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Warning: Every war, every myth, every hero, every (uncensored) spoiler culminates here. Official policy states that no spoiler tags should exist on recap pages. Read at your own risk.

  1. Arc 1: Observer on Timeless Temple
  2. Arc 1.5: Epic of Remnant
  3. Arc 2: Cosmos in the Lostbelt
  4. Limited Time Events
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Part 1: Observer on Timeless Temple

The various Holy Grail War Singularities of the first arc, Observer on Timeless Temple, are:

  • Singularity F: AD 2004 - The Flame Contaminated City, Fuyuki - "Prologue"
    • Humanity Foundation Value: C
    • Location: Fuyuki, Japan
    • As Chaldea prepares to target the cause of distortion within the space-time continuum, located in the Japanese city of Fuyuki in the year 2004, they are bombed, leaving only one magus and a Demi-Servant Shielder to Rayshift into an alternate Fuyuki, Japan, where the events of the Fifth Holy Grail War have gone terribly wrong and the never-ending flames burn the desolate city to the ground as Shadows Servants seek the Holy Grail guarded by Saber (Alter). Now teaming up with Chaldea's director Olga Marie Animusphere and the only surviving Servant Caster, the Greatest Holy Grail War begins.
  • First Singularity: AD 1431 - Hundred Years' War of the Evil Dragons, Orleans - "Holy Maiden of Salvation"
    • Humanity Foundation Value: C+
    • Location: France
    • Chaldea arrives in France during the Hundred Years War, only to find the nation on the verge of defeat against an army of dragons led by an insane blackguard called "Jeanne d'Arc". They must join forces with the real Jeanne d'Arc, and other Servants that wish to protect and unite the country, before it is wiped out by the wrathful Dragon Witch and her Berserk Servants.
      • Released with the game on July 29, 2015[JP]/June 25, 2017[NA].
  • Second Singularity: AD 0060 - Eternal Madness Empire, Septem - "Emperor of Rose"
    • Humanity Foundation Value: B+
    • Location: Roman Empire
    • Taking place during the second half of the Roman Empire's rule in the Mediterranean, Chaldea works with the Fifth Emperor Nero Claudius to save Rome from a deluge of madness sweeping the countryside, caused by a new empire led by past Roman Kings. Little do they know, a familiar face manipulating from the shadows would begin to reveal Chaldea's true enemy.
      • Released with the game on July 29, 2015[JP]/June 25, 2017[NA].
  • Third Singularity: AD 1573 - Sealed Ends of the Four Seas, Okeanos - "Voyager of the Storm"
    • Humanity Foundation Value: A
    • Location: Atlantic Ocean
    • Joining forces with the legendary privateer Francis Drake, Chaldea embarks on a treasure hunt for the Holy Grail on the Atlantic Ocean that has been transformed into an endless seascape, making it impossible to achieve the circumnavigation of Earth. Together, they must uncover the source of the Sealed Ends while facing fearsome pirates and the ancient Argonauts, rescuing a monster with a heart and the goddess who loves him from those who seek to do her harm. And at the eye of the storm, a new clue may guide the crew to the mastermind behind it all.
      • Released on November 05, 2015[JP]/September 28, 2017[NA].
  • Fourth Singularity: AD 1888 - The Mist City, London - "Londinium Knight"
    • Humanity Foundation Value: A-
    • Location: London, England
    • Chaldea arrives in London during the Second Industrial Revolution, discovering that the entire city has been choked by a poisonous fog inhabited by mechanical sentinels. Assisting their search for the truth is Mordred, the infamous Knight of Betrayal most known for killing his father, King Arthur, Dr. Henry Jekyll, a gentleman doctor with a twisted personality, and Frankenstein, the artificial patchwork human created by Mad Scientist Victor Frankenstein. But beyond the demonic fog, will the truth bring hope, or despair?
      • Released on December 28, 2015[JP]/December 18, 2017[NA].
  • Fifth Singularity: AD 1783 - North American Myth War, E Pluribus Unum - "Steel Robe"
    • Humanity Foundation Value: A+
    • Location: North America
    • The American War of Independence has been thrown off-course by the arrival of an endless army of Celts. In response, the American armies have begun fielding mass-produced troops from another time era. Chaldea joins forces with the headstrong nurse Nightingale and the proud warrior Rama along with a resistance to stop the war at its roots: American President Thomas Edison; and the Celtic Queen Medb and her "perfect king", Cu Chulainn.
      • Released on March 30, 2016[JP]/March 14, 2018[NA].
  • Sixth Singularity: AD 1273 - Divine Realm of the Round Table, Camelot - "The Shining Airgetlám"
    • Humanity Foundation Value: EX
    • Location: The Holy Land
    • Chaldea's journey to Jerusalem in the 13th century takes an unexpected turn when they find a world so diverged from human history that it threatens to tear away from the fabric of reality itself. At the center of this apocalyptic landscape lies a shining walled "utopia" of Camelot, ruled by the Knights of the Round Table and their god-like monarch, The Lion King. In order to right this divergence, Chaldea allies itself with numerous Hassans, a monk who traveled too far west, and a mysterious knight with a silver arm.
      • Released on July 25, 2016[JP]/June 28, 2018[NA].
  • Seventh Singularity: BC 2655 - Absolute Demonic Front, Babylonia - "Chain of the Heavens"
    • Humanity Foundation Value: A++
    • Location: Sumer, Mesopotamia
    • At the dawn of human civilization in Babylonia, Chaldea allies with a calmer and wiser version of Gilgamesh, the King of Spartans, a feared commander and her attendant, a warrior monk, to save his kingdom from a seemingly never-ending tide of demonic horrors and an alliance of vengeful goddesses. But at the dusk of the war, will humanity finally overcome the tide of despair, or meet Childhood's End?
      • Released on December 07, 2016[JP]/December 05, 2018[NA].
  • Final Singularity - AD 201Xnote : The Grand Temple of Time, Solomon - "The Rain of Stars"
    • Humanity Foundation Value: n/a
    • Location: Ars Paulina, Imaginary Number Space
    • With the past, present, and future of humanity at stake, Chaldea fights in its Darkest Hour against the mastermind of the seven Singularities, within their workshop within the Imaginary Number Space. In the end, sacrifices must be made to restore the history that was lost, but when all is said and done, what lays beyond the new day?
      • Released on December 22, 2016[JP]/December 20, 2018[NA].

Part 1.5: Epic of Remnant

An interim storyline/mini-expansion, titled Epic of Remnant, bridging Part One of the game (the singularities & the fight against their creator) with Part Two was announced on New Year's Day 2017 and went live later that year. Watch the PV here.

After resolving the world-ending crisis, throughout the following year, several smaller crises pop up, each one threatening to destabilize the world if left unchecked. With Chaldea the only group currently capable of resolving these problems, they once again travel through time to find them and preserve the timeline. There are four chapters (and one extra):

    Epic of Remnant 
  • Pseudo-Singularity I: AD 1999 - Quarantined Territory of Malice, Shinjuku - "Shinjuku Phantom Incident"
    • Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
    • Set in a corrupted version of the Japanese district of Shinjuku, sealed away from time and space except for those of the Evil Alignment, the protagonist literally drops into the walled-off Wretched Hive and must ally with several Anti-Hero figures in a dangerous game, assisted by an amnesiac Archer that appears in the form of an old man as the sinister Phantasmal Fiend Alliance puts their plans in action.
      • Released on February 24, 2017[JP]/February 24, 2019[NA].
  • Pseudo-Singularity Extra: AD 2030 - Abyssal Cyber Paradise, SE.RA.PH
    • Fake Title: "BB Strikes Back: Let's meet in the Digital Sea!"
    • Location: Seraphix, Mariana Trench
    • A bonus story where a far-off oil rig seems to have been transported to twenty years in the future - and into the Mariana Trench. A suspicious AI claims she can assist Chaldea to Rayshift there but interferes with the process and welcomes the protagonist to SE.RA.PH, a digital world where the strong eliminate the weak. Separated from their Servants, the protagonist must put their trust in a prideful Alter Ego named Meltryllis along with a dark hero of justice, a wild fox, and a lamenting knight as they try to unravel the truth of what happened on the oil rig amidst a battle royale and a new threat waiting to rise.
      • Event lasted from May 01, 2017 to May 24, 2017[JP]/April 23, 2019 to May 15, 2019[NA]. Added to the Main Interlude on July 15, 2020[JP]/June 27, 2022[NA].
  • Pseudo-Singularity II: AD 2000 - Subterranean World of Folklore, Agartha - "Women of Agartha"
    • Location: Central Asia
    • A mysterious underground world consisting of several different fantastical cities has appeared underneath the Earth's surface in time with several of Chaldea's Servants going missing, and it's up to Chaldea to infiltrate it and find out what happened to them. Once there, they discover these lands are ruled by female tyrants who enslave any and all men they can find to their own views of dominance of chaos, strength, or order, and they find themselves joining forces with a young Fergus mac Róich, an amnesiac old Rider, and a death-fearing Caster to liberate the lands.
      • Released on June 29, 2017[JP]/June 21, 2019[NA].
  • Pseudo-Singularity III (Pseudo Parallel World): Kan'ei 16 (AD 1639) - The Stage of Carnage, Shimousa - "Seven Duels of Swordmasters"
    • Location: Shimousa Province, Japan
    • The protagonist dreams of an alternate reality where the Japanese province of Shimousa has fallen under a tide of bloodshed, lead by vicious swordmasters who seek genocide of the county-side. The protagonist's only way out is through several duels with crazed Japanese warriors and their only help is Miyamoto Musashi, a legendary swords...woman?
      • Released on October 14, 2017[JP]/October 10, 2019[NA].
  • Pseudo-Singularity IV: AD 1692 - Forbidden Advent Garden, Salem - "Heretical Salem"
    • Location: Salem, Massachusetts
    • An impenetrable black expanse has emerged in Massachusetts with the legendary Salem witch hunts awaiting inside; the protagonist and team must survive its horrific and seemingly endless violence to learn the secrets of Abigail Williams, a young girl who seemingly has ties to powers far beyond her comprehension.
      • Released on November 29, 2017[JP]/December 2, 2019[NA].

Part 2: Cosmos in the Lostbelt

The second storyline of Fate/Grand Order, Cosmos in the Lostbelt, officially launched on December 26, 2017. Watch the trailer here.

Two years after the beginning of Observer on Timeless Temple, the destruction of the Singularities has set the stage for a new and powerful enemy to make its move upon Earth. Forces from vanquished timelines of human history, where requisite conditions were not met, have emerged to seize what was denied to them. Heading this invasion are the Crypters: a group of seven elite Chaldea Master candidates who vanished under mysterious circumstances from the observatory.

They quickly isolate Earth from the rest of time and space, and transform it into a blank slate upon which a new timeline can be built, erasing the Proper Human History which all timelines derive from. Upon this empty world lie seven "Lostbelts": a closed world born from a lost possibility of history where humankind reached a developmental dead end. Each Lostbelt is controlled and nurtured by a Crypter, with whomever expands their Lostbelt the furthest winning the right to have their ideal world become the new reality.


The only hope for humanity lies with the remaining heroes of Chaldea, who manage to escape in the Shadow Border, and must infiltrate and destroy the Lostbelts before the Earth is completely consumed.

Note that all Lostbelts take place in the present day; the year refers to when the Lostbelt diverged from the normal (Proper Human) history. "Difference Depth" refers to the degree to which the Lostbelt differs from Proper Human History, with higher grades indicating greater divergence; meaning greater threat to the normal reality.
  • Prologue/December 26, 201X
    • Location: Chaldea, Antarctica
    • Crypter: Kadoc Zemlupus
    • Lostbelt King: N/A
    • Following the Salem incident, with seemingly no more enemies to fight and Singularities to fix, Chaldea is shut down, with the Servants sent back to the Throne of Heroes. As everyone gets ready for a shift in managers, however, they are suddenly attacked by beings in black cloaks led by a mysterious princess, who brings shadow, ice, and despair to Chaldea. Outnumbered and down to eleven members, the survivors must flee, and head onwards to an unexpected journey into strange new worlds.
      • The first chapter was released on December 26, 2017[JP]/2019[NA], and the rest was unlocked on December 31, 2017[JP]/2019[NA].
  • Lostbelt No. 1: AD 1570? - Permafrost Empire, Anastasia - "The Grand Duchess of the Beast Nation"
    • Crypter: Kadoc Zemlupus
    • Location: Russia
    • Lostbelt King: Ivan the Terrible
    • Difference Depth: D
    • Three months after the assault on Chaldea, the protagonists trace their only lead to Russia, finding a world locked in permanent winter and inhabited solely by wolf people. There, they hope to confront the one responsible for attacking Chaldea: the princess Anastasia and her endless army of Oprichniki. Instead, with the help of a golem-making mage, a wild west outlaw, a dragon-slaying king, a rebel leader tainted with grief, and a Yaga who's just trying to make it through the day in the never-ending Ice Age, we learn that the war of survival is far more morally grey than previously believed.
      • Released on April 04, 2018[JP]/March 27, 2020[NA].
  • Lostbelt No. 2: BC 1000? - The Eternal Icy Fire Century, Götterdämmerung - "The Good Fellow of Everlasting Flame"
    • Crypter: Ophelia Phamrsolone
    • Location: Scandinavia
    • Lostbelt King: Scáthach-Skadi
    • Difference Depth: B+
    • Chaldea receives a transmission instructing them to find the Beldanders of the "Wandering Sea" organization: one of the three pillars of Magus society and the most elusive, as they have long sequestered themselves on a floating island where they devoutly study the Age of Gods. As Chaldea arrives in Scandinavia, they are enveloped in a Lostbelt where the events of Ragnarok have created a world in which humanity exists as cattle to feed the Jötunn, watched over by the last Norse Goddess Scáthach-Skadi and her Valkyries. Teaming up with a hot-blooded gentleman Servant, a Valkyrie unlucky in love, and a homunculus with three goddesses running around in her head, Chaldea, having lost their only means of leaving the Lostbelt, must overcome the Jötunn, the Valkyries, and the Crypter Ophelia to bring an end to the endless burning winter. Yet, what secret does the red-eyed masked Saber under Ophelia's command hide from all but his Master?
      • Released on July 18, 2018[JP]/June 23, 2020[NA].
  • Lostbelt No. 3: BC 210? - The Synchronized Intellect Nation, SIN - "The Crimson Beauty under the Moon"
    • Crypter: Akuta Hinako
    • Location: China
    • Lostbelt King: Qin Shi Huang
    • Difference Depth: E
    • After spending two weeks docked at the Wandering Sea to both prepare a new base and meet two new allies in Sion Eltnam Sokaris and her Servant known as the "Captain", Chaldea falls victim to an assassination attempt using a poison that does not exist in the present day. Their search for a cure leads them to the Lostbelt in China: a world of vast wheat fields where peace has reigned for centuries, and strife, sadness, and cruelty are unknown to its inhabitants. Now, they must team up with Crown Prince Nezha, the Knight of Treachery, Rome's greatest gladiator of rebellion, China's most infamous failed assassin, and two vassals of China's most treacherous warlord to save themselves from the poison and prove to its Emperor and its advanced civilization that the Proper Human History deserves to live. But why is the Crypter Akuta so insistent on the safety of the centaur automaton known as Xiang Yu?
      • Released on November 27, 2018[JP]/November 26, 2020[NA].
  • Tokugawa Restoration Labyrinth: Ooku
    • Location: Edo, Japan
    • While getting ready for the Greek Lostbelt, the protagonist, Mash, and Sion find themselves alone with a former nemesis. With the help of Pavarti, they Rayshift to mid 17th-century Feudal Japan under the domain of the Tokugawa Shogunate, where they find that the royal chambers have been turned into a massive multi-layered labyrinth filled with debauchery that seems to go on forever, with something even darker lurking within. (This event serves as chapter 3.5, a surprise prequel to Yugakshetra.)
      • Event lasted from March 27, 2019 to April 10, 2019[JP]/ March 23, 2021 to April 5, 2021[NA]. Added to the Main Interlude on July 13, 2022[JP].
  • Lostbelt No. 4: 11900? Deva Vatsara (BC 5000) - Saṃsāra of Genesis and Terminus, Yugakshetra - "The Final Dark God"
    • Crypter: Scandinavia Peperoncino
    • Location: India
    • Lostbelt King: God Arjuna
    • Difference Depth: A
    • Following the manifestation of a Beast, Chaldea travels to the Lostbelt in India to acquire an upgrade for the Shadow Border. There they discover that the last remaining member of the Indian pantheon has locked the Lostbelt in an endless ten-day cycle of death and rebirth, in which "undesirable" elements of the world are gradually purged from existence. Realizing they are outmatched by its Lostbelt King, they are forced to team up with Crypter Scandinavia Peperoncino, who also seeks to take down the mad god. With the help of a NEET-turned-god and an unlucky rebel leader, Chaldea must do the impossible and overturn the "perfect" God and his unending world, or be swept away by the Yugas.
      • Released on June 15, 2019[JP]/June 3, 2021[NA].
  • Lostbelt No. 5: BC 12000? - Ancient Ocean of the Dreadnought Gods, Atlantis - "The Day to Bring Down Gods"
    • Crypter: Kirschtaria Wodime
    • Location: Atlantis, Atlantic Ocean
    • Lostbelt King (False): Odysseus
    • Difference Depth: A+
    • It's been three weeks since the Indian Lostbelt was taken down, and the time has come for Chaldea to target the Greek Lostbelt, which covers over 50% of the Earth's surface. Following an ambush that leaves them stranded in within the Atlantis archipelago of the Lostbelt, they must navigate a world where Mystics govern the laws of reality instead of Physics, the Gods reside in the heavens, and Phantasmal creatures roam the Earth freely. Now, they must recruit the leftover Servants to bolster their ranks, including a very lucky Assassin, the most successful pirate in the Golden Age of Piracy, a little-known king, The Trojan Prince, the nearly invincible demigod hero, a serpentine miko, the (in)famous leader of the Argonauts, and a hunter with relationship problems, to bring down the Dreadnought Gods who rule the Ancient Ocean. (This Lostbelt chapter is so long that it is split into two parts.)
      • Released on December 18, 2019[JP]/December 1, 2021[NA].
  • Lostbelt No. 5 Part 2: BC 12000? - Interstellar Mountainous City, Olympus - "The Day to Bring Down Gods"
    • Crypter: Kirschtaria Wodime
    • Location: Olympus, Atlantic Ocean
    • Lostbelt King: Zeus
    • Difference Depth: A+
    • Having surmounted the trials and struggles of the Atlantic, a weary Chaldea finds themselves with little time to rest as they now must regroup with the remaining Servant Resistance and a certain dimension-traveling swordswoman to challenge the remaining Greek Gods in the center of their power of Olympus, a vast utopia of the heavens, as well as face the leader of the Crypters, Kirschtaria Wodime, and the king of the Olympians, Zeus, once and for all for the apparent fate of the world. And yet, with the Tree of Emptiness ready to bloom and the descent of the mysterious Foreign God nigh upon them, will they be able to face the revelation of their foe's identity? (This Lostbelt chapter is the conclusion of Lostbelt No.5.)
      • Released on April 9, 2020[JP]/March 24, 2022[NA].
  • Great Void Sea Battle, Imaginary Scramble - To the Surface, Nautilus!
    • Location: Imaginary Space
    • Taking two weeks after Lostbelt No.4 and one week before Lostbelt No.5 (A), this event details an accident during a test dive into Imaginary Space that leads to the protagonist and Mash lost along with "Captain" and few other servants. Now, the crew must make their way back to Chaldea naval-style while avoiding the dangers that lurk within the void. Along the way, a mysterious girl claiming to be Van Gogh appears. But who is she really, and what connection does the Foreigner have to what awaits them all deep within the abyss? (This event serves as chapter 4.5.)
      • Event lasted from November 11, 2020 to November 25, 2020 [JP]/ October 27, 2022 to November 9, 2022[NA]. Added to the Main Interlude on October 26, 2022 [JP].
  • Chapter 5.5: AD 1008 - Naraka Mandala, Heian-kyō - "Thunderous Flash"
    • Crypter: N/A
    • Location: Heian-kyō, Japan (the name of Kyoto in the Heian period)
    • "Lostbelt King": Ibuki-Douji
    • Humanity Foundation Value: E- / A
    • After returning from the Greek Lostbelt, Chaldea detects the existence of a Singularity that heralds the end of mankind, an impossibility in a world where the Earth has been blanked and human history does not exist anymore. After Rayshifting to it, they find the once beautiful capital city of Heian Japan has been transformed into a realm of evil spirits, and the Emperor is hosting a twisted copy of the Holy Grail War in which warriors hunt the heads of Heroic Spirits. What is the purpose of this ritual, who are these warriors that Chaldea must face, and what does it have to do with the rogue disciple of the Foreign God, Ashiya Douman, who fled here after the destruction of the Greek Lostbelt? The Beautiful Carnivore's final scheme is about to unfold.
      • Released on December 4th, 2020[JP]/November 21, 2022[NA].
  • Lostbelt No. 6: ■.■. 2017 - Fairy Realm of the Round Table, Avalon le Fae - "The Moment a Star Is Born"
    • Crypter: Beryl Gut
    • Location: Isle of Britain
    • Lostbelt King: Morgan
    • Difference Depth: EX
    • Three weeks after finishing off the rogue disciple Ashiya Douman and preventing the Heian-kyō Singularity from turning into a Pseudo-Lostbelt, Chaldea receives yet another piece of impossible news. The British Lostbelt is somehow still extant despite the destruction of its Tree of Emptiness Seyfert which was felled on Wodime's orders by divine magic wielded by the local Lostbelt King as well as its designated Crypter, Beryl Gut, who fled here after the destruction of the Greek Lostbelt. Worse yet, this Lostbelt if left unchecked for another 24 hours will become the epicenter of a calamity that destroys the entire planet itself, the Collapse Event. With no other options, Chaldea is forced to pierce the dimensional wall of light protecting the Lostbelt and enter a strange alternate Britain where Morgan le Fae instead of Arthur Pendragon took the throne of Camelot and kept it in the Age of Gods. But even with the aid of a mage destined to be the "Child of Prophecy" and a friendly yet mysterious fairy king, can they stop the impending Collapse Event and negotiate with Morgan to obtain a weapon capable of harming the incarnated Foreign God amidst this strange land filled with fairies, twisted versions of the Knights of the Round Table, disciples of the Foreign God investigating potential threats, and the traitorous Crypter?
      • This chapter was released in three segments. Part 1 released on June 11, 2021[JP], Part 2 released on July 14, 2021[JP], Part 3 released on August 4, 2021[JP].
  • Non-Primate Ecosphere, Tunguska Sanctuary
    • Location: Tunguska, Russia
    • Chaldea repeatedly clashed with one particular foe as they journeyed through the Lostbelts; the leader of NFF Services and mercenary of the Foreign God, Tamamo Vitch Koyanskaya. Her plan to become a Beast by collecting objects from all seven Lostbelts ran into a hitch when she didn't find anything to procure in the British Lostbelt, on top of sustaining a crippling wound. With no other choice, she decides to unveil the culmination of all her hard work; a special zone painting over the bleached earth in Tunguska, Russia. Chaldea decides to put their fight against the Foreign God on hold to test their preparations for the final Lostbelt in South America, and prevent Koyanskaya from becoming a true Beast before its too late.
      • Event lasted from December 22, 2021 to December 31, 2021 [JP].
  • Chapter 6.5: AD XX17 - Parting Memories' Manifestation Realms, Traum - "The Life and Death of a Fantasy"
    • Location: United States?
    • Humanity Foundation Value: ERROR
    • After preventing the Collapse Event of the British Lostbelt, Chaldea detected the largest Singularity ever recorded, and now its effect on Proper Human History is being felt as the present threatens to fall apart. Its date is supposedly around the 17th century yet there's a margin of error of 100 years, its location cannot be pinned down accurately, and its Humanity Foundation Value cannot even be measured. With Novum Chaldea's base destroyed in the aftermath of the Tunguska operation, Chaldea decides to resolve this last Singularity before invading the final Lostbelt, entering a world of Servants divided into three kingdoms. The first is ruled by Kriemhild, the vengeful widow of Siegfried, and aided by the General of Heaven Zhang Jue. The second is ruled by the apocryphal Pope Joan and her loyal right hand Constantine XI, the last emperor of Byzantium. The third and final is ruled by first Holy Roman Emperor, Karl der Große and his Twelve Paladins. As Chaldea sets out to stop the warring three kingdoms, they must also solve the mystery of what is causing this anomalous Singularity and for what reason does it exist.
      • Released on: June 1, 2022[JP]
  • Lostbelt No. 7: BC ???? (66 million BC) - Golden Sea of Trees Travelogue, Nahui Mictlān - "The One Who Rules The Planet"
    • Crypter: Daybit Sem Void
    • Location: Amazon Rainforest, South America
    • Lostbelt King: Kukulkan
    • Difference Depth: A++
    • With the anomalous largest Singularity in Area 51 resolved, Chaldea resumes their plans to assault the final Lostbelt and defeat the Foreign God that currently resides inside it. There's no time to relax though as the Foreign God is planning to use the Lostbelt as a stage to strengthen itself even further. Once Chaldea enter the Lostbelt in what was the Amazon Rainforest, they see that the surface has been transformed from a lush jungle teeming with life to a hellish, barren wasteland that rejects all life. The Foreign God moves to intercept and destroy them, only for a third party to intervene and strike down both, forcing Chaldea to disembark. Chaldea must team up with an amnesiac Foreign God, head into the subterranean underworld of Mictlān, destroy the last Tree, and stop the enigmatic last Crypter Daybit Sem Void before another threat from the stars even more terrible than the Foreign God awakens and destroys everything.
      • This chapter was released in two segments. Part 1 was released on December 25, 2022[JP], Part 2 on January 31, 2023[JP].