn't break, and instead was granted a coating similar to her sword. She also mentions that Boudica, Saint Martha, and Marie Antoinette helped her with it, while also teaching her how foods can soothe people's hearts. In the end, she gave her chocolate to you with a smile on her face.
      "Chocolate is good civilization. That's why it remains intact, even after I touched it. Please enjoy the taste as you eat this."
    • Even though Medusa's sisters force her to fight against Mash (although she avoids actually attacking), she has a sweet little conversation with Mash after the battle. It's especially cute because of Medusa's Sugar-and-Ice Personality, and if you have her on your team:
      Medusa: We were totally defeated, Mash. You did a really great job.
      Mash: Th-Thank you very much! You hang in there too, Medusa!
  • The Garden of Order:
    • Having never left Chaldea before the world ended, getting to see a big modern city was one of Mash's greatest wishes and she finally achieves it during this event.
    • After the main plot of Garden of Order; Mephisto expresses bafflement at why the protagonist came. It wasn't a singularity that threatened the world. It was just a hell of ghosts in eternal torment. The protagonist came because they wanted to. They wanted to save those in pain. Mephisto asks if it's for their Servants captured by the Apartment? Yeah. Them too.
    • Good!Mephisto's Final Speech before returning the Throne at the end of the event's main quest is surprisingly touching, especially since it's coming from one of the most deranged Card Carrying Villains in the game.
  • Vengeful Demon's Wail at the Prison Tower: On the fifth day, as the protagonist's soul becomes more and more separated from their body, Caligula - of all Servants - is able to temporarily shed his Berserker madness and speak to them lucidly. His monologue is lyrical, a bit sad, and surprisingly heartwarming as he remarks on his life, his sins, his status as a Heroic Spirit, and the protagonist's current and future trials.
    Caligula: —And thus...
    Because I believe in that tiny remnant of love. Because I should be an Anti-Hero, but am a Heroic Spirit...
    I put some tiny bit of feeling into my mad screams.
    It's so small... But this is how I resist my cursed fate.
    ...[Protagonist]. Even I can do this.
    So one who knows love cannot fall.
    I believe in you, child who keeps going forward.
  • Da Vinci and the 7 Counterfeit Heroic Spirits
    • Despite the counterfeit Servants being mostly humorous in how they differ from their originals and the stock romantic/familial roles Jeanne Alter wants them to fulfill, there is a large amount of heartwarming in how most of them know how ridiculous it is, but do it anyway because they want to make her happy.
      (Fake) Hector: Basically, she wants someone who cares. Someone gentle and sweet, who does whatever she says.
      EMIYA: First Alexander, now this... Seems their Master must be a bit of a spoiled child.
      (Fake) Hector: A spoiled child, huh? But isn't that kind of what makes her adorable? When a spoiled child is demanding, it means they're testing your trust. And they're doing that because they're scared. Isn't that kind of cute?
    • When (fake) Brynhild falls, she asks Jeanne Alter for forgiveness for how useless she was. Jeanne Alter, contrary to what might be expected given her previous lashing-outs, actually consoles her a bit and states it was her own fault due to being her Master, and expects Brynhild to blame her. What she gets...isn't what she expected.
      (Fake) Brynhild: I enjoyed myself. I had so much fun. We're counterfeit Heroic Spirits. We've been able to indulge in the vice, masochism, and folly that our true personalities never could. Thanks to you, Master, I've had a ridiculously good time. You gave us so much pleasure. Why would we blame you? The emotions you gave us, the fictional backstory...they're no more than a starting point. We began there, and fell in love with you along the way. It pains me to say it, but this is the end for me. Goodbye, Big Sister-
  • Fate/Accel Zero Order:
    • In the trailer, Lancelot saves Mash from falling. Why is this heartwarming? Galahad is Lancelot's son.
    • The trailer also features Iskander and Darius having a one-on-one battle, and both sporting the biggest ear-to-ear smiles like children in a candy store. Seeing as these two see each other as Worthy Opponents (and considering how long it took for Iskander to finally be released) they are clearly happy to see each other and have their long awaited rematch.
    • Waver saves Kayneth and Sola by sending them back to the Clock Tower, despite it being pointless, he didn't have any ill will towards them and wanted to save them from their tragic fates even if it was only temporary. According to Caster Gilgamesh, people saved in Singularities will be saved when the true timeline comes back. It will happen differently, but it happens. Waver succeeded.
    • In the event itself, Iskander saves Sakura and tells Kariya that she is his slave. Kariya offers to buy her, and Iskander tells him that the cost is his hand with the command seals. Kariya willingly lets Iskander chop it off, which kills Zouken's worms and saves Sakura from Zouken. Not only that, but considering the above...Kariya did it. He saved her.
    • While Lord El-Melloi II was initially annoyed by how much Iskandar seems to oppose him to the point of being shocked when he says he doesn't like him, the realization that he is opposing him is because he is worthy of being opposed suddenly fills him with unnatural glee (he has an unique expression just for that scenario) as he is now more than happy to fight Iskandar regardless of the situation at hand. The Accel Zero Order Craft Essence featuring Waver is called "His Rightful Place" and is an image of him standing beside his king at the head of his army.
    • EMIYA (Kiritsugu), as a Counter Guardian, is a mindless entity hell-bent on killing Iri to prevent the Einzberns activating the Third Magic. But the protagonist, El-Melloi II, and Mash kept trying to tell him that there was another way to stop the Einzberns without killing Iri. This led him to question his Guardian method, and confusing him because as a Guardian he doesn't need to think, just do his mission from the world. In the end, he concludes that he doesn't want to kill Iri, and decided to destroy the Greater Grail instead. Throughout all this, he and Irisviel are drawn toward each other even if they didn't even met once in this continuity.
    • On a Fridge Brilliance note: In this continuity, Diarmuid ends the Grail War having been party to an attempt to save the world. He thus fades away happily knowing he fought honorably for a good cause—definitely a far better ending than his canonical demise in Fate/Zero.
  • Subdue Ibaraki-Douji: Kintoki's wish for the Holy Grail was to resurrect his lover, Shuten-douji, so that he can see her one last time. In this event, we finally know why that's his wish. Despite being one of the people that conspired to kill her, they both ended up genuinely falling in love with each other.
  • Chaldea Summer Memory:
    • The guys decide not to interrupt everyone's fun on the beach and go to the mountains to keep out of the way.
    • Altria and Mordred finally have a fun moment together, at least within the trailer. It's nice to see them have something resembling an actual parent-child relationship after their previous canonical encounters.
    • Mordred actually abandoning all of her antagonism towards her father and becoming a very spoiled little girl. When she sees Altria playing around with the Master, she eagerly waits for Altria to call her to join them. But Altria hesitates because she's thinking that Mordred is training, so she shouldn't disturb her.
  • Prisma Codes:
    • Mash starts developing a Big Sister Instinct to Illya, even telling her that she wishes she had a little sister like her.
    • The First Lady and her friend Mila managing to reconcile thanks to Chloe and Illya.
  • Super☆Ghouls 'n Pumpkins:
    • Robin Hood gives his cloak to Bathory and Nitocris to keep them warm when they're stuck in a wintry forest.
    • The Halloween 2015 event touched Bathory's heart so much, she calls Vlad III "Lord Uncle" and becomes very sad that she has to fight his Lancer version in this year's event story.
    • Just like Shuten, Cleopatra's real wish is to reunite with her beloved, Caesar, again. She loves him so much, her high standards of men don't apply to his fat Saber form... probably.
  • Christmas 2016: As it turns out, the whole event was designed by the protagonist to give Santa Jeanne a fulfillment as a person and a reason to live, setting up a scenario in which she could accomplish an old dream of the original Jeanne, visiting the sea, to become a full-fledged Servant in her own right.
  • Moon Goddess Lite: While mixed with Tear Jerker, Dr. Roman asks why the protagonist seems to look so warm for a moment, no doubt added in by the devs since Roman ceased to exist.
  • Like its 2016 counterpart, Valentine 2017 has more heartwarming moments due to the expanded roster and because male Servants will give you heartfelt gifts as well. Even the most arrogant ones.
    • Altera's CE is her wearing a jacket, waiting in snow to give her chocolate for someone special.
    • The mere thought that Kiritsugu gives a chocolate in one of the CEs with a smile is quite heartwarming, especially if your headcanon is that he gave it to Irisviel.
    • Gilgamesh (Caster) thinks that it would be a waste to give you something that would be spent in just a few bites, so he gives you a date to Uruk instead. Romulus has the same sentiment and gives you the glory of Rome in lieu of chocolate.
    • Karna gives you an earring made from his armor. It turns out when the golden armor breaks as it transforms into the spear, he quickly pulls out a part and made this. Hero of Charity, indeed.
      Protagonist: "... Hey, are you really sure this is okay?"
    • Arjuna gives the arrow he shot Karna with as the only thing of equal trust and value to getting sweets, with the intent he's going to be better than the coward who shot Karna from behind.
    • Enkidu does not have anything of value to give you, so he gives you a wild flower that he said represent his feelings. Nevertheless, the protagonist is really happy to receive it.
      White Flower. A weapon’s recording. A single white flower that brings peace to the heart.
    • Somehow overlapping with Funny Moments and Tear Jerker, Da Vinci's gift. Her gift is a cat-shaped car not unlike the one Altria rode in Carnival Phantasm. She intended to use it to play around with four specific people in mind. Namely, herself, you, Mash, and Roman.
    • Ozymandias gave you a trio of sphinx cubs that are beyond adorable. Fan artists ran amok with this, portraying the King of Kings playing with them, just like how one plays with kittens. Then he invites the protagonist for a tour around the world on Mesektet.
    • Even the otherwise misanthropic Avengers soften up a little on Valentine's day. Gorgon gives you three gilded chocolate eggs similar to the one Lancer Medusa gives you. Jeanne Alter was tricked by Shakespeare into making you a chocolate, but the text indicates that she poured her heart and soul into it anyway. Angra Mainyu gives you his red bandanna, his only worldly possession, and Dantes brews you a cup of his favorite coffee.
  • All The Statesmen!:
    • Mixed with awesome, when the Nameless Master calls Bunyan a useless thing, the protagonist has some choice words for her.
      Nameless Master: What we actually got was just a wacky...useless thing! If we gave YOU as a welfare, Chaldea would be DEAD!
      Protagonist: Wait.
      Nameless Master: Eh?
      Nameless Master: Oh come on. What the hell else would I call it? I mean, it's a ★1. ★1! You get those in the FP gacha!!! That thing is absolutely worthless! No servant below ★4 is worth a damn!
      Protagonist: You're wrong./The number of ★s has nothing to do with trust.
      Mash: Senpai...!
      Nameless Master: Oh, big talk, huh? Trust is just something the weak use to cover their weakness! So why hasn't my little eggplant turned into a ★5?
      Nameless Master: Strong bonds don't overcome lack of rarity. You should know that as a Master...
      Nameless Master: In the end, only the Masters who post Servants over Lv.90 get picked as support!
      Nameless Master: A world that celebrates only the ultra-whale Masters, where only they get all the glory and friend requests! That is what I am trying to put a stop to!
      Protagonist: Listen, you.
      Protagonist: Everyone has their own way of playing.
      Protagonist: And!!!
      Protagonist: We can only spend so much money, but we have infinite love to give!/What matters is embers, mats, skill gems, Grails, and time!!!
    • Chaldea bands together to save Bunyan who was trying to commit suicide because she represented 'Progress at the cost of lives'. They explain that they too are oddities; Mash, an artificial human designed to carry Heroic Spirits, Nursery Rhyme and Jack, the concept of nursery rhymes and unborn children who murder, Geronimo, a vengeful native known for war and regret; but they can all live together and laugh together. And finally Altera's original Titan self explains that mercy regardless of the mathematics of who lives or dies is always Good Civilization and worth fighting for. And thus she lends a hand.
  • Merry Christmas in the Underworld
    • The entire event is just one huge one showing just how much the protagonist cares about Ereshkigal and how they want to save her.
    • The finale where Ereshkigal and the protagonist finally have a chance to just talk to each other and relax after all the craziness, in which Ereshkigal thanks the protagonist for everything they've done for her.
    Ereshkigal: I really thought I wouldn't mind disappearing. After all, there was something I valued more than myself. ...So I figured, as long as that was safe, it wouldn't matter if I was gone. No...Even if I did disappear, I thought your world would be just fine without me. ...But honestly, I was really anxious. Even if nothing ended up changing, I wasn't sure if those unchanging things would remember me. Which is why... ...I'm so happy you came all the way to the abyss just for me. Thank you...for being you. Thank you for staying true to what you think is right, no matter who you meet or what happens to you. No... No present—no matter how grand or extravagant—could ever make me happier.
  • The Return of Nerofest 2018
    • Though the event has very little in the story, there is still a sweet moment that happens in the end. When Brynhild begins to go out of control, all the servants from Chaldea gather together to stop her, including even some of her fellow Prototype servants like Arash, Ozy, and Arthur. Just goes to show how despite how different they all are, the servants of Chaldea are still willing to help one another.
    • One of the sweetest moments is when Siegfried shows up and says that he now understands why Brynhild was strangely absent. Despite the fact that he is not her Sigurd and that she has repeatedly made it clear that she will kill him due to his resemblance to Sigurd, he only apologizes for not noticing her pain and swears that he won't neglect her anymore.
  • Valentine's Day 2018 event
    • Continuing the tradition of Servants' giving chocolates and return gifts with their respective stories, the event introduced more stories from Servants released after the Valentine's event last year. One of most interesting ones is from Avenger of Shinjuku in which they give the protagonist a fast ride running across an endless field in exchange for chocolates they received. Enkidu interprets Lobo's words that he gave the protagonist a taste of "absolute freedom" in exchange of the taste of chocolates with doesn't remind of his dark past (as he is supposed to receive meat because Chaldea thought chocolate is dangerous for canines but rejects it due to it bringing back painful memories).
    • Passionlip brings a spectacular dessert composed of chocolate cubes, pudding and decorated fruit. A flashback reveals that Tamamo Cat actually did most of the work, noting that one of the Tamamo Nine helping a love rival is completely insane, but she just can't bring herself to hurt Lip.
    • Nezha's scene is more cute than heartwarming, but the CE description reads a little story about the old couple tending the confectionery shop the chocolate was ordered from. They were usually not taking special orders anymore, but accepted to make the beautiful chocolate lotus flower (a symbol of love and bright life) as a good omen for a young couple who were expecting their first child.
    • Since she doesn't eat chocolate, Mecha Eli-chan Mk. 1 instead gives the protagonist a tacky pilot's helmet with a communicator in it. While the scene is initially goofy, it becomes more serious when she explains she put a shut-down code the protagonist can use in case she ever goes berserk. If you tell her you'll never use it, she smiles gently and says she'll never lose herself as long as she sees you treasuring her gift.
    • The end of the event has Semiramis giving Amakusa a chocolate, hinting she originally started making chocolates to give to him. He hopes to meet again to give her his return gift and they bid their good-bye for now with Semiramis blushing.
  • Inheritance of Glory
    • Sieg's interaction with Jack specifically. While he is glad to properly work with Servants he was against in the Great Holy Grail War, he is sad around Jack as he thinks that he couldn't save her. However, since Jack here is a recreation of Jack who fought in Great Holy Grail War with just the memories of the Heroic Spirit self and not the one from the war, she acts like Jack in Chaldea and thus able to bond with Sieg.
    • Sieg feels delighted seeing the Servants (minus five) who were killing one another during the Great Grail War are friendly to one another and happily having a picnic together. He also finds Chaldea an interesting place based on the protagonist told him. He liked it for having Servants that cooperate with one another, technologies that can rival Heroic Spirits, and ninjas.
    • This event is also Heartwarming in Hindsight because the first two Servants that come to the protagonist and Sieg's aid is Achilles and Chiron. The teacher and student finally get to be on the same side for a war without killing each other.
    • The protagonist's budding friendship with Sieg is both healthy and wholesome (which is rare considering the more eccentric Servants you can summon in the Grand Order), from sharing their experiences and the dialogue choices in the final chapter when everything is over. Sieg, now back in his dragon form, apologizes for not being able to tell the protagonist why he's staying in the Reverse Side of the World alone, but both dialogue choices the player has confirms that they are friends and that it's okay. Sieg is very touched, no matter the choice, and it culminates in his separating his terminal from his dragon body so that he could still help you, one of his first friends, in saving humanity after everything is finished.
      • This friendship is reflected in Sieg's My Room bond lines, where by Bond 5, he tries to ask the protagonist if he could be friends with them before stumbling and asking them to forget it, being embarrassed.
      • Even in the event shop, Sieg worries about the protagonist eating too many golden apples and wishes you luck in farming.
  • New Years 2019: Story-wise, New Years 2019 is the first special event since Inheritance of Glory. Chaldea being on the run in a cramped ship meant there was no time or space. The events we did get seemed to exist in some phantom third year before Lostbelts. New Years is a singularity that Chaldea is accessing via the base and Rayshift setup that Sion provided. Chaldea has a home again. Not only that, but this is also the first time to have room for "roaming" Servants in the base, complete with their memories of Chaldea.
  • Valentine's 2019:
    • Qin Shi Huang gives you an elixir of immortality. No, not the mercury poisoning he had in life, but an elixir he created in his Lostbelt that supposedly gives immortality. He's not sure if it works, because he gained immortality before it was made and destroyed the rest so no one else besides him could be immortal. He recreated it specifically for this occasion, and specially for you, as one who may become his equal.
      Qin Shi Huang: Well, We wonder? At any rate, We did not conduct any clinical experiments.
      There hasn't been anybody at all that We have granted immortality after all.
      Originally, We had a reason to burn and destroy this medicine.
      However, as a special case, trusting that you could become someone worthy of being equal to Us, We leave it in your hands.
      Well, it might turn out to be harmful just like mercury, but that's beside the point.
      Since you have the protection of that shield girl, you possess a body unaffected by poison.
      Rather, taking into account the case that it's truly effective, you should eat it.
      Live with Us for eternity. We promise you eternal religious exultation and splendour.
    • After giving and receiving their gifts, Ryōma & Oryō privately express to each other how happy they are to be at Chaldea.
    • Red Hare gets so excited by his gift that he asks you to climb on his back and gallop for a thousand miles.
    • Okita Alter's scene has the protagonist meeting Counter Guardian Okita in a dream (implied to be her Heroic Spirit-Self inside the Throne of Heroes), and sharing some oden with her. Notably, even though Okita has forgotten everything; the reason she is fighting, even what her own name is, she has not forgotten you as her Master. As you wake up, she bids farewell and hopes you will meet with her again at the end of eternity. The Okita Alter summoned by Chaldea then wakes them up, and the two also indulge in some chocolate-garnished oden she made.
      ???: ...That seems to be the case.
      Even though I have forgotten even my own name, it seems that I cannot forget about you, Master.
      Thank you for coming to see me.
      Surely... I will keep on waiting.
      Goodbye, Master.
      —-I hope that one day we will meet again at the end of eternity.
    • Anastasia, figuring you'd be sick of chocolate by now, made you a Viy doll with the added bonus of using it to guard you while you sleep. Viy proceeds to form a rivalry with Mini Cu-chan, though the two dolls become friends by the end of the night.
    • Also crosses into Tear Jerker territory. Berserker Musashi's event implies that Musashi, in both forms, already knew she was going to disappear at some point but she assures her Master that as long as they fight for Chaldea, her silhouette will always be there at their side.
  • Murder at the KOGETSUKAN: One that's tied directly to The Reveal. Once Holmes reveals Aaron was the real father of Juliet and Eva you might be lead to believe Harriet cheated on Adamska and hid their true paternity. But no, Adamska had known from the start of the relationship and not only never had a problem with it, he even raised both girls as his own.
  • Tokugawa Kaiten Labyrinth Ooku: How does Gordolf temporarily shake off Kama-Mara's programming and try to punch her? Because the protagonist is looking at Kama-Mara with disgust. He trusts your judgement over anything.
  • Aeaean Spring Breeze: Circe finally letting go of Odysseus, giving herself an Important Haircut and then moving on in Chaldea.
  • Summer 2017: Meta example: During the NA server re-run of the event, one JP player asked the NA players to give Team Desert Beauty a win in one of the races, as the only team that never won any race in all of the event runs across the servers. Despite Scheherazade's status as a Tier-Induced Scrappy, the NA players accepted the mission, and as of round 3 of the 2020 Ishtar Cup, lo and behold, Nito and Sche finally achieve their first victory, to the delight of the community.
  • Oniland: On the ferris wheel, Sitonai comforts Ibaraki who is surprisingly afraid of heights, this leads to Ibaraki to asking her what she wants, and her response is she'd like to see Berserker again. Later, during the finale, when all the servants gathered to fight the Golden Dragon, Heracles appears, despite not being summoned into Oniland like the other servants. Upon seeing Heracles, Sitonai is confident that they will win. Why? Because Berserker is the strongest.
  • Sparrow's Inn Daily Report: Records of the Enma-Tei's Prosperity
    • Part way through the event, Beni-Enma tells the player a story about her past and how much she wants to see the old man who forms the basis for the Tongue-Cut Sparrow again. At the end of the event, with the Enma-Tei restored to its original splendour, he finally arrives.
    • Part of the reason WHY we won against the Nue in this event is due to the small kindness Goredolf shown to to the snake part of the nue.
  • A Meihousou Most Foul
  • Battle in New York 2019/2021
    • After Caesar comedically gives Gilgamesh all of the money Nero saved up for Nero-Fest, it is later revealed that he had in fact made up the money to repay Nero, touching her and proving he can be generous when he wants.
    • Instead of the Queen of Sheba sorry “Moolah” acting as shop manager, players were VERY happy when a certain beloved NPC returned after being believed dead: Gilgamesh's trusted secretary Siduri.
    • Because the protagonist and Mash believe they’ve killed their Ishtar when they defeated Space Ishtar, they are understandably distraught, but are then quite happy and relieved when regular Ishtar shows up alive and well. Despite being clueless about what happened, she is genuinely happy to be received so warmly by them.
  • Chaldea Thriller Night
    • Brynhildr and Sigurd get to enjoy this event together, with only mild interference from Brynhildr's curse. Mild as in 'only sometimes attempts to kill Sigurd', but Sigurd makes good on his promise to survive every attempt and, with some help from his Guts skill, manages to hang on no matter how much of his blood she spills, staying with her through the thick and thin.
    • When Xu Fu elaborates on her motives and reveals she did all of this to finally give Yu the chance to die, Yu explains she doesn't want to die anymore, namely for two reasons. The more obvious one being she can finally be with Xiang Yu again, but the less obvious one is that she wants to guide and help the player on their journey going forward. It's a far cry from her initial disdain for the player upon being summoned after the events of the third Lostbelt, and demonstrates that Yu has come around from her former desire to die and now has something besides Xiang Yu to live for: Chaldea, and more specifically, us.
    • In a weird way, Xu Fu's reasoning for her actions. A good chunk of her actions were out of desire to help Yu find a way to die after coming across her being Driven to Suicide 2,000 years ago. Everything they did was out of love for Yu and wanting to grant her desire, to the point that even after being summoned as a Servant, she got right back to work on perfecting a method to do so and planning on dying with her. And while she is at first enraged that Yu no longer wants to die after working so hard on finding a way, she can't bring herself to be angry for long, since she ultimately just wanted Yu to be happy, and is content if Yu has found happiness with Xiang Yu and the player at Chaldea.

  • At AnimeJapan 2016, during the Fate Project presentation, Nobunaga Shimazaki (The Count and Arjuna's VA) fanboying over Fate's other projects, celebrating that he can play and watch them. Then, he thanks TYPE-MOON and the audience; because if it wasn't for them, Fate isn't the juggernaut of a franchise it is today. It's both heartwarming and awesome.
  • Interviews:
    • Nasu didn't exactly have a great impression of the game when it launched. He felt so bad for the fans who were sticking with Fate to the end that he felt duty-bound to reward them with good content.
      "A crumbling race track that had been neglected for 10 years. There might be roads, but there are weeds and the coatings and asphalt are coming off. It was in terrible condition. The only reason why players were willingly to drive on it was because they had a certain amount of trust saved up for something with the name of Fate."
    • Nasu's view on a possible Tsukihime collab:
      "But it's my dream to make sure that there's a Tsukihime-R collab while FGO is still running. For the sake of that, I think taking responsibility and making FGO into a good game and continuing to work hard on the company's in-house work Tsukihime-R is the duty assigned to me and TYPE-MOON. After all, I also want to see SSR Arcueid Brunestud!"
  • During the 4th installment of GUDAGUDA Order Drama CD, when Mordred complains that she's going to get spooked by a Sumanai, Okita quickly interrupted for Siegfried/Sumanai's defense, followed by Medusa.
    Okita: Isn't it a bit rude to Sumanai? Whenever there's a dragon enemy, Sumanai usually has a great performance!
    Medusa: By the way, Sieg's name isn't Sumanai in the first place...

    Fate/Grand Order: First Order 
  • The interactions between Ritsuka and Mash is very heartwarming to watch:
    • The reason why Mash immediately got along with Ritsuka is because he's more 'human' to her compared to everyone else in Chaldea. Ritsuka could pretty well be the first person she tried to get along with in Chaldea.
    • Ritsuka immediately tries to find and rescue Mash even after Roman told him to get away. When it turns out that he can't save Mash from being squished by a debris and the room has initiated a lockdown, he seems content to dying together with her while assuring Mash that there will be a way somehow. Quite something to do for someone he just met.
    • When Mash is struggling to block Excalibur Morgan, even though he hesitates at first, Ritsuka went to her side and eventually helped her hold her shield firm, even using a Command Spell to give Mash more power. Note that by doing this, he endangers himself to Excalibur Morgan's line of fire if they fail. However, this act also awaken Mash's Noble Phantasm out of the desire to protect her new Master, allowing them to deflect Excalibur Morgan's blow right back at Saber Alter.
    • When both of them are finally out of the Singularity, Ritsuka's first instinct was to find Mash. They shared a hug when they found each other, before being cut off by Roman who happens to be sitting nearby.
    • The last shot before the credits is them holding hands to the next Singularity. It's amazing to see how close they became after only a short while.
  • Medusa Lancer may have been trying to kill them, but when she notices Mash is inexperienced, she calls herself Mash's senpai and gives her advice on fighting. She also warns Mash what her Noble Phantasm does.
  • A small one in the middle of the film: while discussing Mash's Noble Phantasm, Caster (talking about how a Noble Phantasm is awoken by instinct) looks as though he's about to attack Ritsuka to provoke a response. Mash, of course, immediately jumps in front of her master to protect him ... and then Olga jumps in front of both of them with her arms spread out as well.
  • The Big Bad for the first chapter complaining about Saber Alter maintaining the Singularity for longer than she should. This and Saber Alter's words imply that she was intentionally giving Chaldea a chance to strike against the True Enemy, within the parameters allowed.