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Nightmare Fuel / Fate/Grand Order

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Well, looks like Dr. Roman is about to give some good—oh god!
Surprisingly for a Mobile Phone Game (but not for a Fate work....) Fate/Grand Order has some incredibly dark parts. Needs Wiki Magic Love
  • First off: The world is fucking gone. Chaldea is the only place and time where any living beings remain. Anything outside of it has been burned to a crisp.
    • Actually, let's correct that: it's not just everywhere, it's everywhen, since the past has also been incinerated. Can you imagine that? The entirety of Mankind dead, a literally uncountable number of people, since the very dawn of history, dead.
  • The Demon Pillars. Each of them looks like a giant black mass covered in eyes, and every time they attack, they make a horrific screech that appropriately seem to come straight from hell. And then Solomon, their master, is a creepy sorcerer with a horrific grin and the Voice of the Legion, who summons forth a multitude of them to fight you.
  • Babylonia is arguably the darkest of the singularities, and for good reason. What initially seems to be just a rather simple plot about defeating the Goddess Alliance soon spirals wildly out of control once Tiamat arrives on the scene. When this happens, all chance of a "good ending" goes right out the window, and you are locked in a pitched battle for survival against a genuine Eldritch Abomination for the rest of the singularity, desperately trying every possible avenue of victory in a hope of saving someone, let alone an entire city.
    • The beginning of Babylonia, Mash's dream of Dr. Roman who's trying to sympathize with what's left of the human race. He preaches that life has no meaning and that humanity should stop struggling and live the rest of it's life in peace. Mash mistakenly believes it's the real Roman at first, but he soon begins laughing with a horrific smile on his face provided with a picture above.
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    • The Lahmu in Babylonia take nightmare fuel demons to another level. Their enormous, sideways, humanoid mouths; the lack of eyes, the constant twitching while they wait for you to attack, and the disturbing ways some of their bodies contort... Not to mention the fact that they come in endless droves, and some of them are actually citizens of Uruk forcibly transformed into demons, some implied to be people you have met, who seem to still have human awareness and remember who you are.
      • The progress of the Chaos Tide the further you advance into the story. By the time you managed to dunk Tiamat into the underworld, the entire map which is around the size of Iraq is a giant ocean of dark purple. Pretty much everyone that isn't you, Mash, Merlin, King Hassan and Ishtar is dead. Gilgamesh died Taking the Bullet for you from one of Tiamat's lasers and had to use his corpse as a catalyst to bring himself back as a Servant.
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    • Tiamat herself is incredibly terrifying. Not only is she borderline immortal, but her view of all of humanity as her "children" is highly disturbing since she can't understand us like we can't understand her. We're essentially aliens to her, and though we can't understand her speech, it's likely that she finds us just as disturbing as we find her.
  • A more meta example, but in their My Room lines, Enkidu says they can become a Holy Grail if you give them enough mana. Considering there's a function within the game that lets you give grails to your Servants to power them up, this has potential to dip into the And I Must Scream territory - especially with people joking about molding parts of Enkidu into Grails, or asking "which part should I cut off first?"
  • The OVA gives us the glorious image of Olga Marie being thrown into Chaldeas, screaming and begging for someone to save her with tears in her eyes.
  • Unlimited Lost Works, the Noble Phantasm of EMIYA (Alter). It's basically Unlimited Blade Works combined with the Origin Bullet. The result is the enemy getting ripped apart from the inside by swords.
  • The prologue for Cosmos in the Lostbelt, even before the Alien God's invasion, has the Protagonist and Mash being brutally interrogated by Mages Association officers. Imagine being in their shoes; after going through countless trials and, in Mash's case, defying death itself, their "reward" was having their benefactors completely turn on them, invade their home, banish almost all their friends, and then shunt them into cramped, barely-lit rooms where complete strangers furiously rant and scream about how their actions were "heretical" and that they would "pay dearly" for breaking the laws of The Masquerade.
  • When the Katsushika duo goes into their third ascension, Ou'i in particular gains a dress that looks more like a wearable alien, her lotus flower hair ornaments turn into these strange Eldritch Abomination pods with single eyes, and her father Hokusai (who takes the form of an octopus-like creature) docks with her and takes control of her body.
  • Frankenstein's Interludes. Fate/Apocrypha showed Victor Frankenstein wasn't a particularly good father to Fran, but here it's shown he has no qualms about slaughtering entire towns to begin his experiments anew. Fran's new little sister, Eve, is slavishly devoted to their father and doesn't hesitate to brutally murder everyone he points at her. Still, not even she deserved to be used by her father as a new body, especially since she's advanced enough to realize what Victor's doing and vainly tries to resist as his consciousness overwrites hers.
  • During the second Lostbelt, the party is traveling through Imaginary Numbers Space (essentially limbo), in order to get to Baldanders through the Scandinavian Peninsula, only for the radar of the Shadow Border to pick up the presence of something else following them. Despite the fact that nothing is supposed to live there. Now, Holmes acknowledges the possibility that the servants of the Alien God, like Koyanskaya, might have the ability to travel between dimensions... but also that it might be something else entirely, and you leave without ever finding out.
  • Summer!BB, despite being fused what is generally agreed to be the most evil, sadistic entity in the entire Cthulhu Mythos, doesn't really act any way different from usual aside from a slight obsession with pigs, which might make you wonder if this isn't another case of "Character Alignment in Fate makes no sense"...until you read the description in her Max Level Craft Essence, in which the Protagonist is trapped in the moon by BB, rendered completely insane from looking at Nyarlathotep's true form, all while humanity has been completely annihilated by the Alien God. The clock show it's 11:59, forever.
  • Most Valentine Scenes tend to be either heartwarming, funny, or heartwarmingly funny, but the 2018 edition brought us two scenes that are pretty unnerving:
  • Xiang Yu is easily one of the most terrifying Servants to have come out of the third Lostbelt. For starters, he's even larger than Ivan the Terrible (who was previously the largest Servant in the game). Then there's also what he looks like, appearing as a twisted, hellish, and monstrous centaur-like creature sporting four arms in which he gains even more as he ascends, and finally, his artwork depicts him with an incredibly creepy photorealistic design, standing out even among the other Servants with a Non-Standard Character Design. Although this is greatly mitigated once you get to know him, as he turns out to be quite the gentleman.
  • The premise of Shimosa is utter horror due to the enemy Servants. Every single one of them, even normally noble ones like Tomoe, have suddenly become utterly deranged Omnicidal Maniacs who butcher countless innocents in horrifically bloody and violent ways. At one point, you end up fighting one of the enemy Servants on top of a literal mountain of freshly-butchered, mutilated corpses.
    • One of the most horrifying aspects is that, with the exception of Amakusa and Doman, all of the enemy Servants are completely aware of themselves, but are utterly powerless to fight back against Doman's corruption that compels them to rampage. At various points, they will desperately beg you to kill them while crying Tears of Blood.
      • Speaking of Amakusa, his portrayal in Shimosa also deserves mention. He's not actually the "true" Amakusa that's a summonable Servant, but rather an alternate version of him that, after witnessing how bloody, destructive and full of death mankind's history was before, during, and after his historical death and how his dreams and ideals for peace are more than likely impossible, completely and utterly snapped and decided that, if the world refuses to accept peace, then it deserves to burn to the ground. To punctuate just how fallen he is, Shimosa!Amakusa is no longer a Ruler, but an Avenger, with all of the murderous hatred and insanity the class entails.
  • According to Clock Tower 2015, Lev Lainur prevented the incineration of humanity by committing suicide before the demon god pillar could overwrite his personality and take over his body. He failed to do this in FGO, so who we're dealing with isn't even Lev anymore, it's the demon pillar using his body as a meatpuppet.
  • Nagao Kagetora never stops smiling. Ever. While it's stated that she's generally a cheerful and energetic lady who remains upbeat even during battle, some of her smiles can be downright psychotic.
  • Salome is just a Stripperiffic Bronze Servant who just happens to carry a skull that she used as her lover and mystical weapon and conversing with a creepily seductive voice. And she doesn't mind taking your head either for her fetish since that's what she does to her lovers. She's basically a really creepy Yandere that might give other famous Yanderes in the Chaldea crew like Kiyohime a run for their money. Also, if you're wondering whose head that was? John the Baptist's, the guy that baptized Jesus Christ (and is considered a Saint/Prophet by Christians and Muslims). Seeing her toy around with a revered man's skull is pretty unnerving.
    • Her Bond CE is very disturbing because, aside from John the Baptist's skull, the other skulls that she carries around belong to her former masters who had summoned her before. And her way of expressing her love to her masters is to chop their heads off and have them around. And yet, she's even interested in your head too!


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