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    Gameplay quotes 
Altria Pendragon:
Summoning: "I ask of you: are you my Master?"
Noble Phantasm: "Control the star's breath, the torrent of shining life— Feel the wrath of Excalibur!"
Strike Air (her Extra attack): " I'll strike you down!"

Altria Pendragon (Saber Alter)

Noble Phantasm: "Vortigern, Hammer of the Vile King, reverse the rising sun. Swallow the light, Excalibur Morgan!"

Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus:

Noble Phantasm: "Behold my talent and listen to the thunderous applause! Then praise me! Praise my Golden Theater! Laus St. Claudius!"


Noble Phantasm: "I treasure life, but I will destroy that civilization! Photon Ray!"

Okita Souji:

Noble Phantasm: "First step, silence... Second step, infinite suffering... Third step, a sword absolute! Mumyou, Sandanzuki!"
Victory: "Victory for Okita! I still possess sufficient strength to continue!*COUGH!?*"


Noble Phantasm: "This is the evil sword that destroyed my father... Clarent Blood Arthur!"

Ryougi Shiki (Saber):

Noble Phantasm: "It's all a dream - Naught but a withered flower. "

Lancelot (Saber):

Noble Phantasm: "Reach the edge of the world and go beyond its limit. O distant king, witness this light! Arondight Overload!"

Musashi Miyamoto:

Summoning: "Shinmen Musashi-no-Kami Fujiwara no Harunobubu...!? Sorry, let's do that over! Servant Saber, Shinmen Musashi has arrived! Show me something fun and interesting, Master!"
Battle start (post-Shimosa): " Train humbly and respectfully. One breaches infinity and arrives at zero."
Noble Phantasm: "I place my trust in Tenjin of the Tenman Shrine, deity of absolute freedom. Nioh Kurikara, Shotenshou! Let's go, master's blade draw... Ishana Daitenshou!"
Victory (post-Shimosa): "Emptiness is the acceptance of nothingness. It can even cut down a mind free of worldly desire... just kidding, I think I'm getting a bit too stuck up, you know."

Arthur Pendragon:

Summoning: "I'll protect the world. I'll protect you. I am your Servant, Saber."
Noble Phantasm:
Arthur: "Seal Thirteen... opening start!!"
Merlin: "...Approved. Bedivere, Gareth, Lancelot, Mordred, Galahad."
Arthur: "This is a fight to save the world!"
Merlin: "Arthur."
Arthur: "Excalibur!!"


Noble Phantasm: "I am the bone of my sword... so, as I pray: Unlimited Blade Works!!"
Skill use: "Trace, on."


Summoning: "Hahaha! For you to summon me like this, I see your luck has run out, Mongrel."
Noble Phantasm: "Judgment is upon you. Behold the crushing might of my Sword of Rupture —Behold, Enuma Elish!"
Noble Phantasm (Special): "I speak of the origin. Heaven and earth divided in two as creation is eulogized by the void. My Sword of Rupture shall cleave the world asunder. The millstone that rotates the stars guides the eve of genesis to the hell that lies above. May death silence you. Enuma Elish!"


Summoning: "Servant, Archer. I'm Arjuna. Master, please command me as you wish."
Noble Phantasm: "Expanding sacred domain. Domain secured. Divine punishment enforcement limits... All approved. By the wrath of Shiva, here ends thy life. Pashupata!"

Altria Pendragon (Swimsuit):

Noble Phantasm: "Time for a swim! The sword of victory is shining upon the waves! Excalibur Viviane!"

Chloe von Einzbern:

Noble Phantasm: "Wings that surpass mountains, split water, and never fall! Triple Crane Wings!!"

EMIYA (Alter):

Noble Phantasm: "I am the bone of my sword... so, as I pray: Unlimited Lost Works!!"

Cú Chulainn

Noble Phantasm: "Your heart is mine! Gáe Bolg!"

Altria Pendragon (Lancer Alter):

Noble Phantasm: "Thrust and feast! Thirteen fangs! Rhongomyniad!!!"


Noble Phantasm: "Feel the mercy of the King of Gods, you will be destroyed with this one strike... Watch, Indra! I will burn it all! Vasavi Shakti! ...It was inevitable."
Brahmastra (his Extra attack): "Weapons are for beginners. A real hero will kill you with just their eyes!"


Noble Phantasm: "I love him, I love him not, I love him, I love him not, I love, love love love... Brynhild Romantia!"

Altria Pendragon (Lancer):

Noble Phantasm: "Light, may you be released from the ends of the world. Split the heavens and tether the earth, anchor of the storm! Rhongomyniad!"

Tamamo-no-Mae (Swimsuit):

Noble Phantasm: "I won't hear any excuses♡ Cheating, flirting, and being late for dates... The fox sees all. Tokonatsu Nikkou - Goddess' Love Parasol! ♡Did you see that, Master?"

Kiyohime (Swimsuit):

Noble Phantasm: "Ah, Master, please watch, okay? There! "Stance 108 of the Bell of Doujouji: Fire Dragon Halberds"! Fire!!"


Noble Phantasm: "What I call upon is a breath of stars. For I walk alongside the path of man. Therefore... child of man, let us bind the gods, Enuma Elish!!"


Noble Phantasm: "The expedition will not end as long as we remain ambitious! To victory! Ionioi Hetairoi! AALALALALALALAI!"

Sakata Kintoki (Rider):

Noble Phantasm: "Let's hit the road then! Bear howling! —-GOLDEN DRIIIIVE—-GOODNIGHT!"
Normal + Extra Attack: "Yeah!!", "SMASH!!", "ROCK AND ROLL!!"


Summoning: "My name is Ozymandias, the King of Kings. Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"
Noble Phantasm: "Look on my works, ye Mighty! And kneel before me! The sun descends here, in our unlimited brilliance! Ramesseum Tentyris!"
Skill use: ''Observe the might of the pharaoh! Haha! Hahahahaha!"
Victory: "Gaze upon the skies. Grovel on the ground. I am the very light of the sun you are seeing."


Noble Phantasm: "You're not high enough! I am a snake! I am a flame! "Xiuh Coatl Toreada"! Phew~ adiós rood!"

Zhuge Liang:

Noble Phantasm: "This is the ultimate formation of the Great Tactician, Unreturning Formation. Break it if you can."


Noble Phantasm: "O gods of Izumo! Let this be the proof of your purity, as this mirror becomes your sacred treasure—— Eightfold Blessings of Amaterasu! Or... You know, something like that!"

Illyasviel von Einzbern:

Noble Phantasm:
Ruby: "Muscular system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system... Pseudo-Magical Circuit conversion... Complete!"
Illya: "This is my all... Quintett Feuer!"

Ryougi Shiki:

Noble Phantasm: "Death Perception... Death is not going to get in my way!"

EMIYA (Assassin):

Noble Phantasm: "Now, can you keep up with me? Chronos Rose!"


Noble Phantasm: "It would please me if you died... Multicolored Poison - Shinpen Kidoku. ...Phew. You're mine down to the marrow in your bones."


Noble Phantasm: "This is the snake of time, the omen of Egypt’s downfall. I command you as the final pharaoh: Uraeus Astrape! …But, it wasn’t my fault!"

Old Man of the Mountain:

Noble Phantasm: "Hearken. The evening bell tolls thy name. Wings of death, will thou sever their head? Azrael!"
Skill use: "Give me your head!"

Yu Meiren:

Noble Phantasm line 1: "My eternal lamentations, abandoned even by fated destruction. Sky! Clouds! Let your lives be cursed by the tears of ruth!"
Noble Phantasm line 2: "Those aware of ruin...the fortunate souls who've been granted some semblance of solace. My envy! My hatred! Through the pain of death, experience it well!"

Sakata Kintoki:

Noble Phantasm: "Blow 'em away, Lethal Gooolden Spaaaark!!"

Minamoto no Raikou:

Noble Phantasm: "Come forth my loyal retainers, my limbs, my armor. Behold my Four Heavenly Kings... Here I go! Vengeful Lightning of the Ox-King!"

Amakusa Shirou:

Noble Phantasm: "Heaven's Feel activate, bring an end to all things. Twin Arm - Big Crunch!"

St. Martha (Swimsuit):

Noble Phantasm selection: "O Lord, please close your eyes for a while..."
Noble Phantasm: "The sorrowful dragon that knows not love, come. Like a star! Tarrasque! ...Sei! There's nowhere to run! Iron ・ Fist ・ Holy ・ Judgment!"

Qin Shi Huang:

Noble Phantasm line 1: "A human must exist like this in the interstice between heaven and earth so We will impose a new law here!"
Noble Phantasm line 2: "The supreme ruler who transcends the Three Sovereigns and surpasses the Five Emperors. That is the First Emperor, in other words, Us!"

Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)

Noble Phantasm: "This is the howl of a soul filled with hatred! Le Grondement de la Haine!"
Victory line 1: Applause! An applause for our hatred!


Noble Phantasm: "I will return unto you your curse. Be melted down. Forced Seal, Demon Legion Temple,「Pandemonium Cetus」! Fuhahahahahaha!"

Kiara Sesshouin:

Summoning: "Alter Ego, Kiara Sesshouin. I have come in response to your plea for salvation. Yet, fufu... to think that you could call upon a woman like me. I am the Demonic Boddhisattva that will savour all living things, without regard for whether they are sentient or not. Shall we go together to the pits of Hell?"
Noble Phantasm line 1: "I welcome you inside me. Please, savour this feeling. Ufufufu... ahahahaha! Haah... how irresistible. Amitābha Amidala: Heaven's Hole. You belong to me, forever..."
Noble Phantasm line 2: "With just one of my fingers, I can grant you the pleasure of enlightenment and Nirvana. Your destination is a biocidal institution. The maw of paradise. Ufufufu... free yourself of heavenly desires." Amitābha Amidala: Heaven's Hole. You remain in the palm of my hand, no matter how far you may run..."


Noble Phantasm line 1: "BB Channel!! Oh, this won't do! But don't worry. This is a job for BB-chan! Absolute Recovery: Cursed Cupid Cleanser! Did the injection hurt?"
Noble Phantasm line 2: "Now, rejoice. Be silent as my shadow envelops the world. I'll reduce you to sludge. Cursed Cupid Cleanser! Did you think you could escape from me?"

Abigail Williams:

Noble Phantasm: "Ygnailh... ygnaiih thflthkh'ngha... The Silver Key in my hand, materialized from the void and touched by these fingertips. The god that is my Father... I will be the one in whom that essence dwells...! Pass beyond the sleep of roses, and arrive at the Final Gate! Qliphoth Rhizome."

    Story quotes 
Mash: This is what you said, Amadeus. "Humans choose what they love." I don't understand what that meant. Rather, I understand the meaning of the words, it's the "choose" part that I don't understand. I mean, things we should view favorably are morally just, and things we should reject are socially bad. That's what I was taught. I feel deep down that it's right.
Amadeus: Hmm. What do you consider right then?
Mash: Well... Something that saves many lives, and sees value in many lives, I suppose.
Amadeus: That's rather ill-defined. Let's assume for a moment that Ritsuka were not such a person. What then?
Mash: But that's...
Amadeus: Forgive me, that was a mean assumption. However, keep that hesitation and discomfort in mind. Mash, I suspect that you are a person who has only recently gained her freedom. As such, you freeze in the face of hard choices and have doubts about the person you are becoming.
Mash: ...Yes, I think you might be right. I, uh...didn't know much about the outside world... No. Maybe I never had the right to care for anything in the first place. I mean, I—
Amadeus: Oh, dear. You truly are pure, aren't you? You're like a music sheet without a single note on it. But heed my words, Mash. Even if you are a doll created for the sole purpose of fighting... You have the obligation to care for something. You may not have freedom, but you have obligations.
Mash: Obligations? Not rights or privileges?
Amadeus: No, obligations. Or duties, if you like. Humans have that responsibility, for they possess the intelligence to think. What to care for, what to dislike, what is considered precious, what is considered evil. Those are the things you must choose for your self. Not by the words of others, nor by conforming to your environment. Every human is unique. So too is each one's values. We learn and see as much as we can. By doing so, your life will be enriched. Listen, the world is not what you make of it. You are what the world makes of you. Then when you have become you, become more than this world. You must leave proof that you existed, whatever it is. I have. All the music I left behind is proof. Even though— that itself is insignificant.
Mash: ???
Amadeus: After all, I am a man who couldn't even bear witness to the death of his one and only first love. My legacy may have been loved by many, but my actual life was nothing special. Still, I am content with that. Human beings are filthy and unpleasant. My conclusion stands. There are sinners who shine brilliantly and saints that make one retch. So there is no need for you to fear your own future. You are created by the world, and you expand and improve the world. That is what "being a human" is all about. Begin by absorbing all you can from the world and then return those favors to the world as you see fit later. Worrying over what results that will have is a matter for another day.
Mash: Amadeus...
Amadeus: However, most things in this world have a fair value, and a result fit for such value. As was the case with my music and my life. As long as humans are human, evil will not prevail. After all, humanity will be unable to flourish otherwise. It is said that "evil" is the hindrance to the prosperity of life. The species cannot survive with it there. If humanity cannot purge itself of that "evil," that is the day of humanity's extinction. It's that simple... l see that you are now breathing more calmly. Our break is over Mash, let's return to the others. Most likely this is the last time we shall chat. For some reason, it turned into a bit of a lecture. Still, I'm happy that we were alone for this final talk. From start to finish, you're a charming young lady. In this battle, I would have proposed to you had Maria not been there.
Mash: ...I see. Thank you great composer Amadeus, I won't forget what you said.
Amadeus: Indeed. You pass, Mademoiselle. I want you to remember one last thing. There's nothing more beautiful than a parting smile.

Nikola Tesla: Hmm. You put up a good fight, but this is it! Hahahahahahahaha, the old Heroic Spirits are truly pitiable! Then, let us put an end to this sideshow! Once again, I move to the London sky. ...Ah, hmm. Then again, my temperament is a bit off right now. Normally I'm a Heroic Spirit that loves humanity. So, you there, human. I'll tell you this. After I reach the surface, I shall proceed to where the fog is accumulating, above Buckingham Palace. There, I will charge the fog with my electricity, activating it and causing it to swallow everything. Everything! Yes, just as it sounds, all of creation will vanish!! This filthy civilization will be destroyed, the ostentation of the land will be ripped away, and this island will be burnt to ashes by sacred thunder! Starting with this singularity, human history will be incinerated!
Mash: ...!
Nikola Tesla: But. But! But.... If hope yet burns within you, follow after me. Try to stop me, brave heroes! Face me, the new god of thunder. Face me, who wrote a new myth that started a new era, a new civilization. Pierce through me with the manifestation of an even newer myth! That is your only choice! Haha... hahahaha! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

We don't need any Gift. We coexist with sterile soil, protect our brethren who live on this land, and make the lessons of this earth our concern! We don't care about other countries! We don't care about some utopia! We loved the people who lived on this land! We lived for that, and for that we died! That is the original law of us, the Old Man of the Mountain!
Hassan-i-Sabbah of the Cursed Arm

You aren't Chaldean so the meaning behind Chaldea is an astronomical observatory right? This body has that knowledge. And you guys are observing the planet, aren't you? It's the same as watching the light from the stars in the night sky. The shine of someone's life from a distant era, a distant past, takes several thousands of years before being received by those in the modern era. The story of the earth and the stars in the sky, this is the tale that Chaldea spins.

Nothing has meaning on its own. Meaning is something that gets determined later. Humans are born, grow up, and die all without meaning. It's only when a life's over that you finally see what it meant. That's what life is, Mash. We don't live in order to create meaning. We live so meaning can be found from our life.
Dr. Roman

Merlin: ...Hmmm. Two goddesses trying to ground her, a pitfall into the underworld with Uruk as bait, the Chain of the Heavens binding her, the punishment of the underworld, and my beautiful flowers. Protagonist. And Heroic Spirits. You have tried everything under the sun to get even this far. But it's still not enough. She still does not know fear. She has no natural enemy. She in unfamiliar with he whom I dub "Death".
Mash: "He"...? Is someone else helping you?
Merlin: Yes, indeed. A powerful ace that I've kept up my sleeve. But who summoned him? It wasn't King Gilgamesh. Nor the Mage King's Holy Grail. ...I shouldn't even have to say it. It was you, Protagonist, of course. He said he would abandon his Grand title to show you his gratitude. And the enemy is the Evil of Humanity, a Beast. From the beginning, the conditions were right for him to appear in this land. There was meaning to all of your battles.
Dr. Roman: You don't mean... So the reason why Protagonist's vitals disappeared in the underworld last time was because...!?
Merlin: That's right. Now, look up at the sky, primordial sea! Look up, goddess of life, and know Death.
The prelude to King Hassan's arrival in Chapter 21 of Babylonia

Ziusu-dra: All that begins must end. So, too, all that lives, dies, and in dying, value finds. Thy vaunted eternity is but hollow slumber. Beast of Disaster, evil born of mankind's folly, thy desperate wish that thy love not go unrequited is itself thy rejection's root. Of rank, nor station, nor the title Grand have I need. Bear witness, goddess of life, to the testament writ with mine own blade. Thou fallen god, to beasthood turned, if Primordial Mother be thy title, attend, and hear my name. From the mountain abyss, I come, and only death do I bring. I am the Old Man of the Mountain, the First Hassan-i Sabbah. The bell of evening tolls thy name. Touch not the sky, for by heaven's will I shall strip thee of thy wings!
King Hassan's arrival, Babylonia, Chapter 21

'And listen, Tiamat. Looks like an understanding of death has helped you finally revert to a form of Divinity. Know that I don't hate you. The people of Uruk may harbor anger, but they don't hate you, either. But we are fated to never understand each other. You give birth and nurture. We grow up and leave. No matter how much love children receive, they must eventually leave their mother's embrace. We no longer need your foundation of the world! You can rest in the land of death once and for all!
King Gilgamesh

Though I am not Jubei, the invincible swordmaster. Though I am not Hanzo, the great spymaster. Though I am not Abe-no-Seimei, like your so-called Caster. Though I am nothing more than a swordsmith, why was it I that was summoned? You could never figure it out, and so you have lost. I once sought to forge the ultimate blade. Not one that cuts through flesh, bone, or the living. I sought a blade that terminates enmity...A blade that severs bonds, severs certainty, severs karma. That is to say, to be free of one's fate. Uncountable years of toil to reach this place. Forging thousands of swords to create a barrow of blades. Many paths, converge here. Enduring desires, flow here. Unjust deaths, gather here. My whole life has been for this single swing. The heart of the blade is here! Accept this blow from my Tsumukari Muramasa!!!
Senji Muramasa

To all humanity, we are sending this message. From now, this planet will be reborn anew, changed into a new world. The civilization of humanity was not right. Our growth was incorrect. Thusly, I have judged. We will rebel against all of human history thus far—- against Pan-Human History. Once more, the world will be filled with Mystery not of Man. This planet will reclaim the era of the gods. For that reason, gods have descended from a distant sky. With these seven seeds, new leaders have been selected. These leaders shall recreate the planet. And the most outstanding of these “Apocryphal Leaders” shall renew this world.

None that live in Pan-Human History may participate in this battle. They will not be allowed to spectate either. The root of dreams has fallen. The tree of genesis fills the land. From now on, all works undertaken by old humanity will be frozen. The accounting of your crimes will be settled with this treatment.

Pan-Human History will end with the year 2017.

My name is Wodime. Kirschtaria Wodime.

As representative of the seven Crypters, I hereby send a message to the remnants of Chaldea— no. To you, who have become the last remaining members of old humanity. —The history of this planet, we will be its inheritors.
Kirschtaria Wodime

Awakening from a long dream, I noticed my surroundings have become naught. The conversations with Father Macarius, the small exchanges with Anastasia. They were all lies and obsfucation. That is what the Oprichniki conveyed. …I became a Yaga and unified Russia. To protect my people from the famine that accompanied the great cold wave, I repeatedly advanced West. For the sake of my people. For the sake of protecting the Tsar’s glory. Even so, the world abruptly ceased to exist. All of our will, our effort, and our hopes had no influence on the fact that this world’s defeat had already been decided. Yes, that was told to us by the voice of someone from the heavens. That was what was said by the priestess from another world, who appeared from the sky. …I could not tolerate it. I endured this hell not so that I could give up, not so that I could be pardoned. I will absolutely not accept such an ending! I, Russia, will not be destroyed! Absolutely not!
Ivan the Terrible

Holmes: ...Your Majesty.
Skadi: Silence! There is no longer any place to talk! These are my lamentations, my roars and my feelings as I go to battle! My powerless world which can bear no more than 100 villages, where 3000 years and [that half year] are but the same—- it is intolerable that it was but a mere 100 villages, a mere 10,000 people which I could save with my hand!
They cannot even live long enough to become old men and old women! They cannot reach it, for my love - my snow - is an Authority which can merely serve as a prelude to the budding of Spring!

Skadi: My love... is not enough... Spring will not come... Life will not grow... but... I will not give up, I shall not give up! Never!
These 3000 years, for all these seasons, I have spent my strength restraining Surtr's flames! However! If it is now! In this Lostbelt where Surtr is no more— my strength can bring hope to Scandinavia. Here I will abandon love, yes, and bring you death. If you would save the Human Order, then I shall kill it! Those who have trampled all over us— ones of Pan-Human History!
The final confrontation in Lostbelt #2

Qin Shi Huang: "Proper" Human History. What a pretentious name. You wear your arrogance in believing that yours is the only true course of events on your sleeve. In spite of this arrogance, you behave as if your actions are dictated by morality. Thus, we must convince you beyond all doubt which our worlds is truly "proper" as you would call it.
Jing Ke: ...Morality? Oh, so now you're going to tell me that this is the good, just, moral world? Where you hold all the power, where you don't let even the tiniest seed of knowledge take root, and where you casually slaughter your citizens the instant they inconvenience you? You call THAT a good, moral world?
Qin Shi Huang: Absolutely. What more glorious purpose could there be for the human race?
Jing Ke: You don't think of anyone anywhere as human, except for yourself!
Qin Shi Huang: You are quite correct. By concentrating this land's bounty in a single point, we have become the ultimate human. Has any one individual ever ascended to such heights in your so-called Proper Human History? Behold our Great Wall encircling the sky. Behold the great harvest produced by the land. Who else could ever boast such greatness? Humans in group cannot accomplish anything. They are shackled by discord, by conflict, by contradictions. So there will be no humans, no groups. A Zhenren—a true human—shall have total reign over heaven and earth, and unite the species.
Jing Ke: A Zhenren? Don't make me laugh. You call this bloated mechanical monstrosity of body human?
Qin Shi Huang: You believe the only human body is one of flesh and blood? That one's status as a person is contingent on whether they have two eyes, four limbs, ten fingers? Utter drivel. The true measure of a responsibility. It lies in bearing responsibility for this world—its skies, lands, and oceans, and the lives of all who dwell within. Can those of you from Proper Human History choose which species will go extinct? Can you decide the amount of coal that will pollute your atmosphere? Can you prevent the polar ice caps from melting? Were you ever once successful at controlling your endless desires?
Jing Ke: ...
Qin Shi Huang: We can do all of that, precisely because we are the sole arbiter of this world. Thus, we are human, for we bear all responsibility for this world on our shoulders alone.
Jing Ke: And now you're saying this regime you've set up here has made this world complete? You really believe that?
Qin Shi Huang: We do.
Jing Ke: Hmph, then you're a bigger fool than I thought. Being complete is just another way of saying "done." This precious world of yours has no way forward. You're stuck with nowhere to go.
Qin Shi Huang: ...
Jing Ke: Thanks to becoming a Servant, I learned all sorts of things I could never have known in my own time. The future of humanity is all about possibility. I, and those who know me as a Heroic Spirit, have walked many distant worlds. You said to look at your Great Wall in the sky? I did. All I see is a monument to your so-called eternal empire's limitations. You said you built that wall in order to defend against threats from other stars? Talk about preposterous. True, they'd have no way of building something like that in Proper Human History's twenty-first century. But if they'd had the same resources at their disposal, you can bet they'd use them to explore beyond our world, not shut themselves away.
Lostbelt Qin Shi Huang vs Jing Ke were branded a liar and a woman who brought destruction in later history... You are a fitting vessel for me to inhabit... O woman who denies destruction, as one who turns her back on it, you are truly fitting as my accomplice. O infernal princess, your powerful sense of shame was the beacon that guided me through the sea of death.
Demon God Pillar Andras

Hmph. That goes without saying. I am a fool that will fight until I win, no matter how much of a beating I take. Ah, that's right. The Shinsengumi may not have won in history. I may have been a Mibu Wolf till the end. But my... the Shinsengumi's "Fidelity" will not fall. No matter which battlefield, which hell it is. Very well. Those of the dead, behold this mad warrior. If there is a voice that would call for me, raise a roar and let's brawl it out!
Hijikata Toshizo

I have nothing to say, BB. I was just an Alter Ego to him. That’s enough. That’s enough for me. After all, normally, we never should have even met. He and the person who found me in the church walked through different timelines. That’s enough for me. I didn’t fight because I wanted to be loved. I flew off from the lake in order to love.

Whilst still embracing loneliness, from now on, Bunyan will live in this Chaldea. Though that way of existence is different from we, the record tapes of the dead, she is not truly a living person either. Having one such incomprehensible girl that is an irregularity in Chaldea is fine too. Urban legends, Demi Servants, phantoms and AIs too, all share the same possibility here. As long as it can maintain the stability of the Human Order, all “ifs” are permissible and usable. That is Chaldea. It is the most confusing bulwark of the world, where the Master named [Protagonist] resides.

Where this story will continue from now on—- is it not a most interesting subject?
Hans Christen Andersen at the end of "All The Statesmen"

I really thought I wouldn't mind disappearing. After all, there was something I valued more than myself. ...So I figured, as long as that was safe, it wouldn't matter if I was gone. No...Even if I did disappear, I thought your world would be just fine without me. ...But honestly, I was really anxious. Even if nothing ended up changing, I wasn't sure if those unchanging things would remember me. Which is why... ...I'm so happy you came all the way to the abyss just for me. Thank you...for being you. Thank you for staying true to what you think is right, no matter who you meet or what happens to you. No... No present—no matter how grand or extravagant—could ever make me happier.
Ereshkigal at the end of "Merry Christmas in the Underworld"

    Seven Duels of Swordmasters 
First Duel
Miyamoto Musashi
Lancer of Purgatorio, Houzouin Ishun, the All-Piercing
Prepare yourselves!
Second Duel
Miyamoto Musashi
Tomoe Gozen, Archer of Inferno, the All-Burning
Prepare yourselves!
Third Duel
Miyamoto Musashi
Assassin of Paraíso, Mochizuki Chiyome, the All-Cursing
Prepare yourselves!
Fourth and Fifth Duel
Miyamoto Musashi
Rider of Kālasūtra Hell, Minamoto-no-Raikou, the All-Purging
Berserker of Saṃghāta Hell, Shuten-doji, the All-Melting
Prepare yourselves!
Sixth Duel
Miyamoto Musashi
Caster of Limbo, The Beautiful Carnivore, the All-Ridiculing
Prepare yourselves!
Seventh Duel
Miyamoto Musashi
Yagyu Tajima-no-kami Munenori, the All-Severing
Prepare yourselves!
Final Duel
Miyamoto Musashi
Nameless Saber, Sasaki Kojirou, the Self-Taught
Prepare yourselves!

"With the passing of the Age of Gods and the start of the Common Era, Mankind has become the most prosperous species in the world. The fate of the planet is in our hands. We are the ones who will write its epitaph. Thankfully, there is a map to prolong mankind's survival and ensure its everlasting prosperity.

In the world of magi, this is known as... the Human Order."
—The original Fate/Grand Order trailer

The trial that tests one to the extreme, a journey that utilized all of human history, the plot of the so-called King of Magecraft, the Regression Canal/Light-Year Genesis, has ended in failure. Congratulations. Because of your efforts, the case of humanity's incineration has been closed. You overcame all trials and safeguarded ordinary lives. The Human Order will undoubtedly continue into the future. However, you have all overlooked one crucial detail. Our epic showdown with the Age of Gods—the past—has come to an end. So, you should be able to figure out what comes next, yes? These are some little riddles for your next big case. A few fragments, or rather signs for the great that's yet to come.

For instance, a plot devised through fabrication. For instance, subjugation through fantasy. For instance, vengeance sought through dreams. For instance, advent through superstition. A haphazard assortment, indeed. The strangest of tales. Stories of peak uniqueness on a scale different from the Incineration of the Human Order. Four fragments full of decadence and love, prejudice and lust. I have come to warn but welcome their coming. Have fun, Chaldea, the Organization that preserves the Human Order. All mysteries exist to be solved. The "remnants" the beloved King of Magecraft left behind... I'm sure these endeavors will have a sweetness all their own.
Sherlock Holmes in the Epic of Remnant trailer

A city of faith surrounded by darkness
Places where a clean curse gathers
Now, let's sing an unhappy song.
Abigail Williams in the "Heretical Salem" trailer

Light the bonfire. Sacrifice an offering on the altar. In the name of the King of Magecraft, let us celebrate this planet's rebirth. Witness this, the end of days. The preliminary elimination of the weak that human history itself performed. The malice of history that was defeated and driven off. This is its conclusion. But there is nothing to lament. There is no reason to act as a victim and ask why. If humanity's answer was to eliminate the weak, not by natural selection, but by of its own will, then your turn has simply come to be arbiter.

My name is Solomon. He who possesses eyes that survey both past and future and foresaw this end. And he who ascertains humanity's final battle from beyond. The root of fantasy has dropped. The signals from the sky have ceased, the surface of the Earth is bleached white, and this planet is now all alone. The percolation of alien elements, a planet, invaded and wiped blank. Proper order no longer exists! There are no Heroic Spirits to protect humanity's foundations! There is not a single being who will be your ally. Because, in this world, you are the ones who are "evil". But when it comes to survival, good or evil do not determine one's superiority or inferiority. If you say you will not give up, if you say, just as you did then that you desire to survive in this situation where everything will return to nothingness, then scream foolishly with all your might! Pile on your follies without regret, and shoulder ever greater debts! Believe, full of hope, that humanity's fight has just begun! Ha...haha...hahahaha!!
Goetia in the Cosmos in the Lostbelt trailer

As all living beings inevitably compete, history is replete with winners and losers.

Our present is determined by history's victors... Choices made correctly leading to the proper prosperity in due course. This is called Proper Human History.

The incorrect choices and incorrect prosperities are history's losers. Dead ends of human histories that were deemed unnecessary and interrupted... Discarded even from Parallel World Theory...

These are called Lostbelts.

After the incineration of humanity, an unprecedented quest for the Holy Grail begins...
Cosmos in the Lostbelt trailer

"Forgiven, forgiven. May my sin be forgiven. Ye fairies who love freedom; ye fairies who protected love.

Your Britain will surely flourish. Upon the backs of countless deaths, forever, onward forever.

But please, never forget. While the world renewed, its roots grew old, and unbeknownst to all, as you see—

The bite of an insignificant insect will bring it to ruin. Forgiven, forgiven. May our sins be forgiven."
Avalon le Fae finale trailer

The fanged ones crushed like insects
The royal bloodline tainted
The mirror no longer shows hope
The road to new lands goes unrealized
The wings of wisdom severed by blunder
The glittering winds die for love
The curse beguiles the beast, and the beast beckons the flame
All of creation, all of eternity, everything shall fall
Avalon le Fae finale trailer