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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

This is a Fate work. Of course there are several moments that just blow you away.

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    In General 
  • Throughout the main story, six demons of the Ars Goetia have been thrashed through by the player with a team of Heroic Spirits. And for the final battle, all of them get thrashed by the player and their Servants!
  • The very concept of the game can be considered one, with every canon Heroic Spirit under the sun and then some, all in here and fighting together. Ever wanted to see Gilgamesh fight alongside Enkidu against a corrupted Jeanne D'Arc; or Siegfried, Sasaki Kojirou, and Saint Martha all duel against Fafnir? Here's the place to be.
  • While a certain character not being included goes on a different list, the concept behind the "5* F/SN heroes" CEs is awesome, they're all really well-drawn, and the CEs are incredibly popular because of it. They show Shirou, Rin and Sakura as adults (with some implication that, since the game launched 11 years after F/SN, this is meant to be the three as they are in their mid-20s in 2015). They're an incredibly popular target for fanart, and L/ZO Shirou is even getting his own figure!
    • Even individually, their concepts are awesome, and the descriptions make them moreso. Each one is focused around how each one overcame their personal trials or embraced the best part of themselves, and it shows:
      • Shirou: "The binding is the proof of one's ideals."note  It shows a Shirou with a shroud over his arm (and a slightly off-color hand), with his magic circuits visible on his skin, which might worry anyone familiar with Heaven's Feel... except he's also gripping his white cloak tight, meaning he's got full control of that arm. Whatever trials he's undergone, he's still Shirou and he's still going to try to make his ideals a reality. He's also looking a bit more tanned than usual. After Shimosa's release, it is argued that this is Sengo Muramasa himself. Which is even more awesome.
      • Sakura: "Fantasy is the proof of freedom." Showing Sakura with trimmed hair and both a gorgeous kimono and her Mystic Code on top of it, it's clear that Sakura has made it past the shadow she once lived under and is now free to actually have dreams, and can now use the incredible power of her imaginary number magecraft to bring wonders into being - as she fairly glows with power amidst a shower of (possibly self-created) sakura petals.
      • Rin: "Mastery of fundamentals is the greatest proof of excellence." Showing Rin in a very fancy dress and with five of her glowing power gems, the art and description make it clear she's become quite possibly the greatest of the Tohsakas and a more than worthy successor to the name, elegant and magnificent.
    • The best part? Even years and years later, even with all kinds of things added to the game, with CEs being subject to way more power creep than Servants, these CEs are still highly coveted, Rin and Sakura especially, because their effect - 25% additional effect to a card type - affects everything a card does and can still make Servants focused around one card type into absolute monsters.
  • The opening cinematic. As it is compulsory for any other Fate series to have one such awesome opening, Grand Order is no exception, with Maaya Sakamoto's "Shikisai" playing on the background (which is also used in all of the main story Trailers). There are several stand-outs:
    • Altria duels Gilgamesh in a straight up Sword Fight, which never occurred in canon. Here we can see quite a difference: Gil's moves are more wild compared to Altria, fighting with this odd, dance-like quality using the momentum of his or his opponent's strikes to dodge or block attacks respectively, as well as fueling his own attacks and counters. He also uses the force of his strikes to launch himself over and around Altria regardless of if she blocks or dodges, and remains almost stuck in the same spot as Gil attacks from many angles.
    • EMIYA goes up against Jeanne d'Arc. What makes this awesome is that, both historical fact and in-game lore states that Jeanne did not fight with a sword (she is mostly a standard-bearer, after all). Here, she could put up against EMIYA, a Dual Wielding badass in canon.
    • Iskander goes mano-a-mano with Darius III. Fans jokingly note it is more like a brofist rather than exchanging blows with fists.
    • Fans noticed that the cinematic would be more fitting if it used the second opening song of Unlimited Blade Works anime, "Brave Shine". See for yourself.
  • Some Servant animations for attacks and Noble Phantasm are so over-the-top it's awesome. For example:
    • Karna's finisher for a Brave Chain, his Brahmastra Eye Beam. Attacking in his level 3 Ascension also feels good, using his god-killer spear Vasavi Shakti! It's also a reminder of just why Jinako insisted he was a "Launcher" - seeing this, it's hard to argue!
    • Arjuna on his trial quest. He faces backward and somehow his arrows are on target! This is actually a bug, however.
    • Santa Alter using Vortigern.
    • Nobunaga spamming her muskets in conjunction with her katana.
    • Mysterious Heroine X. With her Star Wars-level swordplay animation, then jet-streaming with Excalibur and Excalibur Morgan.
    • Mysterious Heroine X Alter keeps up the Star Wars references by fighting like a Sith Lord, with Force powers and Darth Maul-esque double-bladed Excalibur lightsaber.
    • The Count's attack animations, warping around and beam spamming just like a Dragon Ball character. His NP is even more awesome.
    • Jeanne Alter. Besides dual wielding, she actually uses her La Pucelle, that is deemed Too Awesome to Use by vanilla Jeanne. Her animations have her using flame slashes, flame pillars, and burning stakes.
    • Da Vinci's animations are funny as hell. She can use a Rocket Punch, spewing flame and ice, and smashes enemy with her Saint Quartz-topped staff. Her NP on the other hand... is literally a nuke.
    • Iskandar's Ionioi Hetairoi, while looking somewhat-plain compared to the rest of the examples here, manages to invoke awesome nonetheless by summoning the desert and Iskandar's army in almost the same fashion as the Fate/Zero anime, and then playing "You Are My King". Manly Tears must be shed. In addition of that, there's also an awesome Battle Cry that he threw in, just because. "AAAAAAALALALALALAIE!!!"
    • Xuanzang's attack animation and NP is awesome. She attacks with the Journey to the West party's weapons, and her NP has her use Buddha's Divine Hand to seal the enemy in Five Fingers Mountain!
    • Rider Kintoki's NP is hilarious and awesome! To star it off, he summons a golden-bear-motorcycle thing. Then he uses it to ram the enemy all while yelling "GOLDEN DRIVE!!!" at the top of his lungs. Then golden flames consume the enemy. To top it all off, badass rock music plays while using it.
    • Minamoto no Yorimitsu's NP is also awesome. She summons 4 copies of herself, each one wielding one of Yorimitsu's Big Four's weapons, imbued with an element. After spamming elemental attacks, she finishes it off with her lightning-imbued katana slash.
    • Mash's true Noble Phantasm, Lord Camelot, comes with an awesome new animation and a Theme Music Power-Up of a remix of the game's title theme. Watch it in action here (WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS).
    • Ozymandias is pure awesome, from his normal attacks, shooting light from the sky, using magic, to his EX Attack, where he summons a Sphinx to rain down pain, to finally his Noble Phantasm, where he summons his Reality Marble and has his pyramids ram each other into the enemy!
    • Illya and Chloe's animations are very awesome. Illya spams her magical attacks from the anime and even uses her Zwei Form to fire the Quintet Feuer that had defeated Gilgamesh's Enuma Elish! Also, Chloe's animations utilize several techniques unused by EMIYA from sword spam, actually using her bow, even Crane Wing Three Realms! For bonus points, use Kuro against Saber Alter to recreate "Sparks Liner High".
    • If you're a fan of classic RPGs, Saber Bathory is going to make you geek the fuck out. She's well-animated, her normal animation set is replete with shout-outs to classic games of the 80s and early 90s, her outfit is a massive Dragon Quest shout-out, and her NP is, of all things, the Combattler V Choudenji Spin! And that can even double as a Super Robot Wars reference, completing the gag!
    • King Hassan's animation emphasizes just how powerful he is especially when he weakened Gawain in Camelot for you, with stylish and visceral animations like he's from Dark Souls or Devil May Cry. His Noble Phantasm is merely a single, powerful slash... preceded by a Power Walk and a Death Glare. Truly worthy of his title as Grand Assassin.
    • Musashi. Just... Musashi. Dual-wielding aside, her animations are really graceful, and her NP is flashy! She summons an Ashura to slice her enemy, then fuse her katanas and creating a giant energy blade for finisher!
    • EMIYA (Alter). His NP is Unlimited Lost Works (which is essentially the same as UBW)... which manifests inside his enemy from a single Origin bullet shot into their body, to skewer them from the inside!
    • Archer of Shinjuku. He carries around a giant coffin-shaped machine gun that also shoots lasers and missiles, and his Noble Phantasm has him unload its entirety upon the poor enemy with awesome animations and dialogue, to boot.
    • Arthur. Differing from Altria's gracefulness, Arthur's swordplay is powerful, with heavy swings and stabs. Then there's his NP. Proto-Merlin (with Kawasumi's voice!) unlocks 6 Seals of the Round Table and Arthur declares that he will fight to protect the world, before unleashing an earth-scorching Excalibur!
    • Hijikata's NP deserves a mention, especially when he transformed from a calm commander into an epically ROARING madman that delivered powerful slashes and then shooting the enemy with a Wave-Motion Gun coming from his musket, all while yelling "THIS IS!! SHIN! SEN! GUMIII!!!"
    • Suzuka. Her animations are very fluid, using telekinesis for attacking with her three katanas. She can even use them as platforms for an overhead attack! Then there's her NP, Tenkiame, which is derived from Daishintou, raining all enemies in a rain of blades!
    • Berserker of El Dorado, just like Herc, is incredibly brutal. The Epic Flail with huge spiky ends aside, her attacks cause explosions everywhere! And her NP has her go absolutely bonkers on the poor person...
    • Swimsuit Nobunaga is AWESOME! She has a concept of a rock girl with a huge-ass rock guitar, which she uses as an axe. The NP is even more awesome: she plays the guitar to summon a huge skeleton to deliver Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs to the enemy!
    • Abigail's Noble Phantasm (spoilers, obviously) is so awe-inspiring, as it's one of the most impressive super attacks in the history of the entire game!
    • Not to be outdone by Abby, Hokusai also has impressive attack animations, especially her NP that recreates one of her (father's) most famous paintings! Also, she has two sets of animations like her fellow Foreigner, Abby.
    • Sieg. His attack animations have him transforming parts of his body or sword into Siegfried's own (who received his own attack animation updates just days prior), and his Noble Phantasm has him transforming into Fafnir himself before unleashing a deluge of blue flames upon the enemy, all while the main theme of Fate/Apocrypha blares out.
    • Odysseus' Noble Phantasm. He summons the Trojan Horse... except it's a mecha horse that launches from a cockpit in a similar scene from an iconic mecha show, turning into a humanoid mecha and fires a beam from its chest. You can imagine many mecha fans squealing in delight of this.
    • Constantine XIís Noble Phantasm is an entire movie opening cinematic that reenacts his final moments during The Fall of Constantinople using unique and beautiful graphics, bombing effects and camera pans, as well as showing his Third Ascension self - bloodied and can barely stand by holding onto his sword - still defending the gate valiantly like the Last Stand he was in life. Yes, this man just summoned the whole Theodosian Walls into battle. Even his NP lines are awe-inspiring.
      "Never shall we yield! Though our bodies be destroyed, our land shall stand eternal!!"
    • Charlemagne canonically gets stronger by looking cool, and as such, his attack animations are extremely flashy to match. The crowning jewel of this, however, is his Noble Phantasm, which is more or less pulled straight out of his origin game. For those that haven't seen it, he gains a pair of bright blue wings as he summons "Bright Swords" representing his bonds with the Paladins - and then promptly charges ahead with a falling slash while said swords promptly start peppering the area with lasers. And if that wasn't enough, the entire thing is capped off with a gigantic explosion!
    • Some previously released Servants have had their animations updated as well, and they're nothing short of stunning.
      • The Fate/Accel Zero Order pre-event comes with new animations for Altria and Gilgamesh's Noble Phantasms. Excalibur is now much more visually stunning and includes the Pillar of Light at the end, and Enuma Elish is now more based on its animation in Fate/Extra CCC, which was awesome enough to land itself on that entry's Moment of Awesome page.
      • EMIYA's animation update finally lets him use Projected weapons such as Hrunting and Caladbolg II, and his Extra attack becomes Crane Wing Three Realms, complete with Kanshou and Bakuya's Overedge forms. And Unlimited Blade Works is even more visually stunning.
      • Heracles' updated animations are savage in every sense of the word. He attacks with so much power, dirt ends up flying everywhere. Even his roaring damages the enemy!
      • Robin Hood now performs more acrobatics, rushing up to enemies and kicking them, or attacking the opponent from several angles in rapid succession. His Extra Attack ends with him using his Wall of Thorns attack from Fate/Extra to strike the opponent from below.
      • Medea attacks with lightning, ice, fire, lasers, and even summons Dragon Tooth Warriors to strike the opponent. Her Extra Attack has her restrain the opponent while she rains laser beams on them, and the new animation of Rule Breaker finally averts its Gameplay and Story Segregation by having her strike them with magic first before closing in.
      • Medusa's Extra Attack has her kick off the opponent and then rush at them, appearing back at her original spot at the end. And rather than ramming them straight on, Bellerophon has her fly up into the air before dive-bombing the opponent, and it looks as beautiful as you would expect.
      • The original Cu Chulainn finishes his Extra Attack by throwing Gae Bolg at the opponent. He also uses Gae Bolg like a vaulting pole, flipping into the air during some attacks.
      • Saber Alter powers up Excalibur Morgan while executing her normal attacks, and fires blasts of dark energy from her hand. Using Excalibur Morgan now ends with a pillar of dark energy.
      • Carmilla's animations are awesome in their own terrifying way. She summons explosions of blood, or teleports in front of opponents to strike them up close, even stepping on them with her Combat Stilettos. The Phantom Maiden also flies in out of nowhere and closes on enemies, or drops out of a portal directly on top of them in her Extra Animation. Even her skills cause pools of blood to bubble up beneath her. And Phantom Maiden itself has a much smoother animation to go with all of this.
      • Cursed Arm Assassin shrouds himself in darkness as he rushes around the enemy for his Extra animation, and he jumps behind enemies to throw knives at their backs or gets in close to slash with his knife. Using Zabaniya causes him to draw energy into his arm, before the bandages on it rip apart, and then the hand comes flying straight at the screen before spattering it with blood.
      • Okita's animations were already impressive, with her Flash Stepping around the opponent and striking them repeatedly each time. The update somehow makes them even more beautiful by adding trails of light to her attacks and having the camera follow her more closely as she moves.
      • Francis Drake pistol-whips and kicks opponents, performs combat rolls to get in close, and seemingly has more explosive rounds in her guns. The Wild Hunt also looks that much more beautiful just by being put in an actual stormy sea rather than a black abyss. But the real highlight is her Extra Attack, where she summons the Wild Hunt's cannons to shoot the opponent!
      • D'Eon has a new stance mirroring their artwork more closely, and their swordplay has become more graceful to match. The new Fleur de Lis is gorgeous, showering the opponents with lights that turn into lilies.
      • The renewed Tamamo also has two sets of animations: a combination of melee and magic for her first and second Ascension and the full brunt of her jujutsu for her third Ascension. Her NP also has more flair now.
      • Gilgamesh is unique by the fact that he has 2 animation updates. The Gate of Babylon feels much more menacing by every animation update. While the second Noble Phantasm animation already looks cooler than the first by adding a spiral of energy and taking cues from Fate/EXTRA CCC, the third animation tops it by adding a close-up to his face as he unleashes his Enuma Elish.
      • Tesla's animation update has him recreating the Wardenclyffe Tower in his Noble Phantasm.

    Chapter 1 — Observer on Timeless Temple 

Singularity F: Fuyuki

  • The pre-battle cutscene against Saber Alter, where she decides to be a Combat Pragmatist and unleash her Noble Phantasm, Excalibur Morgan, from the get-go. As shown in the Heaven's Feel route, Excalibur Morgan's Sword Beam is nigh-unstoppable - and yet, Mash manages to block it with her Noble Phantasm, which she has only recently awakened, putting her all into it with a yell. It helps that the Grand Battle theme is starting up as this happens, which continues playing as the cutscene segues right into the battle itself.

Hundred Years' War of the Evil Dragons: Orleans

  • In a moment of inspiring bravery, Marie Antoinette stayed behind to guard the evacuating townsfolk, allowing Jeanne and Georgios to escape and go on to heal Siegfried. First she defeated Sanson and then fought Jeanne Alter to delay her, despite knowing that she was drastically outmatched. Vive La France, indeed.
  • In a moment of villainous willpower, Charles-Henri Sanson, in-game a lowly two-star Servant, manages to shrug off his Shadow Servant state he was reduced to after being defeated by Marie Antoinette so that he can talk to Mozart.
  • Jeanne figuring out that Jeanne Alter isn't any aspect of her just by asking one question - namely, if she still remembers her family as Jeanne did. The fact that Jeanne remembers so much of her former life as a French country girl was precisely why her betrayal by the King of France hurt so very badly for her. The fact that Jeanne Alter doesn't even remember this and cannot answer her question is what clues her in (or rather, confirms her suspicion) that not only is Jeanne Alter not an aspect of her at all, but that she was not the holder of the Grail or the one behind this singularity, which leads to the final battle against Caster Gilles, who created Jeanne Alter as his weapon of revenge against France after he sought to resurrect Jeanne using the Grail but was denied.

Eternal Madness Empire: Septem

  • The high point of this otherwise lackluster Singularity is finally facing off against Lev Lainur, who reveals himself to be one of the Thirteen Demon Pillars, and kicking his ass for what he did to Olga Marie in Fuyuki. And then when he tries to summon one last Servant in a last-ditch bid to destroy Rome and the world, Altera, the Servant in question, proves too powerful for him to control and kills him by shearing him right in half.

Sealed Ends of the Four Seas: Okeanos

Okeanos, especially the second half, is closer to an epic movie than a game.
  • After stealing Blackbeard's Grail, Jason announcing his true intention to sacrifice Euryale to the Ark of the Covenant in his attempt to be the king of the world. Unfortunately, sacrificing an earth goddess will destroy the fragile Singularity, but Jason doesn't know that and Medea Lily kept that little fact secret. Jason then sics Heracles, with God Hand activated at that, on the Golden Hind. Asterios intercepts him and wrestles with a hero whose specialty is slaying monsters to a draw, all while declaring his love to Euryale. Seeing the fight in a stalemate, Jason orders Hektor to tip the scale to their favor. Hektor pierces both Berserkers and throws them off to the sea, confident that Heracles will survive because of God Hand. As it later revealed in Tamamo Cat's interlude, Asterios also survives.
  • Heracles swims all the way to the protagonist's camp, still chasing after them. Seeing there's no other way to kill him, the protagonist volunteers to be the bait by carrying Euryale around as the other Servants are trying to push him into the Ark. They shoot him with all of their Noble Phantasms simultaneously and he still doesn't die from it. The Ark is basically their only hope against Heracles at this point!
  • When questioned by Jason why Medea Lily didn't say that the Singularity will be destroyed if they sacrifice Euryale, Medea answers that she was defeated and cursed to be silent by another mage stronger than her. This girl is a magus from the age of Gods and can cure anything except death. It wasn't until the next chapter we can see how strong that mage is, and it's not pretty.
  • After Medea Lily turns Jason into Demon Pillar Forneus, everyone begins to lose hope that they can face it... Until Drake just shoots it with her guns to prove that it can be killed. This inspires everyone and allows them to fight and defeat the Demon Pillar.
  • Ever wonders how Drake got the Grail? She just happened to stumble upon Atlantis, where the wraith of Poseidon was using the Grail to cling on whatever remaining influence he has on the world which is the city of Atlantis itself. Poseidon attempted to defeat Drake, who is the representative of humanity taming the sea, as to reinstate his dominance. Drake then proceeded to defeat him, stole the Grail, and re-sunk Atlantis back to the sea. As this is not an event changed by the presence of the false Grail that creates the singularity, this entire fight canonically happened in the Nasuverse's history and is one of the reasons why Drake has a Star attribute.

Death World in the Demonic Fog City: London

  • Mordred not giving a shit about Mephistopheles's word games before cutting him down where he stands after the party finds out he murdered Victor Frankenstein and defeats him.
  • Makiri Zolgen, aka Matou Zouken. In his prime days on this game, he trashed the Mage Association with his boosted Servants: Charles Babbage, Paracelsus, and Mephistopheles. In his final moment, he managed to summon Nikola Tesla as well.
  • Andersen gets a big one involving Solomon as well. Solomon releases a magic blast that kills every single Servant it hits such as Kintoki and Tamamo, a fragment of Amaterasu (albeit in one of her less powerful forms, having only two tails). He then turns his attention on Mordred and fires it again, and Andersen blocks it. The normal human survived a strike that killed a fragment of a goddess. What does Andersen do after this? Insult him to his face. Andersen, a Servant with a rank of E in nearly every single stat, insulted the King of Magic. Badass Normal at it's finest, even if Solomon was more amused than anything before annihilating him with his next shot.
  • The infodump of the Servant system from Andersen while dying from Solomon's magic blast. Apparently, the original ritual is used to summon 7 Grand Servants and unite them against a threat to humanity. The Fuyuki system is a toned-down system.
  • Solomon. He resurrected himself as a Heroic Spirit and is now actively incinerating human history bit by bit.
  • The final battle is this as well. The battle is against Solomon with Four Ars Goetia demons... only, you defeat the demons, but Solomon still kicks your team's collective asses.

North American Myth War: E Pluribus Unum

  • The very concept of this Order is this. A full-scale Holy Grail War that pits American Servants against Celt Servants, with the Indian Servants in-between.
  • Cu Chulainn Alter is made of this. After becoming Fate's chew toy for so long, he gets to expend his pent-up frustration and is the most dangerous Servant of this chapter, causing many Servant deaths! And he did all this before he used the power of Ascension...
  • Rama coming out (albeit barely) alive after getting NP'ed by Cu Alter, staying alive with practically half of his heart for days... and after he is recovered, he defeats Beowulf instantly with Brahmastra. Yes, all Indian Servants are badasses.
  • Special mention to the protagonist. More specifically, when Edison is declaring that they should ally with him or be considered enemies, he gave them 3 minutes to choose. After those minutes passed, their answer towards Edison can be basically the equivalent of giving a Servant the bird:
    Protagonist: Better give up on the grail, President Lion.
  • Cu against his teacher, Scathach. Scathach tries to seal off Cu with her other NP, the gate to the Land of Shadows... but Cu breaks free and seemingly kills her with a technique she never taught him.
  • Karna vs Arjuna's duel. It is so awesome, they made all present at the battlefield stop fighting to witness it, even Rama said that they should sit back and enjoy the awesomeness. Then Karna is backstabbed by Cu (with an Anti-Army thrown Gae Bolg!) and seemingly dies... only for it to be revealed that he's survived having his spiritual core destroyed through sheer willpower and manages to become the first Servant to seriously injure Cu, nearly killing him with a weakened Vasavi Shakti despite it only grazing Cu, who was forced to retreat and heal despite his Grail and runes providing near-instant regeneration.** Li Shuwen duels against Beowulf in a hand-to-hand combat in which Li Shuwen, a relatively modern Heroic Spirit, manages to tie with Beowulf. Granted, it's only because Beowulf is too accustomed to fighting monsters, and his brute force is not as effective for fighting humans, but it's still impressive. In the end, Li Shuwen got the fight he always dreamed of, against Scathach.
  • In the final battle, Edison working with Tesla against 28 Demon Pillars to deliver a System Keraunos boosted WFD, and to end it all, Arjuna launchs a full-powered Pashupata against them.
  • The player's own final duel against Cu Alter is just as awesome. Cu is an enemy who has laid waste to many of the powerful NPC allies of the player, up to and including Karna. The protagonist manages to put him on the ropes to the point that he has to resort to Ascension to make himself stronger, and fights them in his second and later third forms as if he were a Dragon Ball Z villain. Finally, when it seems that he's on his last legs, he uses the power of the Grail to achieve his final form - that of Demon God Halphas, a powerful demon with a different appearance from those fought before. And as the player still keeps continuing to fight, eventually coming out on top again, with an epic reprise of the main menu music playing all the while.

Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot

  • Bedivere being able to destroy a sphinx permanently - remember that sphinxes in the Fate universe are Divine Beasts with almost-infinite regeneration.
  • Arash being able to block Lion King's Rhongomyniad's blast using Stella at the cost of his life to protect Hassan of the Cursed Arm's village.
    • As this needs elaboration: Arash had already been ambushed by Lancelot while trying to fend off Tristan's platoon of knight-enforcers. This included eating an Arondight Overload dead on, and as a reminder, this is a move where Lancelot holds back on his Anti-Army blast until it will all be focused on one target. Arash survives this. Once Tristan is driven off by the player party, Chaldea detects an incoming Rhongomyniad blast that reads as being around a thousand times more powerful than most normal Noble Phantasm attacks, including Excalibur (a hint that there is something very strange about this Altria). Arash tells you all to hide in the caves with the rest of the civilians of the town, he'll handle this. He then proceeds to invoke his NP fully, chant and all, and uses a single arrow to deflect a magical blast with the power of a nuclear weapon, giving his life in the process.
    • Crossing over with Heartwarming, Tawara Touta chooses to stay outside and risk his life, because as he says, every man deserves to have at least one witness to their last and greatest moment.
    • There's also his full chant for Stella.note  It is easily as cool as any of the other lengthy invocations for NPs in Fate works.note 
      O sacred Lord. O radiant Lord who bestowed wisdom, sanctity, and strength upon me.
      I call upon thee to witness my heart, my thoughts, and everything I've achieved.
      Now, creator of the moon and stars. Behold my deeds, my death, and the Spenta Armaiti which I must carry out.
      After I unleash this last arrow with all my strength-
      -Even my iron body shall shatter, and annihilate me where I stand!
      Lone Meteor - STELLA!
  • Xuanzang manages to defeat Ozymandias inside Amon-Ra using her Buddha palms, with a battle of Divine Spirit-level NP vs. actual Divine Spirit!
  • Mash reaches her Rage-Breaking Point upon learning that Lancelot knew about the Lion King's plans and went along with them anyway and ascends to her third ascension. She then challenges Lancelot to a duel, and wins.
    Lancelot: What!?
    Bedivere: Milady!?
    Player: Mash!?
    Lancelot: You were able to stop my Arondight? ...No. This shield, this presence... Don't tell me you're...
    Mash: Furious! Although he is no longer within me, I'm sure he feels the same! Which is why I must have you pay the price! Sir Lancelot! Stop this nonsense!
    Lancelot: S-Stop this...? Are you scolding me?
    Mash: Forget scolding, I'm disgusted! How can you possibly take pride in yourself as a knight of King Arthur?! If you disagree with the king, raise your case! If the king is wrong, then you fight! That is the heart of chivalry. That was entrusted to you. Only you!
    Lancelot: Wait... Just wait! That disrespectful and rebellious tone... That hair that covers one eye... You couldn't be...!?
    Mash: No more words, Sir Lancelot! No, I challenge you to a duel once more!
    Player: Mash?!
    Mash: Rest assured, Master! I will not lose to this person! This shield, this armor, this burning heart... They're all crying out to me! Because... Because... (Ascends to Third Ascension)
    Fou: Foooou!
    Bedivere: -Milady! No, Sir Mash! Y-You look just like...
    Mash: I am Mash Kyrielight. My True Name as a Heroic Spirit... is Galahad! With this flesh and bone I have been granted, I will purge the filth from the proud Knights of the Round!
  • King Hassan curbstomping Gawain, first by blocking out the sun with a sandstorm to weaken him, then taking down the sandstorm and letting him use a fully-charged Excalibur Galantine, which he effortlessly parries. It's implied (and later confirmed) that he's the Grand Assassin.
  • Hassan of the Cursed Arm taking down Tristan by releasing the demon Shaytan sealed in his arm to possess Tristan, nearly killing them both. Hassan of the Cursed Arm is saved by King Hassan by killing the Shaitan, along with Tristan and releases him from his service for him to live a normal life with his son.
  • Agravain managing to kill Lancelot using the drug made for their Mooks and delivering a What the Hell, Hero? speech to the Hypocrite. Note that he, a seemingly normal, non-magic knight, is able to defeat Lancelot, who's stated to be the best warrior of the Knights of the Round Table!
  • Ozymandias and Nitocris taking down Rhongomyniad's barrier around Camelot by throwing a PYRAMID at full power at the cost of their lives.
  • Xuanzang brings down the gates of Camelot, which can only be harmed by good, using her Buddha fist. Sadly, she dies as well.
  • Mash unlocking the full potential of her Noble Phantasm, Lord Camelot during the fight with Altria Lancer [1]. All the servants that went up against the full power of Rhongomyniad had to blow themselves up just to stop it. With Lord Camelot, Mash was able to tank it.
  • Bedivere slowly walking toward the Lion King as Dr. Roman begins to freak out at his readings, delivers the Wham Line of the chapter, and retroactively makes everything Bedivere has done so far even more impressive:
    Dr. Roman: Gudao, is the Sir Bedivere there real!? The observation results are off! There's no Spirit Origin signature at all! The Magical Circuits are on the level of a human's...
    Dr. Roman: He's just... a regular human!
  • Related to the above: Bedivere's soul should have undergone a Cessation of Existence at the end of Camelot. Being alive for a millennium and a half stretched his soul to its limit, and each use of Dead End: Airgetlam further consumes his soul. By the time he hands Excalibur back to the Lion King, his soul should have died. However, the World preserved a record of his deeds in the Singularity, and used that record to preserve him within the Throne of Heroes. Despite, or perhaps because of the risks and sacrifices he made to accomplish his goal, he was able to go Beyond the Impossible. And the game mechanics recognize this — he is given the Star attribute, an attribute only given to Heroic Spirits who were known not only for their heroic deeds, but also for changing the course of human history. He's the only Heroic Spirit recorded as preventing the Incineration of Humanity by the Throne of Heroes.

Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia

It was teased that the seventh singularity would be long and challenging, and it delivers:
  • The villains in this chapter are the alliance of three goddesses trying to overthrow Gilgamesh from Uruk: Tiamat, Ereshkigal, and Quetzalcoatl. You're now fighting against gods!
  • The Axe of Marduk is a gargantuan weapon hundreds of meters long. It requires three groups of hundreds of Wyverns to transport it to the Northern Wall. Once there, Quetzalcoatl simply hurls it all the way to the Bloodfort, shattering the entrance and allowing the rest of the group to take on the final goddess.
  • Gorgon manages to put up an excellent fight against the protagonists. When confronting her at her temple, after having already lost Ushiwakamaru and Benkei, the team throws everything they have at her only for her to shrug it off moments later thanks to her Complete Immortality. It takes Ana wielding the immortal-killing scythe that slayed her in legend to finally take her down. Then, the real battle begins...
  • Siduri. Not only does she manage to actually retain part of her consciousness despite being forcefully transformed into a Laḫmu, she also refuses to fight the protagonists and single handedly takes out a horde of other Laḫmus that are trying to kill Kingu. It may have been her Dying Moment of Awesome, but it still shows just how amazing a person she was and why Gilgamesh chose her as his advisor.
  • Tiamat, full stop. The Goddess of Primordial Chaos and Beast of Humanity is not fucking around. The Mother of Life that can destroy the world on her whim is more a natural disaster than a living being, and displays that by completely and effortlessly razing several cities to the ground and even killing the summoned version of Merlin before she's even fully awake. It takes everything the group has to simply slow her down and the entirety of the fight against her is nothing short of amazing.
    • Even in her weakened and restrained Femme Fatale form, Tiamat still gathers enough power to wipe Uruk off the map in an instant and is only stopped because she allows herself to be.
    • Once Femme Fatale is defeated, its revealed that the chains that were binding her were Tiamat's own doing. She was trying to restrain herself from harming Humanity, her children, but now that you've killed her motherly form, she no longer has to hold back. Tiamat then rises from the primordial sea as a draconic entity so large as to be easily seen on the singularity's map before advancing the Chaos Tide and wiping out several cities, only failing to immediately destroy Uruk because of a last minute interference on Gilgamesh's part.
    • Quetzalcoatl uses her second Noble Phantasm to unleash a miniature sun on Tiamat's Chaos Tide, drying up the primordial sea in an effort to halt the Beast's advances, only for the mother goddess to reveal she can fly. The Mesopotamian Goddess then uses her second Noble Phantasm and manifests herself as a falling meteor before striking Tiamat. It doesn't leave a scratch.
    • As Tiamat ascends to the skies to lay waste to Uruk, a horde of snakes emerge from the Chaos tide and slam her back into the ground. Gorgon then emerges from the tide, but not the one we knew. Ana has returned in her adult form, and she rips off Tiamat's horn, grounding the Beast of Regression for the rest of the singularity.
    • Before Tiamat even reaches Uruk, the city has already been overrun by Laḫmus with only Gilgamesh and eight soldiers still standing. Once Tiamat does reach Uruk, she immediately shows why she is so feared and delivers Gilgamesh a mortal wound. This being Gilgamesh, it doesn't slow him down a second.
    • The Laḫmus then stage a direct attack on the Ziggurat and pummel it into the ground before eight-thousand of them charge at the party. Just when all hope seems lost, Kingu arrives and instantly kills six-thousand of the deranged beasts before transforming himself into the Chains of Heaven and binding Tiamat.
      Kingu: Mother's fury is a thing of the past. Now I will awaken the breath of stars— Enuma Elish! Humans, let us bind the gods!!!!!
    • Kingu's sacrifice bought Ereshkigal the time she needed to complete her preparations. With Gilgamesh himself acting as bait, Ishtar fires a conceptual copy of Venus onto Tiamat, driving the primordial goddess into the heart of the underworld where she can be killed.
    • Forcing Tiamat into the underworld also forced her to revert to her true form in which she quickly unleashes her Chaos Tide upon the land of Kur in an effort to claim it as her own. Just before it overtakes the protagonists, its advancement suddenly halts as flowers sprout from the blackened mud. Merlin's back, in the flesh this time, and he brought backup...
    • Ziusu-dra reveals himself to be the Old Man of the Mountain, the First Hassan-i Sabbah, and has surrendered his title as Grand in order to fight alongside you. With a single stroke, he cleaves Tiamat's wings from her body and bestows the concept of Death onto an immortal being, showing once again that he is the first and greatest of all Hassans.
      Ziusu-dra: All that begins must end. So, too, all that lives, dies, and in dying, value finds. Thy vaunted eternity is but hollow slumber. Beast of Disaster, evil born of mankind's folly, thy desperate wish that thy love not go unrequited is itself thy rejection's root. Of rank, nor station, nor the title Grand have I need. Bear witness, goddess of life, to the testament writ with mine own blade. Thou fallen god, to beasthood turned, if Primordial Mother be thy title, attend, and hear my name. From the mountain abyss, I come, and only death do I bring. I am the Old Man of the Mountain, the First Hassan-i Sabbah. The bell of evening tolls thy name. Touch not the sky, for by heaven's will I shall strip thee of thy wings!
    • What makes the above even more satisfying is that, when Hassan sheds his disguise, Tiamat vocally reacts. It's clear that she can tell who he is and what he's there to do. And it scares the hell out of her.
    • Remember when Gilgamesh got serious at the end of Fate/hollow ataraxia? Before dying to Tiamat's injury, with the last of his power and using his own body as a catalyst, Caster Gilgamesh summoned his Archer self who decides to go all out to defend what's left of Babylonia and finally strikes down the corrupt goddess. His attitude is even reflected in-game, with the support Gilgamesh having unique sprite and dialogue compared to his summoned counterpart.
  • Because of your success in this order, Solomon has finally decided that you're a threat and has invited you to come fight him in his fortress in the year 2016. The final battle is nigh!

The Grand Temple of Time: Solomon

  • Solomon sends all of his Demon Pillars to attack Chaldea and humanity: 63 of them scattered through time-space and 8 attacking Chaldea.
  • Several Servants from every singularity show up to help you fight them off, with Jeanne making her speech from the first trailer. You have to fight the eight attacking Chaldea, each pillar representing all the singularities you've visited, with each fight having an awesome remix of each singularity's map theme.
  • The playerbase was not playing around. Within 48 hours, the combination of the playerbase's pure greed and anger finally killed all of the Demon Pillars.
  • Then Solomon unleashes another Demon Pillar, Andromalius. This time, almost all of the event Servants arrive to give you backup! This demon also ends up dead before the day's over. Dantes deserves a specific mention here as the protagonist and Mash push forward he's fighting Andromalius on his own and winning. All while the demon pillar curses at their choice to ever try to include Dantes in their plans to begin with.
  • The victory scenes against the Demon Pillars are all one big collection of post-mortem one-liners.
    Flauros, the Information Center - Information Center, Terminated
    Forneus, the Observatory - Observatory, Closed
    Barbatos, the Control Tower - Control Tower, Collapsed
    Halphas, the Armory - Armory, Impasse
    Amon, the Gazing Star - Gazing Star, Extinguished
    Sabnock, the Chamber of Life - Chamber of Life, Dead
    Andromalius, the Trash Heap - Trash Heap, Shutdown
  • Culminating in the victory scene after defeating the Big Bad: Singularity, Collapsed.
  • And then there's the final battle. Whew. Epic would be an understatement for describing that event. Let's see...
    • Mash manages to shield the Protagonist from Solomon's Noble Phantasm with her own at the cost of her own life.
    • Dr. Roman reveals himself to be the actual Solomon and promptly uses his final Noble Phantasm, Ars Nova, to completely remove himself from the Throne of Heroes, rendering the fake Solomon vulnerable. The protagonist and their Heroic Spirits then launch all their might at the Big Bad, defeating him, all with an orchestrated version of Shikisai playing in the background.
    • The fake Solomon, who is actually one of the Beasts, Demon King Goetia, first tries to directly attack you but you manage to defend yourself against his blows with Mash's shield and use a Command Spell to strengthen yourself and punch him back. This scene is interspersed with others showing that Goetia's control over the Demon Pillars is totally falling apart, with some shutting down, others surrendering and begging for mercy, one losing its mind and eating its companions as it goes on a self-destructive rampage, many choosing to fight on to the bitter end, and a few even outright defecting to the heroes side.
    • As the Timeless Temple collapses Goetia gathers all of his remaining willpower and challenges the protagonist one last time, using Solomon's shattered corpse as a vessel. After another climactic battle he fails once again and dies for good. Consider that Epic of Remnant's events are driven partially because of a Demon Pillar seeking revenge not just because Goetia was defeated, but also because it wasn't a Servant who did it. Goetia, who was still powerful enough to give many a run for their money even in his dying throes, was canonically defeated by a near-completely average Master who just happened to be at Chaldea the day he set his plan into motion, using nothing but their Command Spells, their kouhai's shield, and a pure, overwhelming desire to not give up. God damn.
    • Fou, who is revealed to actually be Beast IV and Primate Murder, gives up all of his power in order to resurrect Mash, a feat that not even True Magic could accomplish. And with that and your return to Chaldea, the future was saved by a lowly magus (now promoted to the rank of Cause) and their Servant and the Grand Order is complete.

    Chapter 1. 5 — Epic of Remnant 

Quarantined Territory of Malice: Shinjuku

  • Holmes and Moriarty can understand the animal language which is demonstrated when they translate the chat between Fou and Cavall II. They say it can be learned with a little bit of practicing.
  • Moriarty finally gets a victory over his hated nemesis by backstabbing Sherlock at the opportune moment.
  • One of the most awesome moments in mystery works is when the culprit was revealed and the one doing it after the final battle is you.
    Protagonist: "James Moriarty! You're the culprit!"
  • Altria and Emiya Alter team up to destroy the giant asteroid summoned by Moriarty, complete with a Theme Music Power-Up for Saber Alter as she unleashes Excalibur Morgan on the debris of what remains of the asteroid after Emiya used Unlimited Lost Works to break it up.

Abyssal Cyber Paradise: SE.RA.PH

SE.RA.PH is filled with all kinds of awesome, whether it be the big moments or the little things.
  • Gawain manages to hold his ground against Passionlip all by himself and when you meet up with him, he's battered but not defeated.
  • Meltryllis has fallen into the waste disposal area defending you from a Demon Pillar and Beckman is trying to call you back to the church to regroup. When you refuse and he starts trying to threaten to report you for insubordination when everything is over your response is to simply cut the line on the entitled asshole.
  • The final boss battle against the Demonic Bodhisattva is awesome. She's a Beast, which means you can't defeat her normally and have to debuff her like mad with the Kiara Punishers you've farmed in the event. But even if you buy every debuff, it's still a very challenging fight! She has 3 HP bars, very fearsome attacks, and her NP removes any buffs you've stacked before dealing damage. This is all set to an awesome and intense battle theme. All in all, a very intense battle and satisfying ending to the event.
  • The two times when Passionlip and Meltryllis use Virgin Laser Palladion:
    • The first time is during an alternate timeline where Kiara won, since only Meltryllis and Passionip were left to stop her. Since all was lost, rather than being aimed at Kiara, it was aimed upward, towards the surface. Due to the unique nature of SE.RA.PH, this resulted in Meltryllis traveling back in time to the beginning, allowing her to Kill and Replace her past self so she can save you without arousing Kiara's suspicion.
    • The second time this time Kiara is losing and she tries to escape by shutting off the gravity field, sending the heroes floating away while Kiara is drifting away with the still sinking SE.RA.PH. Empowered by Command Spell, Meltryllis and Passionlip once again fire off Virgin Laser Palladion, this time in order to deal the finishing blow to Kiara.
  • Kiara tries to hijack Melt's body in a desperate last grab at survival only for EMIYA Alter, at this point in his death throes, to muster enough strength to shoot Melt free long enough for Tristan to pull her away and then once again kill the deranged cult leader turned Beast.

Subterranean World of Folklore: Agartha

  • Astolfo using Casseur di Logistilla and d'Eon using Fleur-de-Lys in tandem to nullify the Amazons' battle cry.
  • Megalos is Heracles taken up a notch, with da Vinci calling him less a person and more of a force of nature as he wrecks his way through everyone.
  • Christopher Columbus is about to revive Megalos after a long hard fight. Cue one normal man sniping Columbus, and uses his own words of "never giving up" against him, allowing Young!Fergus to finish Columbus off.
  • Young Fergus shatters Laputa, a floating island, with his Caladbolg.

The Stage of Carnage: Shimousa

  • Muramasa's first appearance in the chapter is this as well. Lancer of Purgatorio attacks him and aims to kill him in a single blow, and Muramasa returns with a Big "SHUT UP!", sidestepping the attack entirely and taking off Lancer's entire upper body in a single blow. Lancer regenerates in an instant and tells Muramasa that it's of no use... and then Muramasa does it again with another katana after the first one broke.
  • Caster of Limbo tries to win irony points by implanting a Curse of Annihilation on Musashi. The protagonist, someone he's done nothing but look down on, responds with Rain of Isis, shattering his ancient brainwashing curse in one second. Limbo's subsequent Villainous Breakdown is well-deserved.
  • Sengo Muramasa's Badass Boast against Amakusa Shirou, with a brand-new remix of EMIYA playing. Even better is that Amakusa had just used a reality marble on the party and they were all backed into a corner only for the new remix to start. And any fan of the Fate franchise knows that whenever EMIYA starts playing the tables are about to be turned and serious ass is about to be kicked.
    Why I, a swordsmith, out of all people, was summoned
    instead of the invincible swordsman, Juubei
    instead of the one praised as a master of espionage, Hanzo
    instead of the renowned caster Abe no Senmei.
    For being unable to foresee that, this is your defeat.

    I once sought to create the ultimate blade.
    Not a blade of steel to sunder flesh, or bone, or life.
    No, what I sought was to bury hate.
    A blade that would sever bonds. Sever fate. Sever karma.

    Upon one's arrival are countless tools.
    Carved over a thousand blades, forming a pile of swords.
    This is the place where all paths cross.
    This is the place where all desires flow.
    This is the place where all deaths await.
    My whole life was for this single swing.

    The heart of the blade is right here!
    Take this, this is my Tsumugari Muramasa!!!
  • The final fight is a Duel Boss battle with Musashi against Sasaki Kojirou. Kojirou even appears as a Saber, has brand new artwork by Takeuchi himself and has updated animations , including a brand new animation for Tsubame-Gaeshi. For a Servant who went largely unnoticed in the story before that point, he came into the spotlight with an impact.
  • The clash after the Duel Boss. The description is pretty much summed up as Musashi's "zero" vs Kojirou's "infinity".

The Forbidden Advent Garden: Salem

  • The Chaldea Crew fight someone possessed by an OUTER GOD. The big shots in the Nasuverse, The Magocracy, The Church, etc., were trying to help hold it in and failing. It takes the combined efforts of the Queen of freaking Sheba and the Great Witch Circe to contain the target long enough to quell the host. They were barely succeeding, before your team pummel it to submission. If you fail? The Counter Force itself is winding its arm to defeat her.
  • Said boss has type-disadvantage against Alter-Ego servants. While this means you can ruin the atmosphere of the final battle by bringing along the Mecha Eli-Chans, it also means you can take Okita Alter and Kiara to take her down. Suddenly, an Anti-Climax Boss swings back around to an epic showdown involving an actual agent of the Counter Force or a (sort of) reformed Evil of Humanity beating back an evil from beyond the stars.

    Chapter 2 — Cosmos in the Lostbelt 
  • We have a new opening for the second part, and it's way better than the first! The artwork and animation are sharp and clean as expected from Studio Troyca with the protagonist and Mash, ready to fight for the future once again!

Prologue/December 26, 2017

  • Turns out that Sherlock Holmes is an unregistered Servant at Chaldea. This comes to his (and Chaldea's) advantage that he is not banished like other servants, allowing him to smuggle their Saint Graphs and themselves away in advance. His reason for doing so? He already saw the crisis coming.
  • Mash, despite being unable to fight as a result of being unable to use any of her Servant abilities for a year, urges you to use a Command Spell on her so that she can fight again. Servant or not, she is a brave girl.
  • After the group makes a hasty escape from Kirei Kotomine, Anastasia and their army via the emergency shelter, we find out what Da Vinci has prepared for this occasion: a Shadow Border that takes the form of an APC which can travel through dimensions! Coupled with her Body Double, it's quite clear that Da Vinci has a few "aces in the hole" for such a disadvantageous situation.
  • Kotomine impaling Da Vinci through the chest is pretty awesome too. Seems like everyone's favorite Sinister Minister still has it.

Anastasia: Permafrost Empire

  • A big highlight of the battle is Avicebron's Adam vs Ivan the Terrible's Giant Mammoth, which wouldn't look out of place in a Godzilla show. Because Avicebron sacrificed himself to bring Adam to full power, the player is the one controlling the Golem Keter Malkuth; this is represented in gameplay by your Master Skills being overwritten by suitably overpowered Golem Skills with quick cooldowns, as you support your Servants who are taking on Ivan himself. Finally, to make Ivan vulnerable, Avenger is using his hatred-imbued Magic Music to debuff him - and he plays a frantic piano version of Mozart's Dies Irae, which goes on as the battle plays! Afterwards, Ivan is still standing and is about to fire his Noble Phantasm, a massive Wave-Motion Gun from his mammoth. Cue Mash, who has been depowered since Solomon, using Ortenaus to partially reform "Lord Camelot" into "Mold Camelot", forming a barrier that tanks the blast much like what happened all the way back in Fuyuki. Our kohai is back.
  • A comment sums up the craziness of this Lostbelt and what it will mean for future ones:
    TheWhiteKnight: So, let me get this straight. You are fighting a Russian Tsar who has altered his body to be like a saber-toothed tiger and a mammoth combined, who has also gained power comparable to a God, who is riding around in a giant magical electric mammoth, all the while Mozart's angsty rival is playing some cool tunes in his piano, and the mythical shirtless Beowulf and one of the greatest swordsmen of Japan turned waifu AND a mythical female greek warrior turned catgirl in berserk mode are all fighting alongside you and your harem of legends in a post-apocalyptic frozen wasteland where everyone turned into furries.

Götterdämmerung: Eternal Icy Fire Century

  • The prologue gives us Kotomine (with a rocket launcher at hand) chasing down the Shadow Border just by running; even though he's now a Demi-Servant, not many proper servants can achieve this feat. He then catches up to Kadoc (who tried to escape) from behind, faking his death and bring him back to Russia. Not only did he cheat Holmes under his nose, it clearly shows he's one of the greater threats you and your team will face in the future.
  • As soon as you enter the Nordic Lostbelt, there are quite few moments for both the protagonists and the antagonists:
    • After the protagonists defeated a group of Jotunn, a masked Servant wielding a demonic sword quickly approaches the Shadow Border. While Goldorf proposes to avoid it by diving into the imaginary numbers space, the Servant simply stops the Shadow Border during its dive, by lifting the whole thing and throwing it around like a ragdoll, with his bare hands.
    • The masked Servant proceeds to cut through the external armor and the inner multi-layer barrier of Shadow Border - a barrier strengthened by Da Vinci, Paracelsus, and Nitocris in the past with magecraft from the Age of Gods, which Holmes compares to a fort made of divine steel - easily, with his demonic sword. Even Holmes is impressed about it.
    • The masked Servant proceeds to overwhelm Mash and Holmes - not with his demonic sword, but with a simple short sword. He keeps it up for a while before Holmes deduces his identity as Sigurd, the Warrior King of Norse myths and son of Sigmund, and points out a few oddness on him. At which point Sigurd decides to hack the detective's right arm clean off with his demonic sword - Gram - and silently cast a Rune of Death on Holmes, which is powerful enough to force Heroic Spirits to stop all movement lest they face certain death. Both Da Vinci and Holmes quickly realize that such a powerful Rune Magic originates from the Primordial Runes created by Odin himself, passed to Sigurd by Brynhildr. It further cements Ophelia's claims of Sigurd being "the strongest knight".
    • Then there is the reveal that Sigurd wasn't even trying to kill the protagonists. Da Vinci noted that if Sigurd's intention was the Border's destruction, he would not have attacked them the way he did. This is even more impressive when the player knows that as per its myth where it was broken and reforged, Sigurd's Gram is a redesigned version of the original one Gilgamesh used back in Fate/stay night, which would be broken and reforged into the strongest demonic sword, only equaled by the strongest holy sword Excalibur. In other words, it is an Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm, and Sigurd could have demolished the Border with it if he had wanted to.
    • On Chaldea's side, the fact that they didn't even consider giving up despite being told repeatedly by Sigurd about the difference in their power impresses even Sigurd himself - as well as the entity currently occupying and operating Sigurd's body. Sigurd even manages to stop his body from executing the protagonist at the last second, leading the entity within Sigurd to spare Chaldea and leave as soon as he gets what he came for: Chaldea's imaginary navigation system, the compass Paper Moon.
  • Napoleon is able to cripple Surtr significantly with his cannon and even when stabbed by the giant, he manages to get in one laugh at how it couldn't even kill him directly with one fell swoop. This act also inspires Ophelia to stand up against Surtr, using her Sirius Light to sever the link between them, finally giving Chaldea a chance to take down the King of the Giants.
    • The above description does not do justice. To elaborate: stopping Surtr is, by all conventional means, impossible. His sword has priority over all living things, a kind of absolute affinity usually only reserved for the Beast class. Napoleon, challenging Surtr, is run through by this very same titanic blade, and not only does he not die instantly, he blows it to hell and hangs on long enough to bask in and boast of his victory. Why? Because he's Napoleon goddamn Bonaparte.

SIN: Synchronized Intellect Nation

  • The enemy summons a giant meteor to destroy the village where Chaldea is parked. The tank can escape, but the villagers cannot evacuate in time. What happens? Spartacus asks the Protagonist to use a Command Spell on him, ordering him to "Jump!". He tanks the meteor with his NP, saving the village at the cost of his Saint Graph being irreparably damaged, and he fades soon after he hits the ground. It's later revealed this moment is so awe-inspiring that people have begun to wish for Heroic Spirits just on the basis of this one act.
    Spartacus: Humans! Open your eyes, and turn your gaze upwards! This leap is the very pinnacle of liberation! It is the irrational act that will triumph over this adversity! The wings of freedom! If this star means to oppress the sky itself, then I too shall become a star-a rebellious morning star that lights the world below! Hahahahaha! Wonderful! This pain is honor! This pain is life! I can feel my love about to explode! Warcry Overload!!!
  • Koyanskaya finally gets her just desserts when Li Shuwen incapacitates her with a sudden surprise attack and Qin Shi Huang imprisons her.
  • The fact that Li is able to fight you at all later on is impressive in and of itself. Why? He's not a Servant! Aside from the magic Qin used to keep him alive, this Li is a completely normal old man capable of fighting Servants to a standstill and nearly killed Koyanskaya on the spot. Even Bedivere needed his enchanted arm!
  • Unlike our history, Jing Ke actually succeeds in killing Qing Shi Huang. The two had a heated debate about humans' responsibility and future beforehand, while the Emperor boasts his Lostbelt is better because he managed to unify the Earth under absolute peace; she then taunts him with the inability to produce mobile phones, saying that while pan-history humans are flawed, they will never stop marching on against their hardship and strive for a better future as a whole, no matter how limited their possibilities are. It's then revealed that the mobile phone talk is a ploy for allowing a virus to infect his mechanical body, shutting him down. Sure, the Emperor gets better and kills Jing Ke on the spot, but that she actually induces fear in him and kills him for once is nothing short of impressive.
    • Heck the speech once translated ain't bad either!
      Jing Ke: You still don't get it, do you? Proper Human History is light-years ahead of you in terms of communication and data storage and access. And in our world, with all its conflict, any technology can be used as a weapon... not that I'm proud of that. For example... did you know it's possible to poison a computer just by communicating with it?
      Qin Shi Huang: ...Wha...!!!??? You...$#*& in that toy...<&@u '$' 3 III....
      Jing Ke: Yes. You obviously wanted to have a lofty discussion about worldviews and philosophy... but I'm really just here to kill you. Even if I had to goad you into scanning this phone so you'd end up downloading the virus in it.
    • Qin Shi Huang himself gets one soon after. After the above near death experience, he genuinely comes to respect Proper Human History and their achievements, so much so that he willingly engages with them in an honorable duel, not out of hatred or malice, but to see once and for all which of their worlds has the right to live on as humanity's future. And when he loses, he accepts it like the graceful Emperor that he is and even personally helps Chaldea take down the Tree of Emptiness soon after. As Da Vinci puts it, he's been alive for so long that nothing, not even his world being pruned from history, can make him succumb to despair.

Tokugawa's World-Changing Labyrinth

  • The way Kama/Mara is ultimately taken down. Even though she effectively has infinite versions of herself, Munenori is able to cut them down at a consistent pace, and with help of Kasuga tries to go for the kill. Knowing that the fake Muramasa Munenori he has can kill her due to being a fake Tokugawa, Kama/Mara removes the Tokuwaga and Ooku traits from herself. Except by doing that, she lost her Authority over the Ooku, meaning that Kasuga is the one with absolute Authority over the Ooku, which she uses to kick Kama/Mara out of the castle and thus allowing Parvati to use Trishula Shakti to finish her off.

Yuga Kshetra: Samsara of Genesis and Terminus

  • Karna gets a proper showing with one of his most heroic acts being his sacrifice against Arjuna Alter by completely blocking his world destroying attack with Kavacha and Kundala.
  • Goredolf driving the Shadow Border at full speed to pick everyone up and take them to the Skyboulder. Do note that on top of having to avoid the Kali, Sacred Beasts, and Arjuna's bombardment, Da Vinci and Meunière have their hands full pushing the engine as fast as it will go without exploding, so as far as handling goes Goredolf is doing this completely unassisted. And unlike the first time where he took the wheel because Holmes was unavailable, this time it's because Goredolf is the better driver.
  • The Captain reveals himself to be Nemo. That Nemo as he enhances the Shadow Border with his Noble Phantasm to sail across a toxic sea to the final battle.
  • The Grand Battle between Arjuna Alter and Super Karna, which is preluded by an absolutely gorgeous CG of the two fighting illustrated by pako as they finally, finally are allowed to go all out with nothing restraining them.
  • The follow-up battle of Chaldea vs Pepe's servant Ashwatthama and Fantasy Tree Spiral.

Ancient Ocean of the Dreadnought Gods: Atlantis

Atlantis is said to be the biggest Lostbelt, and bow howdy, they weren't kidding:
  • For one, you're going up against the Greek Gods, and their advanced civilization.
  • Wodime fights you... by himself?! And as a Caster?! He even has his own Noble Phantasm!
    • Made more awesome when you realize that he's not even a Servant. He's using his magecraft to his full potential within the unique conditions of his Lostbelt to fight and he absolutely dominates Chaldea.
    • The first thing he does when the heroes arrive in his Lostbelt is letting Odysseus and Caenis confront them and Odysseus orders the true form of Artemis to destroy the Nautilus. He wasn't kidding when he said he wasn't going to underestimate Chaldea.
  • Orion, the little bear and Butt-Monkey, finally becomes his own Servant... And is in fact Grand Archer.
  • Heracles final stand against Artemis is an Offscreen Moment of Awesome for both parties involved.
    • Artemis gets to show off her true power outside of using Orion's Saint Graph. Remember that boast she made way back in Okeanos about being able to bypass Heracles' God Hand at full power? Turns out, she did just that, and took out the strongest of the Argonauts from orbit.
    • It took Artemis two shots of her orbital laser to kill Heracles. This version of Artemis is even stronger than Panhuman history's and has all the power and Authority that entails, making Heracles' God Hand practically useless against her. This means that Heracles took a blow from a fully powered Machine God, survived, and actually required a second shot just to put him down.
    • Jason has the balls to tell off Caenis after she insults Heracles for his above sacrifice:
      Caenis: Cry about it all you want, Jason. Your precious Heracles isn't here to save your sorry ass anymore. Not since that stupid Artemis got serious and blew him to pieces!
      Jason: ...
      Caenis: Gotta say though. I don't get that guy. Why in the world did he bother saving someone as pathetic as you?
      Jason: ...Believe me, I wish I knew.
      Caenis: Maybe he'd just got sick and tired of your useless dead weight dragging him down everywhere he went?
      Jason: ...
      Orion: You little -!
      Caenis: Hey, don't get mad at me, Orion. Knowing Jason there, I bet he's been whining about pretty much the same thing himself.
      Jason: You know you're not wrong! So hey, while we're asking questions, I've got one for you too, Caenis.
      Caenis: Say what?
      Jason: Seeing how you supposedly despise the gods more than anyone...I was just wondering how it feels being their little errand bitch? My best guess at this point is that you're some kind of masochist or something. I can't think of any other explanation.
      Caenis: ...
      Jason: Hey, don't be ashamed! We all have our own kinks! But you really shouldn't go around pushing yours on others, Caenis! Most people just can't handle that kind of humiliation!
      Caenis: ...You got a big mouth for such a little punk bitch. So you know what? I'm gonna take my time with you.
      Jason: Go ahead and try! I dare you! Nobody insults Heracles in front of me and gets away with it. You goddamn piece of trash!
      Protagonist: Calm down, Jason!
      Jason: Like hell I will! Let's go everyone!
  • All the Argonauts and their Pan-Human History allies sacrifice their lives to help Chaldea make way to Olympus:
    • Chiyome stays behind so she can implant herself inside Echidna's womb, putting her snake curse on all of the offsprings.
    • After fighting to resist control from Odysseus, Charlotte finally ends him in a Mutual Kill.
    • Once again, Achilles faces the Lostbelt version of his teacher, Chiron and dies fighting him as Chaldea faces off Artemis' True Form.
    • Hektor, being summoned by Achilles to help the rest of the crew, blocks one of Artemis' lasers by throwing Durindana with enough force to tear his right arm off. Mandricardo then takes the Durindana to block off another shot from Artemis at the cost of his own life.
    • Paris, with the help of Apollo's Authority, turns himself into an arrow which would be used by Orion to destroy Artemis.
    • Orion gives up his status as a Grand Archer so he can take down Artemis who is in orbit. And then the cutscene of Orion shooting down Artemis. Yes, a cutscene in a similar style to something like Witch on the Holy Night.
    • Finally, Jason sacrifices himself to defeat Chiron.

Olympus: Interstellar Mountainous City

Olympus then does the impossible and proceeds to outdo Atlantis in terms of awesomeness as well as difficulty:
  • First of all, there are the EVEN MORE ridiculous ways that the Olympians must be fought in, for example:
    • The defeat of Aphrodite: Mash just straight up changes her servant class to GUNNER just to equip a huge laser cannon - The Black Barrel - and shoots her with it, she gets her own animated cutscene for it.
    • The above forgot about the first time Mash unleashed her GUNNER class as well as the first time the cutscene happens: It's during the Demeter fight. Right after you beat Demeter, she then shows that her Shield now has a laser cannon, which as the above said, is The Black Barrel (Who the hell expected this?) note  Which she then fires at Demeter, finally defeating the goddess (and considering the absolute hell of a boss fight she was, it's really cathartic to watch). The first time that Black Barrel Replica is fired.
  • Pepe gets his revenge against Ashiya Douman for messing with the Indian Lostbelt by destroying his shikigami bodies and preventing him from ever escaping death again. After all the crap Douman has pulled, watching his body break apart while cursing Pepe is very satisfying.
  • The battle against Zeus who possesses the Authorities of the other Olympians. He destroys a Giant Mecha the protagonists were utilizing only for Chaldea to turn the tables against him by using said mecha as a catalyst to summon Ares from Panhuman History to help out. The Grand Lancer, Romulus Quirinus, then shows up to neutralize Zeus' Authority, allowing Mash to finish him off with the Black Barrel!
  • Musashi's Heroic Sacrifice in a bid to sever the link between Olympus and the Void that Chaos resides in, given the latter's nigh-invincible nature. With a single impossible slash that cuts the Void, she reaches Beyond Zero and achieves the true emptiness she has been chasing for so long, with the price being her entire existence across all timelines.
  • Of the many, many awesome moments in this chapter, the greatest is without a doubt a dying Wodime kicking a fully descended Foreign God out of the Lostbelt to save Chaldea. Did we mention that said Foreign God is also known as Beast VII? That's right, Wodime took on the ultimate enemy of FGO and forced it back off of Earth. While bleeding out from the stab wound Beryl inflicted. Ace of the A-team indeed.
  • Beryl manages to stab Wodime, but the only reason he was able to do so is because Kirschtaria was too busy blocking a Rhongomyniad blast from the Britain Lostbelt to defend himself.
  • It should be noted that while Beast VII didn't actually take any damage from Wodime, his action surprised it enough that it chose to pause the invasion for some time, so he still did the best for us.

Naraka Mandala, Heian-kyo - Thunderous Flash

  • The lead-up to the final battle with Douman has him fusing with the Tree of Emptiness after having it absorb Ibuki-Douji, the resident Lostbelt King, ascending to a near-Beast level threat. What does Kintoki do? He calls a massive bolt of lightning down to summon the Golden Huge Bear (the mecha mentioned above)! Not only that, Ibuki manages to partly fight off the assimilation to lend Kintoki her Sword of Kusanagi, and in all in a wonderfully animated cutscene, to boot!
  • Abe no Seimei, while not appearing in person, helped the team all the way up to the final battle, including taunting Douman directly for why he can't become a proper Beast.
  • The final battle with Douman ends with him trying to taunt Chaldea while getting away, only for Danzo to be the one to deal the final blow with her Moonflower Noble Phantasm.

Fae Round Table Domain: Avalon le Fae

  • Pepe dies protecting us from humans infected by the Mors, but not before paying Beryl back for his betrayal by unleashing the curses HE released just to torture other humans. It is IMMENSELY SATISFYING to see that smug bastard finally receiving his comeuppance.
    • Not to mention he spends 3 minutes to kill 500 infected humans while taking all said curses for himself so that he gives Beryl some payback.
  • Muramasa once again proves his chops as the Ultimate Blacksmith by performing a Heroic Sacrifice in order to forge Excalibur for Altria Casternote . Even more awesome is that he not only prevents her from sacrificing herself to forge the sword, but he also manages to escape the Foreign God's control over him.
  • During Mash's battle against Barghest in her Black Dog form, the conditions are just right that Mash is able to summon the PHH versions of Gawain and Lancelot on her own to temporarily fight by her side.
    • Even better, should you summon Barghest after clearing the sixth Lostbelt, she remembers this. Her fourth ascension line also goes from despair to hope, as the glory of the Knights of the Round Table give her enough Heroic Willpower to overcome the curse.
    • When she possessed Galahad's power during her amensia, she actually fought Fae Knight Lancelot, the strongest fighter in the Lostbelt except Morgan, to a standstill, even for only just a while.
  • The heroes finally putting Cernunnos down by a combination of 12 Rhongomyniad-turned-Excalibur, the stored up magic that Morgan stole from her subjects and the Black Barrel to destroy the Horned Godís curse stuffed corpse.
  • After everything is said and done, Oberon returns and reveals that not only is he the final calamity, but his true identity as Vortigern of the Pretender class is also showcased as he transforms into a gigantic Draconic Abomination as heís finally free to enact his plan to devour Britain and destroy Proper Human History unless Chaldea stops him in the final battle.
    • The real kicker of this? He still got what he wanted. While heís beaten before he could break into PHH the damage he does to Britain during the final battle is enough that Cosmos Denial begins to set in.
  • When it looks like Aurora has a chance to escape the collapsing Lostbelt with Melusine, the latter simply stabs her and leaves her to bleed out, as she knows that Auroraís delusional purpose of wanting to be the brightest and most loved person would be unachievable in PHH.note  Some also see this as Melusine's act as a Mercy Kill, but the fact that someone finally killed Aurora for all the shit she did (including her betrayal of Knocknarea for petty reasons) still helps.

Traum: Life and Death of a Certain Fantasy

Golden Sea of Trees Travelogue: Nahui Mictlan


The Garden of Order

Fate/Accel Zero Order

  • Future Waver taking Kayneth for a ride by tricking him into thinking he's important in the future and the Holy Grail War is a conspiracy against him. Kayneth ends up falling for it and leaves Fuyuki with his wife, leaving Diarmuid free to help the heroes.
  • El-Melloi II's Crazy Enough to Work plan to take out Gilgamesh consists of assembling a few Servants together and having them simply walk up to his face and challenge him to combat. El-Melloi II's reasoning is that Gilgamesh's ego will lead him to hold back against someone who's fighting head-on to assert his dominance, whereas if he was ambushed he would reflexively use his full power to defend himself. And it worked.
  • The third and final battle against the mystery Assassin. Fed up with your constant interference, Assassin doesn't even bother using his Presence Concealment to ambush you, instead simply walking right up to you and challenging you to one final, all or nothing duel. In the fight itself, Assassin pulls out all the stops, using his full power against you all while "The Battle is to the Strongest" plays in the background.
  • Iskander charging through the Matou Manor, rescuing Sakura and burning the place to the ground. Then he uses Sakura as a bargaining chip to convince Kariya to cut off his Command Seal arm, saving his life from the Crest Worms since they only want mana.
  • Iskander (even after knowing the truth of this War) doesn't want to go down without fighting, so he challenges your party. Old Waver (Zhuge Liang), joins your party, making this the fight of the greatest King of Conquerors versus the Legendary Tactician of Three Kingdoms. In the end, El-Melloi II defeats Iskander's Ionioi Hetairoi with his Stone Sentinel Maze. Iskander then disappears after praising old Waver, that he has finally surpassed him.
  • At the Greater Grail cave, Lancelot, with Zouken as his Master, injuring old Waver so he can't fight anymore. Your party fights him, but Zouken immediately uses a Command Spell to make Lancelot use his Knight of Honor NP! This is the second scripted battle scene, after Saber Alter's back in Zeroth Order.
  • The final Grand Battle against Dark Irisviel, with Point Zero playing full-force in the background. The buildup in the preceding cutscene is also awesome, with many Fate/Zero tracks building up the atmosphere for the imminent fight and El-Melloi II giving the younger Waver his own fusion with Zhuge Liang.
  • The Stinger, where Angra Mainyu reveals his presence to the mystery Assassin after the heroes have defeated Dark Irisviel and left for Chaldea. After exchanging a few words, Assassin removes his hood, revealing himself as Emiya Kiritsugu, before charging into battle against All The World's Evils. All while the battle theme during his fight with Kirei, "The battle is to the strong", peaks up!

Restless Drunk Demons Capital - Rashomon

  • The "Subdue Ibaraki-douji" Event is proof of what happens when an entire game server fights together against a common enemy. Ibaraki's HP as a raid boss is clocked at an impossible 2 trillion (that's right, 13 digits of HP)... and players depleted them in less than 48 hours!
    • Being split into 7 phases, the very last one takes it further by having 10 trillion HP, and got depleted by more than half in less than 12 hours.

Tenma's Marvelous Folklore - Onigashima

  • The "Onigashima" event also includes raid battles, only this time the raids unlocked 10 minutes after defeating the previous raid. In about 3 days, the community breezed through the entire event.
  • The June 2017 Rerun is even crazier due to the inclusion of Merlin, with Ibaraki losing her Day One 3 trillion HP in just around 3 and a half hours. Fans summed up the event saying that she was bullied so hard even more than Barbartos, that the later players woke up to an Oni already beaten black and blue all over before they even started playing the event!! Let's see the rest of the days:
    • Day 2 has her HP at 6 trillion... which is depleted in around 8 hours.
    • Day 3 has her HP at 8 trillion... which is depleted in around 12 hours.
    • Day 4 has her HP at 10 trillion... which is depleted in around 13 hours.
    • Day 5 has her HP at 12 trillion... which is depleted in around 20 hours. It's a Monday, cut the players some slack.
    • Day 6 has her HP lowered a bit at 10 trillion... which is depleted in around 19 hours. What makes this day stand out is that the enemies are Rider class, supposedly destroying the main damage supports who are Caster class. This didn't slow down the players at all!!
    • Day 7 has her HP at 8 trillion... which is depleted in around 11 hours.
  • When the event was coming to the North American server, many were wondering whether or not the developers would modify Ibaraki's health pool to account for the NA playerbase being roughly half the size of Japan's during their first raid. The developers responded by...raising her HP on the second day by five-hundred billion. Even with these handicaps, the players still managed to defeat Ibaraki at every stage of the event.

Chaldea Summer Memory ~The White Beach of Relaxation~

  • Scathach can create almost anything with runes. Her creations range from a rocket ship to an interdimensional portal.
  • Martha's personal quest on part 2, beside full of memes, is actually awesome. It's Beowulf vs. Martha, a (technically) one-on-one fisticuff battle. Martha shows how awesome her hand-to-hand combat technique that she inherits from Jacob (that can wrestle an angel), and defeating Beowulf with a cross-counter. This shows that Martha is not a pacifist saint that prefer to preach to her enemies, but punch them into submission (just like what happened to Tarrasque).

The Exhibition Matches of Nero Festival 2016

  • The Exhibition Matches of Nero Festival 2016 pits you against Servants at peak performance.
    • The first against Heracles is pure awesome (albeit difficult). This is the peak power of Heracles as a Berserker-class Servant, with God Hand and its' 11 times resurrection, Eye of the Mind, and Nine Lives.
    • In the same vein, the fourth exhibition match is Siegfried with his Armor of Fafnir (200% defense on top of a 90% damage cut) and Das Rheingold (full NP on turn 1). Who's "sumanai" now?
    • The fifth against Medb in her full capacity as the Mother of Warriors. She has an army that buffs her to high heavens and permanently Charms any males you decided to bring.
    • The sixth is Gilgamesh. His "King" version is him without mercy, breaking out a bunch of buffs that make him incredibly powerful. His "Hero" version is him fighting a worthy enemy. Nothing more needs to be said.
    • And the last one pits you against six Servants with various buffs and debuffs. This fight was so damn hard, DW had to nerf it a day after release.

Nero Festival 2017

  • Spartacus. We face his massive regeneration from Crying Warmonger at its full glory, as he heals an absurd amount of HP each turn and his NP is unblockable by any defense. This is his peak power, to destroy all oppressors!!
  • Arash's Guts buff lets him unleash the true power of Stella without worrying about dying.
  • Arjuna and Karna work in tandem, showing off what they can accomplish when not being bitter rivals.
  • King Hassan goes after everyone without remorse, even his own Hassan allies, using Azrael and his ability to instantly kill everyone, any Servant could be at risk of up and dying even from a light attack.

Apocrypha/Inheritance of Glory

Lady Reines Case Files

  • Reines/Sima Yi can find the weakness of any enemy. Using her ability on Barbatos; she reveals that because the main character has been instrumental in killing so many Demon God Pillars, they are the official weakness of them ingrained in reality itself.
  • During "Plus Episode" in the rerun, in order to protect the protagonist, Faker/Hephaestion chooses to activate Ionioi Hetairoi, disregarding the risk of burning out her Saint Graph. That's the first half; the second half consists of Iskandar answering her call and the two (along with the army) totally thrash the forces created by the berserk Mnemosyne.

The Great Ancient Shinsengumi Legend Guda Guda Yamataikoku 2020:

  • In one of the biggest close shaves in the history of the JP server, all raids have been cleared with only a few minutes to spare in an overall span of 24 hours, clocking in at 21 million in total. The last minutes of the raid was so cluttered that the server lagged. Why was there even a struggle in the first place? Blame certain gimmicks that were applied to the raid bosses, a poor drop rate with just as bad ascension materials (excluding the unfortunate Rider raid which had Genesis Eggs) and exhaustion from the previous event with was a lotto. The player count spiked hard due to the threat of actual consequences of not clearing them on time. This was such an event that it wound up trending on Twitter!!
  • In a repeat of history, the NA server almost did not complete the Yamataikoku raids. After several grindy events, the raid being mostly on weekdays and having a much smaller population than the JP server, the Haniwa Nobus were being defeated at a lackluster pace. The raid was only defeated after the NA server rallied and finished the final raid boss with only minutes to spare

  • The trailers, especially ones that detail new releases. They are 15 seconds of servant characters either engaging in battle, prepping their weapons, or performing dramatic poses in order to encourage the already building hype.
    • The trailer for the Okeanos release shows Jeanne, Caster Cu Chulainn, Altria, and Nero preparing for battle as well as a flash of other important Servants.
    • The trailer for London shows Babbage, Jekyll, Jack the Ripper, and Mordred vs Tesla.
    • The reveal trailer for the The Garden of Sinners crossover. From the moment Ryougi Shiki turns her knife to the camera and delivers her Blasphemous Boast, to Mash, Diarmuid and Scathach fighting against one of Caster Cu's Wicker Men, and ending with Shiki charging at Altria, all with Shiki's battle theme playing in the background. And as an added bonus this trailer was made by the ever-awesome ufotable.
      Ryougi Shiki: If you're living, then even if you're a god, watch me kill you.
    • The trailer for America shows Billy the Kid going up against Fergus and ''Saber'' Diarmuid, Scathach vs. Fionn, Thomas Edison, Florence Nightingale, Queen Medb and finally, Karna vs. Arjuna, which deserves special mention as both are shown to casually destroy mountains from a great range, Arjuna with an arrow, and Karna with the pressure from a spear swing, a feat which puts both on a completely different level to most Servants.
    • The trailer for the Fate/Accel Zero Order event has Adult Waver standing among Kayneth and his younger self, Lancelot saving a falling Mash in the middle of his dogfight with Gilgamesh, Iskander and Darius clashing at each other, each with the biggest grins on their faces, and a mysterious servant in a red cloak charging at Irisviel with dagger in hand... did we mention this trailer was made by ufotable?
    • Behold, the Camelot preview trailer! The preview features Bedivere, Gawain, Xuanzang, Nitocris, Ozymandias, the Hassan of Serenity, and regular Lancer Altria wielding Rhongomyniad.
    • The Prisma Illya crossover event, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya End Sacrifice's PV! It's Illya and Chloe versus every magical girl-themed Servant (Helena, Medea Lily, Nursery Rhyme, and Medb). And Mash!
    • The PV for the Shinjuku chapter is sooo edgy! It features all the new Servants (the bare-handed Assassin, the headless Avenger, and EMIYA Alter) in battle, finishing with the female protagonist's "edge" party (Sherlock Holmes, Edmond Dantes, Saber Alter, her, and Jeanne Alter), with black-themed suits in front of screens with Archer watching them, looking very ominous.
    • The PV for the CCC collab is done BB Channel-style as fit for the Extra universe. We can see the Alter Egos squaring off with Robin Hood and Tristan, Gawain vs. Suzuka (and it's her animated debut too!) finishing with Nero Bride crossing swords with BB. Oh, and Suzuka's Daishintou looms above them all in a zoomed-out shot. Oh, do we need to mention that it was made by SHAFT?
    • The trailer for the 3rd GUDAGUDA Event, GUDAGUDA Teito Seihai Kitan ~Far East Demonic Front 1945~ is a full 30 seconds of concentrated awesome. Featuring gorgeous shots of Nobu herself, a fierce clash between Shuwen and the new Assassin Izou Okada, followed by the new Rider Ryoma Sakamoto clashing with Nobu, and an incredible extended duel between Okita and her Alter self. All animated beautifully by A-1 Pictures!
    • The 4th anniversery CM. A-1 went all-out with this one, making 68 seconds of footage to show off the Servants, Masters and some more dangerous mobs like Chimeras and Orochi. Even the more comedic or event Servants like Mecha-Eli-chan or Ruler Martha look cool here.
  • A one-shot manga adapts Mash unlocking her Noble Phantasm, and the battle against blackened EMIYA. Awesomeness ensues for everyone involved.
    • To start off, the blackened EMIYA doesn't engage up close as he tends to do, instead using his bow and sniping from an order of kilometers away.
      Protagonist: Where are they attacking from!? Is it Archer!?
      Cu Chulainn: Yeah. But to think he'd be using a bow...
    • Olga Marie, stuck with a broken ankle forcing Protagonist to Bridal Carry her, starts shooting at the monsters ambushing them so that Mash can focus on EMIYA.
      Olga Marie: (thinking to herself) As if I'd be mere dead weight!
    • The Protagonist figuring out how EMIYA is sniping them wherever they go because her set up mirrors everywhere and then coming up with the plan to defeat him. Said plan is leaving him and Olga Marie sitting ducks inside a reinforced truck so that Mash can charge forward towards EMIYA without having to worry about them. Talk about guts.
    • EMIYA projects an imitation of Excalibur, heavily implied to be Excalibur Image, to wipe everyone out. Mash, determined not to let everyone die, activates her Noble Phantasm and completely tanks it before charging in for the kill.
    • Cu Chulainn showing back up just in time to save the Protagonist and Olga Marie from one last arrow.
  • Sega is making FGO Arcade, a 3D versus game that pits teams of Servants in a huge battlefield. That's right, the fighting game all Fate fans dreamed of is becoming real!!

    Fate/Grand Order: First Order 
  • The anime adaptation First Order provides many such moments for both Master and Servants alike, though the crowning achievements have to go to Mash and Caster Cu Chulainn.
    • Mash's first act upon obtaining her Servant powers is to bring up her shield and block a hail of arrows from the corrupted EMIYA, not at all moved by the dozens of arrows smashing into her. Her second act is delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle to the group of skeleton warriors attacking Olga Marie, swinging her shield about and using it like a giant claymore or club while they can't even hit her. Her crowning achievement, however, would be the adaptation of her moment against Saber Alter detailed above. While in-game she used her Noble Phantasm to block Excalibur Morgan, here she first blocks it (albeit losing ground) with just her shield alone, and once she activates it with the help of Ritsuka, she not only stops the attack, but sends it right back into Alter's face.
    • Caster Cu showing up to rescue the Chaldea group from Medusa Alter and then, with Mash's help, luring her into a trap to finish her off. He then fights EMIYA in both a long-range and melee fight ala their battle in UBW before winning, and then pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment to keep Saber Alter from killing the Chaldea group. By the end of the Singularity, he basically has defeated all the other Servants in the Grail War with the exception of Berserker. Cu probably gives one of the best examples of someone using their knowledge of an enemy Servant's identity and abilities to their advantage, which despite all the talk about it hardly shows up in the franchise. According to the old Fate guidebooks, Cu's Protection from Arrows skill won't save him from explosive arrows, meaning EMIYA's Broken Phantasms should normally be super-effective against him. However, because Cu knows about EMIYA's abilities, he is able to easily and deftly counter them by setting up an imitation of Scathach's Gate of Skye, allowing him to warp away Broken Phantasms before they have a chance to detonate.
    • It's complete nuts compared to everyone else's achievements, but watching Medusa messily killing what appears to be a petrified Shinji Matou is very satisfying to watch for any Fate fan.

    Fate/Grand Order: Moonlight/Lostroom 
  • This OVA chronologically happens between the Christmas 2017 event and Chapter 2's Prologue, which means Nasu planned the story way ahead, as always.
  • In Olga Marie's dream, she's fighting in an alternate America singularity against Rama, Nightingale, Caster Gilgamesh and Ishtar, to protect the Age of Man against those who want to return the Earth to the Age of Gods. On her team are EMIYA (Alter), Suzuka Gozen, Mephistoteles, Queen Medb, and most importantly, Cu Chulainn (Alter).
    • Cu Alter's debut has him storming Rama with a battle-hungry smirk, until Nightingale uses her NP... and Medb blocks it with her own.
    • Caster Gil and Ishtar opts to strike Olga Marie first, but she, being a superior magus than Ritsuka, prepares a magic shield that can block even magic attacks from the Age of Gods and an arrow shot by the Sumerian Goddess of War. Then she instructs EMIYA (Alter) and Mephistoteles to strike back and use his NP to detonate Caster Gil.
  • Galahad defeats all of Ritsuka's Servants single-handedly, and just like in First Order OVA, he deflected Saber Alter's Excalibur Morgan with his NP, this time the true Lord Camelot.
  • The Stinger. Seeing Solomon's throne floating in infinite emptiness and then someone just takes one of Solomon's rings. Only one. The fanbase can only think of one person that would do that...