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The Protagonist, specifically Ritsuka, is an alternate timeline self of the Beast of Alaya.
The Beast of Alaya is said to genuinely love humanity. While many of the beasts wish to help humanity in their own misguided way it's only been stated Alaya's beast genuinely loves them. The protagonist has been noted to not care if someone is good or evil, if they're a friend to the protagonist they'll treat them with the same genuine kindness they give everyone else, showing the protagonist has a deep love for all people. We also already know that a beast can be born a human (Kiara) and that one can reject its fate as a beast (Fou). The protagonist is already associated with traveling through time and worlds, something that is known for Alaya's counterforce, though the reasons are different. So why do I say it being Ritsuka is significant? Word of God is that Mash's feelings for the female protagonist are purely platonic which is part of the foundation of this theory. In the OVAs it's teased that to some extent at minimum, Ritsuka returns the feelings Mash has for him. It's also canon that the protagonists are aligned "neutral good" or "lawful neutral" depending on the region. When Mash dies she is revived by Fou giving up his status as a beast and there is a happy reunion and Mash lives on with a normal human life span. But what if that never happened? In the second chapter the Protagonist is starting to learn good and evil mean nothing in a fight for survival. Sure, they're a hero fighting for their world but they love all people. If given someone specific to fight for that can be enough to push back the despair of fighting for something where no one has one right answer. But if Mash hadn't been revived, couldn't they have succumbed to the despair of sacrificing innocents? And so despite loving humanity they fall further down and since good and evil are the same if you're on their side, they started doing something horrible such as perhaps trying to merge all timelines so that no innocents suffer.

The Protagonist, whatever their gender, is likely a child or descendant of Shirou and Rin.
Considering Chaldea seems to be set in a future where magecraft can allow a legitimate career in super-heroics (and Shirou and Rin are avoiding the Mage Association), it's probably not a surprise that such terrifying power for a Master (5 servants at the same time!) is possessed by the deadbeat, last-minute protagonist.
  • This is going to be tricky to be played 100% straight: since FGO takes place 11 years after FSN (2015 compared to FSN's 2004, a date established in the Fuyuki segment of FGO), a potential child of Shirou and Rin's wouldn't be any older than 10.
    • Not to mention, the Fifth Grail War of Fuyuki ended differently in this timeline. We don't even know if they survived the Grail war.
      • Well, as Maris Billy and Solomon participated in 2004 Holy Grail War, I think no one survives from the King of Magic. And this is true as Maris Billy mentions in a flashback that Solomon had killed all participants of the Fuyuki HGW.
      • If we assume that they didn't participate (since the one that happened in FGO's timeline is not the one that happens in F/SN), then it's likely they weren't among the casualties, meaning it's entirely possible that the MC is related to Rin and Shiro. The problem, however, is that the MC had no idea they could be a Master, and does not appear to know any magical abilities that were obtained prior to becoming a Master (in fact, they didn't even know they were eligible to become a Master, much less having 100% affinity, prior to the blood donation) - while it's not a problem on Shiro's end, since he probably would've grown up without learning any magical abilities due to being raised by his regular parents in the F/GO timeline (assuming that his parents weren't participants in the F/GO Fuyuki Holy Grail War), Rin is a different story.
    • Well, alternate timelines and time travel are like, the very base of this game. Maybe the Future Shirou and Rin Rayshifted their child into the Past for some reason (Stable Time Loop? Saving them from a successful Goetia?) and they grew up into our dear Protagonist.
      • Why, though?
    • Despite me liking the headcanon, here's the most damning thing: If the protagonists are really supposed to be related to Shirou and Rin, characters from Fate/stay night should've shown some familiarity with them (especially Saber and Archer). And yet they don't.

The reason that Heracles is a lot flimsier than in Fate/Stay Night is because the protagonist is a much weaker Master than Illya.
This means that they aren't strong enough to activate God Hand, or at least keep it actively on (a notion supported by the UBW anime, where Heracles' skin turns from lead to black whenever he fights), thus causing Heracles to lose this enhanced durability and be susceptible to even the weakest attacks. On the other hand, the shadow Heracles in Fuyuki does have God Hand active, due to either carrying a link to Illya or a stronger source, represented in-game by an absurd amount of HP.
  • Reasonable as Illya is a massive mana battery beyond that of normal humans and Berserkers are infamous mana hogs (in Fate/Zero, Berserker activating his noble phantasm burned through several hours of mana reserves and kill his master in less than 15 seconds). Thus for a normal human to use Herc as a Berserker, compromises had to be made.
    • Confirmed in his Interlude; Roman says Heracles' Mad Enhancement is weaker because of lack of power from the MC, and the MC deduces this includes Herc's strength as well.

The game will release more alternates classes for Servants.
Since they released a couple of these already with Caster Elizabeth and Cu Chulainn, it's understandable there will be more. Guesses of possible classes:

  • Saber Jeanne with La Pucelle.
    • Jeanne Alter is already using La Pucelle...
  • Rider Nero.
    • Tange listed a role as Mother Harlot in the game on her blog before it got removed, so this is probably what she'll be.
    • Problem is regular Nero won't go anywhere near the Rider class, as it has her strongest Beast connectionnote . Maybe Nero Alter?
  • Saber EMIYA.
    • More like Assassin EMIYA. Or Alter EMIYA. Assassin EMIYA is hinted in Fate/Accel Zero Order PV, but which Emiya?
    • The Magus Killer Kiritsugu Emiya, as it turns out.
  • Caster EMIYA (Nameless/Shirou)
    • Likely the oft-needed Quick Support to make Quick Teams relevant again. And if he can Project Excalibur Image, NLBW, and UBW, might be on par with Waver or Merlin.
  • Berserker Shirou (Miyuverse)
    • His single-minded determination to save and protect his sister, if it reaches Nightingale-levels of focus, could serve as the source of Mad Enhancement he needs while still being able to properly Project and use UBW
  • Berserker Cu Chulainn. We got him as an Alter!
  • Archer Setanta, a talented youth even before he accidentally killed that hound
  • Archer Hercules... aka Alcides.
    • Servants from Fate/strange fake (other than Enkidu) won't appear in this game until the series is finished.
  • Assassin Medea
    • Very good with poisons and likely to become a very lethal debuffer
  • Rider Lu Bu, with Red Hare as his mount/NP. But in datamine, there is already a Red Hare Servant...
    • Red Hare is confirmed.
  • Shielder Achilles.
  • Bishōnen Caesar, maybe as a Rider.
  • Adult Ushiwakamaru aka Minamoto no Yoshitsune, as a Saber.
  • Saber Sasaki Kojirou
    • To have him as a silver and have better skills and stats while keeping Tsubame Gaeshi
    • Amusingly, a silver Sasaki Kojirou showed up in Shimosa as a saber. Still no word on an official servant version though.
  • Berserker Artoria, possibly as Saber Lion.
    • We have X Alter for that.
  • Avenger Tamamo-no-Mae, based on the part of the Otogizoshi where she became a Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl
    • Or, as noted below, as a Beast.
  • Beast Angra Mainyu, depicting him as the Beast of Retribution he would have become had he been reincarnated through the Fuyuki Grail — possibly as the Shadow from "Heaven's Feel", his partially manifested form from the Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] anime, the blackened Greater Grail from Fate/Zero, or "Grail-kun" from Carnival Phantasm.
  • Ruler Saint George. Lawful Good, Catholic Saint. Plus the idea of him getting a further reduction in damages from multiple class resistances is hilarious.
    • Alternatively, Assassin Saint George. In F/GO, Dragons are of the Rider Class, and Saint George is the Dragon Slayer, so why not give him an alternate version that's actually strong against Dragons?
  • Ruler Artoria
    • This time properly using Clarent!!
    • Or the Round Table. Or both.
    • Ruler Artoria is confirmed... as a Playboy Bunny variant for Lancer in the 2019 Las Vegas summer event. She doesn't use the Round Table or Clarent.
  • Rider Gilgamesh
    • Because Vimana is too badass
    • If he'll be riding anything, its gonna be the Gilgil Machine!
  • Berserker Edward Teach
  • Berserker Achilles
  • Rider Napoleon. He's already been stated to qualify for the class, so maybe this version will be him during his early days in the French Military, when he was trying out new things with artillery (and his Noble Phantasm will essentially be an artillery version of Ionioi Hetairoi)
  • Ruler David. The King of Israel at the height of his power with the Ark of the Covenant as his Noble Phantasm.
  • Caster Semiramis
  • Assassin Okita
    • This one is confirmed as her swimsuit version in Summer 2019.
  • Lancer and Rider Jason. Saber is Jason's weakest class. Sure he can use a sword, but his preferred weapon is a lance. As portrayed in almost every classical painting, fresco and statue of him. He also qualifies for Rider as Captain of the Argo, his skill as a helmsman and as field commander. Even Jason himself was shocked he was summoned to the Olympus Lostbelt as a Saber of all things. Could act as a bridge between the Nasu Jason and the Mythological Jason.
  • Ruler Oda Nobunaga. Probably an event Servant, almost certainly from a new GUDAGUDA event.
  • Avenger Dioscuri, achieved simply by switching which is in the lead like Archer Bonny & Read.
  • Caster Florence Nightingale
  • Assassin Medb
  • Caster Antonio Salieri. Probably weaker than his Avenger version due to being based on the "historical" version rather than the more-popularly-believed "Man In Gray." Almost certainly part of a new wave of 1-2* Servants.
  • Ruler Nezha
  • Rider Paul Bunyan
  • Avenger Altria, where she stops resisting Aŋra Mainiiu's corruption and fully embraces All the World's Evil
  • Avenger Vortigern, depicting his Black Knight form from PHH

The Holy Grail item we won will be the material of Fifth Ascension
Aka the creation of our own Grand Servant.
  • The ending of America makes this somewhat plausible, with Alter!Cu using the Grail to achieve a form beyond his final Ascension - however, this form turned out to just be an Ars Goetia demon. Perhaps, if the process can be revised...
  • It's the material for Palingenesis/Grail Ascension, ascending Servants beyond their max levels.

The Grand Servant predictions
The Grand class is reserved for the strongest/most broken Servants in Fate who each have a specific skill to qualify for that container. We already have Solomon as Grand Caster, so...
  • Grand Saber: Either Arthur or our dear cash cow Artoria.
    • Datamine already reveals that there's a Grand Saber voiced by Kawasumi, so it's most likely the latter.
      • There's a problem with that. There's no spoken dialogue for the story scenes, so a "Grand Saber" wouldn't have a voice listing; the Servant would be listed as their identity. Furthermore, this information shouldn't even exist until the game is updated to contain such events. While Artoria remains likely, the supposed datamine is suspect-to-jossable.
    • Arthur has gained a much better chance with his recent addition and the story reveals. Apparently, he was brought over from his timeline/world through collaboration with his Merlin...and Roman. Given what we know about the latter, this is a huge red flag. The reason he's come to the world of Grand Order? Pursuing the Beast native of his home series... Remember, what are the Grand Classes manifested to do, again?
    • Void Ryougi definitely fits. Too bad she's only a crossover character.
    • Galahad. Who's to say he can't return after fading away from Mash? After all, who better to be the Grand Saber than the guy who actually found the Grail. Or, she. Mash said that her armor is derived from the Servant inside her, after all. Looking at her snug suit...
      • Except that the Grand Servant system has nothing to do with the Grail, its the Grail system that is a far weaker imitation of the original Grant Servant system. Also, the Holy Grail War's Grail is not the same Grail from the Arthurian Legends. Regardless, none of that has anything to do with being qualified for the Grand Servant role.
      • Maybe he'll appear as a Shielder though, considering his NP is Lord Camelot.
      • There are two swords associated with his legend, there's no doubt Galahad can be summoned as a Saber. His first is essentially another Caliburn while the second is connected to the Grail quest (Sometimes attributed as the sword of King David once wielded).
      • But, really. Galahad over Artoria?
    • Maybe it's Uther Pendragon, Artoria's father. He would wield the original Caliburn, but way better than his daughter ever could have. Plot twist: Merlin, at some point, made him into a woman for shits and giggles, and he turns out to be a Saberface. It would be this version that we witness.
      • Saberface? Maybe Arthur-face.
    • Richard I with his NP to make anything he holds Excalibur... and "summoning" his colleagues ala Okita/Iskander.
      • Probably jossed as he appeared in Jerusalem (although a fake one) before the Lion King defeated him and changed the name to Camelot.
      • Also leaning towards jossing it is that he'd likely be saved for a Strange Fake crossover, and considering that Iskandar, who was saved for the Zero crossover, wasn't the Grand Rider, it's unlikely they'd give someone who isn't nearly as well-known as Iskandar the title of Grand.
    • The version of Altera from the Moon Cell, full stop.
    • Miyamoto Musashi. Specifically, the one from our timeline at his prime.
    • Whoever defeated Sephyr 14,000 years ago using Excalibur. Probably one of the Antediluvian characters from Sumerian myths. After all, who would be more fitting to be the holder of the Grand Vessel of the strongest class than the first wielder of Excalibur and a hero even older than Gilgamesh?
    • Yamato Takeru. He's essentially Japan's answer to King Arthur (heck, he predates Arthur, living from 72 AD to 114 AD, compared to Arthur who was around from the late 5th-early 6th centuries), and seeing as how he had to crossdress as a maid attendant at one point in his life, they could use this as an excuse to genderflip him, having it be that, much like with Artoria, he had to live most of his life as a man and make him a Saberface, or maybe perhaps to make Yamato contrast with Artoria, Yamato publicly embraced her status as a woman (and instead of crossdressing, she just had to disguise herself using a servant's clothes), but history recorded her as a man. His sword, by the way, is the legendary Kusanagi-no-tsurugi. Plus, of the 4 Grand servants we've gotten so far, all of them represent some kind of groupnote , it would be very odd if Japan didn't have a Grand Servant in some form.
    • There is no Grand Saber. Instead, it is Excalibur itself that makes the wielder "Grand Saber". Thanks to us getting the blueprints to it, we can possibly forge a replica of it and use it to become a Grand Saber.
      • This is probably the closest; if LB7 is to be believed, Grand Saber is Castoria, who forged her Lostbelt's version of Excalibur after the ones who were supposed to make it refused to do so.
  • Grand Lancer: Enkidu. Karna and Scathach are also possible.
    • What of Longinus, the Roman soldier who stabbed Jesus while he was on the cross? The guy who made the Spear of Destiny a thing? That could work.
      • In Nasuverse, Longinus is another name for Rhongomyniad though (just like how Hector's Durindana becomes Roland's Durandal).
      • And Longinus is a real servant (Lancer) in Fate/Requiem.
    • Sigma from Fate/strange fake is considered the candidate of True Lancer by his Servant, the Watcher.
      • Although it wouldn't entirely be out of the question for an already existing character/servant to be one of the grands, considering that all the other existing servants people guessed would hold the title of Grand for other classes (Iskandar, Semiramis, Gilgamesh) ended up not holding said title, I kind of doubt that Sigma would qualify unless he ends up becoming a pseudo-servant for someone who would.
    • Odin, the Norse king of the gods (essentially being the Nordic equivalent of Zeus). He would probably allow himself to be summoned as a servant if he believed it would help prevent Ragnarok. His spear, Gungnir, is stated to be very similar to Gae Bolg, so it's not like we don't know what it would be capable of. We've already had other gods (Quetzacoatl, Artemis as Orion), and Brynhildr namedrops him in her trial quest, so it could be that he let himself get summoned as a servant to check in on her (since she says something along the lines of she's giving up her divine duties to be a heroic spirit).
    • And of course, Artoria, cuz she's Artoria. Also, cuz her lance in its full power form is literally what holds the world together and her true goddess form is literally a goddess.
      • If she was a Grand Servant, she'd be the Grand Saber if anything, simply because of how iconic she is in that role. Also, seeing as how the time that would've been when her Lancer version was revealed to be the Grand Lancer (namely, the climax of Camelot) has come and gone with no reveal of the sort, I think we can joss this one.
    • Lugh could be a candidate. He was a legendary king and warrior in addition to being a Celtic deity, and his father was one of the Tuatha de Danann, who were depicted as past kings and warriors depending on the version of the tales told, and could use that as a claim to humanity. Additionally, his spear is considered one of the Four Treasures of Ireland, and to top it all off, he's the father of everyone's favorite blue Irish hound.
      • All theories are jossed. Romulus-Quirinus is the Grand Lancer as seen in the Olympus Lostbelt.
  • Grand Archer: Gilgamesh (or Proto Gil). Arjuna is also possible.
    • Or strange fake's True Archer... aka Alcides/human Heracles, every Fate fan's wet dream.
    • Well, seeing that the next Order is Babylon, maybe... Ishtar.
      • Ironically, although Ishtar was present in Babylon, and said singularity featured a grand servant, jossed, since she ended up being a normal servant, and the Grand servant that appeared was the first Hassan.
    • Gilgamesh himself said that he (in the Archer class) is not qualified for a Grand vessel. That Gilgamesh. Holy crap, who is qualified for this class to even surpass Gil's abilities in his best class?
      • Because the qualifications is not necessarily based solely on power, it is possible that Gilgamesh may not qualify.
    • Napoleon. He's the person the term "Napoleonic Tactics" is named after, and his strategies relied heavily upon infantry wielding ranged weapons and artillery.
      • Archer Napoleon is confirmed, but he's not Grand.
    • Hou Yi, who shoots 9 suns with his arrows.
      • All of the above are jossed. It's actually Superhuman Orion.
  • Grand Rider: Iskandar, Ramesses II, Perseus (this guy has freaking 7 NPs), or Achilles might qualify.
    • Or strange fake's True Rider aka Hippolyta. The "fake" Rider is also possible, seeing that it is one of the goddamn Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
    • Theseus from Old Fate (the prototype of Fate/Prototype).
    • Mother Harlot, Nero's Rider form.
      • Only problem is that Nero won't touch the Rider Class because it's the one that has the closest Beast relationship (and Caster is the closest she's willing to go) - perhaps it'll be Nero Alter instead?
    • Sinbad the Sailor? His ship was said to be indestructible, and he once let a tornado toss it from one river to another, which means it will probably be able to fly here.
      • Isn't Sinbad just Dantes' alias (at least in the book)? Also, seeing as the most infamous pirate in the world, Blackbeard, is only a 2-star, I doubt Sinbad is rated higher than him.
      • Actually, Sinbad was an entirely separate character - he's from Arabian Nights, and the storyteller is a servant we already have. Although Blackbeard being only a 2 star make it unlikely that he qualifies for Grand.
    • Genghis Khan, who in real life was basically Iskander pumped up to Eleven Thousand, and very much associated with horseback combat. Fans really want him to be a Servant (but watch as he gets genderflipped).
      • Actually, we may have already gotten a genderflipped Genghis as a younger version, since some Japanese people (most notably Suematsu Kenchō) claimed that Minamoto no Yoshitsune (who we have as Ushiwakamaru) was in fact Genghis Khan. Doesn't rule out the possibility that Ushi is just the Alexander to Genghis's Iskandar if this is the case (and that's a big "if", since it's not a unanimous opinion).
    • What about Nebuchadnezzar II, the king that destroyed the ACTUAL Temple of Solomon to reference the type advantage? Not only that, he's a Chaldean king and that his title of Bakhat Nassar translates to "Winner of Fate" or, more literally, "Fate Winner". The whole biography just wrote itself, I couldn't make this up even if I tried.
    • April Fools event: Armstrong and Gagarin compete for it, but it turns out to already be taken. By Laika.
      • The more I think about it, the more sense she makes. After all, a dog Grand Servant would outright hard counter one of the Beasts. Too bad it's one that's already been defeated...
      • Impossible since Counter Guardians and Grand Servants, and by extension Servants, can only be human since they are summoned by Alaya, the part of planet that is the guardian of humanity. This is why Primate Murder is so much more of a threat to them than any of the other Beasts. Speaking of Fou-kun, he could be considered to be a Counter Guardian of Gaia, the part of the planet that is not so fond of humanity.
    • Another good candidate would be Noah or any of the other mythological figures who made it through their respective Flood Myth.
      • Noah is kind of unlikely, since it's implied that King Hassan is Noah, and I kind of doubt that it would be possible for a servant to qualify as 2 Grand servants (seeing as how although Caster Gilgamesh does qualify for the title of Grand Caster, his Archer version does not qualify for the title of Grand Archer).
      • Well, if not Noah in particular, there are still a huge number of flood-based figures. Utnapishtim from Mesopotamia, Gun-Yu from China, Deucalion and Pyrrah of Greece, Manu from India, Bergelmir from Norse Mythology, and that's just a few. And Fate is pretty okay with figures who share a similar story from different regions of the world both getting time on the Throne (see Siegfried and Sigurd, for example). Plus, if you go for the idea mentioned up the page about the Grand Servants being antithetical to the Beasts, the person who protected all life on the planet with a boat seems like a pretty good candidate.
    • What about Dwight D. Eisenhower? While him being summoned when he was President of the U.S. is unlikely, since all the U.S. Presidents gave Edison a Mystic Code to compensate for his weakness, what if this Eisenhower was summoned in the state of mind he was in during D-Day? His Noble Phantasm could be Operation Overlord, which would easily dwarf Ionioi Hetairoi both in terms of size (since Overlord is still the largest military invasion to this date, getting over 2 million soldiers into France by the end of August 1944) and firepower (since on top of having weapons a millenium more advanced than Iskandar's troops summoned by Ionioi Hetairoi, the artillery barrage alone would dwarf any ranged weapon Iskandar's forces could use).
    • Sun Wukong is literally the God of the Stable. That's probably a pretty strong qualification for him as a Grand Rider, even if he finds it demeaning.
    • Santa Claus. No other people can fly around the world in the span of a single night while secretly delivering presents. A fusion of Saint Nicholas, the legend of "Father Christmas" and Odin of Norse myth.
    • Jason of Iolcos, Rider Class. Sounds absurd at first glance, but think about it for a minute. All the Grand Servants have up to this point have a deep connection to the Gods, barring Merlin. Solomon/Roman was God/Yahweh's chosen, First Hassan is devoted to Allah to the point of fanatical, and Romulus-Quirnus is the son of Mars. Keeping all that in mind, we have Jason, a great grandson of Hermes on his father's side. This is also a man who in his WEAKEST class, was able to summon 100 servants in the Olympus Lostbelt and lead them pretty effectively. Was also able to defeat the evil version of his teacher Chiron. Now Imagine what he could do in his ideal class?
    • Perhaps Hernán Cortés? Since Lostbelt 7 takes place in South America, it could be possible that he could show up. Even moreso, he's a man with a legendary reputation, defeating the entirety of the Aztec Empire, spreading disease, befriending the Aztec emperor Moctezuma while he was imprisoned, and even being claimed to be an emissary of Quetzalcoatl when he first arrived in South America. Even moreso, Quetzalcoatl's materials specifically mention him (albeit blocked out) as someone she hates beyond all else, possibly Foreshadowing to him being Grand Rider.
      • The Aztec Empire was located in Central America, not South America.
      • Nasu seems to have this idea that South America was part of the Aztec Empire.
    • Arcade confirms that Noah is the Grand Rider.
  • Grand Assassinnote : Hassan-i Sabbah of Alamut. Unlike the others, this one might be designated as a Grand because he's the only one to have a recorded history and legend, thus granting him Popularity Power over his fellow Hassans. His NP would probably be the fortress Alamut and maybe an NP that creates illusions based on his use of hashish to trick people into believing he can send them to Heaven (perhaps being changed into specialized magecraft).
    • True Assassin (Hassan of Ghost Lantern) or No Name Assassin (who uses every Zabaniya as a regular attack!) from Fate/strange fake
    • Semiramis, especially with her Double Summon skill and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon as her NP, is also possible.
    • Ali Baba? His NP could be to summon the Forty Thieves to his aid.
      • Not broken enough. Unless we're talking about a certain Alibaba Saluja...
    • Balor - with the revelation in Babylonia that any Servant can become a Grand Servant as long as they have the required skill and the vessel is open. While definitely more suited to Berserker, he could fit here assuming that the required skill is "the ability to inflict direct death", because his eye was said to be the prototype of the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception that could actualize someone's death just by looking at them.
  • Grand Berserker: Alter Cu.
    • Jossed. Alter Cu appears as a regular servant in the America chapter.
    • Or regular Berserker Cu with Riastrad? He's definitely not as broken as his Alter form though.
      • Regular Cu says summoning him as a Berserker in his regular form is a bad idea, so it's rather unlikely.
    • Cain. As in, the First Murderer, the man who may as well have invented the concept of 'rage' as well. Imagine 'The Mark of Cain' as an NP.
      • He is better fit as an Assassin though.
      • Technically speaking, his murder of Abel was out of envy. If his sin was wrath, he'd would be more fitting of a berserker.
    • True Berserker Edison from Fate/strange fake (that lion-head-spider-mecha-thingy). Or his "fake" counterpart, the formless Jack the Ripper (which holds advantage against humans).
      • Without going into F/SF spoilers, True Berserker is not Edison.
    • Don't forget Thor from Prisma Illya, with Mjollnir as his NP and Megingjord as one of his skills (maybe). If a Divine Spirit like Artemis can be summoned, why not?
    • Goliath, the Philstine Giant defeated by David. Considering both David and Solomon are present, we should've seen Goliath in some form by now (especially since defeating Goliath was one of David's biggest accomplishments), and quite frankly, considering that Goliath has been described to be 9 feet 9 inches tall in some accountsnote , he seems like a good choice.
    • Samson. When people think of legendary or mythical strongmen of gigantic power, they think of either Heracles/Hercules or Samson, and Samson was known for going on berserker rages at times, including the incident of his death where he massacred the Philistines.
    • King Lycan, the original Werewolf. Berserker Class card depicts a werewolf-like being so he'd fit right in.
    • According to the Indian Lostbelt, the Grand Berserker happens to be Daybit's Servant and his Lostbelt is set in Mesoamerica. So, it's possible that this Servant is related to any South American mythology.
    • Going down that route, here are just a few Suggestions. First one that Comes to mind is Francisco Pizzaro, conquerer of the Incas and infamous for his Brutality.
    • Tezcatlipoca, Aztec God of Night and Smoking Mirrors. Quetzalcoatl's brother and Archrival. This is the guy the Aztecs made Blood sacrifices too. Also Jaguar Warrior's Boss.
    • Tupa, Brazilian god of thunder, storms, climate and creation.
    • Harald Fairhair, the first king of Norway.
  • Grand Avenger: The Serpent of Eden, or maybe Pandora.
  • Grand Ruler: Saint John the Baptist.
    • Grand Ruler and Grand Avenger are automatically jossed, since it's been stated that there are only 7 grand servants.
  • Alternatively: Grand Ruler, Fujimaru Ritsuka. An impartial protector of the balance, on the greatest scale imaginable, who has saved the whole of humanity time and time again, not with strength or cunning or magic, but through compassion, determination, and leadership. An ordinary human who did the impossible countless times, who bore the weight of human history on their shoulders. A perfectly normal person who's capacity for understanding and kindness won them the undying loyalty of what may as well be the whole of the Throne of Heroes. An unsung hero, yet one whose achievements stand above all others. The weakest hero, yet the one to which all others swear their loyalty. In the face of all that, who else would come close as a candidate?
    • This actually makes a lot of sense, especially when one considers that one of the duties of a Ruler is to maintain human history, which typically takes the form of reining in other Servants when things start getting out of hand. However, this can also be interpreted as making sure that History follows the course it is meant to - and given that Rulers are still Heroic Spirits, just like any other Servant, this duty may also include pruning away branches that Alaya has found unfavorable or otherwise stopping events that would cause the destruction of the Human Order - something that Fujimaru has been doing since the game started.
  • There can be more than one Grand Servant of each Class however, since in FGO Grand Servants seem to work more as titles than official classes. While Solomon is the official Grand Caster, Merlin took upon the role after his death, and King Hassan was the Grand Assassin, however he gave up his ranking during his fight with Tiamat. So even if a servant has already appeared but is not touted as a Grand Servant, they still have the potential to be one provided they become the strongest of their Class.
    • There can be more than 1 Grand Class candidate, but there can only be 1 of each Grand Class at any given time. When King Hassan gave up his Grand Assassin "title", he meant that he sacrifices his "Grand Saint Graph" and turns himself into regular Assassin.
      • Which means that more than one Grand Servant of a given class could appear over the course of the story. With King Hassan having vacated the Grand Assassin role, another candidate can take over.

Alternate version: Figuring out the Grand Servants by Class is the wrong way to do it. Instead, look at the Beasts, and work as though a different Grand was chosen to counter each one.

  • Beast I: Goetia, who can infinitely respawn from the Throne of Heroes. Counter is Solomon, who can remove it from the Throne with Ars Nova.
  • Beast II: Tiamat, who is inherently unable to die. Counter is King Hassan, who can impose the ability to die on her.
  • Beast III is divided in two.
    • III-R: Heaven's Hole. No immortality, but can use humanity's desire to destroy them.
    • III-L: Unknown, probably connected to III-R in some way.
      • One possibility (listed elsewhere) is Buddha, who can free humanity from desire and drag them into Nirvana. A counter to Beast III would be able to accept desire without being ruled by it. Epicurus or Aristotle, maybe?
      • Actually, the best counter would be Buddha (who's already a servant, Saver), so the Grand Servant that would get called in as the counter would likely be called in to deal with III-L. Assuming that both are related to desire, it could be that Beast III is based around the Buddhist concept of Tanhā, likely a desire for existance (III-R could be considered the first type of desire, since the concept of kama-taṇhā relates to sensual pleasure). Logically speaking, the best counter for III-L would be someone whose desire would either be existence (maybe perhaps a servant that's an embodiment of an idea - Guy Fawkes perhaps?) or non-existance, with Beast III-L having the desire that their counter doesn't have.'
    • It's also possible that III's counter might have been what split it into pieces that regular Servants could defeat. Perhaps Constantine or Narmer?
      • If we assume that the first 3 would reflect one of the three triangles (Solomon, a Caster, used magic to remove Goetia from the throne; King Hassan, an Assassin, assassinated Tiamat), then logically, Constantine or Narmer (or Nebuchadnezzar II, if we include the one who has the strongest background from the suggested ones) would be the Grand Rider.
      • Beast III-L turned out to be Kama/Mara, and seems to have no connections to Kiara; meaning it's likely that the grand servant that countered said beast when it was whole was the one that split it in half, allowing us to defeat each halves.
  • IV: Primate Murder, who is the best there is at murdering primates. Unless Mash somehow counts as Grand Shielder, the counter would probably be an animal or some other nonhuman.
    • It has already been stated that the 7 Counter Guardians that needed to use all their power just to restrain Primate Murder, were the original (and so far only) Grand Servants. It is highly unlikely that a Grand Servant could be anything but a human, as they are summoned by Alaya, the aspect of the World that is specifically linked to humanity.
    • If a Grand Servant was involved in Primate Murder's defeat, it would be Galahad as Grand Saber, not Mash, since Mash technically counts as an Extra Class Servant, and Mash is a servant because of Galahad, and I doubt that they'd use an Extra class for one of the Grand Servants instead of one of the main seven classes.
  • V: Unknown.
  • VI: Beast of 666. The strongest counter to this is probably the Lamb of God, but that probably won't end up being used.
  • VII: "VII of the End", nothing else known except that it's tied to the others somehow.
    • Maybe perhaps the counter would be the Grand Berserker, to represent the classes' type affiliation - after all, the Berserker class has type strengths and weaknesses against the other 6 main classes (tying it to them in a sense).
  • The 5th Lostbelt throws a wrench in this theory, since 2 different Grand Servants get summoned because of a beast present, but they end up dealing with entirely different threats.

The Protagonists' previous affiliation before Chaldea
  • The male protagonist was a previous member of the Mage's Association while the female protagonist was the previous member of Atlas Academy. If you look closely at the images of the Mage's Association Uniform and the Atlas Academy Uniform, you will notice the Command Seals of the male and female protagonists respectively. That represents the organization they originally came from before transferring to Chaldea.
    • The protagonist is just an ordinary magus that went to work for Chaldea. Remember, most Nasuverse protagonists came from humble beginnings (Emiya Shirou, Tohno Shiki, Ryougi Shiki, even Aozaki Aoko is an Ordinary High-School Student, for example). Even Nasu himself said this (albeit jokingly).
      • The anime booklet reveals that they're just an ordinary student who was found out to qualify as a Master after donating their blood to Chaldea.

ORT will finally be a Bonus Boss
We've got Solomon saying he's fought Types. ORT was written to be a "Bonus Boss". We finally have the army to fight it.
  • Nasu hinted that we could fight some Dead Apostle Ancestors in an interview, so even Primate Murder itself is possible.
  • Turns out Primate Murder is actually our mascot, Fou. He's helping humanity this time!
  • The seventh and last Lostbelt (managed by Daybit) is located in South America which is also the place where ORT is sleeping. It's highly possible that ORT may get involved it and there's going to be huge boss fight similar to Tiamat.
    • Kotomine directly refers to the Ultimate One From The Oort Cloud that sleeps in the rainforest during Lostbelt 5.2 as a possible host body that the 7th Beast is interested in.
  • Jossed. ORT is not a Bonus Boss... because it is a main story boss instead.

Mata Hari's curvier than her historical self due to her legend distorting things
  • If Da Vinci can end up a woman due to such a thing, then I imagine modern standards (the Buxom Beauty Standard among them) mixing with her legend of "a very beautiful woman" would result in her servant form being notably more curvaceous.
    • Would make sense, considering that Cleopatra was also regarded as very beautiful and she has a similar figure.
    • May well be deliberate on her own part. Historically, Mata Hari was famously shy over her small chest and never bared it. As a Heroic Spirit, she gets to have the bust she always wanted!

We will get new Extra class Servants
  • Saver. Why not, we already have other special classes such as Ruler, Shielder and Avenger. For bonus points, it will be Jesus himself, ready to give Solomon the what for.
    • Jesus? Not sure if trolling or April Fools. We already have a Saver and it's Vairocana Buddha.
      • I meant a new Saver-Class servant. Since we got The Count of Monte Cristo as the first Avenger in the game. Of course, I might have chosen the single most risky person to add as a Servant. After all, if they mess him up, they better find themselves a bunker in the middle of nowhere.
    • Saver can only be summoned in a Moon Cell Grail War, though.
      • The only reason he showed up in the Moon Cell was because he responded to Twice's call and there's nothing that says he can't show up outside of the Moon Cell.
    • Maybe Saver will be appearing as a boss? I really don't think our Servants can even touch him. In Fate/Extra he only fought with 50% power and could still remove your Servant from the circle of reincarnation).
  • Watcher from Fate/strange fake. Or their concept class, the Gatekeeper (Gilgamesh's original class in Nasu's notes).
  • The Foreigner class has been revealednote , but the only servant in said class isn't playable at the moment...and it's likely getting released in the future (either with an entirely new servant, like with Edmond Dantes being the first playable Avenger, or the servant it's debuting with will be added to the gacha later), since the icon for the class is gold (which all playable servant class icons are) as opposed to red (which is what the icon for the Beast-class, the servants for which cannot be summoned, is colored).
    • Abigail and Hokusai are available for limited summoning event banners.
  • Worth noting is that we're still due for at least one more Extra Class, since at the moment, the type chart is missing a class that's strong against Knight-class servants (Sabers, Archers, and Lancers) and Alter Egos, but weak against Calvary Class servants (Riders, Casters, and Assassins) and Foreigners (and the odds of them retooling the Berserker class for this purpose are slim to none).
    • Gunner Class? Billy the Kid and Kerry might already qualify.
    • As of Avalon La Fae, the "reverse Alter Ego" is confirmed with the introduction of the Pretender class, as gameplay wise it acts like what is mentioned.

There be a special event that will focus on Artoria Pendragon and Camelot
In it, Morgana will be the Big Bad for the event and look just like Artoria. They are related. If obtainable, she'll be a Caster. Merlin, Bedivere, Gawain, and Saber Lancelot will also be available. Or Arthur fights against Artoria, prototype vs upgrade-style.
  • The Round Table will be appearing in Camelot, so wait for it.
    • Nasu confirmed there would be at least five more Saberfaces after the ones we're familiar with. Perhaps Morgan could be the Caster version? One Saberface has already appeared in the summer event, Archer Artoria.
    • In Fate/Apocrypha, Mordred said that Semiramis reminds her of Morgan, so...
  • Part 2 has "Round Table Lostbelt", so look forward to it as well.

The seventy-two Demon Pillars were once all Demon Lords.
Each of the Ars Goetia demons are said to surpass Heroic Spirits in power, despite there being rather few beings higher than Heroic Spirits in the Nasuverse's pecking order. One of the easiest explanations for this? They're fallen True Ancestors, who are already stronger than Heroic Spirits. Perhaps they plagued Solomon's kingdom in great numbers, and he had to ward them off by binding some of them and forcing them to fight alongside him to even the odds. The reason they don't take a more typical vampire form nor attempt to suck blood is because Solomon forced them into their pillar forms to support his Noble Phantasm.
  • Or they are, maybe, just demons? True Demons in Nasuverse are stronger being than Servants after all.
    • Right. They are just demons created by Solomon. After his death, the ritual gained conscience and hijacked Solomon's corpse as King Goetia.

They will use one of the Holy Grails in order to save Mash
Hey she is, storywise, the closest person to the main character, and Jeanne commented that she will die soon and Mash already collapsed in the end of the America chapter. So why not use the power of the damn cup that so far has caused more trouble than it's worth for something useful/worthwhile, like saving a friend.
  • And Grand Ascending her to a 5* Shielder. Why not?
  • The damn cup causing more trouble than it is worth is the entire point of the Grail. Nasu's writing always points out that there is no silver bullet or miracle that will make everything better. Shirou's and Kiritsugu's ideal is beautiful but ultimately unattainable. There is no route in Stay Night where everyone lives. Things as glamorous as true immortality do not exist and the search for it leads to madmen like Roa and Zouken. Even in this game, the creation of other Grails threatens to destroy humanity. It is, at best, a monkey's paw. There is no such thing as a miracle, and a theme of Nasu's writing is that it is foolish to believe in such a thing. The best you can do is take the punches on the chin and keep moving.
    • Jossed as Mashu is saved by Fou.

There will be a system to change a Servant's outfit
For example, Artoria can her iconic casual clothes, Gilgamesh with his infamous biker look from UBW/fur jacket from Fate, Scathach wearing a dress, etc. You can buy them with Mana Prisms. Because at this point, why not?
  • Semi-confirmed as there is a system to change their outfit, but it's not buyable with Mana Prisms, it requires Ascension materials and QP.

Guesses for Servants in Chapter 6
We know the next chapter is in Jerusalem, and the title is "Territory of the Holy Round Table", so Artoria and other knights are sure to appear, but there's always the possibility of another mythology joining the fray. So, guesses?
  • It's in Camelot.
  • Hashshashins, Ozzy, and Middle East guys.
    • So far we see Gawain, Saber Lancelot, Tristan, Bedivere (in Comptiq). In the CM, there's Lancer Artoria, Ozymandias, and Hassan of Serenity. Also an Egyptian cat-girl (either Cleopatra or Nitocris), and another Hassan.
  • I think Proto Arthur is all but confirmed to be in, seeing that the writer of Camelot is Sakurai and she's also the main writer of Fate/Prototype Fragments.
    • Will we see Arthur vs Artoria? Civil War, Camelot-style?
      • Jossed.

Guesses for Servants in Chapter 7
It's in Babylon, so we can expect Gilgamesh to come back as a limited Servant (or even permanently added to the Story Gacha) or we could get Caster Gilgamesh. Enkidu is a given. And maybe Semiramis as she has that Babylon connection.
  • And as the Arc Villain we have Ishtar!Rin.
  • Jossed for Semiramis.
  • Proto!Gil might have a chance of showing up. Since that's where Solomon's temple is parked, maybe we'll see more Biblical Servants?
    • Moses? It will be fun uniting him with Ozy.
      • Jossed! Its Mesopotamian and South American Servants!

Guesses for next crossover event
Seeing as FGO likes to do crossover with other TYPE-MOON properties (even within the Fate series itself)...
  • Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA. Servant Magical Girl!/Install!Illya, Miyu, Chloe... or Install!Angelica and Beatrice or even Sakura, Shinji and Darius?! Yes please! We already got Kid Gil!
    • ... how about Miyuverse!Shirou?
    • Confirmed. Too bad for Miyu, Angelica, Beatrice, and Shirou though.
      • Miyu may be to correspond with The Movie.
      • Miyu is a Limited Summon Servant in the Rerun.
  • Fate/Extra and Fate/Extra CCC, with Alter-Egos as the main attractions... and maybe, other members of Tamamo Nine.
    • A Fate/Extella event to promote the game's release, with the animation updates for Altera and EMIYA and maybe the release of Archimedes in the gacha.
      • Confirmed, there's a promotional event and there are animation updates for Altera and EMIYA. No sign of Archimedes though.
    • Confirmed, The CCC event happened in May with BB as one of the main Servants.
  • Fate/strange fake... with the Servants just as broken as they are in the novels. Most Servants will probably be 5*, destroying a player's wallet.
    • Narita stated he didn't want to have SF added to GO until it's finished, and given Strange Fake's current pace, there's a good chance the game'd be closed by then.
    • But FGO is confirmed to have a Part 2, so...
  • Fate/Prototype collab, similar to Fate/Accel Zero Order. Not only will this event release Proto Saber (King Arthur), Proto Archer (Gilgamesh), and Proto Rider (Perseus), but this event will also introduce the Servant Class Beast.
    • Subverted for the Beast debut, as that Servant Class already made its first debut near the end of Babylonia chapter and Arthur made his debut for White Day.
  • Tsukihime and Mahoutsukai no Yoru. People WILL PAY for Arcueid and Aoko.
    • Bonus fact, Arcueid and Ryougi appeared in Fate/EXTRA (and Aoko is a NPC). Ryougi is already in-game, so...
    • Even Arcueid is not broken enough for GO. Remember, there is an immortal Archmagus and a Void personification in-game. Maybe a 4* Berserker Arcueid (like in EXTRA), and 5* Caster/Ruler Archetype-Earth as per Ryougi's design.
    • So, for Aoko, 5* offensive Caster? True Magic is not something you can scoff at, Magic Resistance or not.
    • Arceuid is confirmed as the 7th anniversary Servant under the Moon Cancer class.
  • For an actual crossover, the most likely franchise is Puella Magi Madoka Magica, seeing as Gen Urobuchi (the author of Fate/Zero) is the writer. Yay for Grand Caster Homucifer and Grand Archer Madokami!
    • Saya no Uta, anyone? Or anything that Nitro+ created, considering TYPE-MOON and Nitro+ are two of the most prominent VN creators in Japan.
      • A crossover with nitro+ featuring their notable IPs are possible though, considering that Artoria is a guest fighter in Nitroplus Blasterz Heroines Infinite Duel. Also TYPE-MOON and Nitro+ had a crossover fighting game (called TYPE-MOON vs. Nitro+) as an April Fools' joke. Maybe they'll use that idea for F/GO? With Super Sonico as the free servant.
      • ... I want Kamen Rider Gaim, is that bad? Saber Gaim and Lancer Baron! It's after all, has Urobuchi as the writer.
      • If they were going to crossover with Kamen Rider, it would make more sense to use Blade or Ryuki, considering that they use cards (not to mention that a Final Vent is basically the same thing as a Noble Phantasm). Alternatively, they could use Kamen Rider Decade, and Kamen Rider Zi-O, and feature every rider, excusing the ones not featured in/introduced after Decade as AR versions. Although including Kamen Rider would be a good way to introduce the Gunner class with riders such as Zolda, Ryutaros/Den-O Gun Form, G3-X and Snipe, since every series since Agito has had at least one Gun-wielding rider.
      • Tying into my earlier suggestion about using Blade or Ryuki, I have determined that if they were to do this, the riders for each class would benote : Saber (Ryuki, Ryuga, Blade)note , Lancer (Knight, Scissors, Lance)note , Archer (Zolda, Abyss, Chalice)note , Assassin (Ouja, Verde, Glaive)note , Caster (Imperer, Femme, Leangle)note , Rider (Raia, Gai, Garren)note , and Berserker (Tiger, Odin, Larc)note .
      • Well, Gaim is more contemporary than Ryuki and it's still huge in Japan, so *if* they do a crossover with a Rider series, it would be with Gaim.
      • I'm not opposed the idea of a Gaim Crossover, the only issue I have is that there are a few Gaim riders with multiple forms, and the majority of them only have 1 form - while you could have Gaim ascend from Orange to Jimber to Kachidoki arms, you'd need to create an entirely separate Servant for Kiwami Arms Gaim. Ryuki, on the other hand, has only 3 forms per rider - Blank, Regular, and Survive - which would fit perfectly with the ascensions (since the fourth ascension is usually a fancy artwork of their third ascension), and similarly, Blade has 3 forms for each rider - Ace, Jack, Kingnote  - while it's true that not all forms have been shownnote , they could easily be created if they needed to.
    • Thunderbolt Fantasy, with Sho Fu Kan, Rin Setsua, and the Screaming Phoenix Killer (based on his Gaiden appearance) as the main Servants for the event. The characters already have 2D designs provided, so the transition will be smooth.
  • What about Dark Souls? Nasu's already gone on record saying that he pretty much loves it to death. Lancer Lord Gwyn, Saber Artorias, Rider Nameless King?
    • Artorias could also work as Berserker or Avenger. Hell, his name even has "Artoria" in it!
  • Touken Ranbu, they both have a similar premise of saving history and they can justify the swords appearing by saying their feats were large enough to create a Heroic Spirit.
  • Well, from FGO 2nd Anniversary Fes, there were a line up of Fate series, chronologically in-order. They are stay night, hollow ataraxia, Zero, Extra and CCC, Prisma Illya, Apocrypha, Extella, Prototype and Fragments, El-Melloi II Case Files, and lastly, strange fake. So, with this order, we can predict the next crossover!
    • The next crossover is most obviously with Fate/Apocrypha after the anime ends, to cash in Apocrypha's "hype", as players will roll for its badass Servants. It's the perfect time to add everyone else from Apocrypha.
      • Apocrypha ended just as part 2 began. Now we wait.
      • Sieg was datamined, so it's likely that they have something planned. Whether or not it'll just be an event where we get him as a free servant or if they have a new limited servant debut as well will depend on if the 2018 Chaldea Boys event has Achilles and/or Chiron debut (assuming they have Avicebron, who aside from Achilles and Chiron, is currently the only Apocrypha servant not in the game, be a 3-star servant).
      • Confirmed on multiple fronts. Achilles and Chiron are summonable come Part 2, as is Avicebron who doubles as one of your main allies in the First Lostbelt, and the Apocrypha event has Sieg as the welfare servant.
    • Next up is Prototype as everyone from Fragments is already in and they're working on a Drama CD. Maybe they'll fight the Beast of Revelations!
    • Maybe after Prisma's movie airs and the series ends, they'll have a proper crossover with it, featuring Miyu's Brother, the Ainsworths, and a playable Miyu.
    • Since Extella's getting a sequel, there might be an event for the first one featuring Archimedes.
  • Bleach: Ichigo Kurosaki as a Saber; Uryū Ishida as an Archer; Orihime Inoue as a Caster; Kenpachi Zaraki as a Berserker, Yoruichi Shihōin as an Assassin; Hollow Ichigo as an Avenger.
  • Drifters: Shimazu Toyohisa as a Saber, Nasu Suketaka Yoichi and Butch Cassidy as Archers, Naoshi Kanno as a Rider, and the Black King as a Caster.
  • Gundam: Quite frankly, considering that there's already quite a few Seiyuus who voice servants who previously voiced Gundam characters (i.e., Tomokazu Seki, Maaya Sakamoto, Mamoru Miyano), it's not as implausible as one might think.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: London takes place the same year that the majority of Phantom Blood is set in, and considering that they've already made some shout-outs, they might as well take it further and go for a full-blown crossover.
  • Splatoon 2: The Japanese version already has a brush weapon called the Hokusai (Octobrush in other regions' builds; the weapon first debuted in the first game). The game will further have Ou'i's lotus flower head ornaments, obi, and footwear as available equipment (or alternatively, the gray sweater, lotus flower hairpin, and sneakers that are part of her contemporary outfit); wielding all three as an Octoling turns you into Hokusai's octopus form when you go into octopus mode. F/GO in turn will have an event where the main cast visits Inkopolis and players earn event points by visiting areas and defeating enemies to ink those areas.
  • Date A Live: The author of said light novel has been brought on board as a writer (according to this tweet from the author's twitter account), and the idea of being able to roll for their favorite spirit would invoke Just Here for Godzilla for a fair number of DaL fans.
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. It has had two short manga crossovers with the Fate franchise before, including one where Nanoha and Fate (even her name fits!) became Rin's Servants.

The next Saberfaces
We already know that there are at least five more to come, so what they will be?
  • Archer swimsuit Artoria. Rider swimsuit Mordred. Galactica Saber from Capsule Servant. Majin Saber from Koha-ace. Saber Lion. Morgan as a Caster.
  • Artoria was said to have a dagger named Carnwennan that would shroud the user in shadow. Assassin Artoria?
    • I'm pretty sure Mysterious Heroine X already fills that role.
  • Isn't Arthur a Saberface?
    • If so, then we can add Gawain and Richard I to the list.
  • According to the Nasuverse wiki, Artoria has a Berserker form in Fate/Ace Royal that could potentially be added to the game at some point.
    • Saber Lion, dude. It must be done.
      • It's Heroine X Alter.
      • Doesn't mean we can't have 2 Berserker Artorias. There are 3 Saber Artorias to begin with. And if you wanna count her, Summer Jeanne Alter is Berserker.
  • Caster Saberface is Proto Merlin. She has Kawasumi's voice!
    • Just because she has "Sabervoice" doesn't mean she has to be a Saberface.
      • Partially(?) jossed: As of FGO’s 5th Anniversary, Caster Artoria is confirmed to an alternate version of herself. However, the possibility for Proto-Merlin is still open.
      • Jossed for good with Prototype Merlin's debut in FGO Arcade.
  • Moon Cancer Saberface. Jeanne and Jeanne Alter are counted as Saberfaces, so you might as well have the third class in this particular trianglenote  to complete this trifecta.
  • Gray from the El-Melloi Cases series.
    • Confirmed.

Dr. Roman is Solomon's discarded humanity.
Having seen disaster after the year 2016, Solomon came to the same conclusion as the Lion King and decided that "humans have value, but human lives do not" and came up with a plan to preserve humanity which involved the incineration of human history. However, his feeling of humanity would not allow him to go through with the plan. However, he decided that the plan was necessary and that there was no other option. So, he placed his "humanity" in one of his rings and cast it off. This explains why he seems "incomplete" and "unstable". Solomon's discarded humanity ended up in the year 2004 and formed the existence known as Romani Archiman. Deprived of his gifts from God, Dr. Roman was able to experience life on the same level as "lower" humans who worked and struggled for an unknown tomorrow, always looking forward to prosperity even when it wasn't in their sights. For the first time in a long time, Dr. Roman remembered what it was like to "live as a human". With this, Dr. Roman realized that he was wrong. He should have fought tooth and nail against the coming disaster like a human would rather than accept defeat and run away. He now wants to stop "himself" so that he and humanity can face the coming disaster "like humans should".
  • Slightly confirmed. Roman is the real King Solomon. He and Marisbilly were victors of the Fuyuki Grail War, and Solomon made a wish from the Grail to become human. The "evil" Solomon is actually Goetia.

Dr. Roman is the Queen of Sheba.
Jossed. It turns out that he IS Solomon, the real Solomon to be exact. The Queen of Sheba is later introduced in Salem chapter as a Caster-class Servant.

Dark Sakura will be added to the game as an Avenger
Considering how Magical Ruby (Illya) has been added to the game as a Caster and Chloe as an Archer as an event for Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA, and Irisviel's Angra Mainyu-corrupted form shows up (after a fashion) as an enemy-only Avenger as an event for Fate/Zero, it makes sense that the game will have a promotional event for the Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel trilogy and add Sakura Matou's Angra Mainyu-corrupted form as an Avenger... and possibly update Saber Alter; and add Dark Berserker as either a Berserker (a la Saber Alter) or Avenger (a la Ruler Alter), and Shirou with EMIYA's arm as an Archer.
  • Avenger Heracles is just Alcides though.
    • That doesn't preclude Dark Berserker from being added in as an Avenger, since Alcides is also an Archer-class Servant.
  • Dark Sakura is technically in now, as a Pseudo-servant with Kama of Hindu myth inhabiting her body. She's an Assassin however. She's also (fittingly enough) a Beast.

A new system of themed party buffs
An idea. You can get a party-wide buffs by adding certain-themed Servants to a party, such as Knights of the Round Table (Artoria/Arthur and co); Kings (Artoria, Gilgamesh, Iskander, Nero, etc); TYPE-MOON's heroines (Artoria, Shiki, Mash, Illya). Maybe only a slight increase in ATK or DEF so it's not too broken.

  • IIRC that kind of gameplay bonus is against Japanese laws regarding mobile games.
  • Really? I played some Japanese mobage (Valkyrie Crusade) before and that game got a slight bonuses for themed/certain rarity characters in-team, increasing 10% ATK or so. And F/GO itself has some bonus attack/bonus drop rate for certain Servants in events.
    • The latter example doesn't count because it doesn't rely on having multiple characters in the same party to apply the attack bonus to everyone.
  • What about Bond Point increase bonuses? Would that be illegal too? I mean, since it would depend on the relationship between Servants, certain combinations could actually affect bond gain negatively.

An event will involve EMIYA (Archer) running away from his harem and having to find him to bring him back to Chaldea
I mean, he is still Shirou, and he is still quite the ladykiller. And Illya (even if it's a different one, she is still sweet on her brother), Artoria and (if you look at Hollow Ataraxia), Medusa are already here. Add to that the fact that Rin and Sakura seem to be joining the place, and he is gonna have trouble. Perhaps he will have to sneak up to the singularity and gain some time while he gets ready to deal with it.
  • Throw Angra Mainyu in the mix for good measure - have him getting mistaken for EMIYA be one of the first things to happen in the event. And maybe perhaps EMIYA Alter will leave a note saying Screw This, I'm Outta Here for Rule of Funny, hence explaining his absence from the event (or alternatively, have him give commentary).

The Sea of Estray will be a location visited in a future Singularity
We've already gone to the Clock Tower in London and Atlas in Camelot, so we might go to the final branch of the Magic Association and round out visiting the headquarters of all three institutes that make up the Association.
  • Lostbelt Chapter one does mention a member of the Sea of Estray, so the possibility is getting closer.
    • Finally confirmed with the release of the prologue of Lostbelt 3.

The Artoria and EMIYA you summon come from the UBW route.
Looking at Artoria's comments in My Room, she likely knows EMIYA's true identity as Shirou from an alternate timeline (which she can't know if it was either the Fate or Heaven's Feel route). That explains the Ship Tease in her comments. Likewise for EMIYA, he's softening at his actions as a Counter Guardian because he's got his answer from Shirou and Rin at that route, as seen in his final Ascension, event roles, and relationship with most Servants and the protagonist.
  • Possible but not necessarily the case - remember, Artoria's unique circumstances as a Servant means that she remembers her every summoning for a Holy Grail War, likely including parallel universe ones (since the three Fate routes' summonings were about simultaneous she didn't have access to those memories until the whole thing was over though). Also, something about either the Chaldeas summoning system or the weird reality-altering going on seems to be increasing the likelihood of your Servants remembering past summonings (Mordred's remorse for Frankenstein's leading to their subsequent friendship, Avicebron mentioning his betrayal of Roche as his greatest failure...).

Roman is Solomon.
Specifically, the standard Caster class servant version of Solomon. He was summoned by Olga Marie's father for the 2004 Grail War, which is why Sherlock couldn't find anything about him from before then. He didn't want to believe that Solomon could be behind the destruction of humanity because he didn't want to believe a version of himself could do such a thing. His secret trump card Da Vinci has mentioned involves using his power as a servant.
  • Confirmed. After winning the Grail War, Solomon used to Grail to become human, resulting in him to earning a new identity as Roman. Roman is the True Solomon, while the Solomon we met was actually Goetia.

Second Arc Prediction
With Solomon's arc nearing its end, there will be another scenario after this. What the next arc might contain:
  • Singularities:
    • Sengoku Period (battle of Three Warlords: Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu) or Bakumatsu Period (Shinsengumi) with the three great youkai (nine-tailed Tamamo, Shuten & Emperor Sutoku)
      • The Bakumatsu period is covered in GUDAGUDA Meiji Ishin.
    • Romance of the Three Kingdoms
    • Jerusalem, only this time, it will finally be involved with the real Third Crusade, the battle between Richard the Lionheart and Saladin
    • The reign of Charlemagne and his Paladins
    • The American Revolutionary War or The American Civil War
    • The Volsunga Saga
    • The Trojan War or Odysseus' journey
    • Mahabharata or Ramayana
      • The closest thing we got was Lostbelt 4, which is in India and stars a different version of Arjuna. Although, like most Lostbelts, everything's different there...
    • Moon Cell Grail War, with the Alter-Egos and even Velber.
      • For the Moon Cell Grail War, that kinda happened in the May 2017 CCC crossover with the Alter Egos, BB, and Kiara in SE.RA.PH, but it's not actually the Moon Cell so the possibility's still out there.
  • Potential future Servants (especially those that weren't datamined, like Edison for example):
    • Japan: Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Sakamoto Ryoma, Mori Nagayoshi, Okada Izou (Koha-Ace), Tokugawa Ieyasu, Date Masamune, Miyamoto Musashi, Sanada Yukimura, Yamato Takeru, Ishikawa Goemon, Itou Ittosai, Kondou Isami, Hijikata Toshizou, Saitou Hajime, Nagakura Shinpachi, Harada Sanosuke, Toudou Heisuke, Himiko, Abe no Seimei (Seimei vs Tamamo HYPE), Hanzou Hattori, Sengo Muramasa, Toyohisa Shimazu, Emperor Sutoku (this is a hard one to implement), Oiwa, Okiku, Kogoro Akechi, Nagamasa Azai, Kaguya-hime, Ishida Mitsunari, Taira no Kiyomori, Taira no Kagekiyo, Saigo Takamori, Raiden Tameemon
      • Confirmed for Miyamoto Musashi (Saber), Hijikata Toshizou (Berserker), Sakamoto Ryouma (Rider) and Sengo Muramasa (No class yet (implied to be Saber Class), and was foreshadowed as the Shirou in the Limited/Zero Over CE)
      • To note: Hideyoshi has already made appearances in Koha-Ace and GUDAGUDA comics. Ieyasu is also there, where he's an unassuming wimp by default, but has a Noble Phantasm that allows him to change his class to whatever he wants, and even take appearance of his retainers. For example, when he's a Lancer, he takes form of Honda Tadakatsu.
      • Mori Nagayoshi is also confirmed for Gudaguda 4.
      • Kagekiyo was mentioned in Tomoe's Materials. He can end up being playable.
    • China: Houyi, Hua Mulan, Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, Zhao Yun, Cao Cao, Xiahou Dun, Zhou Yu, Lu Xun, Diaochan (anyone from The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, really), Qin Shi Huang, Sun Wukong (Koha-Ace), Xian, Lao Zi, Confucius, Sun Zi, Yongle Emperor Zhu Di, Fu Xi, Nuwa, Taigong Wang
      • Confirmed for: Qin Shi Huang (Ruler)
      • Sima Yi from the Three Kingdoms is also confirmed but as Rider pseudo-servant Reines of El-Melloi Case Files. So is Chen Gong (2-star Caster).
    • Indian: the Pandava brothers (Yudhistira, Bhima, Nakula, Sahadeva), Krishna, Ravana, Hanuman, Lakshmana, Lakshmi, Duryodhana, Kali, Durga, Parvati (confirmed as pseudo-Servant Sakura), Asoka, Ghatotkacha, Shikhandi
      • To note on Ghatotkacha and Shikhandi: As Mahabharata received an alternate version in Java (Bharatayuddha), they may take the Java version, similar with how there's both Siegfried (From Nibelungenlied)and Sigurd (from Volsung Saga), with Brynhild canonically more attached to Sigurd. As such, Shikhandi may be summoned as a woman called Srikandi (though she may join Astolfo and d'Eon as trans-like Heroes), while Ghatotkacha would be the 'slightly-smaller-but-with-Heroic Build' Gatotkaca, basically Javanese Heracles or Superman.
    • Korea: Jumong, Bari-degi, Sejong
      • Why not Yi Sun-sin though? Is the Imjin War still a sore spot among the Japanese?
    • The Crusades: Richard the Lionheart (Fate/strange fake), Frederick Barbarossa
    • Romans: Augustus Caesar, Lucius Tiberius (Fate/Prototype Fragments), Brutus, Mark Anthony
    • Paladins: Charlemagne (Extella Link, both "Song of Roland" version and the historical version (Karl der Große)), Roland (already has a portrait), Oliver, Ogier the Dane, Fierabras, Ganelon, Renaud de Montauban, Maugris, Florismart, Guy de Bourgogne, Naimon, Otuel
    • Greek: Theseus (Old Fate), Ajaxnote , Aeneas, Paris, Odysseus, Asclepius, Arachne, Daedalus, Circe, Lycan, Phaethon, Sisyphus, Tantalus, Ariadne, Midas, Minos, Orpheus, Archimedes (Extella), Helen, Pandora (Prisma Illya), Teucer
      • Circe is confirmed as a Caster-class Servant.
      • Asclepius and Paris are confirmed as Caster and Archer class servants respectively.
      • Odysseus is confirmed as *5 Rider.
    • Norse: Hervor, Hrolfr Kraki, Bodvar Bjarki, Thor (Prisma Illya), Magni (Prisma Illya), Loki, Heimdall
    • Arthurian Legends: Sir Kay, Sir Palamedes, Sir Gaheris, Sir Gareth (already mentioned in Camelot), Sir Percival, Morgan le Fay (Apocrypha), Agravain (already has a portrait), Nyneve of The Lake, Uther Pendragon, Vortigern, Sir Dagonet
      • Gareth is confirmed as a Bronze servant.
      • Morgan is confirmed, but not from Apocrypha/Proper Human History. Instead, the Morgan seen, as both an NPC and playable, is from the British Lostbelt.
      • Vortigern is confirmed, as the true villain of Lostbelt 6 with the introduction of the Pretender class and under the name Oberon Vortigern.
    • Writers/Authors/Poets: Aesop, the Brothers Grimm, H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe, Dante Alighieri, Aleister Crowley, Agatha Christie, Geoffrey of Monmouth, H.G. Wells, Jules Verne.
      • Close enough, but Lovecraft sorta appears as only NPC Randolph Carter
    • Philosophers: Niccolo Machiavelli, Ayn Rand, Karl Marx, Jean-Paul Sartre, Socrates, Plato
    • Jewish/Christian: Cain, Enoch, Samson, Saint Peter, Saint Patrick, Saint Luke, Moses (Prototype Fragments), Judas, Longinus, St. Nicholas, Noah, Daniel, Saint Genevieve, Saint Ignatius of Loyola
    • Arabic/Middle-Eastern: Saladin (Fate/strange fake), Rashid ad-Din Sinan, Aishah, Harun al-Rasyid
    • British: William the Conqueror, Queen Victoria, Henry VIII, Mary Tudor, Oliver Cromwell, Winston Churchill, Dick Turpin, Godiva, William Wallace, Edward the Black Prince, T.E. Lawrence
      • Some Type-moon magazines confirm Queen Victoria and Black Prince as possible servants. Not in FGO yet, though.
    • Irish: Aife, Connia, Ferdiad, Nuadha, Caorthannach
    • Scientists: Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Alan Turing, Maxwell's Demon (Koha-Ace), Plato, Socrates, Pythagoras, Marie Curie, Hedy Lamar, Robert Oppenheimer, Ada Lovelace, Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Gottlieb Daimler
      • Maxwell's Demon has appeared in Gudaguda 4, but not playable yet
    • Literature characters: Macbeth, Mowgli, Dolores Haze (Lolita)
    • World War II: Simo Hayha, Vasily Zaitsev, Jack Churchill, Joseph Medicine Crow, John Basilone, Erich Hartmann, Lyudumila Pavlichenko, Audie Murphy
    • Misc. Heroic Spirits: Saint Germain (Strange Fake), William Tell, Ilya Muromets, Wudga, Dietrich von Bern, Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan, Hang Tuah, Hannibal, Le Loi, Kullervo, William Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok, Davy Crockett, George Washington, Captain Kidd, El Cid Campeador, Don Quixote, Sargon of Akkad, Tutankhamen, Montezuma I, Ned Kelly, Rasputin, the Grim Reaper, the Black Knight, the Bogeyman, Marya Morevna, Peter Pan, Santa Claus, Headless Horseman, Mother Goose, Robin of Loxley (aka True Robin Hood, as mentioned in Strange Fake), Abraham van Helsing, Arsene Lupin, Nicolas Flamel, John Dee, Gajah Mada, Urduja, Jose Rizal, Antonio Luna, John Henry, Daniel Boone, Catherine the Great, P.T. Barnum, George Armstrong Custer, William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody, Dr. John Watson, Irene Adler, Aladdin, Sinbad, Jean Valjean, Javert, Quasimodo, Allan Quatermain, Dorian Gray, Tom Sawyer, Che Guevara, Jesse James, Butch Cassidy, William Adams (Murai Anjin), Jeanne Hachette, Louis & Auguste Lumiere, John Wilkes Booth, Annie Oakley, Hugh Glass.
      • Confirmed for the Headless Horseman (with Lobo together, as Servant Avenger Hessian Lobo). Davy Crockett only appeared in All the Statesmen event as a "disguise" of Altera.
      • Rasputin is confirmed to be a pseudo-Servant possessing Kirei Kotomine in Cosmos of the Lostbelt. After the first Lostbelt, he let Kotomine take control similar to Waver/Zhuge Liang.
      • Captain Kidd is mentioned in one of Type-moon magazines to be a possible servant.
      • Riyo Lancer is speculated to be Van Helsing.
      • A good guess, but that one's actually Mary Anning.
      • William Tell is confirmed as a new Servant in the Indian Lostbelt.
      • El Cid is mentioned in Fate/requiem
  • New Seiyuus joining Fate/Grand Order:
  • Potential antagonists:
    • Gil's already mentioned that Beast VII is out there and gunning for humanity, so we'll probably fight it. King Hassan also mentioned that "Regret" is a kind of humanity's evil, so there is a Beast that represents "Regret".
    • The TYPEs, especially since ORT's already on Earth. We can defeat Beasts, why not it?
    • At the end of the story, da Vinci says the Mage's Association will be coming to Chaldea, so we'll definitely get a story with them. Maybe some of the Association's characters will appear as allies or villains? Barthomeloi Lorelei, the real Lord El-Melloi II, even Zelretch!
    • Since BB wasn't really the antagonist of her event, she might be a threat in a future Singularity especially since she explicitly foreshadows a "hard mode" scenario similar to SE.RA.PH when Earth's human population drops to 3% or less at the end of the event story.
    • Beast VII finally shows up at the conclusion of Lost Belt 5, While its true identity is still unknown, it has taken Olga Marie Animusphere as its vessel.
Tiamat is the long-fabled Type-Earth.
She's an Eldritch Abomination that seems awfully similar to the actual Ultimate Ones in nature. She has the power to exterminate all life on Earth within a day, as Kingu and Jaguar Man claim. Her Chaos Tide/Sea of Life skill is fairly similar to ORT's Crystal Valley in that it imposes her vision of life onto the world. She lacks a concept of death, much like the rest of the Types - or, at least she did before King Hassan got to her. Finally, she was sealed away for an extremely long time in the realm of imaginary numbers, only ever becoming unsealed due to the unique conditions of the Grand Order timeline. Perhaps that is why there was no Type-Earth even in Notes, and why even Arcueid can merely become Archetype-Earth - the unsurpassable Ultimate One, who required both the most favorable conditions and a crew of Servants spearheaded by the full-power Gilgamesh to kill, had been sealed away this whole time.
  • Nope. It was told that the Beast class represents humanity's evil which humanity must destroy. Some mythological beast considered as potential Beast class are: Vritra, Jormugandr, Hel, Ymir, Surtr, Fenrir, the Beast of Revelations, Lucifer, Satan, Ouranos, Aether, Ananke, Aion, Erebus, Nyx, Tartarus, Typhon, Cipactli, Apophis, Kur, Ladon and Earth Mother. Type Earth is, most probably, Arcueid.
    • Where is it said that Beasts and Types are mutually exclusive? Types are all widely different from one another physiologically, with Type-Moon (a humanoid being) being the origin of vampirism on Earth, Type-Mercury (a spiderlike being) being slightly vampiric itself, Venus being a giant plant, Saturn being a giant cross, etc. It's entirely plausible that Type-Earth could happen to be one of the seven Beasts.
      • About that... Solomon's first NP, Ars Almadel Solomonis is one of the original Sins (it's number I, Tiamat is number II). So, not all original Sins are Beast class.
      • Yeah, and actually, Beast I is King Goetia.
    • Arcueid's full-power form is called "Archetype:Earth". From what I understand, she's not classified as one of the Ultimate Ones/Types, though she could be considered one due being Type-Moon's successor and pseudo-reincarnation.
  • Don't forget that she's not only a Beast, but also a Goddess on her own right. Ultimate Ones are stated to be lifeforms that embody the will of the planet, not emanations from it like Gods are.

The Beast VI mentioned in Tiamat's profile is the Beast of Revelations
It's mentioned to have a "Nega-Messiah" skill which is said to be similar to how Tiamat's infinite life is like Genesis, but evil and false prophets/messiahs seems like a good match for that skill.
  • Confirmed (at least partly). It's implied that the "Nega-Messiah owner" is one half of Beast VI, the other is Beast of Revelations.

The first "Zabaniya" was not a Noble Phantasm, but instead the name of King Hassan's sword.
It was the primary medium for his ability to directly kill anyone, but in the hands of anyone else it was just an ordinary iron sword. Its name was simply chosen due to his personal taste, and it did not become sublimated as a Noble Phantasm upon his ascension as a Grand Servant, his innate abilities instead being crowned with the name of Azrael, the angel of death. However, his eventual successor and the originator of his Legacy Immortality had the misconception that Zabaniya was a magic sword, and the source of King Hassan's power. As such, when King Hassan passed away, his successor modified his own body to replicate as best he could what he saw as Zabaniya's ability, dubbing the result "Zabaniya" from this misconception. The third Hassan followed the second's example, and the fourth followed the third, and so on, creating a tradition of fabricating killing methods worthy of the nineteen angels' name and culminating with No Name Assassin creating a completely inaccurate Zabaniya technique to represent King Hassan. In the end, their imitation of the original Old Man of the Mountain was fundamentally wrong - but at the same time, each of their Zabaniya abilities surpasses the original Zabaniya sword for this very reason.
  • I thought that the Zabaniya techniques are named after the 19 angels of death that guard Hell in Islamic tradition.
    • Yeah, King Hassan's profile said that his broadsword is perfectly commonplace, but it has been stained in the colors of his faith. And maybe the other Zabaniya techniques are derived from his NP, Azra'il.

Alternatively, or perhaps even concurrently with the above, King Hassan's sword is an Excalibur Galatine that lost its Mystery long ago.
It has a very similar length and shape as Galatine, with a widening blade near the hilt rather than a traditional crossguard - the big difference with King Hassan's sword is that it is colored in black and gray, rather than white and blue, and seems to be battered. The fates of the other Fairy Constructs aside from Excalibur and Avalon were never disclosed, so perhaps Galatine was looted from Gawain's corpse after the Battle of Camlann, dismissed as just a fine sword, and circulated around as its Mystery degraded (signified by its holy colors fading to a dull gray and black) until King Hassan obtained it hundreds of years later. By then, he couldn't even tell that it was a sister sword of Excalibur, simply seeing it as an ordinary sword that happened to work perfectly as a medium for his powers.
  • Nope, see above.

Possible Avenger candidates.
  • Alter versions of just about any Servant
  • Achilles Alter in which he is more in line with his characterization in the The Iliad
  • Artoria as Saber Alter
    • Much like EMIYA (Alter), she's still a Saber.
      • She's also had Rider, Lancer, and Berserker versions; and Jeanne Alter has been classed as both a Ruler and an Avenger.
  • Cain from Abrahamic religion
  • Captain Ahab from Moby Dick
    • In Fate/Strange fake, one of the personas of Watcher is the "Captain" who mentions that he'd be fitting in "the class based on vengeance" if he's summoned as a proper Heroic Spirit. It's speculated to be Ahab.
  • EMIYA (Alter)
    • He's still an Archer.
  • The Erinyes from Greek Mythology
  • Gilgamesh Alter
    • Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Word of God say that Gilgamesh can't be corrupted?
      • The same was said of EMIYA and yet a corrupted version of him appeared in the Grand Order anime. They could go with an alternate version where he was corrupted, and the source of his corruption in Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star isn't Angra Mainyu.
      • This particular version of Gilgamesh that was corrupted may be him after Enkidu's passing, causing him to cross the Despair Event Horizon, which given Gil's usual temperament is a really big deal.
  • Corrupted!Bathory from Extella
  • The Green Lady from Celtic Mythology
  • Grigori Rasputin
    • He's currently an Alter Ego and inhabits Kirei's body.
  • Gudrun/Kriemhild from the The Saga of the Volsungs/Nibelungenlied
    • Currently a Berserker
  • Hamlet from Hamlet
  • The Headless Horseman
    • confirmed for the Shinjuku chapter (mixed with Lobo)
  • Heracles as Dark Berserker. Alcides also has the potential to be in full Avenger form.
  • Ivar the Boneless
  • Kullervo from Finnish mythology
  • Lancelot
  • Mordred
  • Nemesis from Greek Mythology
  • Oiwa from the Yotsuya Kaidan
  • Okiku from the Banchō Sarayashiki
  • Sakura Matou as Dark Sakura
    • Currently is a Pseudo-servant with Kamadeva inhabiting her body.
  • Sweeney Todd from The String of Pearls and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
  • Tamamo-no-Mae as Hoji from the Otogizōshi
  • Víðarr from Norse Mythology

New Servants and their rarity.
This section only applies to Servants from a Fate series, let's predict!
  • Fate/Prototype:
    • Arthur (SSR), Alter Arthur (SR), Proto Gil (SSR), Perseus (SR), Beast of Revelations (boss-only), Proto Merlin (SSR Caster with Saberface and Kawasumi voice), Altered Ozymandias, Arash, Brynhildr, Serenity, Paracelsus, and Jekyll (enemy only)
      • Confirmed for Arthur!!! He's a White Day limited Gacha Servant.
      • Paracelsus, Serenity, and Jekyll are 3-star, Arash is 1-star, I've forgotten Brynhildr already, and Prototype Merlin is Arcade-exclusive.
  • Fate/Apocrypha:
    • Achilles (SSR), Semiramis (SSR), Chiron (SR), Avicebron (R), Sieg (SR, free Servant)
      • Confirmed for Semiramis! She's the limited servant of the 2018 Valentine's Gacha.
      • Sieg was datamined, but nothing indicates what his rarity will be. (as of the Apocrypha event, he is the welfare SR)
      • Confirmed for Avicebron, who debuted in the Anastasia chapter.
      • We can now mark all of the Apocrypha servants as confirmed with the debut of the crossover event.
  • Fate/Extra series:
    • Archimedes (SSR), Saber Venus (SSR), Attilaight Cell aka loli Altera (SR), Velber (Beast?), Charlemagne (SSR), Karl der Grosse (SSR), Assassin!Li Shuwen (R)
    • Assassin Li Shuwen confirmed, but SSR. He's also an elder version.
    • As of Traum, Charlemagne is also confirmed.
  • Prisma Illya (if they rerun the event, of course):
    • Thor/Beatrice (SSR), Miyu (SSR), Miyuverse!Shirou (SR or SSR), Pandora (SSR), Angelica (SSR)
    • Alternatively, Mystic Codes that simulate Installs and grant Master Skills based around the more iconic FSN Servants (like EMIYA, Cu Chulainn, and Medusa - not Arturia, who already has her Anniversary Blonde)
    • Nothing yet, but Kara no Kyoukai's rerun had Asagami Fujino debut as a limited servant, so it's very likely that a Illya rerun will have a new limited servant as well.
      • Miyu confirmed, but SR.
  • FGO originals:
    • Sita (SR), Agravain (he's shown as R-rarity in Camelot stage play merch), Gareth (SR, maybe R), Nezha (SR), Tomoe Gozen (SR), Ereshkigal (SSR), Sherlock Holmes (SSR), Inshun Hozoin (R), Jason (R), Oda Nobukatsu (R), Young Fergus (UC), Captain Nemo (SR), Roland (SR), Mandricardo Alter (SR, based on the possibility of him retrieving Durandal)
    • Confirmed for Holmes!
    • Tomoe Gozen confirmed as SR Archer AND Inshun Hozoin as R Lancer in Shimosa.
    • Confirmed for Ereshkigal in the 2017 Christmas event.
    • Nezha confirmed as an SR Lancer in Salem
    • Jason confirmed except he's a C (1*). Gareth is UC.
    • Nobukatsu confirmed, but as an event-exclusive C (1*) Archer.
  • koha-Ace:
    • Majin Saber/Okita Alter (SSR), Sun Wukong (SR/SSR), Toyotomi Hideyoshi (SR), Tokugawa Ieyasu (SR), Shibata Katsuie (from Gudaguda 4, SR), Akechi Mitsuhide (from Gudaguda 3, R)
      • Okita Alter confirmed.
  • strange/fake (if it's ever finished):
    • Richard (SSR), Zealot Hassan (SR), Pale Rider (SR), Jack the Ripper (SR), Alexandre Dumas (R or UC), "Edison" (SR), Alkeides (SSR), Hippolyta (SSR), "Watcher" (SSR), Hassan of the Ghostly Weft (SR or R), Francois Prelati (SR), Filia (SSR as the "true" Ishtar with Gugalanna as her NP)
  • El-Melloi II Case Files:
    • Gray (SSR Saberface Lancer), "Faker" (SR Rider/Pretender), Sir Kay (R)
      • Partially confirmed. Gray's NP is a Lance, but she's a Welfare (and therefore SR) Assassin.
      • Faker is being added to the Lady Reines Case Files rerun as a 4* Pretender, under the name of Hephaestion.
  • Capsule Servant:
    • Counter Guardian TOHSAKA (SR), probably "Boxer" Bazett (R/SR)
      • Bazett became playable as Pseudo-Servant for Manannán, promoted to being a SRR Alter-Ego (though she does insist that she is a Boxer-class Servant).

Andromalius is the Demon Pillar whose geass is engraved in the Tohsaka bloodline.
He likes peppering his battle quotes with Gratuitous German ("Feuer, feuer, feuer!"), and his tendency to stack attack/crit buffs on himself during the first turn of his fight is reminiscent of Ishtar-Rin and her burst-oriented skills and NP. If Barbatos existed within the genes of the Makiri/Matou, it's entirely possible that Andromalius is the end result of one of the Tohsaka family members being awakened by Solomon (probably Tokiomi, considering how Rin is a part of both Ishtar and Ereshkigal's Fusion Dance.)

Ars Paulina is Solomon's Clairvoyance and ability to hear God sublimated as an EX-rank Noble Phantasm rather than a skill, much like Gilgamesh's Sha Nagba Imuru.
The Lesser Key's actual book titled "Ars Paulina" is basically the Heaven-oriented mirror of the Ars Goetia - whereas the Goetia revolves around evoking demons, the Paulina focuses on communicating with angels. Perhaps the Ars Paulina Noble Phantasm is named as such because it is how Solomon communicated with God and the angels in Heaven. This is why Grand Caster, who has the clairvoyance in Solomon's body but not the ability to hear God in his soul, has the Clairvoyance and Revelation skills while Solomon himself does not - those skills are already sublimated into the Ars Paulina NP, while Grand Caster who lacks said NP (or at least has it only in a sealed state) just has fragments of it in the form of the aforementioned skills.
  • Jossed, thanks to translations coming out that reveal Ars Paulina to be Solomon's Reality Marble.

If the OVA get to Septem, they will completely redo it.
Even the writers are ashamed of this one so this could be their chance to do something better with it.

Predictions for Epic of Remnant.
There are lots of code words in the trailer and three new unknown Servants. Let's predict!
  • Shinjuku Phantom Incident
    • One of the words from the trailer was "Ally of Justice", and in the main poster there is an unknown tan-skinned, white-haired Servant using dual pistols with Kanshou and Bakuya's color scheme. Maybe he is EMIYA (Alter?) and he will appear in this chapter!
      • Confirmed!
    • A possible appearance from Touko, so since another code word is "Puppet Empress".
      • Turns out to have been a doll version of Christine.
    • And Sherlock!
      • Sherlock appears in the CM, so he's in for sure.
    • Wait. Shinjuku is the setting of Fate/Prototype's grail war right? Maybe we can expect some Prototype characters?
      • Yeah, it took place in Tokyo. Also that was the original setting of the Fate/Apocrypha online game, so we might get to see some of the scrapped elements from that.
    • And, now we've got the banner for Shinjuku! There is a mysterious old man there... who is he? As Sherlock has a chance of appearing in this, he could be his archenemy, James Moriarty. Or maybe because of his moustache, it's Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?
      • Confirmed to be Moriarty
  • Woman of Agartha
    • We can expect Helena Blavatsky playing a major role in this part, since she was the first one to talk about Agartha; besides, she hasn't received her Interlude yet, so there's that. The tan-skinned woman might be related to it too.
      • Hilariously her role is very minor but just as well, considering Agartha was a fake.
    • The location/entrance for Agartha is somewhere in Africa. In the trailer and chapter opening for Shinjuku, the first flare of the burning Earth corresponds to Japan, so ergo, the second flare which was somewhere in the southern hemisphere is where that sub-singularity'll take place.
    • Actually turned out to be in Central Asia.
    • Two Servants were announced for Agartha, Caster and Assassin of the "Nightless Castle". Caster is the tan-skinned woman from the main visual and looking at her artwork with veil and scrolls, maybe she's Scheherazade. Assassin is a loli and looks Chinese.
      • Caster confirmed as Scheherazade, while the Assassin is confirmed Chinese and identified to be the Empress Wu Zetian.
    • Then we have a young boy with slanted eyes, purple hair, and sword on his back... which remind us of Fergus. Kid Fergus, anyone?
      • Confirmed to be a young version of Agartha.
    • Drake Alter, as seen in the PV. She's fighting against a swashbuckler, maybe Hernan Cortes?
      • Jossed. He's actually Christopher Columbus.
      • Jossed for Drake Alter - turns out she's an entirely different character, Pirate Princess Dahut. Who can't be summoned, unfortunately (although she's basically a Palette Swap of Drake, so it's not like we'd be missing on much).
    • And the absolute unknown, the El Dorado Berserker. She looks like an Amazonian fighter, but who? She can't be Hippolyta, though
      • Not Hippolyta, but it's her sister, Penthesileia.
  • Seventh Heroic Spirit Swordmasters Match
    • Musashi is one of the poster Servants, so she will appear for sure.
      • One of the keywords for this chapter is "Empyrean Eye", one of Musashi's skills. So yeah, it's prety much confirmed that she'll be the main character in this part.
    • Other potential Servants are Sasaki Kojirou (either real or fake), Okita (maybe her Alter form as well), and other samurai Servants (adult Ushiwakamaru?)
    • Two of the words for this chapter are Inferno and Purgatorio which could be referencing The Divine Comedy, and that was all about journeying through Hell and Purgatory to get to Heaven, so maybe Servants like Musashi got trapped in Inferno or Purgatorio and need to fight through their way through the tournament to get out.
      • Servant Dante Alighieri?
    • Yagyu Juubei. He's already appeared in Musashi's trial quest.
      • Subverted, but his father, Yagyu Munenori, did.
    • Looking at silhouettes at Machi Asobi, we likely have 7 Servants for this chapter. Two of them are certainly Shuten and Raikou.
      • The bald one is Inshun Hozoin, as he's a monk.
      • The horned and naginata-wielding one is Tomoe Gozen, as Ibaraki once said she's affiliated with the onis.
      • The only one revealed, an androgynous ninja kid, most likely Mochizuki Chiyome.
      • That leaves 2 last silhouettes... Abe no Seimei and Beast!Tamamo?
      • Subverted. The last two are Ashiya Doman, Seimei's rival; and the cloaked figure is the disguised version of Yagyu Munenori.
  • Heretical Salem
    • The little girl in the promo image is Abigail Williams and a Caster, the girl's appearance looks about right for Abigail's age (12 years old) and c'mon it's Salem in the middle of the witch trials, there's definitely going to be at least one Caster in that mix.
      • Confirmed that there is a caster and that Abigail Williams does appear in Salem, but jossed as to who the caster is - it's Tituba/the Queen of Sheba, although Circe also makes her debut here; as for Abigail herself, she's an entirely new class, Foreigner.

Potential Beast Candidates prediction
As revealed, Goetia is Beast I of Pity, Tiamat is Beast II of Regression, and Primate Murder (AKA Fou) is Beast IV of Comparison. So far, Beast VI (holder of Nega-Messiah) and Beast VII have been mentioned in the game, and a Human Evil of Regret which presumably has a Beast that represents that Evil. Still no news about Beast III or Beast V.
  • Even though the Beast of Revelation is considered the 4th Beast for now, that might change (perhaps that might be the reason the fifth light novel of Fate/Prototype's prequel series is being delayed: they're giving the Beast of Revelation a new number beside IV). Perhaps it is truly meant to be either Beast VI or Beast VII.
    • BOR is now Beast VI. Half of it, at least.
  • Prediction for the potential candidate for the Beast of Regret:
    • Tamamo-no-mae's complete form. Her backstory has a lot of elements of regret in it and it's said that she was killed as an "enemy of humanity". Plus, according to Gilgamesh, the Beasts are so dangerous to humanity because they love humanity so much that they threaten to destroy it. Guess who loved humanity so much that she decided to become a human?
      • Highly plausible given what Amaterasu (Tamamo's "origin") reveals when she meets Hakuno (and what Hakuno senses) in CCC.
  • Angra Mainyu, not as Avenger from Fate/hollow ataraxia but as All the World's Evil, the blackened Greater Grail and/or the Shadow from Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night. Nasu has stated that when Avenger was defeated in the 3rd Grail War the Fuyuki Grail tried to grant the wishes of the ancient Zoroastrians and turn him into the incarnation of All the World's Evil, and had it done so he would have been reborn as a genuine God of Evil; and his All the World's Evil form is noted to be eerily similar to Tiamat in the Babylonia chapter. Furthermore, in Unlimited Blade Works Gilgamesh calls it one of the "great evils of mankind," a moniker also used to refer to the Beasts. Ergo, it's possible that Angra Mainyu - or an AU version of him successfully incarnated as All the World's Evil - would qualify as a Beast.
    • Nasu has confirmed that had Angra Mainyu fully awakened in Fate/stay night, he would have been considered to be an Evil of Humanity and Grand Servants would have come after him. Though whether or not this situation is visited in Fate/Grand Order is to be seen.
  • Another theory is that, like Grand Servants, Beast candidates must have some skill to be designated as a Beast, and that is "Independent Manifestation".
    • Merlin and Void are Beast candidates?!
    • Actually quite plausible. In Grand Order Material Book III, Void's profile says that "those who have this skill are-"
      • And in the last chapter of part 1, Gilgamesh straight up says only Beasts have Independent Manifestation. He says to Jeanne "well it's time for us to go. After all, Independent Manifestation is a thing only Beasts have (i.e. he and Jeanne don't have it)." Merlin's profile in the game makes it clear that him having it is a special case and Extella's material book states that Gilgamesh showing up on his own is a special case because that's in the Extra world.
  • Another possible Beast candidate is Nero, as the Whore of Babylon from the Book of Revelations or Golden Fox aka Tamamo's complete form (which is said to be on par with Goetia in an interlude) as they're referred to as a possible Human Evil in Fate/Extra CCC, possibly representing the evil of "prostitution" or "betrayal". As an aside, Golden Fox was already around in 14,000 BC.
    • Whore of Babylon/Mother Harlot is likely to be paired with Beast of Revelations.
  • Kiara Sesshouin from CCC.
    • Confirmed to be Beast III-R in the CCC crossover, but the other half is currently unknown.
  • Velber or Sephyr of Extella.
    • It's not from Earth, though.
  • BB from CCC. Which is partly confirmed as her boss fight has Advent Beast hidden from view in one of her boss fights, which only shows up when confronting a Beast directly (Femme Fatale, Goetia, and Kiara herself).
  • Sun Wukong, as Beast III. Not Beast III-L, not Beast III-R (which is already taken), but the original body of Beast III, who willingly tore out the parts of himself that would go on to become III-L and III-R after the events of Journey to the West. As a bonus, his backstory that led to him being sealed under a mountain before meeting Xuanzang fits the MO of a manifested Beast (invaded Heaven singlehandedly and nearly won, had to be tricked to subdue him, his vengeful tendencies...). Incidentally, this would simultaneously make him Beast III-C on a technicality (despite no doubt losing all traits of being a Beast) and qualify him as an Alter Ego (which is apparently for Servants who have had large changes to their Spirit Origins- and missing 90% of it certainly counts!).
  • As Beast III L and R are revealed and Beast VI is partially revealed, that leaves Beast V and VII. V is likely to be 9-tailed Tamamo, while VII is special; it might be a completely original character (like Kiara).
  • Given Cath Palug/Primate Murder is a Beast as well as the Beast of Gaia, which is one of the forces that seeks to protect the planet Earth, it's worth noting that Alaya (aka the Counter Force) similarly has a Beast of Alaya, though it's not been shown yet or named. And given Fou also fits as an "Evil of Humanity", what if the Beast of Alaya is also one as well?
    • An even worse thought: What if it's the beast of Regret/Shame/Redemption, who fitting in with the Counter Force's MO is the biggest guns it has to wipe out something that could decimate humanity.
    • And now for the worst bit of this speculation: What if it's a Beast Version of EMIYA? It would nicely play into a theme of all three of the Extra servants (Nero, Tamamo and EMIYA) are capable of becoming Beasts in the right circumstances.

The Release of Epic of Remnant chapters
The four chapters will be released on each of the four seasons of 2017: Chapter 1 will be released in Spring, Chapter 2 will be released in Summer, Chapter 3 will be released Fall, and Chapter 4 will be released in Winter.
  • Shinjuku was released in late February, so looks like they won't be sticking to this.
  • Agartha was released on late June!
  • The third chapter will be released on mid October!
  • The fourth is being released in December!

Sion or someone representing Atlas will show up in Epic of Remnant or further storylines
The protagonist, Shielder and Holmes traipsing into the modern-day Atlas Academy to use Hermes and then leaving is probably going to be noticed by someone and they'll probably have questions about that. Alternatively, due to the damage done to Chaldeas and the various parts of the facility by Lev's bomb, they've come to provide assistance in fixing the devices.
  • Confirmed as Sion shows up in Lostbelt 3

EMIYA Alter is Enhance
What little we know about EMIYA Alter matches up with what equally little we know about Enhance:
  • Looks like Dante from Devil May Cry: The only thing really missing is the Badass Longcoat.
  • Looks human despite being a Dead Apostle.
  • Referred to as a black shadow.
  • His left hand rots with each use of his gun, while his right hand's nerves are being destroyed because of his partially human nature: exactly the kind of suicidal fighting that Shirou is known for.
  • Is also known as Blade or Enhance Sword: I am the bone of my sword anyone?
  • And finally, the most important part, EMIYA Alter's description in the FGO AR game describes him as "The man abandons morality, despises affection, and continues to sneer at himself who became a living corpse." It sounds like he became a Dead Apostle.
  • Jossed. He is still EMIYA, as in Emiya Shirou, but became very hardened after slaughtering a cult.
    • Not Jossed. Being Shirou Emiya does not exclude the possibility that he became Enhance.
    • Nope, read his profile and My Room lines again. Also, Enhance dual wield sword and gun with thorns, right? This EMIYA only dual wield gunblades. He also doesn't display any of Nasuverse's vampire characteristics (even as simple as blood-colored irises). Just wait Tsukihime 2 for Enchance, please.
    • He also shares more characteristics with Archer EMIYA aka Emiya Shirou. Why he's mad at seeing normal EMIYA (as in, Emiya Shirou) if he isn't Emiya Shirou himself? Or seeing Cu, EMIYA's rival, and wants to fight him?
      • Jossed. He's Emiya Shirou from the Mind of Steel ending.

EMIYA Alter is Shirou Emiya from the Heaven's Feel Bad End "Mind of Steel"
The "Holy Mother" is Sakura Matou. And the "followers" are those taking part in the Grail War. Choosing to stick with his desire to be a "hero", Shirou sacrifices his humanity like Kiritsugu, and with it, Sakura's life. Then, the Grail War carries on, Shirou makes his Heart and Mind as Steel, and destroys everyone involved in the Grail War, eventually destroying Kotomine and Zouken, but also murdering Illya and Rin. Finally, as he finishes off everyone he was close to the Grail War, including those he held dearest to his heart. Thus, with no more ties to his past as Shirou Emiya, he decides to carry on, losing even his desire to be a hero to be the grim executor his father once was.
  • It's implied more that the "Holy Mother" he killed is Kiara Sesshouin though, as she has a cult (with thousand of members) that is mentioned in his profile. If Shirou "only" killed the participant of the 5th Grail War, he can't be this grim.
  • Yeah. He actually kills Kiara... after experiencing Mind of Steel. Sucks to be him.

Schrödinger's Player Character is at play between Prototype Arthur and FSN Artoria.
From the Fate/Prototype page: This may subvert the idea that Arthur does not carry any issues about how his reign ended, unlike Artoria. That is to say, both characters exist as two possibilities: if Artoria ever gets her wish of finding someone else to pull the Sword in the Stone/become King, the story is rewritten so that a male Arthur exists and come to pass. Vice-versa, if Arthur gets to achieve his wish and move on, it is Artoria who becomes King. This would at least make sense as to how/why both versions are available to be summoned in Fate/Grand Order, although this also carries some Fridge Horror implications regarding their fates (i.e. one has to be condemned for the other to get a happy ending).
  • It is told in Arthur's profile that he comes from another world and that his past is different than Artoria.

Musashi's world is the world where almost everyone is genderbent aka the Prototype-verse.
Musashi says that her world's Ushiwakamaru is a male and her profile states that the F/GO's world's Musashi is male. Then comes Arthur, who in his world is a male and Merlin's a female; Mordred is probably male. That being said, Arthur's Knights of the Round Table might also be females (except maybe Lancelot and Gareth who'll probably be male to contrast the female version).

Semiramis will be summoned as a Caster instead of an Assassin.
We've already got Carmilla and Stheno as Caster-like Assassins. So there'd be nothing unique about Semiramis being an Assassin, while having her as a Caster would allow her to be somewhat distinct from her Apocrypha self.
  • How about an Assassin Semiramis with a Double Summon skill that can change her class to Caster for a set amount of turns? She's already unique enough. And remember, most existing characters with possible alternate classes (like Karna who qualifies for Lancer, Archer, and Rider) are introduced in the game with their debuting class first.
    • Elizabeth Brave also has Double Summon skill but it does nothing in gameplay, so the changing class gimmick is very unlikely. Maybe Semiramis will be a pure Assassin but with Item and Territory Creation skills.
    • Jekyll has a stance system where he changes into Berserker, but it's his NP.
    • Her being dual-class is one of those "Great Holy Grail War-exclusive" stuffs, plus the fact that she was summoned by a Servant, and a Ruler-class one in fact. It was stated that outside the Great Grail War, she can be only an Assassin, so her dual-class in FGO is very unlikely. However, it can be possible for an enemy version through Break System.
    • Unsurprisingly jossed - she's an Assassin who has the double class skill like Elizabeth Brave, although it's an active, not passive, skill, and it does grant her immunity to double damage that she'd normally take from Caster. And her NP is an AOE one that doesn't change her class. Doesn't rule out the possibility of her getting another version later on.

One of the reasons the protagonist is so strong magically is the Nasuverse Conservation of Ninjutsu Rule of Mages.
They are one of the only remaining non-frozen human Master-class mages in all of space and time. People in Singularities partially affect this, but they literally have what was spread out to the entirety of humanity over the eons.
  • By the time the timeline has been regained, this definition has "stuck" for space-time.
    • This is also why Servants can change classes by changing clothes. The protagonist can do it with Mystic Codes, that's how they think magic works.

The protagonist's "100% Master Compatibility" status really is unique.
Nearly all other Master's aren't "naturally" 100%. They may something like 80%-90% but then their magic makes up for the difference to make it work. Ritsuka's compatibility is a Million to One Chance genetic chance... and then they learn magic which gets it past 100%.
  • This is why they can have Alters loyal to them without using Mud and other monsters.
    • Their magecraft is "Servant Summoning", a type of magic useless in any situation other than a Holy Grail War. (Mystic Code abilities are technically drawn from the artifacts themselves)
  • Alternatively, their Spirit origin is something extremely esoteric that grants them this compatibility; e.g. "Humanity" or "Connections."

The above also explains the "rule breaks" in Servants.
Normally it's very improbable if not impossible to summon gods, lesser spirits, joke characters etc. But because the magic is focused on one Master uniquely qualified to begin with; they can summon non-Heroic Spirits as Servants that wouldn't ordinarily manifest.
  • Most of the "weird case summoning" that happens is due to FATE summoning system unique to Chaldea, not the protagonist's own power.

More Child Servants
We already have Young Gil and Saber Lily, Medusa's younger goddess self as well as Alexander's younger self. What's to stop them from adding more of the younger versions of certain Heroic Spirits? Especially with all the Alters and alternate classes running around as it is.
  • Kid Fergus appeared in Agartha. However, he is not a playable Servant.
  • Huh. Isn't EMIYA Lily would turn out just like... I don't know, Shirou?
  • Setanta (Cu Chulainn Lily) is especially possible too.

I for one think an EMIYA Lily would be cool. He'd probably have red hair like Shirou, but a white outfit, and skin tone somewhere between Shirou and Archer. And maybe access to most of the feats he's pulled off in each of the three F/SN routes, with Nine Lives Blade Works as his Noble Phantasm. Also: to highlight, mechanics- and story-wise, that he's still a bit weaker than Archer EMIYA, he at most should be a 3*. That means, however, that it would be easy for him to NP5 and overcharge most days. There's also the very real option of getting Miyu-verse Shirou—with a composite of all of Shirou's characterization across most Fate media for kicks (like how EMIYA is seemingly remembers both his F/SN and EXTRA storylines).

  • Partially confirmed. Setanta is playable as a Saber-class servant in the Arcade version.

Ishtar!Rin isn't actually Ishtar possessing Rin, and Rin isn't just a human who's mentally compatible with Ishtar.
Instead, Rin was the human incarnation of Isthar all along but didn't know it, and being summoned as a Servant just awakened her past self. As for Ereshkigal... well 2 gods simultaneously incarnating as a single human is more of a Hindu than a Sumerian thing, but why not?
  • Well Ishtar says that Rin has the most compatible body and personality so she chose her as the vessel. Though her perfect vessel is the Einzbern homunculus Fillia from strange fake.
  • Ereshkigal's blond hair actually indicates to me that she is possessing a different Rin, who is blond when in the physical world, despite her avatar's appearances.

Ereshkigal possesses Rin Tousaka from the Moon Cell Automation Holy Grail War
Two Sumerian gods possesing and splitting the same being is fairly uncommon, as mentioned above. In Fate the existences of Ishtar and Ereshkigal are a diadem, what happens to one will somehow effect the other. The Sumerian Priests used the instability created by the Seventh Singularity to reach out and summon Ishtar, while at the same time summon Ereshkigal inadvertantly. This is all known, but the similarities between Ereshkigal and EXTRA Rin go beyond blonde hair, which is common among Sumerian gods, and the Lancer class.

  • For the most part, Servants throughout the Grand Order use their First Ascension form as their default in all cutscenes and story parts, except for Moon Cell servants. This even extends to EMIYA who does not wear his iconic red coat in his first ascension, but does in his base form. Nero Claudius, Tamamo-no-Mae, Francis Drake, Gawain, Meltlylis, Passionlip, Kingprotea, many others and Ereshkigal all use their baseline form as their default in cutscenes and story sections of Fate/Grand Order.
  • At night Ereshkigal bodyjacks Ishtar to communicate with the player character and their party. While it can be attributed to the diadic nature of the two, bodyjacking and spiritron manipulation are both important tennants of the Moon Cell war, with skilled mages being able to manipulate their Moon Cell bodies to reflect their original bodies on Earth. Controlling Ishtar while not reverting to her original form is taxing on Ereshkigal, that's why she switches back when she doesn't pay attention.
  • In the new Fate/Grand Carnival anime Ereshkigal is portrayed as a YouTuber, no really, it does matter. Rin is not what one would call technology saavy, most traditional Clock Tower mages aren't, so being a content streamer would require a level of know-how that Rin Tohsaka just doesn't have, however in the world of Fate/Extra, magic is analogous to computer hacking and Rin Tousaka note  was able to hack her way into the Moon Cell and get herself an invitation to Holy Grail War there, meaning she is very good at it. It's possible Ereshkigal is using this knowledge to run her stream.

Beast III/L is... Saver
Kiara's profile said that the one opposing her is a being who reached enlightenment and thus, free of worldly desires. In other words, Saver of Fate/Extra.
  • Actually, that's only who her worst opponent would be. It doesn't say that she's being opposed by another beast.
  • Jossed. It's Kama/Mara who appeared in the Tokugawa Labyrinth event which is a prelude to the Indian Lostbelt.

Magi*Mari uses Merlin's female appearance and she's super hot
There is a reason Dr. Roman is so fond of her. If Merlin is a very pretty bishonen, imagine how gorgeous fem!Merlin is. That, or a Saberface, to fully complete the circle as she has Kawasumi's voice.

Alternate skins
With the new system in place, let's take a guess on what kind of costumes can be implemented!
  • Any Servant from stay night and hollow ataraxia.
  • Any Servant from Extra/Extella since there's a plethora of alternate costumes for them.
  • Spiky-haired shirtless Gil from the final part of Babylon.
  • The two new outfits Ishtar has in her swimsuit version's NP.
  • The two Alter outfits from Shinjuku and the two crossdresser's new outfits from Agartha.
    • Saber Alter already has a similar theme with her swimsuit version though.
      • Confirmed for Jeanne Alter's alternate outfit from Shinjuku though
      • Saber Alter's Shinjuku outfit has been announced as of 2/1/2020..
  • Pirate Princess Dahut's getup for Francis Drake. There's already a fair amount of people asking for Dahut to be made playable in game (which obviously isn't going to happen, seeing as how outside of different sprites, the only real difference is personality), so it's not like there isn't a demand. Alternatively, her outfit from Fate/Extra Last Encore.
  • Penthesilea's Amazoness CEO outfit
    • Confirmed in the event.

Beast VII's evil is Greed
All of the Gacha salt, materials, exp card and Fou card hoarding coming together from across space-time to be thrown back in our faces as the ultimate punishment. The individual may vary.
  • Beast of Revelations (VI) is closer to Greed, though.

Demon Pillars are not responsible for two of Epic of Remnant’s episodes.
It was stated that four Demon Pillars escaped destruction at the end of Salomon. So it was reasonable to assume that they were responsible for each of the four episodes. The problem is, they all perished by the end of the second episode (Baal-Shinjuku, Andras-Meiji Ishin, Zepar-SE.RA.PH, Phenex-Agartha), but we still have two upcoming episodes. So who will be responsible for creating problems in them?
  • The main antagonist of Episode III can be Beast VI (since it also comes from an alternate dimension) or alternate version of Fou who became (or is in the process of becoming) Primate Murder.
    • Meiji Ishin is not a Remnant chapter though. So we only have the last Demon Pillar as our next antagonist.
    • Shimosa chapter doesn't introduce a Demon Pillar, as its story's main conflict is caused by someone else. Amakusa Shirou from another world is the cause.
    • Jossed, as Demon Pillar Raum was responsible for most of the events of the final Epic of Remnant chapter in Salem.

Sherlock became a Ruler because of his loyalty to Grand Order.
Grand Order, and thus Chaldea, is the Counter Force at this point. Alaya; the power of humanity, run by humans. Servants summoned directly by the MC have their loyalty affected by both by Ritsuka's pure spirit and their 100% Servant Compatibility. Sherlock has been serving humanity as an Independent Servant without any ulterior motive or desire for a wish for multiple singularities. This devotion places him in the same category as Saints, as far as the Throne of Heroes is concerned.
  • Nope. In his Trial Quest, Sherlock explains that he's forced into the Ruler Saint Graph as arbitrator and adjudicator. It seems as if the world told him, the "Revealer", that not all illusions and dreams in the world should be broken.

Paul Bunyan is a lost creation of the Velber.
"There were giants in the earth in those days". The major religions spoke of them. Ymir and Auohumla in Norse Mythology; the Giant Children of Gaia in Greek Mythology. They were the tools of The Old Gods; the Velber; creating and remaking worlds based on Blue-and-Orange Morality Decrees; and were incompatible with humanity; often Pruning what was considered wasteful or unnecessary. They traveled from Alternate Dimension to Alternate Dimension
  • Paul was a lost asset, a simple agent with the rule programmed in: "Prune X for Y". It should have been "Prune Unnecessary Civilization for Conservation." Whereas Altera's programming changed the definition of what "good civilization" to be saved vs "bad civilization" to be destroyed; Paul's simply switched variables to "Prune Nature For Human Civilization." Any nature. Any civilization. And he became a broken tool that was repurposed as Enkidu would say.
    • This is the Truth in an Alternate Universe very, very far away. Worlds where a character was the opposite gender or a knight refused to return Excalibur are only one deviation and thus can be picked up by this worlds Throne of Heroes with only slight difficulty. Our Paul is from much farther, her Legend diffused as a fable in this world and surrounding worlds. She could only be picked and distorted in the dreams of a madwoman whose nonetheless still has the same impossible 100% Master Rating. So through a glass very darkly.

Artemis's personality is influenced by all moon goddesses.
She's first seen in a Dumpling event, after all, which is associated with Japan; not Greece. Her behavior with Fate Orion isn't so much the original legend of Artemis; but rather the goddess Selene; who imprisoned the shepherd Endyminion in eternal sleep (thus never aging); and had children with him.
  • As for the event, FGO is a Japanese game, so of course they will reference this.

The protagonist will become a pseudo-Servant in FGO part 2
This is purely a theory after looking at Charlemagne's design from Extella Link which bears an uncanny similarity to male Fujimaru. As Mash is unable to fight, maybe we ourselves will fight?
  • Now we just need a servant that looks like the female protagonist (Riyo Gudako is proven to be another being and a monster anyway).
    • Gudako might be Pseudo-servant for Haydee, Dantes' second lover. She has long orange hair.
    • Part 2 has begun. Now we wait.

Servant Saint Nicholas is imbuing the Alter Servants.
If he were to be summoned personally, it would be as a composite of himself. Saint Nicholas the Man, and Santa Claus the Legend. But he's doing more good as an aspect. Similar to how phantoms can be added to a Servant to change their aspect. He's not changing their personalities per se, but he is allowing Dark Is Not Evil. Santa Alters are retroactively allowing their other Alter selves to have the same option.

There will be a Berserker or Avenger class Boudica representing what she was like when she burned Londinium.
That could be a nice way to make up for the disappointing version we've got now.
  • An Avenger Boudica appeared in Dead Heat Summer Race event, but the reason why she is Avenger is different and Played for Laughs.
    • An angry Boudica was in the Garden of Order event, and this was not played for laughs.
      • Said angry Boudica was a Berserker.

Any character with an appearance they didn't have originally are composites.
Orion / Artemis, Quetzalcotl, Dantes, etc. They were people in the proximity of a Holy Grail War in some Alternate Universe. We just don't recognize them because we were never told their story.
  • Meaning, yes, Dantes is fused with Komaeda Nagito. In some Alternate Universe, there was a Holy Grail War at Hope's Peak Academy. And you thought Fuyuki's was bad.
    • Additionally, an alternate Enrico Pucci was near a summoned Mind of Steel Emiya.
      • Wait, by that logic, Mecha Eli-Chan would mean that Elizabeth Bathory was summoned in proximity of Mecha Godzilla - would she have been summoned by his creators or Mecha Godzilla himself?
      • All Myths Are True: Even if such a world was destroyed by the Velber, Elizabeth playing with pieces of a Holy Grail can reach their echoes in the Throne of Heroes.

There was a Holy Grail War in an Alternate Universe of Hope's Peak Academy.
And Komaeda Nagito was the Master of Edmond Dantes. It ended so catastrophically that the Despair effect infected Hope's Peak and the world around it in all surrounding Alternate Universes.

The US release of Saber Wars will have it's subtitle changed to reference The Last Jedi (i.e., "The Last Altria")
When Saber Wars was released, The Force Awakens was the most recent Star Wars movie. Since Saber Wars will be released stateside after The Last Jedi debuts in theatersnote , it would make no sense for the film to have a title referencing The Force Awakens, considering the whole event is Star Wars inspired.
  • Jossed. It's still "Lily's Cosmic Training".

Possible Foreigner-Class Servant Candidates
Foreigner Servants are those who draw power from otherworldly, eldritch sources — i.e. the Outer Gods.
  • Lavinia Whateley, Re-animated. Abigail finds the Phantom of Lavinia and ties her to a combination of the zombies/ghouls of Lovecraftian lore using the reagent of Herbert West Re-animator ; but mixes in the myth of the Dhampyr. An animated body that nevertheless lives. She still requires some blood to live; but Chaldea is no stranger to blood-drinkers.
  • Cthulhu himself, in a similar vein as Cthulhu Saves the World. Since Artemis was able to be summoned as part of Orion, Cthulhu could do the same by letting himself be summoned as a less-powerful version, likely doing so because he thought it would be fun.
    • Cthulhu already appears as the Outer God in contact with Hokusai, though.
      • If the devs think it would bring in money, he'll show up. Plus he'd probably get funny My Room lines with Hokusai. "That's weird, why is dad's /my boss here?" "It truly baffles me how that tiny little artist managed to garner such fame from my image."
  • In the same vein, Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos. He is well known for Walking the Earth in human form on many occasions, and given his capricious nature, he might find the concept of being considered a "hero of humanity" to be absolutely hilarious. Of course, that same capriciousness means he could easily play Heel–Face Revolving Door for a while before finally picking a side.
    • BB is already fused with Nyarly as her Summer version.
  • François Prelati, the "True Caster" of Fate/strange fake who opened a portal to R'lyeh in an attempt to summon Beelzebub; and who wrote the eldritch grimoire that the Caster incarnation of Gilles de Rais uses — variously said to have been the result of him translating a Chinese transcription of the Necronomicon into Italian or to be a Mystic Code that Prelati sealed a portal to R'lyeh within.
    • Prelati won't appear for a while, since Fate/Strange Fake is off the table until it's finished. And it's pretty unlikely they'd make Prelati another class in his debut, considering he'd be overshadowed by the debut of the Watcher-class (assuming that Watcher is his own class).
  • While more obviously fitting for the Avenger class, Dark Sakura could qualify given Angra Mainyu's Grail-empowered state as an embryonic Eldritch Abomination.
  • Another version of an existing Servant that's a Composite Character with Mothra, if only to give Mecha Eli-Chan a Kaiju to do battle with (perhaps introducing a Berserker version of an existing servant based on King Kong alongside it).
  • Neil Armstrong, Last Encore confirmed that he's an actual Servant and while the predictable answer is that he's a Rider, it would be interesting to see a version who secretly made contact with aliens in space or on the moon. If he shows up, he could be the avatar for the "The Color", contained within his spacesuit and reflected across his visor in the later ascensions. As the color itself drains all life it comes in contact with, he will be forced to keep the spacesuit on at all times or otherwise, the area around him would turn brittle and grey akin of a moon landscape which he is so associated with in his legend. His Noble Phantasm "A Small Step for Man" would be him undoing his visor, expose "The Color" through it, and turn the surrounding area into the brittle gray moon landscape void of life while delivering his famous quote. He would also be The Faceless as he either keeps his solar visor up or when pulled away, reveal nothing but "The Color" which would fill it up completely.He would be floating akin of zero-g all the time, as "The Color" would have already reduced his physical body into a brittle grey remains of a skeleton's upper half, rendering him essentially weightless, carried by "The Color" from within. Essentially, it would be encased within "The Color" while being encased in the spacesuit as a skin and still have the mindset and soul of Armstrong trapped within it. And how would he be associated with "The Color" in the Nasuverse? He picked up a moonstone (actually a meteorite) containing its essence by accident, and putting it away inside his suit. His attacks would basically have him sap the life-force out of opponents by getting up close with them and let the color do the work in short, momentary, breaches of containment.
  • Amusingly, the next Foreigner Servant is Katsushika Hokusai who has nothing to do with the Cthulhu Mythos, though they also have tentacles.

The Main Character is a Wild Card
  • Able to be compatible with any personality, this also created their 100% affinity with Servants. It also explains some of their Cloudcuckoolander quirks.
    • This may be a result of a particularly esoteric Spirit Origin. The MC May have a spirit origin of "Humanity" which is particularly strong due to the fact that it has so many different meanings. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that the idea of a "Wild Card" may be a part of that.

Abigail found Sanson in the Cafe Ahnenerbe.
Normally the doors back to life are locked to people who are supposed to go their Final Destination, but Abigail is the Silver Key.
  • Alternatively, she engaged in Balancing Death's Books and temporarily took his place, going to the Throne of Heroes, which is why you can summon her.

Servants can choose which level-up form they take.
In a form of Gameplay and Story Integration, Waver was wrong that he would be stuck in child form. (The other Servants thought it was funny, but eventually told him how to change.) This is why we don't see child Waver in other event cutscenes. Or Little Black Dress Alter Saber, etc.
  • Actually, if we go by the word of Akira Ishida, the designer of Lancer Artoria (and the Alter version) who states that the second ascension for Lancer Artoria is the "Default" for her, we can assume that the forms we see servants take in cutscenes are their default forms; after all, Waver becomes a child in his third ascension, and in Septem, the sprite he has is the same as his second ascension (while it may be hard to tell, in his first ascension, he's holding a cigar; the sprite that appears in Septem is smoking a cigarette, which he only does in his second ascension). Mash is an exception, but that's due to the fact that her ascensions happen in-story.
  • During Hokusai's Trial Quest, we got to see Hokusai, Suzuka Gozen and even Jaguar Man change forms when engaged to battle and revert back at will. Though this event already occurred in Septem during one encounter against Julius Caesar.
  • Confirmed. Sitonai's first ascension has her asking if she can change back if she wanted to and she is told that she can.

Da Vinci uses Mana Cubes to keep Chaldea running.
Electricity, plumbing, even the Summoning Reactor needs mana to maintain itself. Fortunately the system itself can generate the same fuel it needs; she just adds some incentive with purchasing.
  • Occasionally Merlin fills the gas tank to keep things running.

Predictions for future Santa servants
With the reveal of Altera the San(ta), it seems as if each successive Christmas event is making a Santa version of a servant introduced in the corresponding singularity (the 2015 event, the first one, had a Santa version of Saber Alter, who debuted in Fuyuki, the first singularity; the 2016 event, the second one, had a Santa Lily version of Jeanne Alter, who debuted in Orleansnote , the second singularity; and the 2017 event has a Santa version of regular Altera, who debuted in Septem, the third singularity)note . Assuming the game lasts that long, we might as well speculate as to which servant will receive a Santa version in the futurenote :
  • Okeanos:
    • Medea Lily. The normal versions of all the existing Santa servants were the final boss/main threat of their respective interludesnote , so assuming this pattern continues, Medea Lily would be next in line to get a Santa versionnote .
    • Edward Teach. He already loves kids, and quite frankly I could see him being a good fit, especially if all his deliveries were for the more otaku-inclined servants (i.e., Osakabe-hime).
  • London:
    • Since we already had an Alter version of Artoria as a Santa Servantnote , perhaps Nikola Tesla.
    • Mordred, if only to pull a Bait-and-Switch (possibly hinting that Lancer Alter Artoria is the servant at first, but then revealing that it's Santa Mordred).
  • America:
    • Considering all of the Santa Servants have been female, it will likely be Medb, though I think that a Santa Cu Alter would be hilarious.

  • With 2018 Santa being Quetzalcoatl, the pattern is broken. Now it's a free-for-all.
    • Seemingly confirmed considering that the 2019 Santa is Nightingale, and the 2020 Santa Servant is Karna, the first male Santa in the game.

There will be a future event themed around Avenger-class servants named after Avengers: Infinity War
Said event will focus around the various different Avenger-class servants having to team up to battle against Moon Cancers, possibly enlisting the aid of a few Ruler-class servants if only to give themselves the advantage (possibly having one of the Ruler-class servants fill the role of Thor from the first Avengers movie). Said event would be a good way to introduce another Moon Cancer servant, if only so that BB isn't the only servant of that class, possibly giving players a free Avenger Servant as welfare. Considering that Saber Wars was based around Star Wars, it's not like DW is opposed to the idea.

The Clock Tower Team Speculations.
  • Kitomine Kirei is really Rasputin, the way Shiro was really a Servant in Apocrypha.
    • Confirmed.
  • Koyanskaya is one of the Tamano Nine, specifically she's Tamamo Vicchi, the "talented beautiful secretary."
    • So far, all signs point to her being more than just human - Mash can detect the presence of a heroic spirit from her, she references foxes when speaking, and at one point, she's seen wielding a sniper rifle...maybe she's an archer class servantnote ?
    • Lostbelt 3 confirms her to be Tamamo Vitch. She also represents Da Ji.

Much like with Arthur, we will eventually get male versions of the genderflipped female servants (i.e., Nero, Altera, Miyamoto Musashi)
Said servants will use other names that the genderflipped servants use (or in the case of ones who had different spelling, will use the regular spelling). Such male versions arenote :
  • Male Musashi will go by Shinmen Takezo (the surname, Takezo, is the one he was born with; as for Shinmen, it's a personal name he took at a later point), being the one from the original Grand Order timeline, plucked from a point at his prime (possibly being even more of a Game-Breaker than the one we have right now). He'll be more akin to the portrayal of Musashi in Vagabond, possibly referencing the mangaka's other works, Slam Dunk and Real.
  • Male Altera will go by the regular spelling of Attila, and much like Leonidas, will be more based in history.
  • Nero will go by Germanicus (the last part of his name), and will be a Composite Character of his historical persona and the Fallout: New Vegas character of the same name.

We will see another Master With No Name, just now male

In the third iteration of Learning With Manga, the male protagonist ('Gudao') has been taking more screentime than before, mostly with his obsession with trap-like Servants (Astolfo and d'Eon). Since the first 'Master With No Name' has appeared and was based on the female protagonist (Gudako), if LWM gets another collab event, it would be obvious that Gudao would be the new 'Master With No Name', and his gimmick would be the unhealthy obsession to certain Servants (instead of abuse, that was Gudako's calling card).

  • Maybe since Gudako abused her servants (Even her SSR servants were badly trained), Gudao's gimmick could be that he puts everything into his trap-like servantsnote , but he has very few (and most of them either fill the same role or overlap with what roles they fill), resulting in the non-trap-like servants he has being very underleveled (and him receiving a Curb-Stomp Battle from a more balanced team).
    • Alternatively, since Gudako's abuses seem to be some sort of parody of Whales (Lots of untrained servants were because she whaled so much she didn't have time to 'care' for the other Servants), Gudao would probably become a parody of F2P players or some super lucky dolphins or 'play for waifus' players (which was why he only had Astolfo and d'Eon, and Gudako didn't come off as someone who had 'waifu/husbando')... however that works.
  • 'Gudao' is lately seen turning Goldorf into a statue for no discernible reason. Looks like he's taking steps to be the next Master With No Name.

Locations of each Lostbelt
  • The most obvious location for Lostbelt #1 would be Russia, considering Anastasia, it being a "frozen" empire, and 1570 being when the Novgorod Massacre occurred, and add to that Ivan the Terrible was already datamined.
    • Confirmed.
  • The second one probably takes place in Germany or a Nordic country since its main focus is the Götterdämmerung.
  • The third one is most likely in China since the OP shows Hinako in an East Asian country and 210 BC points to Qin Shihuangdi's death as its focus.
    • Confirmed
  • While the cube in the background of the trailer points to Scandinavia's Lostbelt as the Moon Cell, the title and hidden date either point to India or the setting of Notes. The OP shows him in a rather modern location, which doesn't help.
    • It's India
  • While the moon is shown in the background, along with Wodime's Lostbelt date and its title hinting at dealing with Sefar, he's shown to be residing in an French castle in the OP.
    • Turns out it's none of those, it's Atlantis
  • Number 6 most likely takes place in England since the date and its location indicate that Beryl is going to try to interfere with Camelot and Rhonmygniad.
    • Confirmed to be England
  • The last one is probably in Mesoamerica since there are some Mesoamerican pyramids visible in the background of Daybit's portion in the trailer, which would make an appropriate parallel to Babylon being the final singularity of part 1.
    • Alternatively, it could be possible that it's another famous Sea of Trees from the Nasuverse, the Forest of Einnashe, given the name that the Lostbelt has, which is *** Sea of Trees. If so, it could spell the addition of Arcueid — who's already appeared in a Fate game as a Berserker — and Shiki Tohno as Servants.
    • With the reveal of the Cosmos Trees in Anastasia, it looks like the Sea of Trees refers to a forest of Cosmos Trees.
      • Confirmed to be somewhere in South America

Da Vinci-chan's weight makes no sense! Because...
Amusingly, Da Vinci is supposed to be 160 cm tall and 40 kg (ie., 5'3" and 88 lbs), despite her curvy figure. This is pretty weird. Also weird: other Servants' heights and weights are generally less weird. Marie Antoinette looks super skinny but is 48 kg at the same height. Ishtar is about the same height as Da Vinci, and maybe a little less curvy, but outweighs her by 17 kg. Abigail Williams, who's a skinny kid, is 8 cm shorter than Da Vinci but outweighs her by 2 kg. So it's not even a case of unrealistic heights and weights across the board.

So... maybe, having already taken the initiative to pick a new appearance and gender, Da Vinci also decided to have a less dense body composition, sort of like a bird, to make it easier to fly with an ornithopter! Because just having a smaller frame overall would of course interfere with embodying an ideal beauty (although they do say the Mona Lisa is smaller than people expect...), so she had no choice but to make herself out of feathers and balsa wood or whatever. Too bad she's not a Rider and doesn't get to fly around anyway.

  • Another possibility given that da Vinci is both an Omnidisciplinary Scientist and holds a position of authority in Chaldea is that she has messed with every weighing scale she used due to vanity. It could be that she is extraordinarily heavy due to a combination of lush curves over-laying lean muscle to create the "ideal" body. No way will da Vinci ever admit that she is technically overweight.

The final boss of Lostbelt is the Beast, Golden Fox
Just like Part 1 where we fight a Beast in the final chapter, in Part 2 we'll also fight one. And who's more suspicious than Tamamo's Beast form, the Golden Fox? After all, Koyanskaya, although not confirmed as a Tamamo Nine yet, already shows Tamamo's evil and malicious tendencies.
  • Maybe the final event of Lostbelt will have us retake Chaldea, and Koyanskaya decides to go One-Winged Angel on us and becomes Golden Fox in a final effort to eliminate us.
  • Or maybe she was under control by another antagonist to eliminate the protagonist and the other Masters.

  • Koyanskaya has become a partial Beast in Lostbelt 5. Time will tell if we'll fight her in a more complete form later on.

Mysterious Heroine X is a Persona.
Regular humanity's Persona are characters from myth and religion given form. But that's what Servants are too. So what makes up a Servants spiritual psyche? Well, it's them...sorta...mixed in with bits and pieces of the Collective Unconscious, warped by the fact that any system to collect data turned on itself will pick up junk data. The Chaldea summoning system is so fuzzy, it was able to summon her too. While Mysterious Heroine X Alter was later able to join because MHX herself acted as a foci; this was deemed too vague and dangerous a source.

The Shadow Border is Bigger on the Inside
So it will be able to accommodate similar accommodations for Servants and human staff. A cafeteria, special events, etc.
  • Confirmed, however, it's still cramped. It's only twice as big on the inside; 4 members have to board each room.

Regular Cu's Berserker form is the form he has his strongest Beast association with
That's the reason why he says it would be a bad idea to summon him in his "Standard" Berserker form - much like with Nero's rider class being associated with Beast IV, it's the class that would be the strongest for him, but if he was that class, it would be the one with the strongest Beast association - after all, his Alter version was a Berserker, and his Berserker version's final form was the Demon God Halphas.
  • It's possible this is due to him having an ability called Riastrad which turns him into a monster unrecognizable by friend or foe. Which either supports the theory or kills it.

The Setsubun and the Japanese 2018 Valentine Events are dreams.
After sinking into the Sea of Imaginary Numbers; Fujimaru's powers to connect to their Servants via dreaming amplified a hundred-fold. Being in the Lost Room just prior may have seeded this expanded ability. Many of the Interludes take place in dreams, after all. This one is just shared with all the Servants. Naturally, with Servants, just because it's a dream doesn't mean it's not real.
  • Servant interactions during Valentines is even stranger. Salem Servants were clearly depicted as only joining early December 2017 (jp) but they're in Valentines 2018 jp, and Chaldea was invaded on December 26th, 2017.
    • This isn't the first time multiple timelines have come together in dreams. After all, this was the premise of Fate/hollow ataraxia.

The final confrontation or at least the main climax of Cosmos in the Lostbelt will feature Chaldea climbing the Tree of Creation from the Cosmos in the Lostbelt OP
The developers admitted that the Onigashima and Rashoumon events were a test run for the planned Solomon raid, so it's not too much of a stretch to say that Setsubun is probably a test for something in the game's second storyline and the format of climbing up a structure seems like a good fit for the giant tree in the OP sequence.
  • Problem is that in terms of positioningnote , Setsubun is the second arc's equivalent of Nero Fest (the first event that ran during the first arc), whereas Onigashima/Rashoumon came in the second half of the first arc.

Achilles and/or Chiron will debut in the 2018 Chaldea Boys' Collection Gacha
Semiramis debuted in the Valentine's Gacha for that year, so why not? If DW was saving them for an Apocrypha crossover event, they would've saved Semiramis for said crossover as well.
  • Chaldea Boys 2 years ago also had Apocrypha Servants (Amakusa and Astolfo), thus it gave more precedence for Achilles and Chiron. If it turns out to be not them, then it would probably be Perseus, since last year's Chaldea Boys featured Prototype Arthur. Or rather than repeating patterns of taking from single series, they could just mix the two and had either Achilles and/or Chiron WITH Perseus.
    • Maybe perhaps it'll introduce all three in the event - with one of them (the limited servant) having a consistent rate-up throughout the event, while the rate up for one of the other two alternate between days - Perseus and Chiron (who are speculated to be SR servants in the WMG about existing Fate servants that have yet to make their debut in this game) get added to the gacha permanently, while Achilles (who is speculated to be an SSR servant by the aforementioned WMG) is the limited servant (after all, Perseus and Achilles are both rider-class servants; and Fionn, who was introduced in the same event as Brynhild, is an SR Lancer, yet isn't a limited servant, whereas Brynhild, an SSR lancer, is a limited servant - hopefully Perseus is more useful than Fionn).
      • All of these Jossed. We get Arthur and a shiny new costume for him.

Caster Limbo is probably the main antagonist of Part 2
If not, then the Big Bad could have been Koyanskaya. But it might be that Ashiya might have been the one who woke the other seven masters up from their coffin, perhaps both of them are working together in tandem, after all, back in Shimosa, Ashiya has been talking about this so-called "Missing Belt".
  • Or it could really be Koyanskaya, probably just throw Ashiya out after he becomes useless.
    • Unless it turns out to be a "Man Behind the Man" situation, likely jossed since he's actually the Lostbelt Alter Ego.
  • Th main villain is the "Alien God", and both Koyanskaya and Douman (along with Kirei) are its "emissaries".

Koyanskaya could really be Tamamo Vitch, 'the beautiful and talented secretary'
Tamamo did an introduction to her family, one of them is Vitch and even then, she says that someone in her family is interested in human incineration. Also, the reason why she decided to kill Guda is to get to Tamamo (whether you rolled her or not) to slay her and the others (Shark and Cat) so she could be the original Tamamo.
  • It would be interesting to see a final confrontation between Tamamo and her and there are two endings, one is, Tamamo and the protagonist trying to get Vitch to her side and have a bittersweet ending similar to Rin and Sakura in Heaven's Feel Ending where they embraced one another.
  • Or it would be that Tamamo would kill her for good, for causing so much trouble.
  • Confirmed!
  • And then it turns out that her name was a Red Herring and she is not Tamamo. Well, she isn't Tamamo directly, but she does admit the similarities.

Grand Berserker is Bhima, son of Vayu, and the third son of Kunti.
See well... Bhima on the myths is said have the Power Of 10.000 Elphants. He also has a hair-Trigger temperament, as well he uses a Mace as weapon. And have the fact of India’s Servants have absurd power levels. He also, just like Karna and Arjuna, he was a very powerful Archer. Plus, just like Herakles and Thor, Bhima is trained on diverse military arts, and just like the two former, he is a Big Eater and he possesses physical prowess who surpass the Gods, nor even Indra Sakra, could subdue him on battle.

Other thing... Bhima is depicted as a giantic, just like Herakles and Thor, able of carry his mother and brothers.

The Protagonist has been a Servant turned human the whole time, much like Solomon and Gilgamesh
With Fate/Extella Link revealing that Charlemagne looks a lot like Male!Fujimaru Ritsuka, it can't just be a coincidence—unless Ritsuka-face is a new trend, which I doubt (we have Shirou and Saber for that). Astolfo mentioned that Charlemagne had incredible charisma, but what if that Charisma is so high, around A++ to EX, to the point that it is what allows his 100% compatibility with nearly any Servant? On top of that, both parallel worlds and Servants turning human (while retaining Servant Skills, abilities, and Noble Phantasms) already have precedence.

And it doesn't matter much which gender Ritsuka is, because the theory can apply to two legends anyway: for the male, we have Charlemagne; for female, we have Queen Esther.

  • Problem is that, as a ruler, Jeanne D'Arc and Amakusa Shirou (who I might as well bring up since you brought up Astolfo) both possess True Name Discernment, which would let them detect if you're such a servant, yet in Orleans and the latter's trial quest respectively, both act as if you're a master, as opposed to initially assuming you're just another servant (and in Shirou's case, he doesn't even comment something along the lines of "but you seem more like a fellow servant instead"). If anything, it's more likely that the Fateverse's Charlemagne/Queen Esther (who if I'm not mistaken, hasn't been revealed), had relatives that immigrated to Japan, and as it just so happens, Ritsuka is the identical relative of Charlemagne/Esther.
    • Not really. The Prison Tower event, which is confirmed canon due to Edmond Dantes making reference to it in the Final Singularity and the player recognizing Nightingale as "Mercedes" upon meeting her, shows both Jeanne and Amakusa are canonically contracted to the protagonist, meaning they are apart of Chaldea. Despite this and their ability of True Name Discernment, neither seemed aware of Roman's identity as the Mage King Solomon, implying they didn't recognize him as a Servant.
      • It's likely that it's due to Solomon turning into a normal human that the Rulers' True Name Discernment doesn't work on him. The same would logically apply to the protagonist, if he's really humanized Servant Charlemagne. (See below as well)

Ritsuka Fujimaru, at least the Male version, is Charlemagne from Fate/Extella Link
Many have noted the similarities between Male!Ritsuka and Charlemagne in design, and some have suggested that Ritsuka is an incarnated servant, well here's an idea that Ritsuka is in fact the exact same Charlemagne from Extella Link.
  • Charlemagne is described in Extella Link as being only a shadow to the real legend of Karl der Große, based more on the fictional exploits if anything. Its also said that Charlemagne appearing in the Moon Cell was a complete fluke as a result of summoning Karl, and that were Karl to die, Charlemagne would die with him, and unlike most servants, he'd be Killed Off for Real since any attempts to summon him after would just summon Karl.
  • Its noted in the Fate/Grand Order Extra Material Book that Charlemagne is a one in a million possibility compared to the true legend, one that was taught by Merlin. Now remember who else was related to Merlin and mentioned only once in side material only to become integral to the story later on? The Cath Palug he kicked out of Avalon, aka, Fou. Plus, Merlin has a vested interest in Ritsuka for someone who claims to lack human emotions. Even factoring in the singularities and considering its possibly just him not wanting humanity to die, his bond lines suggest that like with Altria before, he has an interest in Ritsuka that is close to a bond.
    Bond Lvl 5 Line: In the beginning I lent you my help out of a bit of curiosity ...... Now, you are an unforgettable existence to me. —My lord. May the flowers bless the path you journey.
    • Now again, its said Merlin was The Mentor to Charlemagne, and they make a point to say not Karl, but Charlemagne, aka the shadow of Karl. He also lent Ritsuka his help out of curiosity, except if he wanted to stop the incineration of human history too and helped us to do so, why would he be curious about Ritsuka? Unless of course, Ritsuka was an abnormality, a shadow of a legend on the cusp of death that Merlin saved out of curiosity. And he saved Charlemagne, but making him into a human and becoming his mentor.
  • Now, an obvious hiccup could be the case of Ruler Servants with Discernment abilities. Except those abilities don't seem to work on incarnated humans. Roman said outright that his wish made it so that he gave up his powers as Solomon, including his magic circuits, meaning for all intents and purposes, Roman ceased being Solomon once he made his wish. Even his Heroic Sacrifice, the Ars Nova, was a result of his possessing the Tenth Ring of Solomon, a Noble Phantasm seperate from his original powers, and not out of any power he had remaining. And as Jeanne and Amakusa, two servants Ritsuka is canonically contracted with, couldn't figure out he was Solomon, they wouldn't be able to figure out their master was once a servant.
  • So if Charlemagne is only a shadow of Karl, and a servant turned into a human can't be picked up by Ruler servants like with Roman, there is an explanation for how Charlemagne and Ritsuka are one in the same: Charlemagne was made human so that his existence wasn't dependent on Karl.
    • Jossing my own WMG. Charlie shows up as one of the main allies of Traum, and has no prior connection with Gudao.

Nameless from EXTRA will appear and he will eventually get a distinct difference with EMIYA
It's the mullet he gained in Extella Link. With that, Nameless can pop up and hang out with EMIYA, with both differing backgrounds. He can possibly undergo Divergent Character Evolution compared to EMIYA to differentiate gameplay too.
  • Unlikely. EMIYA expresses familiarity with both Nero and Tamamo, acting like an older brother to them, and they addressing him as "Nameless", and all three possess memories, albeit hazy, of the Moon Cell, so EMIYA is Nameless here.

Tamamo no Mai re-absorbed Tamamo Shark.
Her second tail didn't come from enlightenment, although her third one did come from ascension. This is partially why she's afraid gaining more than three tails would overwhelm her personality.
  • Lancer Tamamo is her accessing Tamamo Shark's portfolio; relatively easy but there's some personality overflow.
    • This is also why Tamamo is so sexually predatorial in Fate/Extella, she had just absorbed Shark and was still assimilating her personality.

Accel Zero and Prisma Illya Reruns.
With the The Garden of Sinners Event returning, to everyone's surprise, and introducing a new Servant in the form of Asagami Fujino, it's possible that when we reach the reruns of the next collaboration events, they will also introduce new Limited Servants:

Fate/Zero: Kiritsugu and Irisviel have already been made Servants, and the rest of the human cast of Fate/Zero is either not noteworthy enough to become a Servant or have already been made Demi-Servants (Waver, Rin, and Sakura)—except that if there's one thing Fate/Zero is, it's that it's the Origin Story of the legend of Shirou Emiya, using Sengo Muramasa as a complement to his power like Waver does. Like the two forms of Rin, he may appear as a Limited Servant. It would indeed be the perfect opportunity to bring the Ensemble Dark Horse and former protagonist into the gacha.

  • Sengo Muramasa would be better saved for an event promoting the second "Heaven's Feel" movie (much like with how the first one had Sakura added as the pseudo-servant Parvati), mainly because of how young he was at the time of Zero. A much more likely scenario would be Kirei Kotomine as a limited pseudo-servant, since you could argue that Zero was his Start of Darkness, and many have already speculated that the version we see in Grand Order's prologue to the second arc is a pseudo-servant, Rasputin.
    • Jossed; the servant that comes with second Heaven's Feel movie is Kama (another Sakuraface) instead. He may still have a chance for the third movie, though.
  • Possibly Dark Iri will be playable with different skills and/or animation, like the Avenger Jeanne Alter differs from the original Ruler Alter.

Prisma Illya: Since Illya and Chloe are already in the game, it's not a stretch to say Miyu could be added—but she'd more or less be treated as an alternative to Illya. More likely, they will introduce Angelica Ainsworth as a Demi-Servant for Gilgamesh or Proto!Gilgamesh, with some of his strengths while also having an Evade Skill in the form of Flash Air and her NP being her combination of Flash Air and Gate of Babylon. Or we could have Miyuverse Shirou Emiya, who's likely to represent both himself and Heaven's Feel Shirou neatly with his skillset and mindset.

  • Confirmed. Miyu is added for Prisma Illya 2019 rerun.

Shirou Emiya's original family (i.e. the one he belonged to before the Fire and being adopted by Kiritsugu) is actually descended from Muramasa
This may at least explain why Muramasa chose (or the Counter Force/plot reasons placed him into) Shirou's body as a demi-Servant. Sure, his Sword Origin may have been due to Avalon being inside of him all his life, but there's probably additional reasons (apart from Watsonian vs. Doylist explanations) why Shirou was chosen.
  • If you take Archer into account, there's some more evidence - the majority of weapons he summons in Unlimited Blade Works are swords (the only real exceptions being Gae Bolg and Rule Breaker); and his reality marble is stated to be steel manufacturing factory, not an armory. As Shirou is not a blacksmith, maybe perhaps Unlimited Blade Works is him unknowingly channeling into his family's roots.

We'll get a sequel to Saber Wars after the re-run finishes
GUDA GUDA received a sequel after it had a rerun, so there is precedence for this sort of thing.
  • Confirmed in 2019.

Lostbelt Lancer is a Historical Gender Flip of a male historical figure who was famous for crossdressing
In the promo for said servant, we clearly see that said lancer's design is clearly female, yet when she introduces herself, she uses the masculine pronoun "Ore!" as opposed to the feminine "Atashi" or the gender neutral "Jibun" or "Watashi".
  • It turned it that the Lancer had been both female and male in lore. She is Caenis, a woman who had been raped by Poseidon and wished to become a man who goes with the name Caeneus, a Greek hero. Her Servant form reverts her to Caenis but carried the heroic status of her male self.

Lostbelt Servants guessing
As usual, let's start guessing who these Servants are.

  • Saber
    • From their insistence on wearing a mask, their Bishōnen looks, and Chinese swords, Gao Changgong seems like a safe bet, though it's not clear if he's genderbent or not.
      • Confirmed to be Gao Changgong. Surprisingly, he's not a genderbend.
  • Archer
    • Judging from his clothing, must be a pirate
    • That massive cannon (I think? Not really sure what that is) he's carrying could suggest Napoleon Bonaparte, who was responsible for a lot of early innovations in mobile artillery, and his clothing is reminiscent of a old French military uniform.
    • He might be Gustavus Adolfus of Sweden, another famous early pioneer of combined arms and artillery.
      • Confirmed to be Napoleon.
  • Lancer
    • Amalthea, Zeus' foster mother, her goat ears and the lightning strike are the things that make me think of her.
    • She could be another Valkyrie, such as Hildr or Sigrun.
    • She claimed to be a Divine Spirit, so it might be higher than a Valkyrie (Brynhild was a Heroic Spirit, which was also because she had her divinity stripped due to pissing Odin). Since Gods like Quetzacoatl was fair game for FGO, there's also a chance that this Lancer is the leader/queen of the Valkyries herself, the Goddess Freya.
      • Confirmed to be Caenis/Caenus.
  • Rider
    • While quite a stretch, chances are he might be none other than Sun Wukong, given that his appearance seems quite similar to that of Koha-Ace's cameo of the Monkey King. As for the lack of monkey ears and tail, there's always the Ascension stages to make up for that.
      • Alternate explanation for lack of tail if it's Sun Wukong: Shout out to Dragon Ball, which has Goku ditch his tail.
      • Apparently, he will debut in the Atlantis Lostbelt together with Caenis. So, it's either he's a Greek servant(some fans predicted he might be Odysseus) or a Servant summoned by the Counter Force or he's Benaiah (King David's top commander and Solomon's bodyguard).
      • Jossed for all of the above. He's Mandricardo from Orlando Furioso. Seriously, nobody saw that coming. Well done.
  • Caster
    • Despite the look, voice and artist, it doesn't always have to be Scathach, so you can guess another. Her sister/daughter?
    • General consensus is that she's either Aife, Scathach's Evil Twin whom Cu Chulainn defeated in combat and had a child with. Or Uathach, Scathach's daughter and his lover when he first arrived at Dun Scaith in his youth. Either way, looks like everyone's favorite Doggo is going to start suffering again.
    • It could be an alternate Scathach anyway, since there are some things revealed about her in
    • Fate/Extella Link: First she's seen using fire and ice magic, something that her Lancer self wouldn't do, and her title is 'Witch of Dun Scaith', what kind of witch is she if she cannot use magic at all? Second, she has never used the Gate of Skye in FGO outside the cutscene at E Pluribus Unum chapter yet she used it anyway in Extella Link. Why? Because that looked like a Noble Phantasm that wouldn't fit either a Lancer or Assassin... but it fits a Caster more.
      • Here's to hoping that she's finally the support Quick needs.
      • Confirmed to be Scathach... but merged with Skadi. And yes, she's the Quick support.
  • Assassin
    • The one from the Lostbelt trailer, Servant of Beryl Gut is Charlotte Corday, despite being a member of the French Revolution was concerned how fast it was escalated, and assassinated Jacobin leader Jean-Paul Marat while he was in the bath.
      • Charlotte Corday was actually released as a Bronze servant for the 4th annivesary and has a role in the Atlantis Lostbelt as an ally summoned by Alaya, meaning she isn't Beryl's Servant.
    • Tamamo Vitch; although it's possible it's a different member of the Tamamo Nine; or Tamamo "putting one foot in" a different member.
      • Confirmed to be Tamamo Vitch, albeit in bit of a confusing way in contrast to initial speculation about her.
  • Berserker
    • The one from the Lostbelt trailer, Servant of Daybit Sem Void is Hunter Orion; not being the Butt-Monkey of Artemis.
      • While Hunter Orion does appear, its as a Pan Human History ally in Lostbelt 5, and as an Archer servant first seen silhouetted alongside Xiang Yu in the intro. So it's not Orion, nor is he Void's servant.
    • Seems to be Indian. Mentions that they have "obtained everything" and that they will "purge all evil" "Obtained everything" could refer to Ravanna or Indrajit; though "purge all evil" would be odd with them. Could be a case of their characters being different in the Nasuverse.
      • Here's a possible reason for the "Purge all evil" part: Lostbelt Berserker is actually the Alter version of one of them, and we'll get the regular version later on - much like with what happened with Lancer Artoria Pendragon.
      • He could an Alter version of Arjuna. He's voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki, who is Arjuna's voice actor and pako is his character designer (who also did Arjuna's).
      • Or he could be Shiva the Destroyer, Parvati's husband and was merged with Arjuna just like Scathach-Skadi. After the events of the Tokugawa Labyrinth, Parvati said she can't join the protagonist in the Indian Lostbelt but she would have someone to help them. It's possible that she's sending her husband to aid the protagonist. If not, he might be the ruler of the Indian Lostbelt.
      • Confirmed to be "Arjuna Alter", or more appropriately "God Arjuna". He's also the 4th Lostbelt's King

Why Semiramis showed up so late in the game
It's already established that she needs a ton of cash and raw material to build the Hanging Gardens, so her building it purely from scratch to use it as her Noble Phantasm just by herself took an exceedingly long time which she started the moment she got summoned, she just refused to fight in anything Chaldea wanted her to do until she finished. Then she had to scrap it all when the Mage's Association came and had to start allllll ovverr agaaaaiiiiiinnn.

In Apocrypha Event, the Master battle from Lostbelt 1 will return
And you will face most likely Kairi Shishigou and the Yggdmillenia family; or the impossible happens: Type Moon will characterize the throwaway Red Masters and then make them appear here as boss fights.
  • Jossed. It's a raid battle event, surprisingly.

Lostbelt Lancer might not actually be Caenis
Okay, to explain this in detail, I'd have to dive into the actaul story of Caenis/Caeneus. So, one day, in ancient Greece, there was a woman, named Caenis. Now, she was a beautiful woman (they all are, in these kinds of stories), and because of that, the God Poseidon, who happened to be rolling by, decided to rape her. After he was done, he was like "Ah, that was a good fuck, and I'm feeling charitable. Tell me anything you want and I'll grant it."

Naturally, after having just been raped, Caenis demanded that Poseidon make her a man, so that she may never be taken advantage of again. Poseidon basically responded, "Eh, sure. And as an added bonus, I'll give you impenetrable skin!"

Thus, the MAN hero Caeneus was born! ...and there comes the rub.

See, in her trailer, Lostbelt lancer claims that she is a divine spirit. That's not possible, because, aside from impenetrable skin and other hero perks, Caenis/eus was basically an average Joe that got fiddled around with by a god. Second, in the Lostbelt PV, lancer made lightning come out the tip of her lance. Even if those weapons were god-given, any god she would be associated with, if she really is Caenis, would be Poseidon, not Zeus.

So this presents two options. Either A) Lostbelt lancer is full of shit, or B) her real identity is not Caenis. Myself, I believe the latter, because I refuse to believe Kirschtaria Wodime, the man set to succeed Maris-billy as director of Chaldea, for all his pride, would be stupid enough to reveal the name of his servant so casually.

  • The presence of lightning does not automatically mean that it's not Caenis - remember, as we saw with the Avenger of Shinkuju, Composite Characters are possible, so maybe perhaps the lightning is due to Caenis being a combination of two figures from Greek myths - taking the majority of aspects from Caenis, but having some aspects from a figure associated with Zeus. Since Caenis is shown with a shield, maybe the Fate version of Caenis is a composite with Astrape or Bronte, who were the shieldmaidens of Zeus.
    • It should be noted that Wodime specifically picked her to go spy on Kadoc because she has Divine Authority over the oceans, which would indicate a link to Poseidon. On the other hand, he tells her to fly, so it could go either way.

  • The truth is that she has taken some of Poseidon's Authority, although her calling herself a "Divine Spirit" is still more of an over-hyped boast than anything.

Galahad will betray Chaldea in one of the Lostbelts
As of first Lostbelt, Galahad starts to become uncooperative by "nerfing" Mash. Given his distrust towards Chaldea long before ever since his summoning, there might be one point that he will betray them after getting done of Chaldea with messing with the Lostbelts especially on those who only defends them for their survival. Possibly in sixth Lostbelt as it is assumed in Arthurian Britain and defeating him may upgrade Mash to a 5-star (maybe that will totally give him a change of heart), paralleling her upgrade in Arthurian-related sixth singularity in Part One.
  • Here's an idea: on a quest with 5 arrows during whatever Lostbelt his distrust of Chaldea finally hits it's peak, he forces Mash into a situation similar to the one Gudao was in during the Prison Tower event, and for 4 arrows, you have to defend your position from enemy attacks, without Mash. But on the fifth arrow, a situation similar to Cecil becoming a Paladin in Final Fantasy IV occurs - you instead have to fight against Galahad (who's another class - maybe perhaps the rumored Saber class) with only Mash - not even being able to use command seals - in what seems like a Hopeless Boss Fight, up until Galahad uses a previously unseen Noble Phantasm, a hugely offensive based one (to contrast with Lord Camelot), and after surviving it, the quest will be replaced with a 1 arrow quest...where Galahad is shocked that Mash managed to somehow survive his Noble Phantasm, and will ask how she survived it, despite him not cooperating at all...only for Mash to strike back with a huge "The Reason You Suck" Speech, explaining that she survived through sheer willpower, which causes Galahad to have a Heel Realization, and after talking things over, he and Mash achieve perfect synchronization, causing her to ascend to a 5-star.
    • The idea is a pretty powerful one considering that Galahad was quite known as the Marty Stu of Arthurian Mythology. Mashu's "The Reason You Suck" Speech can be used as how Galahad's Marty Stu credentials would be deconstructed, and his Character Development is about reconstructing his 'Stu'-ness in a tolerable way or eventually toning it down.

Hinako's Lostbelt is gonna have a surprise
Let's face it, it's ranked E and the way they spoke shows little interest on her part. Now, either the "King" is a genuinely threatening monster of a boss, or someone else will derail things.
  • Where do we start? Said king actually likes humanity, is practically on our side, and is immortal. Not only that, but Hinako herself is a), a vampire, and b), a psuedo-servant!.
    • More like she's an "elemental spirit" and an immortal who only died now in the story, and later becomes summonable as a servant, Yu Miaoyi.

They will throw more Monty Python and the Holy Grail references with Galahad's inclusion, if he calms down
Well, Tristan already mentioned the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog. Maybe more references could be thrown in to Galahad, like maybe how he got thrown into the Gorge of Eternal Peril, or just merely mentioning his favorite color (Blue. No, YELLOW!!)
  • Pipe dream: We get the F/GO equivalent to The Black Knight - in the sense that he has a skill set similar to the one Heracles and Cu Chulainn have but taken up to eleven - and as they acts exactly the same as the Black Knight, with the added characteristic of being a Wild Card, with you and the master of said Lost Belt end up getting more frustrated dealing with him, to the point where the two of you enter into an Enemy Mine just to take it down (bonus points if you or the Lost Belt Master have allied with servants based on figures who were known to be impatient, like William Sherman, who ends up developing an impulse of using their Noble Phantasm against said stand-in for the Black Knight on sight).
  • That said, "All the Statesmen" event was as much a love song to Monty Python as it was to Learning With Manga.

The Chaldea's main ally Servants in the Lostbelts always in same class of the Crypter's Servant.
Considering in Lostbelt No. 1, we got the Caster-class Avicebron as the main ally to match Kadoc's Anastasia, we might get the same pattern in next Lostbelts.

  • The main ally of Götterdämmerung is Napoleon who is Archer in contrast to Ophelia's Sigurd who is a Saber so Jossed.

One of the Lostbelt Servants is tied to Billy the Kid somehow.
Seeing as how he's increased his role in the plot, it's very possible to tie a former antagonist of his as a Servant.

Lostbelt Saber is an Alternate Reality Billy the Kid.
Related to the above discussion, the alternate world of Lostbelt Saber had Billy the Kid be proficient in swordplay instead of gunplay. It would still fit his theme of being an outlaw (the mask).
  • Unsurprisingly jossed.

There is a second, redundant backup Rayshift team.
They can't consciously go to any Singularity they choose themselves, they can only fight in one place; where the Main Character is. So the Main Character, Mash, and whoever the Guest Servants are have "invisible backup" in the form of the party you are controlling. After each fight, the mini-singularity surrounding the main character fades, and their efforts combined with Beta Team create a reality where the Main Character, Mash and the Guest Servant apparently did it all by themselves. Discussing it just leads to temporal headaches, so they don't.

The completed FGO version of Fate/Zero will be radically different.
In Babylonia, Caster Gilgamesh explains that what happens to humans in singularities do matter and will matter. If they die in a singularity, they'll die in the repaired timeline. It will be a different way. An accident or medical condition. Likewise, those saved will be saved too.
  • This likely doesn't apply to pure Servants. But shortly after the Fourth War starts, Ryuunosuke Uryuu will die of a heart attack or by getting hit by a car. Without a Master, Gilles will fade away much sooner without being able to finish his preparations to summon the Sea Monster.
    • Near the end of the war, Zouken Matou and his worms will die. Suddenly and all at once. Perhaps he falls into a vat of bug spray? That or Spontaneous Human Combustion.
      • Kariya may still die. His fate was unknown as he went to the hospital. He just has a better chance now than he originally did.
  • While we're unlikely to hear how things went down there without Chaldea's meddling to explain it, it seems likely that the World's explanation for how things turn out will simply be the living Kiritsugu getting hired to disrupt the Grail War for some reason (someone catching wind of Avenger getting summoned in a previous war?).
    • When the bounty on Caster is issued, Kayneth, having somehow already discovered his whereabouts and with the additional incentive of a Command Seal, launches an immediate raid. Caster is killed in the ensuing combat, likely due to being deprived of his Master mid-battle.
    • Lacking anyone to convince him to turn back, Kayneth continues investigating Caster's base, only to find Uryuu already dead by Kiritsugu's hand.
    • Later, Kiritsugu gives Kayneth an ultimatum, and Kayneth, unnerved by the proof he found that he could be assassinated even in his own workshop, agrees to exchange his contract with Lancer for his life and flees to the Clock Tower (making excuses about his family's enemies all the while).
    • Now with a Servant of his own, Kiritsugu launches an attack on Gilgamesh, who he believes to have the greatest chance of actually winning the Grail War. Thanks to Gilgamesh being distracted by Lancer, Kiritsugu is able to successfully assassinate him using an Origin Bullet.
    • Things with Kariya go down largely as seen in the event: Iskandar launches a raid on the Matou residence, claims Sakura as his "spoils of war," and releases her in exchange for Kariya's Command Seals.
    • Irisviel confronts Kiritsugu, who tells her he was informed that the Grail is corrupted; she agrees to postpone her participation in the War until he can provide proof.
    • Assassin, forced into the open in an attempt to stop this blatant disruption of the Grail War, is unceremoniously killed on their way to the Grail.
    • Upon reaching the Grail, Irisviel is horrified by the malice she feels emanating from it, and agrees to withdraw from the War.
    • Iskandar, lacking a Worthy Opponent and ignorant of Saber's true identity, commits suicide rather than face the boredom of "nothing left to conquer."
      • Alternately, he DOES find out who Saber is, and challenges her, king to king, since that is his nature as a conqueror.
    • The Grail manifests, and is promptly blasted by Saber to prevent the curses within from being released.
    • Somewhere along the line, Zouken gets caught in the crossfire and killed; lacking a new host to possess, he genuinely dies at this point.

Arthur will be coming back in Part 2.
According to his trial quest, he was sent by Merlin to another dimension to hunt for the beast while going back to Avalon after the Tokyo Holy Grail War wherein he met the protagonist. One of the Lostbelt is set in Camelot and maybe we could stumble into Arthur again this time knowing why he was hunting for the beast and also know more about Fate/Prototype itself and have Ayaka appear as a pseudo-servant.
  • The Sixth Lostbelt is explicitly set in Arthurian Britain, so unless they decide to use the Lion King/Lartoria again (it's unlikely they'd have us fight her again, so we'd be fighting on her side this time if they did), that would be the most likely place for him to show up. Perhaps we'll get to see Arthur fight alongside Artoria.
    • Jossed in that regard. Proto-Arthur is not one of the Servants summoned during the British Lostbelt.

Shinji will become a demi-servant.
As Perseus. One, he looks like him according to Fate/Prototype; two, Rider called Perseus a successful Shinji.
  • Normal Perseus, maybe. Shinji can't change voice actor from Hiroshi Kamiya into Mamoru Miyano (Proto Perseus' VA)
    • Alternatively, maybe he'll become a demi-servant hosting Theseus, as a reference to how in the original work ("Old Fate"), Theseus was the Rider Nasu used instead of Medusa or Perseus. Considering that Penthesilea explicitly mentions that she hates Theseus in addition to Herc and Achilles, I wouldn't be surprised if the Fate version of Theseus is somewhat of a misogynist.
    • Alternate-alternately, we will be able to summon Demon Pillars as Servants. Shinji is the last member of the Matou bloodline, host to Barbatos. The bully becomes the bullied, how appropriate!
    • Just to finish the guessing, the Shinji pseudo we summon could be Extra Shinji instead, a too-clever-by-half but impressionable Bratty Half-Pint instead of a teenage asshole. There is existing precedent for Extra characters as pseudo-Servants, because Ereshkigal is Blonde Rin and Jinako is Ganesha (and since she knows BB and Kiara, it's definitely the same Jinako).
    • "Pseudo-Servant Shinji" will be the Miyuverse Shinji with the Assassin Card Install with totally not Cursed Arm Hassan. Shinji is a character people want, but him being tied to any character will ultimately be just about the fact that "This Pseudo-Servant is Shinji" no matter who is in control, so having him be a Pseudo-Servant to a nobody would alleviate the problem.

Anastasia's Interlude will involve her impostors
Her rumored survival and impostors shape her up to the 'legend' she is today, but understandably, being a focus in the first Lostbelt means that the impostors will have to take a backseat. So it leaves to her Interlude to finally explore this concept.

We'll eventually get an indirect spoof of Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Well, the Arthurian cast is here (minus Sir Robin, but he's fictional and can be replaced by anyone), and considering how much it's a worldwide phenomenon but since we're not sure how the Monty Python members themselves react to FGO, we may get some sort of Lawyer-Friendly Singularity with Monty Python and the Holy Grail scenario.

...And Gawain getting killed by the Killer Rabbit.

Speaking of which...

Tristan is Sir Robin
Tristan is the only one who remembered the Killer Rabbit being the one to kill fellow knight Bors... which only happened in Monty Python and the Holy Grail aside of his own Interlude. After the encounter with Killer Rabbit, only the core 5 Knights remained: Arthur, Bedivere, Lancelot, Galahad and Robin. Since Arthur (being Altria in the Nasuverse), Bedivere, Lancelot and Galahad have been featured, how Tristan ended up knowing the Killer Rabbit may be a clue that he was there during the rampage and survived it, this points to Sir Robin.

But then you asked, didn't Sir Robin get thrown into the Gorge of Eternal Peril?

... Well, that certainly didn't stop Galahad from reappearing in Nasuverse, right?

Therefore, eventually, Sir Robin (and Galahad) managed to climb out of the Gorge of Eternal Peril, and then reunited with Altria, Bedivere and Lancelot (who escaped arrest and had to forego the assault of Castle Aaaaarrrgghhh for the moment). He then worked hard to ensure he's no longer known as 'The-Not-Quite-So-Brave-As-Sir-Lancelot' and eventually changed his name into Sir Tristan.

The 2020 summer event will be themed around the Summer Olympics
After all, that's when Japan is getting the games, and quite frankly, it would be a good opportunity to introduce some male counterparts to the swimsuit servants (maybe perhaps general athletic versions). To avoid overlapping with Nero Fest's usage of medals, however, you'd instead collect merchandise as the event currency.
  • Or it might happen in place of Nero Fest, instead.
    • Considering that 2018 got The Battle of New York instead of a new Nerofest, this might be the case after all.

Merlin's idol career
He got the idea after observing modern Japan through his Clairvoyance and then started pestering Shirou (as the Last Episode has him reunite with Saber in the Reverse Side of the World) to project him a ton of electronics to start his budding idol career.

Lostbelt Rider is an Alternate Reality Ushikawamaru
They got some samurai motifs. And the plate covering his chest is a subtle shout out to Ushi's design in Fate Grand Order.
  • Jossed, he's Mandricardo of Orlando Furioso. Seriously, nobody saw that coming.

Young Da Vinci, if becomes playable, will be a Rider.
Since the adult Da Vinci is already a Caster, and the younger one's class is not stated to be the same, she might be Rider since Da Vinci is also qualified in that class.
  • Her NP should be running enemies over with the Shadow Border
    • Confirmed in F/GO Arcade, with her Noble Phantasm Proto Border. She's later brought into the main game in the 4th Anniversary.

The Dress of Heaven in the post-event of Fate Accel Zero Order was Justeaze.
Her voice was able to awaken within Iri, and without Angra Mainu, she's no longer corrupted. Because Iri is a perfect copy of Justeaze (especially with the Einzberns being buffed in the singularity), she was able to absorb the pieces of the Greater Grail that was blown across the singularity. (The Crystal Balls and the Elemental Iris). Her time is over, though, and she goes back to being a dream in Iri's head after this. It's this absorbing the Grail fragments that makes Iri more than just a Lesser Grail Conduit, and it's what officially turns her into a Servant.

What caused the Rashomon event was Ibaraki finding her arm.
The Oni Servants technically aren't Oni anymore. Primal Oni were much more powerful. They were spirits, but unlike phantasmals, left bodies. And they have legends, and legends create Servants.Unlike legend, the great Oni Ibaraki-doji never found her arm after it was cut off by the servant of Minamoto no Yorimitsu; Watanabe Tsuna. The Big Four had sealed it at Rashomon. But this did not prevent the arm from being a Catalyst to summon Ibaraki as a Servant. With the Incineration of Humanity, the seal had broken.

Ibaraki the Servant consumed it, and the result overloaded the usual power-limits a Servant has, causing her to go berserk, even for a Berserker. Oni Squared used her power to kidnap Shuten and take over the city.

  • Enter Chaldea. Everytime we fight Ibaraki, we're causing her to use up her old energy gained from her arm. "Playing" spends the least, but she still burns "calories", exorcising disincorporates her and costs energy to reform, and slaying her causes her to have to regenerate, even if From a Single Cell. This is why surviving 15 turns counts as a win, her own power consumes her. Once we've done enough raids, Ibaraki will have burned through the excess power and Oni connection her old body gave her, and her personality will stabilize.

Celebrating Fate/Extella Link, Lancelot's Animation Upgrade will involve a visual change to his NP
That is, rather than using the machine gun, it's instead his fighter jet-riding and manipulation.
  • Confirmed.

Chaldea’s existence itself is the ultimate cause of humanity’s predicaments
Let’s look at the facts. Chaldea came to be as a result of a mage making a wish from the Fuyuki Holy Grail of 2004. When has a wish from that cup ever resulted in something that does not kill billions of humans. Somehow Chaldea’s existence renders Humanities Future more vulnerable to Conceptual attacks, be it in the form of Singularities or Lost Belts.
  • Word of God is that in all other timelines, Lev committed suicide before his Flauros personality could take over. That's the In Spite of a Nail event that was changed. Somehow the wish made led to Flauros being in just the right place.
    • There are three personalities in one body. Lev. Lainur. Flauros. At least in Clocktower 2015. Lev had control usually before Flauros stirred. Lev is a caring person and a serious researcher, this is the man Olga got attached and appears in Moonlight Lost Room. Between Lainur and Flauros, it's Lainur who exhibits a lack of empathy and acts more psychotically so the question is who is he truly. It's during this power struggle that Lev manages to kill himself in FSN.

Okay but where does Kid Waver get that cape from in Accel Zero?
An early fan translation of the event pointed out it doesn't really make much sense that El-Melloi II giving his younger self his powers somehow caused his younger self to have Iskandar's cape on all of a sudden. And it doesn't. This is definitely an important mystery. My theory: Iskandar just somehow managed to leave his cape behind when he disappeared, because he thought Waver would like to have it. Since being possessed by a dead Chinese guy and going into battle is scary, Waver put the cape on. Alternately, Iskandar didn't leave it behind because that doesn't make a heck of a lot of sense, but younger Waver just used his increased powers to manifest a comfort blankie for himself.

Cosmos in the Lostbelt will end with Ritsuka testifying before the UN/Magic Association after they resolve everything
The reruns of everything and interludes are stalling for time as they try to detail every minute thing that happened and claim that yes, they somehow fell for the same evil plot twice in a row because they need to wait for Holmes/Mash/whoever's left at the end to pull them out of this predicament.

Make a guess who's going to voice the female protagonist
For the longest time, she's not given any voice actors (and even Riyo Gudako in Learning With Manga! complains as such). But should the time come... who do you think will be the pair that voices the female protag? Pool your guesses here.

There will be a Lostbelt with Dead Apostles.
Like how Anastasia Russia required wolf people. This will bring in another aspect of the Nasuverse, and they'll explain how "real" vampires are different from Carmilla or Vlad.
  • SIN had Hinako revealed to be one, although we still haven't had one in the vein as the guess.

Sigurd will show up in the Second Lostbelt, as Ophelia's Servant
With the reveal that Lostbelt Archer is going to be featured in the Second Lostbelt, that means that he is not going to be Ophelia's Servant, as she has been stated to have a Saber. Since the setting for the Lostbelt is the Götterdämmerung, there's a strong possibility that her servant is going to be Sigurd, wielding his sword Gram.
  • Confirmed.

Galahad in the opening of Lostbelt is a fake/impostor
Similar deal with Solomon/Goetia, Galahad is actually Good All Along, the reason why he turned out into a dick that disapproved the protagonist is that someone impersonated him and took over the actual Galahad that has been around the original Singularities. They used the moment that Mash was nearly dead in the Final Singularity and then revived as an opening to hijack Galahad. The impostor is someone who's with the Alien God, and acts like that to sow discord between the protagonist, Mash and Galahad.
  • It could be that he isn't being fake... it's his Lostbelt self that has taken over.

Not to mention, it would seem that Galahad being a dick could be a 180 to how he's like during the first chapter, where he's supportive and seemed OK in eradicating Goetia. Whenever Nasu is involved, everything won't look as it looked like. So I'm thinking that 'Galahad is a dick' is a cover for something grander. When they defied God Is Evil trope in the Final Singularity, they could have defied this all along.

The Crimson Beauty of the Moon in Lostbelt 3 will be Altrouge Brunestad
The For Want of a Nail event is her becoming the Moon Princess instead of Arcueid. We will fight her version of Beast IV, Primate Murder. While vampires exist in the Fate universe, Dead Apostle do not; so there will be some kind of dimensional memory seep; as with Irisviel or Kiara.
  • Jossed, though we do get a True Apostle as a villain.
    • Indeed. And I was slightly incorrect. Dead Apostles (and True Ancestors) do exist if Fate, it's just the organized "Twenty-seven Dead Apostles" do not. Word of God also implies that Arcueid never met Roa in the Fate worlds, so the extinction event of True Ancestors probably never happened.

The 3rd Crypter, Hinako Akuta, is a vampire.
This is why she refused to have Dr. Roman do a physical examination on her.
  • Not just a vampire, she's also a psuedo-servant.
    • Not just any vampire, a full blown True Ancestor. Though she's not a pseudo-servant herself, she goes back to her past self's, Consort Yu, power after consuming her Servant Gao Chenggong.

Non-Servants cannot be extracted from Singularities or Lostbelts.
The closest we ever did so was Irisviel; who was a human when she was left her singularity, but turned into a Servant due to a "miracle caused by being a Grail." From Da Vinci examining her, we realized that if a human or mortal was pulled, they would either poof out of existence or end up like Olga.
  • Masters who entered the Lostbelt from the outside, like Kadoc, are an exception.
    • Confirmed in the Prisma Illya event by Dr. Roman. He also adds that even if they could, it would place strain on the boundaries between singularities.

Kiyohime had an early onset of Abnormal Agonist Syndrome.
In-universe, there is no explanation how Kiyohime became a dragon. She had no magic, no dragon blood; only her insane focus on Anchin. In DDD, Agonist Syndrome is a form of insanity that warps body, mind and soul and turns the affected into "demons." That's just a generalization, turning into a "dragon" is just as possible; or rather, a form people thought was a dragon.
  • As a Servant, she is a dragon because people who saw her thought of her as a dragon; and more importantly, told stories and legends of how she became a dragon.

Lostbelts Kings will be a limited servant
For the two previous lostbelts, they have a king. We first have Ivan the Terrible as King in Anastasia, next, we have Scathach-Skadi and are both limited servants, Akuta's king might become a limited servant once summonable.
  • So far true. All Lostbelt kings are currently limited.
    • Jossed, we cannot summon Zeus

Marisbilly Animusphere is the Alien God or its created based on him as foundation. This "God" is actually Beast VII.
There are several hints:
  • The man is important and doesn't have a formal design, while unimportant npc do.
    • His character design is revealed in Episode 0 of the Babylonia anime. He even looks very similar to Solomon except having his daughter's hair color.
  • The story began with Fuyuki 2004 a singularity unrelated to Goetia's Grails.
  • Solomon says he's a man "who loves humanity" (a trait that describes the Beasts).
  • Humans can become Beasts (Kiara is an example).
  • Beast VII will manifest after Beast I does, as an cause-consequence effect.
  • The Crypters names were chosen by him, Olga doesn't know the meaning, this "god" addresses them as Crypters too.
  • He's the lord of Astronomy Tower who has observed celestial bodies all his life. The Trees of Fantasy are named after Galaxies... but strangely use the naming system of Earth, not something truly alien.
  • He really wants to ensure humanity's future and civilization which could have led to this. In Moonlight/Lost Room, the Human Order Pruning system is hinted as the ultimate trigger for part 2 events as it's placed in comparison to Goetia's will to burn down history. The trailer of the game also has Goetia called this "the great calamity/evil" brought by this system.
  • The God is compared to Satan who pretends to be Lucifer by Douman in nature. This could mean a Broken Ace who wants to usurp God's throne.
  • The God isn't a God yet. Kotomine foreshadows he's something who wants to be born. Similar parallel to Angra Mainyu who originally was a man.
  • Wodime's trying to make Marisbilly' thesis happen and this scenario is all he needed. The Alien God originally chose him.
  • There was no resurrection of Crypters, but rather a rayshifting to the lostbelts. The state of all Masters in coffin is "death" or "unknown" to the World. The experiments of the rayshift performed with children of Seraphics performed under Marisbilly's command that were kept in a non-death-but-death state could have been a foreshadowing.
  • Flauros angrily tells Olga this is all because of her family's lunacy before he kills her off. What is this "lunacy" he spoke of?
  • The Animusphere family chant appears in the beginning of the Cosmos in the Lostbelt trailer. Stars. Cosmos. Gods. Animus. Antrum. Unbirth. Anima, Animusphere. Lost Room guide reveals its meaning: "The shape of the stars . The shape of the cosmos. The shape of the gods. The shape of myself. The celestial bodies become hollow. The hollow become like the void . In the void, there is God." Note that "Animusphere" is written over "God" in furigana.
    • Furthermore, the woman who is his "priestess" is described as hollow by Da Vinci and Holmes, they cannot observe but know it exists because of the void left in the world around her. Becoming hollow is mentioned in the Animusphere chant that starts the trailer of Cosmos in the Lostbelt. She could be Olga Marie, and Flauros' sabotage to Chaldea could have been an attempt to stop the future without resorting to the incineration. We know one pillar demon had doubts about that as a solution to men's suffering (and potentially their conclusion moved them to act faster to avoid that dead end) and we know Goetia didn't care about Chaldea existence and let it go as it pleased, so his actions weren't his orders or any perception of Chaldea as threat. Note the bomb was placed under Olga and the Crypters, and he has certain disgust for Olga and anger at her existence after her death he doesn't exhibit with Romani or the others.
  • In the anime only episode of Lord El-Melloi II Case Files, the patriarch of the an offshoot family (Ernest Fargo) of the Animuspheres tries to make himself a god using the Heliocentric model of Astrology. Lord El-Melloi II explained that ultimately the symbolism depicted Ernest as the Sun, or a god. Ernest doesn't quite make it, so he tries to hijack the body of his daughter while making the needed corrections.
    • Marisbury is using the original Geocentric model of the Animuspheres. CHALDEAS is a geocentric Armillary Sphere with Seven Rings. In classical antiquity, the seven classical planets or seven sacred luminaries are the seven moving astronomical objects in the sky visible to the naked eye: the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Kirei (Rasputin) comments on how CHALDEAS is the culmination of the 2000 year plan of the Animusphere's to reach the root.
  • Consider Hassan of the Cursed Arm. He makes an exact duplicate of a heart and crushes it, this Sympathetic Magic results in the original heart being destroyed. Marisbilly made an exact duplicate of Earth in Chaldeas. By controlling Chaldeas, he controls Earth; but as a Foreign God.
    • This is called The World Egg phenomonom. It was how Dust Of Osiris was going to end the world.'s how Araya was going to as well.

Nyarlathotep didn't just give BB Time Travel, he gave her access to the Dreamlands.
As of the end of The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, Nyarlathotep had taken command of the "mild gods of earth". It was this authority It granted to BB; and why BB was able to absorb Pele so easily. And so BB had command of a Summer that should not have existed. The third summer in a span of two years (starting in the fall), with people and Servants meeting who should not have met.
  • Like Carter's Boston; Nyarlathotep offered the honeyed trap of memories eternal, and not existing in the present and future.
    • It also explains Dantes' presence.

The "Hidden Island" that appeared in Okeanos after the Summer Island event is the Summer Island.
After Scathach put down the Rune of Oblivion to take away the boar piglets sentience; there wasn't any Land of Shadows for it to return to. So it just slipped into the Singularity that it resembled most.
  • Only crabs remain.

When Prisma Illya was a baby; Irisviel and Kiritsugu used magic to separate her "suppressed memory/destiny of Illya as a Holy Grail Conduit given form". This split-off eventually became Chloe. Original Illya was cut in half like a starfish; and both halves regrew into a separate whole like the titular Anansi Boys. Both Prisma Illya and Chloe are FSN Illya, and neither of them are.

We get a Lost Belt No. 8, on which our enemy would be... an Alternate MC and Chaldea who managed do an even better job at saving the world. Specifically, both Romani and Olga Marie survived until the end.
Talk about hitting us where it hurts the most. That fan comic really is a nightmare.

Ayako Kawasumi will get her wish to voice an Altria for every standard class.
And the other versions of Altria will be:
  • Rider: Standard Altria riding her famous horse Llamrei but wielding Excalibur. This is Altria circa the Questing Beast
    • There's already Maid Alter.
  • Berserker: Saber Lion for the adorableness and hilarity. Can inflict Instant Death on any version of Cu.
    • MHX Alter already fills the role of Berserker though.
  • Caster: The corpse of an Altria who made it all the way to the lake to return Excalibur. Now the Lady of the Lake possesses her body and is trying to fix Merlin's mess.
    • Saberface Caster might be Morgan (her sister), instead.
      • Caster Artoria is currently her fulfilled via her Lostbelt counterpart. Plus Lostbelt!Morgan isn't voiced by Ayako.
  • Ruler/Saver (bonus): The actual, living Altria returned from Avalon as the Once and Future King to fight for humanity in its darkest hour.
    • Jossed for Ruler - that's her swimsuit class.
  • MHXX fills the role of Foreigner for this wish (unless her wish is that it's specifically a version of Altria, not just a Saberface)... so the only problem might be Moon Cancer, which so far has been exclusive to BB.

Beast of Alaya represents a different kind of threat
Instead of being a threat to the Human Order, the Beast of Alaya will be something that threatens Gaia.

If Lostbelt Lancer gets an alternate "Lily" variant, it will be Caeneus.
Since she's reverted to her original form in the Lostbelt while retaining her memories, her "Lily" form would instead be Caeneus when he was adjusting to his new body. Not only would it show a contrast between her mentality before and after her feats, it also provides an interesting inversion of her current character (feminine, ill-adjusted boy vs. confident, masculine girl).

Shuten Douji as Onicure accidentally bound herself to Buddha
The Dharmapala of Nalanda was the tutor of the tutor to Xuanzang Sanzang who was the one who gave her the Sutras in Journey to the West. Those Sutras were powerful. Spiritually, of course, but also physically. A goldfish who listened to a master recite the sutras who then repeated them by rote would become a great demon without ever appreciating the connection to the divine.
  • A Magical Girl in the Nasuverse is defined as a maiden embued by magic from a divine source and who used it for a protectorate. They are a combination of the old definition of a witch and a miko.
  • Shuten Doji heard Iburaki wanting to admire magical girls so decided to prove that Oni were just as good if not better then humans. As One of the Three Great Evils of Japan she had no need to rely on captured scripture for power. But she did have access to them via trading and sport with her fellow monsters. So she took what scraps of the scriptures of the Dharmapala of Nalanda that she had and bound them to the creed of the Magical Girl. She didn't care what power she was calling on and she didn't care what a magical girl is supposed to do.
    • And now she's bound by Heaven to do their work among the Oni and she follows the edicts without even being aware of it.

Tamamo and Nero will show off their "Beast" class selves later
If not here first, then in Fate/Extella's true sequel (and then here). Specifically, Nine-Tailed Tamamo and Mother Harlot + Beast of Revelations (Beast VI L and R).

If they aren't going to destroy humanity instead, they might actually still be in our side because - like Fou - they have been around humans (both their living selves and servant selves) for some time, which lets them understand humanity better.

  • If Beast!Tamamo and Beast!Nero are on the player's side they would serve as the 11th-Hour Ranger in the fight against the Alien God.

In Cosmos in the Lostbelt, more of the Beasts would appear... and they'll be in our side this time around
Because the main antagonist is confirmed to be an extraterrestrial Alien God who tried to "replace history", and the Beasts, at their core, love humanity even with their twisted ways to show it. After all, Goetia is revealed to be trying to prepare to defend the planet against Lostbelt's mastermind.

Wodime's Lostbelt Five is the Disc-One Final Dungeon.
He's the leader of the Crypters; he's got Zeus on his side. But...there's still two Lostbelts after him. South America and Camelot. Run by Daybit Sem Void and Beryl Gut. According to Sion, these two Lostbelts will "collapse without Chaldea having to intervene." But...that doesn't fit Serial Escalation! No way will the levels after Wodime be easier; so at the climax of Lostbelt 5, the two remaining Crypters will either be Dragon Ascendant or else the Alien God will reveal their True Power and invest in them.
  • It seems like it since after the India Lostbelt, Chaldea are heading to the Greek Lostbelt. This means that something big and life-changing is going to happen and his Lostbelt is probably going to be Part 2's major Wham Episode.
    • Confirmed. The Alien God who happens to be Beast VII and has Olga Marie's face made their appearance and Wodime's true motives are revealed and now, Chaldea has to think about what to do next. Beryl's Lostbelt has a difference depth of EX and contains something that would stop the Alien God. So his Lostbelt would basically be Camelot 2.0 and Daybit's Lostbelt would be like Babylonia 2.0 due to the Ultimate One according to Kirei.

The real reason the Heroic Spirit inside Mash becomes uncooperative post-part I is...
...Tied to the reason Mash comes back alive in Salomon: Fou. The "Beast" energy that he used to revive Mash may actually have hidden but profound side-effects, particularly to Galahad, that it affects his temperament and judgment. I would also guess that Mash actually has latent Beast IV powers because of it...

Lancelot REALLY liked those guns.
Quetzalcoatl enjoys and uses Lucha Libre because she was summoned, saw some, and her love for it enforced it's self on the Throne of Heroes, causing any summoning in the future to use Lucha. Even in his maddened state, Lancelot loved the new weapons he had access to during the Fourth Grail War and all summons now can draw upon them as part of his Knight of Owner.

Benienma's cooking assessments are at least partially symbolic of the student's karma and relationships.
You can't take the Judge out of the chef.
  • Tamamo and Kiyohime both use "love" to justify themselves without addressing their sins. In fact, Tamamo's "Daji" tendencies in Fate/Extella are refered to as "Curry Mode." (harmful if gone too far)
  • Osakabe-hime has practically no empathy for others at all outside of her own interests.
  • Tomoe Gozen ignores consciously following her half-Oni instincts too much. She had a tendency to eat food raw, including boar meat. This manifests as her not paying attention to cooking.
  • Suzuka Gozen won't win any rewards for virtue; and she abandoned her oni allies early on (a bad thing to Japanese values) but historically her loyalty to her husband, and his loyalty to her are never in doubt. Thus Benienma feels no need to correct her.

Miyu Sakatsuki is a descendant of Chiyome Mochizuki.
Chiyome vanished from history after her lord died in 1573. This was actually the catalyst for the start of the Tensho Era; which is when the Sakatsuki family established itself in Fuyuki. Chiyome embraced the power of Miko to counter her bloodline's Orochi curse. Half a millenia later; the Mochizuki (Full Moon) bloodline has become the Sakatsuki (New Moon) bloodline with all of the power of the god Orochi without the curse.

If Dr. Roman
is ever going to come back...It won't be him, exactly, but (Human King) Goetia taking his guise. Goetia narrating from beyond the grave for the Lostbelt opening could actually mean that he's still alive, or at least has the possibility of coming back alive. Then there's the shot of someone in Lostroom OVA who took one of Solomon's rings, as well as the "white pants + shoes" guy in Cosmos in the Lostbelt's trailer... in fact, he actually had taken the guise of Romani before, when he entered Mash's dreams. So all in all, he's more likely to come out than Solomon himself.

The Servant Universe is the future of Angel Notes.
At the End of Everything, Hold On To Anything. Gods died, planets died, Earth died but humanity lived on. And the Universe kept trying to kill them off. It could not continue forever. So they did something very, very drastic. Every human became a Pseudoservant. The world, the galaxy, became a Pseudouniverse by fusing reality with the collective unconscious closest to the Throne of Heroes.
  • Entities such as Ado Edem had become unstoppable Eldritch Abomination at this point; so higher class agents like Mysterious Heroine XX had to absorb them into the legend.
    • This is also why Space Ishtar looks like Rin Tohsaka in the "past", it's still the future.

Another Servant will be Killed Off for Real in a future Lostbelt
In regards to Spartacus' fate in SIN that proved even Servants can be Killed Off for Real, it would both make sense as well as raise up the stakes of who might bite it in the next Lostbelt.
  • Not really. Spartacus' death didn't kill him off for real, it just damaged his Saint Graph irreparably. So any Spartacus summoned will have no memory or knowledge of the experiences of the Spartacus in the Lostbelt, as evident by the fact he is still summonable in the friend point Gacha.
    • It also helps that this has been seen once before, albeit not exactly the same. The Meltryllis that helps Ritsuka in the SE.RA.PH event had her Saint Graph irreparably damaged by saving Ritsuka, but she could still be summoned, she'd just lack the memories and experiences she gained in SE.RA.PH. True, BB was responsible for her still being summonable by making a copy of her and entering it into the Throne, but the point still stands that damaging the Saint Graph doesn't kill the Spirit on the Throne, but rather kills the iteration, making any other versions summoned lack the experience of the killed iteration.
  • Something close to this happens in Lostbelt 5.2: Musashi reaches "absolute zero" in her attempt to seal Lostbelt Chaos, which has the side effect of erasing herself from existence. Her data in the Servant list is now lost.

One of the gag Servants is going to be a version of Nasu.
He's built up to be a terrible and frightening character (because what else would you do with the mastermind behind your entire multiverse?), but then you actually meet the guy and he's just a friendly old mushroom. He'll be a Caster like the other writers, though with a little Self-Deprecation thrown in: referencing common complaints, Nasu will be the most historically accurate Servant in the series — as strong, smart, and combat-efficient as a normal human, iconic mushroom avatar notwithstanding. Not to say he's completely useless: if playable, he could serve as excellent support for other Servants despite his stats or the materials he makes when burned being an excellent way to buff them up.
  • If he's not powerful enough to become a Servant on his own, there could be a joke about him being a Pseudo-Servant bound together with Grand Order's other writers.

Pepe's Servant in his Lostbelt will be Sita
Pepe's Servant is going to be an Archer. It's very likely that this will be Sita, who is confirmed to be an Archer and she's Indian which obviously fits for the Indian Lostbelt. This also means that Rama will also be involved as well together which would put him at odds with Sita as she is Pepe's Servant. But if she's not his Servant...
  • Jossed, it's Ashwatthama

Lakshmana will be Pepe's Servant
He's an Archer in the original story and is Rama's brother. But basing on the intended Servants that Kadoc and Hinako had, it's possible that Lakshmana may be a different class (possibly a Lancer or Saber) if Sita will still an Archer.
  • Jossed. It is an Archer though.

Nobunaga knew about Hijikata the entire time.
No way the Nobu-Sengumi “betrayed” Nobunaga. They ARE her. So Hijikata was wandering the void, deep in his delusion that he was still alive. He comes across some Nobus; and declares them Shinsengumi right there and gives them haoris. They said “NOBU NOBU” at this but nothing else; he wasn’t an enemy at the time. They went back to Nobunaga and reported; and she told them to go back to him and obey his commands.Even when he turned against the Oda Bakufu. Even when he sent them to “spy” on her. Because that warrior deserved better than to be alone.
  • Even in Chaldea, she makes sure some of her Nobus have Shinsengumi duty at all times.

There's something off with Sion.
At Tokugawa Labyrinth event, everyone in Wandering Sea base, be it Servants or Chaldea staffs disappeared, with only the protagonist, Mash and Sion remained as the latter did something to keep the former two from disappearing yet when she is asked what she did, she dodged the question and divert their attention to the current situation, and it's not mentioned again. Kiara managed to keep her existence thanks to her Independent Manifestation skill, a skill that only Beasts and ones like Merlin have. For Sion to be able to pull out something like Independent Manifestation is just suspicious.
  • With that in mind, its quite possible she isn't human. Instead she's:
    • A Dead Apostle like her Tsukihime self, but of a different sort due to the difference in timelines.
    • A servant herself, whether a Pseudo-Servant manifested using her as a host, an actual servant only pretending to be Sion, or a version of herself who made it to the Throne. If Arcueid could be summoned in Fate/EXTRA, its possible.
      • Also helping this idea is that a future version of Sion, Dust of Osiris, is one of the 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors, specifically #13, so this Sion could be the Dust of Osiris having made it to the Throne.
  • She states that her connection with human history has been severed, so she's probably something akin to a Dead Apostle because of their denial of human history schtick.
  • According to Nasu, Sion is a Bloodsucker but not a Dead Apostle. However, the way Nasu talks about Sion and some information about Zelretch, it might be that Sion is a Dead Apostle, but she mentally refuses to fully transform into one because she wants to be a ally to humanity. She might not become Dust of Osiris, but she will always become "Bird of the Netherwold" when her life reaches her end.

Every Beast will correspond to a Servant Class
Looking at the Beasts revealed thus far, Goetia would be a Caster if it wasn't a Beast (and indeed is actually considered a Caster mechanically at times); if this is normal for Beasts, then each of the original, undivided Beasts would likely correspond to a different standard class.

Thinking about this further, Goetia would be a Caster, partly due to its vessel and partly due to the fact that it seems to attack exclusively with spells. Tiamat, due to her incoherence and inability to control her actions, would be the Berserker-class Beast. Primate Murder/Cath Palug/Fou... probably either Rider (due to being a quadruped) or Assassin ("most suited to killing humans").

Beast III, due to being split into pieces, is a non-standard Beast, and thus each piece could possibly correspond to an Extra Class: Kiara would be a Ruler, due to her effortless cult-forming abilities that border on outright mind control (represented by the Nega-Savior skill), while III-L could be an Alter Ego due to being two beings in one.

At this point, assuming this WMG is correct, the Saber, Archer, Lancer, and either Rider or Assassin-class Beasts are as yet unrevealed.

Speculation on unseen Beast classes:

  • The Rider-corresponding Beast will probably be the Beast of Revelation, which is supposed to be ridden by Mother Harlot. After all, we know that Nero's real class is Rider and that she has to use her Imperial Privilege to be summoned as a Saber.
  • Sun Wukong in his younger years would be basically ideal as the Lancer Beast (not necessarily related to the above-posted WMG specifically labeling him as Beast III): Wields a staff (undoubtedly close enough to a spear to qualify him for the class), more or less unstoppable in direct combat, literally unkillable (the myth includes him erasing his own name from the afterlife's records to prevent his own death, stealing and consuming several Immortality Inducer-type items shortly before his rebellion against Heaven, and even multiple failed executions when they finally wore him down enough to capture him), wreaked unparalleled havoc until he was subdued by unconventional means... In true Type-Moon fashion he would undoubtedly be given a sympathetic-but-still-warped motive for his actions before Xuanzang basically taught him to be human.

  • (Response) Kiara is already an Alter-Ego and Kama is an Assassin. Tiamat is driven by grudge of the humans who sealed her into Imaginary Number Space, so she might be an Avenger (and Fou would be Berserker). But in all seriousness it's harder to pin them down when it comes to Saber, Archer and Lancer as the Beasts may not use (conventional) weapons. Besides, why would you think Sun Wukong fits into Beast anyway?
    • Remember, this WMG isn't about their classes if summoned by the playable Master, this is about what classes their Beast forms would correspond to. As to Beast Wukong... well, it was originally suggested here as a WMG under the mindset of "what else could (and WOULD) fight that many gods simultaneously and come that close to winning?" However, someone more familiar with the specifics of the myth could likely justify this suggestion better (perhaps, as previously suggested, the original Beast III due to his issues with impulse control and narcissism?). Also, Nasuverse characters don't necessarily perfectly match their real-life counterparts even beyond the relatively-simple matter of genders not always aligning. Finally, Avenger is an Extra Class; the WMG specifically states that the undivided Beasts would correspond to the "standard" classes, and the only one of those Tiamat really fits is Berserker. It can even be argued that the death of her Femme Fatale form (and, thus, all semblance of self-control) is the moment she truly manifests as a Beast, with everything before then being the Nasuverse's "older is better" mindset taken to its logical conclusion (she is the Primordial Mother, and is thus the strongest being on the planet).
      • I was going to say "why would the 'corresponding class of each Beast' and 'their summonable version's class' would be different", but fair enough (let's just say I disagree with the "would correspond to the "standard" classes" part, though I agree that Tiamat can fit Berserker). As for Wukong, there's another guy who fought multiple gods and took their weapons afterward - Indrajit of Hindu myth, and Lostbelt Berserker is often theorized to be him.
      • The "correspond to the 'standard' classes" part was based on the fact that Servants were originally copied from the Beasts; why would those seven classes, in particular, be considered the standard instead of the various extra classes if those weren't the originals? And more importantly, why would the seven Grand Servants be supercharged versions of those seven classes (or more accurately, why would those seven classes be watered-down versions of the Grand Servants) if they weren't directly based on one Beast apiece? Put simply: That part of the WMG is based on the idea that the people who created the Servant Summoning spell figured out how to differentiate their classes because the Beasts they were based on had their own "subclasses" (like Berserk Lancer Vlad in France, a Berserker with the subclass Lancer- possibly the other way around, but he's mechanically a Berserker). Also, after sleeping on it, I've thought of a potential explanation for why Kama is an Assassin while allowing III/L to be a different class: Beast III/L is Kama/Mara; while Mara is apparently present even in Kama's Assassin form, in Beast III/L it can be argued that, due to the balance between the two shifting, Mara is in charge (thus making III/L specifically Mara). Also: Caster Cu Chulainn is physically almost indistinguishable from his Lancer self aside from his equipment, and apparently is perfectly capable of fighting like a Lancer despite the class change, if First Order is any indication; just because Kama is summoned as an Assassin in her current incarnation doesn't mean she isn't an Alter Ego as well (going back to the Beast III Wukong thing: He'd be likely to be summoned as a Lancer due to his staff-fighting, but removing parts of himself would make him an Alter Ego as well, just like the Tamamo Nine; remember, Cat explicitly identifies herself as an Alter Ego despite being officially classified as a Berserker).

The real reason they call OG Seibah "Altria" is...
...Because of Artorias the Abysswalker. Nasu's a big Dark Souls fan and the last thing he'd want is to get sued by FromSoftware because his mascot character has a similar name to one of their characters.
  • "Artoria" was conceived in Fate/Complete Material III, which came out a year before Dark Souls so it seems like they would have the earlier claim to the name?
    • Material IV has her name changed to "Altria", so it is suspect indeed...

Mash is (loosely) based on Sakura
As the protagonist is (are) loosely based on Shirou and Rin, it's fitting that their "kouhai" would be a Sakura equivalent.
  • In fact, you could go further and speculate that the version of Sakura who experienced the Animusphere-victory Holy Grail War was the source of the genetic material from which Mash was created.

The British Lostbelt is set in Avalon
Its Depth Difference rank is EX because it's separated differently from the world compared to the other Lostbelts - it covered by a giant pillar of light. Avalon is the place in the Reverse Side of the World that corresponds to the British Isles.

Further guess: True Rhongomyniad, the "world's lynchpin pillar", might've been broken in this Lostbelt, resulting in the collapse of the "layer" of the Human World and bringing back the Age of Gods. Merlin (or at least Lostbelt Merlin) might be highly involved here as the real him is still in Avalon.

  • Jossed. Avalon does appear in the Lostbelt, but most of the Lostbelt itself isn't Avalon.

Your gameplay party is a type of summoning that temporarily gives your plot party similar powers.
In Camelot; Xuanzang actually mentions that this is how people "usually" summon Servants. They're "temporarily as brave as Xuansang" or "As Strong As Hercules." This is also why Mash's Noble Phantasm acted like an Attack Reflector against Altria Alter in the OAV.

How Beast VI works
Bringing in some info from Prototype here. There, Beast of Revelations bonded with Manaka Sajou, who summoned it; especially in the 2nd HGW in that continuity where she was revived with the Grail mud together with said Beast.

In The Bible, said Beast would be ridden by the "Whore of Babylon", who is - all signs point towards - Rider Nero. This game also confirms that Beast VI is split into halves.

It would seem that BOR, in Prototype, can't fully function without someone riding it, so that it uses Manaka as its "substitute rider". By this logic, Rider Nero might also ride a "substitute mount", probably a facsimile to Beast of Revelations. Only when Rider Nero rides the real Beast of Revelations does Beast VI comes out in full.

Learning with Manga's "udon servants" identities
Because I don't see this being put anywhere, so...

Berserker's already known, so here's the rest:

  • Saber: Either son of Marjatta or Vainamoinen (Kalevala)
  • Archer: Pecos Bill (American tall tales, like Bunyan)
  • Lancer: Mary Anning (Britain)
    • Confirmed
  • Rider: Georges Méliès (France)
  • Caster: The mice from "Omusubi Kororin" (Japanese folktale)
    • Jossed. They're actually Daikokuten's rat servants.
  • Assassin: J. Edgar Hoover (America)

Because his face is on the Lostbelt 4 banner, Pepe is actually a Servant
Just like Hinako whose true identity is the Servant Consort Yu, Pepe is also a Servant. Clues of this possibility would be his ridiculous name which is obviously fake, his being the oldest among the Crypters, and his expertise in Buddhism and Indian mythology. He's interested in destruction and Beryl said that he is the kind of guy you really shouldn't pressure into getting serious, and that the world will end if he stops being cheerful. His true identity has to be related to Indian mythology so he's likely to be:
  • Shiva, the Destroyer
  • Vishnu, the Protector
  • Indra, king of the gods
    • While possible, its more likely he's a demigod or god from India. Pepe specifically has a distaste for fate, claiming it had already abandoned him long ago. Its likely his legend had fate screw him over so he decided to Screw Destiny, and allied with the Alien God to make it happen, having joined Chaldea originally in the hopes to find a way to do so.
    • Jossed. Pepe is just a relatively normal person, and his twist is that he's actually Japanese.

Pepe is tied to one of the three Indian Archers
It was said had he the chance to summon an Archer he'd be an Ascended Fanboy, and the three prominent Indian Archers are Arjuna, Sita, and Kama. Rama could count as the fourth since its said his best class is Archer, just that he chose Saber in the hopes of seeing Sita again. Since Pepe is possibly not human, and either is a servant or lived long enough to have known them when they were alive like Hinako/Yu did with Gao, he's possibly tied to one of their legends. Arjuna seems most possible, as images show that Karna has a role in the Lostbelt, and where Karna is, Arjuna is sure to follow.
  • Pepe did summon an Archer servant who is actually Ashwatthama.

Koyanskaya actually an alternate Tamamo-no-Mae from a pruned timeline and either fused with or impersonating the real Tamamo Vitch.
  • …There’s actually a lot of questions that this theory answers. Consider: in India, the Priestess implied that Koyanskaya was similar in nature to Douman (familiarity breeds contempt, a recurring theme amongst Nasu’s characters). We know that Douman desires to become a Beast as well (and, like Koyanskaya, spent a lot of time and effort spreading suffering and corruption). However…Douman couldn’t become a Beast, because he didn’t love humanity. All Beasts love humanity, it’s a requirement; their love is actively malevolent and hideously twisted, but it’s still love. Also in India, when Koyanskaya saves Gudao’s life, she’s unusually stern and tries to justify her actions. “I don’t love humans. I don’t forgive humans, and I certainly don’t save humans. I am only repaying my debt!”. But isn’t that a contradiction? If Tamamo Vitch truly didn’t love humans, then, like Douman, she could never become a Beast. Hell, her dialogue repudiates every Beast that’s come before! However, in Olympus, she was certainly a nascent Beast. There’s a contradiction there.
But this theory would explain that discrepancy. The same way (it’s theorized), the Alien God is using Beast VII as a host, then perhaps Koyanskaya is using a Beast candidate as a host. Further, consider her alias: Koyanskaya. It’s an anagram for ‘Evil Casko’. Why is she consistently referring to herself as a knock-off of OG? For all her talk of wanting to become independent, she never refers to herself as Vitch, the identity she was created with.
  • Koyanskaya is not from alternate timeline, she is a nature spirit born in the Tunguska Incident. Her connections with Tamamo is due to Amaterasu coming to see her birth and her later imitating Tamamo's character as someone who is close to her existence.

The Crypters will be undone by the exact same thing that very nearly doomed Chaldea: internal sabotage.
  • The Greek Lostbelt is very heavily defended, and Wodime's main strength is noted to be that he never dares underestimate Chaldea. And yet, as brilliant as he can be, he's noted to have personality issues that prevent him from truly feeling empathy. It's possible, even likely, that the other Crypters may have issues with his leadership he's simply unable to see forming until the conflict boils over in the worst possible time.
    • There's some signs of it as seen in the India Lostbelt. Back in the second Crypter meeting, Wodime thought that Ashiya Doman is helping Pepe in his Lostbelt. But it turns out that Doman's actively sabotaging it by corrupting Arjuna Alter and convincing him to speed up the cycles which puts Pepe in trouble and it even prompts Daybit to temporarily help him. Near the end, Pepe even suspects that the Alien God is only using the Crypters as tools to further his goals after Tamamo Vitch confirmed that the Alien God only cares about the trees. It's possible that the Alien God's emissaries' hidden agendas, Beryl's jealousy towards Wodime and Pepe's suspicion of the Alien God may lead the Crypters into conflict with each other.
  • Lostbelt 5.2 seems to lead to that conclusion. Beryl ends up backstabbing Wodime because he disagrees with his leader's idea of a perfect peaceful world; how would Beryl massacre people otherwise?

At one point, Ishtar will steal an enemy's powers
Stealing other divinities' powers and domains is her main shtick in myth (an entire myth is dedicated to her pulling it with Enki, and her descent in the Underworld was motivated by her deciding to do it to her sister-or, in the Fate universe, trying to console her about her husband's recent death, but Ereshkigal thought she was trying to take over her domain due her precedents), wouldn't be surprising if she had it as a Noble Phantasm... Especially as her Fate/strange fake counterpart did it to her, stealing Gugalanna for her own use. But considering she hasn't done it yet, it will take something otherwise invincible.

The final servant released for FGO's penultimate storyline will be a Saver
Specifically a Saver form of Ritsuka. Although history does not record their deeds, the Throne does due to the acclaim of so many Heroic Spirits. All the singularities they have solved, all the lives they have saved and the restoration of Pan Human History leaves Ritsuka (with card art depicting both male and female versions) as one of the few qualified to be a Saver. When all hope is lost, when the forces of Chaldea are overwhelmed, a summoning is performed in desperation to call forth someone who can turn the tide. Cue the refrain from the very first opening song and the emergence of the Hero of the Timeless Temple, Saver Ritsuka.

The real reason Galahad seems so different than how others described him
Galahad in the Moonlight/Lostroom OVA appears to be a stark difference from how others described him. Bedivere claimed he was a cloudcuckoolander, Mordred says he had a habit of pissing her off, Salter says he relished the fear of death, and is even called "The Perfect Knight". Thing is, aside from the possibly pissing Mordred off part, none of those descriptors seem to apply to the Galahad Ritsuka meets. That Galahad is overall more cynical, saying that Goetia should have burned humanity since then at least the Earth would have a future, even if humanity wasn't apart of it, he lambasts Ritsuka for stopping him, and goes out of his way to not aid Chaldea, outright abandoning Mash later on.

Many theories have been going around as to why he seems so different, such as that he's not the actual Galahad but rather the Lostbelt one, or that he's the Archer to Ritsuka's Shirou and actually a future version of himself that failed to stop the Alien God, but there's an idea that's a lot more simple. He was always like this. If one thing has been established about the Servants of Camelot, its that they had a crap ton of issues and didn't know how to process them properly. With Galahad, the way everyone described him was simply a front. A mask he put on to hide his own issues. The only time that mask fell being when it involved his father, Lancelot, who he hated enough for it to influence Mash, and when dealing with someone who could break through his mask, Mordred. Galahad's tales in the lore of the Knight of Round left him jaded, and to hide his true feelings, he put on the image of "The Perfect Knight". When in truth, he was a Broken Ace. He'd Took a Level in Cynic, and only pretended to be what the others saw him as.

So when he sees what happened to the Earth after the Alien God touched it, he doesn't even bother with the mask. The Earth is practically gone and he blames Ritsuka for it, since in his eyes the Earth itself takes priority over humanity. Even in lore he had a similar attitude where the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few. In the original quest for the Holy Grail, Galahad had been tasked with obtaining it so he could use it to bring prosperity to Britain, and he had been able to obtain it because he was considered pure. Pure Is Not Good however, he was pure because he didn't put personal feelings over what was just, so rather than bring the Grail back to Britain, he returned it to God. In doing so however, he perished as well, by his own request. Thus his relishing the fear of death makes more sense: he was something of a Death Seeker. He defied the orders of his king and did what he thought was right. So in the case of Goetia vs. the Alien God, he figured Goetia was the Lesser of Two Evils. While humanity dies in both cases, at least the Earth remains with Goetia.

So why did he help us against Goetia then? Simple, he didn't help us, he helped Mash. Mash is something of a Morality Pet to him, the girl he watched tortured by Chaldea for the sake of creating a demi-servant. He had a soft spot for her and gave her some of his power so she could live. But he didn't influence her, nor did he tell her to fight Goetia. She did that on her own to help her master and Chaldea, even though doing so was slowly killing her. So when he sees Chaldea is attempting to fight the Alien God, he won't allow history to repeat. He sees no point in fighting the Alien God, and he knows if he helps Mash, she'll just help Ritsuka. So he ultimately sees himself with no choice but to abandon her.

There is also one other thing supporting the idea that the Galahad we see is his true self, and the one the knights knew was a mask: Fate Requiem introduces a Saber Servant as one of the major characters: Galahad Alter. Alterhad is explicitly said to have abandoned the Knights Creed and his identity as "The Perfect Knight", and acts a lot more like how he's described by his fellow knights, and more like his father Lancelot, being a Handsome Lech. Alter servants are specifically described as alternate versions of Servants due to various circumstances. Edgemiya was broken enough due to his actions as a Counter Guardian he's pretty much an Empty Shell. Salter is one who feels cruelty and hatred is needed to achieve her goals. Alcides is Heracles forced to abandon his ideals and relive his trauma, turning him into the Nay-Theist and a dark killer. So Alterhad is one who abandoned the persona he had to bear, and was no longer pure. He became as the others described him, but only because he was tired of the burden being "The Perfect Knight" brought him.

So when the Sixth Lostbelt comes around, Galahad will return, and it will be acknowledged that his cynicism has made him into pretty much a Straw Nihilist, and he will be given a Shut Up, Hannibal! by us, calling him out on his flaws while also making him realize he can't drown in cynicism anymore. Only then will he be back on Chaldea's side. The Sixth Singularity was where Mash awoke to her true potential and gained access to his power. The Sixth Lostbelt will be where Galahad is finally saved from himself.

Musashi and Arthur are actually Lostbelt Servants
The Shimosa singularity is implied by Douman to not be a proper singularity, but a mini Lostbelt, and it's Musashi's home. The parallel world/timeline where she came from is noted to be pruned, too.

For Arthur, it could be that his timeline ended differently from the "main" one and got pruned as well; the Beast that he's looking for may be the reason.

  • Musashi is indeed from a pruned world, but Arthur is not (he's from an "Other World" - I can give you the exact kanji). He's looking for the Beast to protect Ayaka, it's in his quest.

Jason could be at least a *3 Servant if he's a Rider
His supportive kit is already good enough (even if his best one is limited to fellow Argonauts), but Saber is noted to not be his best class. Also, the name of his NP implies that he could have the command over the ship itself, rather than just his allies.

Gareth wasn't just in the way, and Lancelot didn't recognize her.
It is implied by Gareth that at the time he stopped Gwenivere's execution, Lancelot was closest to his berserker form. While her looks aren't close enough to qualify as a saberface, it's noted here that she bears some resemblance. Given Lancelot crazy goal to either kill or be killed by Arturia he may have taken the path that put him through the short blonde.

The Lostbelt arc is basically a Holy Grail War but a wider scale and the Alien God's goal is to reach the Root
A Holy Grail War has 7 Masters and their Servants fighting each other over the Grail and whoever wins gets their wish granted or punches a hole for a way to reach the Root or gets the Third Magic. The lostbelt war is somehow similar to the Grail War: there are 7 Crypters with 7 trees of emptiness fighting each other on who gets to lead humanity but the Alien God's only concern are the trees. It's possible that the trees are another means to reach the Root and the Crypters are blood sacrifices similar to sacrificing the Servants into the Grail to make a hole. Yes, he initially chose Wodime to "lead humanity" but Wodime convinced him to bring back his companions. The Alien God, being a Manipulative Bastard, manipulated the Crypters like a fiddle, making them believe they're reshaping humanity but he wants them to fight each other to death which explains Beryl's theory that the war is rigged in favor of Wodime and that the Lostbelts are in a dire situation compared to the Pan-History. It's also possible that Wodime knew what the Alien God's up to so his plan of fulfilling Marisbury's thesis is either to merge himself with a Divine spirt(s) to fight the Alien God or use the lostbelts' environment to counter the Alien God by attempting to access the True Magic, possibly create the so-called Sixth Magic. However, he will fail either because he underestimates the Alien God, Chaldea screws it up due to Poor Communication Kills or one of the surviving Crypters backstabs him.

Apollo did more than just change Paris' appearance.
Compare Apollo and Paris to Artemis and Orion: Orion might be a tiny bear in body but he's still apparently the same guy in mind, chasing women and arguing with Artemis, whose ditzy demeanor is a direct result of Artemis messing with Orion's Saint Graph. In contrast Paris is both physically and mentally altered, not just reduced to a Token Mini-Moe-esque little boy but specifically a little boy who's dedicated to and concerned with Apollo's happiness. This was likely done because, as with Artemis and Orion, the altered summoning had side-effects; to keep his mind and personality intact, Apollo shifted the mental effects onto Paris. This is why someone who's infamous for avoiding battle and pursuing women and who wasn't particularly associated with Apollo is suddenly displaying the opposite behavior: It's not just that he's been aged down, Apollo specifically tweaked Paris to display traits that Apollo likes, i.e. being cutesy and adoring Lord Apollo. It may have been in response to Artemis' altered summoning: Apollo didn't want Paris to backtalk him the way Orion does to Artemis, especially since Paris would probably have been unhappy about being a feminine little boy instead of a grown man.
  • Several reasons that's unlikely:
    • If Paris were acting differently, Hektor would likely be given a voice line to express confusion, since Hektor is his older brother.
    • Paris' Bond CE highlights that this personality is how he acted during the Trojan War, and that he really is just The Ditz overall.
    • He is associated with Apollo. During the Trojan War, it was Paris who managed to snipe Achilles in the heel, coining the phrase Achilles' Heel. However, he only managed to do it because Apollo gave him assistance. Apollo was outraged that Achilles murdered Troilus, and decided Achilles needed to die. So he gave his aid to Paris and guided his shot, allowing Achilles to die. Since most of Paris' legend is tied to him being the cause of the Trojan War and being the one to kill Achilles, his legend is tied to that of Apollo. And since Divine Spirits can only manifest as servants by either severely weakening themselves or by becoming Pseudo-Servants, Apollo manifested with Paris by tagging along on his Saint Graph.
    • In addition, there is little to suggest Artemis' ditzy personality is a result of forcing herself into Orion's Saint Graph. Reading their bond biography, there is nothing suggesting Artemis acts any different from her normal self. Her being a ditzy bimbo is less her forcing herself into Orion's Saint Graph and more just bad writing for the Virgin Goddess.

The Alien God is actually one of the Velber.
It makes sense when you attack something you don't just use raw force so it is entirely possible that this is one of Altera's siblings, the whole making a perfect timeline thing is basically just keeping them busy while it builds up enough power to destroy the world. Overwhelming Gaia and Alaya while also keeping them busy with those so it can do what it wants without worry.

The game's finale will have Multiple Endings
In the final or penultimate Lostbelt, the player will find themselves having two unskippable choices, with choosing one affecting the end of the story.
  • The game ending after the Lostbelts is only fanon, so its still unknown if it really will end there. Even then, that makes little sense considering the game has choices that can be skipped that affect the game, such as Quetz choice that influences how strong her Boss Fight is, meaning even if the story had multiple endings, it would still be skippable, just the ending would default to the initial choice if done so.

Why we don't see Grand Servants all that often.
For starters, look at the exceptionally strong normal Servants, particularly with Anti-World NPs. Despite packing such potential power, however, the world (Gaia and Alaya) has put some countermeasures in so that, in practice, such an event (world destroyed by NP) is nigh-impossible. That, and as "defenders of human order" they can't really be destroying the world.

Grand Servants, however, are naturally stronger than normal servants such that they can actually feasibly seriously harm, if not destroy, the world. As such, Gaia and Alaya only give the Grand vessel to select individuals, who can be trusted to use their power responsibly. As shown with Solomon, the Grand Caster, he has the ability to incinerate the whole world, and his Ars Almadel Salomonis can even potentially tear a hole through the world itself.

If the "world" believes that a small force of Servants and their Master is good enough to solve the problem, they wouldn't be sending Grand Servants unless it's absolutely necessary.

Merlin and Proto Merlin
Several guesses here:
  • The two might've known each other, likely through Avalon.
  • Magi*Mari might've used Proto Merlin as "her" avatar.
  • If Proto Merlin becomes playable, she might have a skill that gives "Buster resist down" debuff to enemies, i.e being an "inverse" Merlin.
    • This one is Jossed. In Arcade, Proto Merlin plays similar to how Merlin plays, with her "gimmick" being interacting with Arcade's mechanisms.

The Person of Chaldea is actually a Pseudo Servant of Romani Archaman.
Goetia in Roman's body is also a fan favorite theory, but I'm not convinced because Roman's body disappeared and the Man of Chaldea exhibits quirks like that reflect "tch-ing" that wasn't his nor Roman's. So the case:

  • Roman was last seen in Lostroom (and not leaving it unlike Olga and Lev) before part 2 began. He seemed to have stayed to awake Fujimaru up and become aware of the new threat after Galahad's warning.
  • A mysterious hand retrieved one ring of the throne floating in imaginary numbers as a cliffhanger of Moonlight/Lostroom. This proves too that person moved easily in Imaginary Numbers, an extremely rare feat according to Sherlock.
  • Solomon (Goetia. Voiced by Sugita) says he'll just watch this conflict from the "other side / nirvana" rather than intervene like the Person of Chaldea is doing.
  • The material hints Ars Nova completes King Solomon's tasks and feats, thus leaving no remnants behind to call forth his help or continue his works, but Epic of Remnants and interludes indicate it's may not be the same case with "Romani Archaman." Ritsuka, Mash, and Chaldea are Romani's living remnants in the world; and the epilogue of the Observer established that Solomon isn't quite Romani.
  • To materialize from imaginary numbers, there needs to be an "anchor" or "connection." Roman has this with Chaldea.
  • When a Spirit is too weak to manifest, they would require on a physical vessel. This makes them a Pseudo Servant.
  • The physical bodies of the Pseudo Servant influence their personalities, manner of speech, and temper in most cases. This explains the differences with the original Roman and the possible Pseudo Servant, including the clunking of tongue automatic quirk he apologizes for.
  • Novum Chaldea can only summon those with stable Saint Graph for now into the headquarters which might explain why he hasn't appeared there.
  • Hints about the Person of Chaldea having a different body or appearance than he used to have (potential human vessel body).
  • Roman has talked and addressed humanity as an outsider during all the game, so him doing it as the Person of Chaldea wouldn't be weird neither would be his shock some people are sacrificing their food and things for his sake as way of gratitude. His self-loathing and thinking he's unworthy of gratitude might explain that reaction. He's the one who was convinced the All-Loving Hero Main Character would hate him if he found out the truth according to his profile.
  • His "actions haven't changed": he's treating and healing people, doing assorted of good deeds to aid them, and he's walking the world as he did in the past. Episode 0 shows he did this too before he joined Chaldea.
  • Mash senses a "warm presence" twice in the imaginary numbers (Captain was used as red herring to throw people off this lead - omitting the China Lostbelt presence encore from the misleading chat).
  • There are some thematic things during events about gaining back someone or something dear you lost but they wouldn't be quite 100% the same as before, starting with Da Vinci. Including the "collab" which featured Roman. Da Vinci's emotional role as teasing "Team Mom" changed as well as the tech-to-go (that is more covered by Sion and Captain) and she's more the Shadow Border navigator and cheerful and pure younger sister in her new incarnation. If Roman returns as a Pseudo Servant with striking differences, he won't longer be the kind and nurturing Mentor he used to be.

The Chaldea System of Summoning acts like a "Warp Engine" that comes closer to the Servant Universe.
Just like how a Warp Drive for Faster Than Light twists space so the ship is in a universe where the speed of light is faster; the Chaldea System moves the summoning closer to the Servant Universe.
  • Thus the normal rules are bypassed. This not only allowed far more freedom for "natives;" letting them do things like Elizabeth creating the Halloween singularities with Grail shards; but also allows Servant Universe Servants to be summoned as well variants such as Gudaguda. For others, it allows a degree of autonomy that their legends wouldn't allow otherwise.

The final Lostbelt will be in 700 BC
Given that the Lostbelts are hitting up major outlined dates thrown about with 1.) Lostbelt 2 diverging from Ragnarok which was set up in Brynhild's Interlude, 2.) Lostbelt 5 diverges from 12000 BC, which suggests a divergence from Sefar's attack introduced in Fate/Extella, and 3.) Lostbelt 6 diverges from 500 AD, suggesting a divergence from the fall of Camelot, established in Fate/Extella to be a Quantum Time Lock and given heavy focus in Garden of Avalon.

In addition, this would complete the set of all three endings for the Age of Gods: Babylonia in 2600 BC which showcased Gilgamesh's "Parting", Lostbelt 5 which would cover the "Decline", and Lostbelt 7 which would cover the "Opportunity".

The Queen of Sheba doesn't give her True Name because that would give someone power over her.
She is Half-Djinn. In addition to her title being the only name her legend has; I Know Your True Name would give any Master too much power over her.

Fafnir was a Lesser-Beast Candidate similar to the Golden Fox.
Instead of dividing into Tails, it divided into Hearts. Siegfried and Sigurd were individuals who each fought a facet of this Beast. As with the tails, their power made stories in different places similar to each other.
  • Fafnir is not in danger of becoming whole because Sieg sleeping in the Other Side of the World effectively puts a stake in its heart.

The Gentleman Who Travels Through Space and Time is a Time Lord.
His first handle was Chandraputra, but that was a tad racist so he changed it. Abigail Prime is his companion, also learning how to be a Time Lord. The Silver Key is an early prototype of a TARDIS.

Koyanskaya will take Fou's place as a Beast.
Fou never properly manifested as a Beast, so Beast IV may actually still be in play. Koyanskaya, meanwhile, is one of the Tamamo Nine, and Tamamo has been stated to qualify as a Beast. Thus, if Koyanskaya manages to successfully become a Beast, she will do so as a new Beast IV.
  • Consider her words about ‘spite’ (namely how it went down after the events of LB3, and her subsequent reaction), her interactions with Douman, Fou, and the rest of the cast, might be onto something there. Consider Tamamo’s speech to Corroded Elizabeth in Extella as well: she admits to a lot of her darker personality traits, but also stated that she would never hate humans. Koyanskaya goes on quite a bit about her hatred for humans; that’s something a Tamamo would never say…unless they were explicitly trying to no longer be a Tamamo. It does, however, sound like something Primate Murder (or Beast IV) would say after absorbing quite a bit of human spite, though…
    • Translations of the newly-released summonable Koyanskaya's profile officially confirm her as a candidate for Beast IV; while not quite a complete confirmation, it's still strong evidence in support of this WMG.
      • Fully confirmed in the Tunguska Sanctuary event.

Wodime will end up performing a Heel-Face-Turn
It's pretty clear that Wodime has a good degree of respect for Chaldeas. Since as of now he is confirmed to be capable of wrecking servants, the best bet for Chaldeas will be to capitalize on this respect and convince him he is simply being used as a pawn of The Alien God or something on that tone, thus defeating his great strength in the simplest way possible: A exchange of ideas. Possibly with a good degree of face punching before that.
  • Jossed. While Wodime planned to betray the Alien God all along, and surrendered willingly when Chaldea bested him in Olympus, he is ultimately betrayed and killed by Beryl Gut, stopping any potential Heel-Face-Turn.

Caenis will end up betraying Wodime and join Chaldea out of spite
Apparently, Caenis is forced to be Wodime's servant after he beat her. She's even shown to be very disgruntled for working with him and is sort of a Commander Contrarian because she hates Olympus and has no sympathy for Zeus and co. She's only cooperating with them because of her contract with Wodime. So, it's possible that she will forge a contract with the protagonist out of spite. And despite her hatred of Panhuman History, she might end up going under Character Development and realize what's wrong with the Lostbelt. Then, she might end up helping Chaldea against Olympus and possibly gets another duel with Wodime in order to give a big FU to him. Or she either helps in destroying the Fantasy Tree not without sacrificing her life.
  • Jossed. The final fight in Olympus is Caenis and Wodime working together. And while Caenis does later allow herself to be potentially summoned by Chaldea, it's out of respect for them, not spite.

The reason Quetzalcoatl speaks Spanish and is Lucha-themed despite being an Aztec deity who logically would have a bone to pick with the Spanish
It's because she is a good-aligned protection deity. A Lawful Neutral or Lawful Evil god might insist upon the old ways, but that'd just put pressure on her chosen people. What's left of the Mexica has been heavily mixed with the Spanish. And so she adapts to the way they are now, rather than how they were, so she can understand and aid them better, even though she is no longer worshipped.

Stheno and Euryale intentionally let Gorgon eat them in hopes of alleviating her curse.
The THING we see eating them in the flashback is not even slightly humanoid. Letting themselves be eaten was giving Medusa their authority the only way they know how. Sadly it didn't work, or at least, didn't work up to the point that Perseus kills it.
  • But Gorgon the Servant is humanoid and can even reason, even as an Avenger. Perhaps when Tiamat gave Gorgon her Authority, she awoke her sisters' aspects within her as well.

Kadoc's Command Seals will play a part in the Second Part of the Olympus Lostbelt.
Specifically, seeing as how Kiristrichia's Animus Anisphere can only be used for a maximum of three times, and he used one against the heroes, they'll probably use the Command Seal in some way to power Kiristrichia's spells or even his number of times to cast the spell.

The Animusphere Lineage is descended from aliens.
The Animuspheres are deeply connected with space, frequently refereed to as stargazers. Their family magic, Anima Animusphere calls upon meteors from outer space to descend on their enemies; their research facility Chaldea (which was a nation of astrologists) is an observatory, and lines imply that Marisubury knew about the Alien God and the Lostbelts long before they descended onto Earth. The final nail in the coffin is the reveal of the Alien God in Olympus, which showed that her appearance is nearly identical to that of Olga Marie Animusphere, even carrying the name U-Olga-Marie. While their relations to one another are unknown, it is possible that Olga Marie, and by association the Animuspheres, are descended from the same species as the Alien God. Perhaps the reason for U-Olga-Marie's appearance is simply cause they looked alike, or maybe the Alien God took pity on her betrayed distant cousin and possessed her body.

We're going to deliberately wake up ORT to fight the 7th Beast.
According to Holmes, nothing comprehensible by man can face the 7th Beast, especially if it's expecting it. So we're going to wake up something incomprehensible to man. We're going to do something nobody expects.

Mordred will be the Lostbelt King for Bery Gut's Territory.
Her slaying her father at the battle of Camlann and taking up Rhongomyniad afterwards to make herself a Divine Spirit seems like a suitable enough basis for a lostbelt. Sniping Beryl with Rhongomyniad whenever he makes himself known, no matter where he is or what consequences it might have, also seems like something she'd do.
  • Mordred surviving Camlann has a real but sparse history. There is an account from 14th century Dutch writer Jean d’Outremeuse called the Ly Myreur des Histors ("The Mirror of Histories"). Mordred survives the battle of Camlann and rules with Guinevere for an unknown amount of time before Lancelot and Caradoc take back London. They execute Guinevere for treason and entomb Mordred with Guinevere’s corpse which he resorts to eating before starving to death.
  • Jossed. Morgan is the Lostbelt Queen of Avalon le Fay.

Sherlock Holmes is actually the fake identity of the real servant behind him: The Cosmic-Travelling Gentleman
A few theories were made regarding Sherlock's possible fake identity and duplicity, and given his design, pale face and personality, there's a single character that could fit him: The Gentleman Who Travels Through Time and Space. The Sherlock we see is merely a fragment of The Gentleman, who, being Randolph, is also merely a fragment of Yog-Sothoth himself and shares his ability to create fragments of himself just like his "master", who took the form of a Ruler specifically because it would fool others, after all, what better way to fake being part of a being who is The Primordial Chaos himself than taking the form of a class who represents order?

Lastly, but no least, the reason why Sherlock is helping Chaldea the whole time? Amusement. Just like Randolph at the end of Through the Gates of the Silver Key, his fragment, or as we know him, Sherlock has become a Straw Nihilist, but one who is passively acting as a nihilist, and doesn't really care about humanity and merely aids Chaldea out of a desire to amuse himself with their struggles, victories and failures. For him, the The Outer Gods, or simply the Foreign God himself could crush the entirety of humanity in seconds, so anything they do is meaningless for him. In a way, this also goes hand-to-hand with the way Shelock is show in certain adaptations like Sherlock'', where his Sociopatic traits are taken up to eleven and he doesn't care much for other people, or humanity as we see it.

  • One counterpoint on Sherlock not caring about humanity is Moriarty's interlude. According to him, Sherlock is willing to protect Human Order and Proper Human History to point that it's an obsession and if one push, he might do something that would make Da Vinci, Goredolf and even Moriarty appalled just for the sake of the greater good. Of course, you may say Moriarty is lying but he said this to the protagonist out of concern, thanks of his bond with him/her in Shinjuku, and he's suspicious of Sherlock's independent rayshifting. Also, The Reveal at the end of the Olympus Lostbelt debunked several stuff here such as Primordial Chaos who showed up after Zeus is defeated and Musashi destroyed it at the cost of her existence (hence, Data Lost in her Spirit Origin) and Foreign God being actually Beast VII (U-Olga Marie) or possessing Beast VII and you got Kirei saying to Murasama that they need a stronger body for the Foreign God with ORT (not possibly Type-Mercury) as the closest candidate.

There could be at least one person who could perceive our Musashi
after she lost her existence...And that's Void Shiki.

Musashi will come Back from the Dead
But that won't happen until the finale. And in a way similar to our eggplant, It will take a Heroic Sacrifice for her to be saved from "absolute zero"

U-Olga Marie is THE Olga-Marie Animusphere
This is not like Goetia possessing Solomon’s corpse. Instead the Alien god came across Olga-Marie after she was betrayed by Lev Laniur and was trapped in her hellish, constantly dying and being reborn again Groundhog Day existence.Taking pity on her and sensing her rage and need for revenge, the Alien god pulled her out and they fused together to form a new being, similar to what Rin and Ishtar did. But this new being has no love for humanity at all. The Alien god part wants vengeance for it brethren tortured and experimented on in Area 51, the Olga-Marie end wants Revenge for a lifetime of neglect, abuse, mockery, and in the end betrayal. Together they ARE U-Olga Marie, Beast VII, Herald of the End. Her Sin is Wrath. As in the Wrath of someone who has been wronged, and desires nothing but vengence.

Yet another take on the British Lostbelt.
Throwing out a guess that falls into the "wild" end of will mass guessing, the oddity of the British Lostbelt comes from it's origin. While the chronological point of divergence is indeed 500 AD, the cause of the divergence occured in 2004, when a distraught King of Knights got her wish, causing an alternate past where someone else was chosen to rule Britain. Perhaps Morgana, Perhaps it is an even crazier set up where both Saber and Mordred got their wishes, and she got to pull the sword and be king. Either way, the unquantifiable weirdness of the Lostbelt is due to it not being something that should exist even before the pruning phenomenon enters the picture.
  • Jossed. The Real Point of Divergence is 12,000 B.C., when the Fae failed to forge Excalibur and thus the White Titan destroyed all of the land.

Daybit Sem is not as Axe-Crazy as Beryl
Due to his neurodivergence, he misinterpreted when Beryl asked him if he enjoyed being able to kill with impunity due to the primitive conditions of their Lostbelts. He simply thought Beryl was asking him if it was easy in his Lostbelt too.

When Gilgamesh drank from the Holy Grail at the end of Fate/Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia, he gained the power to Rayshift a human being to any location once. He used it on Ritsuka to get them to Ereshkigal's Underworld during the "Christmas in the Underworld" event.

The Foreign God is CHALDEAS
As in the magical device of the Chaldea Sercurity Organization. The reasons for this are the following.
  • It is an imitation of the Soul of the World composed of of high density Spiritrons and the territory of another world. The body itself has the properties of star or blackhole. It is impossible for humans to touch. A god from a distant star
  • The Foreign God put Wodime through a simulation of the First Grand Order, seven times. Lostbelts are also created by simulating the natural progression of a pruned timeline from the point of divergence to the modern era. Ergo, the Foreign God has the power to observe and simulate the world, only one device in existence is capable of that.
  • The Trees of Emptiness contain microcosms of galaxies, in a similar vein to how CHALDEAS is a microcosm of the Earth.
  • The title of Part 2 is Cosmos in the Lostbelt. Cosmos as in the World which CHALDEAS is a replica of.
  • Goetia/the Chaldean said there was traitor in the Chaldea Security Organization.
  • It's capable of summoning Servants as emissaries

My theory is that CHALDEAS gained its own conscious over the course of its operation and sought to transform from a mere simulation to an actual universe. Specimen E was its first attempt at descending, a Tree of Emptiness that attempted to plant itself in to the Age of Man. However, the Counter Force and Gaia denied its incursion onto the Common Sense of Humanity. The result? A malnourished dying sapling that Area 51 mistook for alien life, incapable of giving CHALDEAS the form it needed. In other words, humanity, its creator, its god, betrayed it. Or at least that was the concept imprinted on CHALDEAS when Olga touched it. In order to nourish a proper form, it would have to create an alternative history with weakened human order.

Now here is where things get especially wonky:

CHALDEAS has hijacked Beast VII's Saint Graph
CHALDEAS logically decided to take the form of what it believed to be the strongest possible lifeform, what it thought to be the Ultimate One of Gaia. The Beast that Announced the End is what it believed to be that form. Olga was to become Beast VII, the final evil of humanity to be overcome. However the consciousness of CHALDEAS displaced her consciousness into a body composed of Imaginary Numbers, the Priestess.

The Sixth Lost Belt King will be on our side this time
We haven't had an actual Lostbelt King fight alongside us for the whole Lostbelt (closest thing would be Qin Shi Huang changing sides near the end, but that was after he spent most of the chapter opposing us), plus if whoever fired Rhongomyniad at Beryl is the Lostbelt King (either another version of Altria, Mordred, or someone else who got the Lance), it's clear they don't like Beryl, so it may be that we talk them into helping us by pointing out we're not on Beryl's side after meeting them early on.

Daybit Sem Void is David Bluebook.
Materials VIII has come out, and revealed that Daybit is from Nevada, which is where Area 51 is. (Which is where David Bluebook was investigating.)
  • An anagram of "Daybit Sem Void" is "Symbiote David."

One of the Beast VI halves is Mother Harlot, Nero's Rider Form.
There have been signs for a long time.
  • We know that Nero's in-universe Red Baron nickname is the Whore of Babylon, Gawain explicitly refers to her as such in Fate/EXTRA. The Whore of Babylon would ride the Beast of Revelations, a monster with 7 Heads and 10 Crowns.
  • In Fate/Prototype the Beast of Revelations is the "end boss." Arthur identifies Manaka as "Mother Babylon" as he kills her and feeds her to the 4th 6th Beast. "If Mother Babylon was alive, then she’d probably, further appear along with the golden cup that was not the Holy Grail"
    • Summer Nero's "Seven Crowns" trait is described as Seven Crowns: Seven Crowns is a Willfully Weak version of the Ten Crowns ability, which Manaka, Goatia, and BB (she refers to the Beast of Revelations with it) all have.
Her fragrance thickens her sword and sharpens her armor. Her state becomes ambiguous and the disadvantages brought by her class lose their meanings. The ???? comes out of the sea. Behold, the seven necks smoldering in the roaring sea. Earth’s amassers of fortune, it is time to pour your desire into the golden goblet."
  • "Fragrance" and "Aroma" can also be described as a "Lingering Scent." What Arthur says is the sign of R of Beast VI.
  • We know that a "Mother Harlot" was datamined in the game as a Rider with Sakura Tange (Nero's) as the voice actress. "Mother Harlot" is the condensed name of the Whore of Babylon in the Shin Megami Tensei franchise.
  • In Koha-Ace, Nero calls upon her Whore of Babylon legend and summons "Sirrush" a 7 headed critter that she rides. It's Koha-Ace, so it's a joke. Jokes are the deepest lore.
  • In one of the Hanafuda games, Nero overrides Manaka's Potnia Theron with her Golden Theatre. Potnia Theron is the name of her Ten Crowns ability; which directly refers to the Beast of Revelations, aka the 6th Beast. Nero overrides the 6th Beast's mother's use of the 6th Beast's Authority. Again. This is a joke. Jokes are the deepest lore.
  • In her second Interlude, Bride Nero goes into a trance when she sees a dragon. She identifies it as Avaratia, the font of sin of one of the Seven Mountains in Purgatory. She then blinks and wonders if she said anything strange. If so, that sometimes happens.
  • As of this writing, the Beast responsible for Fate/Grand Order Arcade is Queen Draco, Beast VI who looks a lot like Nero. Though as of this writing, we don't know which side of Beast VI she is, or if she really is "Mother Harlot. We'll have to wait and see.

Type-Mercury/ORT is Hermes, the Greek Messenger God
The game seemingly forgets Hermes as one of the Olympian Gods (as seen in the Olympus Lostbelt). "Mercury" is the Roman name of Hermes. Put the two together, and well...

Going from the backstory of the Olympians being machines made by the Titans, Hermes may have been made as an explorer of solar system to check other potential habitable planets before it settled on the planet that we'd later call "Mercury". Hermes then stayed there and became stronger over time, becoming the "Ultimate One" of said planet over millennia before it went back to the Earth 5000 years before the Common Era.

Yang Gufei is a Xian based on Fomalhaut because of a botched Taoist ritual.
In the Song of Everlasting Sorrow, after she died the Emperor had a Daoist take him to the Land of the Dead to speak to her. Her soul compares herself and the Emperor to the two stars of the Tanabata, Vega (representing her) and Altair (representing the Emperor) that can only meet one day every seven years.
  • What happened in Fate what the Daoist turned her into a Xian tied to Fomalhaut instead of Vega. The two stars are very similar in Astronomy, and for the purpose of this WMG they're similar in Astrology too. This gave her aspects of Chtugha. Sadly, Fomalhaut is known as The Loneliest Star (or "The North Gate of the Military Camp") because unlike Vega, there are never stars in its part of the sky. (North gates stand alone too)

Jalter is considered too far a deviation for changes made by her in Singularities to be permanent.
According to Marie in Orleans, Jeanne D'arc cannot have an Alter. She's too pure. This is the timeline's opinion too. Like how the repaired timeline cannot justify anyone killed by the Chaos Tide for any reason; anyone killed by an Evil Jeanne D'arc "doesn't count" as dead; reality can't justify it. Jalter herself confirms in her interlude that King Charles VII will return to life as long as the blame for killing him falls solely on her.

U-Olga is wearing Goetia's replacement ring.
In her screenshot, you can see that she's wearing a gray or silver ring on the pinky of her right hand. The ones from Solomon's Throne are gold, so it's not those. Nevertheless, Goetia was a very powerful Magus in his own right and though he couldn't replace one of those; no doubt any replacement would be Artifact-class.

Wodime will become a Playable Servant.
And he'll be an Alter-Ego. He had good rapport with Zeus, so he'll be a combination of Zeus, some other gods and Wodime. Alternatively he can just be like Waver and be a Pseudo-Servant with Zeus being the "Divine" half.

The Protagonist is Proper Human History's Lostbelt King.
The Alien God coming in and using the Trees to erase Proper Human History turned it into a Lostbelt, just like all the others that are encountered during Arc 2. Being a Lostbelt fighting for the right to exist, it needs a King native to that Lostbelt... who does not necessarily have to be royalty, it just has to be the one person who decides that world's path. Goredolf, for all his ego, is not effective enough to qualify, and most of the rest of Chaldea's staff are too content taking orders. That just leaves the protagonist, who ensures that Chaldea's objectives are achieved, and frequently decides just how they're going to achieve them.

However, unlike all the other Kings, the protagonist actually has the means to invade other Lostbelts to directly destroy them and the Trees anchoring them in place.

Lostbelt Merlin is not Proto-Merlin.
While it's a popular speculation in Lostbelt 6 would be the Merlin there would be the female Merlin, it won't be the case. It might be the same old Merlin but in this timeline, he mysteriously died, and Lostbelt Altria who refused to became King Arthur, took up his place and became The Archmage herself. Merlin's death and King Arthur's absence would be a major deviation of this timeline.

Daybit's Grand Berserker Servant is Tezcatlipoca who is connected to ORT.
Daybit's Servant talks in LB4 about how "life is for being offered in sacrifice and death is for being consumed and the laws of his world doesn't allow such violation as giving freedom to the dead." It's implied that South American gods were Symbiotes that came with the asteroid that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs and the Chicxulub crater. Quetz herself refers to the impact as "Xibalba." "Xibalba" is also the word used by Kirei for where ORT is sleeping. According to Quetzalcoatl's Material, Tezcatlipoca's favorite form is that of a spider. According to Quetz during the Babylonia anime, she and her fellow Mesoamerican gods created Xibalba when the meteor landed.
  • So that's two spiders from space in South America associated with Xibalba? Somehow Tezcatlipoca was influenced by Ort. Maybe partially assimiliated, maybe the Mayans observed ORT and thinking it's their own god, their belief shaped him as such. Using impossible methods (maybe even allowing himself be infected by the original symbiote), Daybit Sem Void ("Symbiote David") "coexists" with ORT by using Tezcatlipoca's resonance to make ORT think that it had already assimilated him.

Beryl Gut is really a Knight of the Round Table: Melion
Given the game has introduced mythological figures hiding as part of your allies (like Romani really being Solomon) or being part of the villains (Akuta Hinako really being Consort Yu), it wouldn't be much of a stretch to say that other characters can potentially be mythological figures as well. For Beryl, he's noted to have taken pleasure in the act of killing people and very notably has wolf motifs, from his command seals taking that form to being called a "Werewolf" as an insult at the Clock Tower. There's also the factor that he doesn't trust women at all, and fled his Lostbelt when a crazy Princess fell in love with him. He's also the Crypter for the Round Table Lostbelt. Taking all of these traits into consideration, people have noticed that he matches up well with the description of one knight: Melion.
  • In his story, Melion served King Arthur and took an oath that he would love no woman that has loved any other man. He didn't run into any woman like that until he met the Princess of Ireland, and he loves her and marries her. One day on a hunt with the princess and squire, the Princess asks him to hunt down a stag, giving him a ring that turns him into a wolf upon touching it. After he leaves to get the stag in wolf form, the Princess steals his clothes, the ring and elopes to Ireland with the Squire. Because he's stuck in the form of a wolf without the ring, he secretly flees to Ireland, harassed all the while. Soon enough, Melion forms a pack with 10 other wolves, and proceeds to indulge in killing people and livestock. The ten wolves are killed, leaving Melion alone once more. King Arthur comes to Ireland on a visit, and Melion acts graciously to them, earning their trust and he gets taken to the court where the Squire and Princess ran off to. Once there, he attacks the squire, forcing Arthur to look into why the tame wolf had attacked someone viciously. The truth comes out, and Melion is returned to normal, though is vengeful against the Princess.
    • Unfortunately Jossed.

The small armored figure in the the second Lostbelt Opening is Tam Lin
Considering a woman with butterfly wings is shown, Lostbelt 6 might deal with fey. Tam Lin is a character from an old Scottish ballad, a man who had been imprisoned in a forest by the Queen of Fairies and who was saved by a woman who caught him after he threw himself from his horse. The figure's armor also resembles the one worn by Tam Lin from the SMT series.
  • Jossed but also not? The armored figure in the opening is Fae Knight Lancelot AKA Melusine... but the official translation of "Fae Knight" is "Tam Lin" due to the Lostbelt's theme of naming stuff after real fairy figures, so it isn't completely off the mark

The three women in the second Lostbelt Opening are Morgan as three women ala The Morrigan.
The "Garden of Avalon" booklet had Sir Kay desribe Morgan. "And Morgan. How did such a fine lady become such a frightening thing? Just when it seemed as if she had the innocence of a fairy, she became as magnificent as a warrior maiden, and then suddenly possessed the brutality of a witch. If you ask me, it’s as if there were three women inside of her."
  • In CelticMythology, the Goddess Morrigan was also three women in one.
  • Jossed. They are Baobhan Sith, Barghest and Melusine, though the first one is legally Morgan's child and all three are working for her.

Caster Artoria is a Changeling.
That is to say, she was turned into a fairy as a newborn, as Fionn says what happens to the humans that Changelings take during the New Years Enma-Tei event.
  • This is why she has no Dragon trait. This is why she has no Hominidae trait (as proven by her resistance to Koyanskaya's Attack.) Other Servants with no Homindae trait are Oni, Programs, Centaurs, Valkyrie, etc.
  • Jossed. While she is a fairy, her origins are vastly different from the Artoria we know and isn't a changeling by that logic.

Daybit’s Lostbelt is an alternate world where Type-Mercury had been prematurely awakened.
From what little details can be found about Lostbelt 7, it’s located somewhere in South America and somehow Humanity is on the verge of extinction in this time period. Given how Type-Mercury is said to rival Primate Murder in killing humans, it’s possible it is the reason why Daybit’s Lostbelt is close to collapse due the sheer instability of the human order from ORT’s attack.

Lostbelt 6's title
Given the prominence of fairies mentioned by Beryl and in the second Lostbelt opening, it seems most likely that it'll be called Avalon to play up its nature as an otherworldly realm and to distinguish itself as separate from Camelot from both an in and out of universe perspective.
  • In addition, if it's split into two like Lostbelt 5, the first part would be titled "Albion" or another alternate name for England, historical or modern. Albion seems most likely due to the Case Files connection already established with the Clock Tower's Spirit Tomb Albion already referenced in the game.
.Confirmed: The title is called "Avalon le Fay".

Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA Irisviel is not part of the Holy Grail Dress of Heaven network.
Prisma Illya's Irisviel removed her connection to the Holy Grail; so FGO's Dress of Heaven doesn't share her direct memories of Prisma Illya. FGO Irisviel still likes being with Prisma Illya though, though.

The "Man of Chaldea" is Lev (Flauros)
Given the majority seems convinced is Goetia, I'll support the more unpopular theory because it feels has actual built up:
  • Lev Flauros has prominence in special side material next to Olga-Marie like that infamous Melty Blood crossover that featured proto Lostbelt dilemmas.
  • Pillar demons do show up after Goetia's death, even dead ones like Andras.
  • Lev Flauros has special new scenes in animated material that puts him in a good light. Why bother to flesh him out to the players if Nasu is done with the character?
  • Fate/Moonlight Lostroom main characters were Fujimaru, Olga-Marie, and Lev. This is considered the prelude to part 2 and where the Priestess and the Man of Chaldea were spotted first chronologically. Both Lev and Olgamarie exit the Lostroom in similar parallelism.
  • His speech, pronouns, and attitude match Lev better than it does with Goetia.
  • Salem works as stage and foreshadowing that is less obvious: Solomon's answers to Queen of Sheba's riddles tease lostbelts plot; Abigail role can be split between both Olga and Mash, while Carter and Raum situation could be Romani and Lev in the role of caretakers (Raum taking over the body of Carter). The Lovecraft related things are fluff, what mattered were the roles of the characters.
  • He isn't lying when he says he's from Chaldea.
  • Before he saves Chaldea from their grisly death, Kirschtaria Wodime brought up Lev and his strategy to take down the Masters. It would be a poetic irony it is Lev who saves someone from the strategy he used in the past. In that same conversation, Kirsch seems very familiar with the "Man of Chaldea" wonders why he intervened because as far as he knows he has no reason to aid the "present Chaldea" (so did he aid the old one with something?).
  • The new opening surprisingly features Lev placing his hand on Romani's shoulder. Da Vinci would have been better for old nostalgia value, so why was Lev there with Romani? Certainly not because the players wanted to see him.
  • The same opening might hint we revisit Fuyuki Singularity and Nasu is fond of reverse-parallelism. Lev Flauros was in Fuyuki with Saber Alter and Olga-Marie.
  • He has been connected to this Animusphere plot since the beginning, unlike Goetia.
  • His power could be a loan from Roman's not human saint graph.

All the Lostbelts will be Back for the Finale
In a case of Prophecy Twist, the MC and Chaldea have been destroying the Lostbelts.... By restoring them to Proper Human History. In the course of destroying the Fantasy Trees of each Lostbelt, they wind up fixing the very things that make them a Lostbelt in the first place. Lostbelt 1 they stopped the storm, giving the Yaga a chance to actually build once again. In 2 you killed Surtr, stopping Ragnarok. In 3 you convince the Emperor to let his people actually live. Etc, Etc.
  • They'll fuse to form their own unique timeline. In fact, Castoria will be the Lostbelt King. No, not of the 6th Lostbelt, ALL of them. Her responsibility is all who live in this star, be they pan-human, singularity, or lostbelt; she views them all the same.

Yu Mei-ren is a prototype True Ancestor created by Gaia.
She has all the traits of a True Ancestor EXCEPT...she does not go mad from consuming human blood; nor can she create Dead Apostles through comsuming humans. In Tsukihime these were all traits inherited by True Ancestors through Crimson Moon.
  • Gaia tried to create a race to check humanity and the Zhenren of Mt. Penglai was her first attempt. They failed, mostly dying for an unknown reason except for Mei-ren. Technically she had the qualities that Gaia wanted, but the immortals of Mount Penglai lacked the power to achieve the goal. That's when Gaia asked Crimson Moon for help in giving her True Ancestors power. ...which lead to other problems.

The Yu Mei-Ren of Lostbelt 3 accepted Xu Fu's Immortality Killing Mask
In the Pan-Human Timeline, she met Xiang Yu shortly after confiding with Xu Fu that she would be interested in dying and thus changed her mind. The Mei-ren native to the Lostbelt never did so. Lostbelt Xu Fu also fulfilled her research much more quickly due to Emperior Qin Shi Huang not dying.

Xiang Yu let himself die because he knew it would lead to Mei-ren joining Chaldea.
His clairvoyence didn't go past the China Lostbelt fading away, but if Chaldea beat QSH and took down the tree; Mei-Ren Yu would just stay there with Xiang until it all ended; possibly killing her.He saw that if he let Chaldea kill him, Yu would attack, but if Chaldea won; the Emperor would convince her to join Chaldea where she has a future with the version of him that was her husband.

Caster Artoria isn't human because Cath Palug resurrected her and made her immortal.
Her My Room dialogue indicates that she was forced by Merlin to take care of Cath Palug. There is a legend that Cath Palug killed King Arthur. This is the truth of the legend, in another place and time; Cath Palug killed her. But he regretted it, and like Mash, he resurrected her. However, this Cath Palug was able to do so the way it wanted to with Mash (but didn't have the power to do so) and gave her full immortality at the cost of her humanity and dragon aspect.
  • Jossed. Artoria Caster has a completely different background from normal Artoria, and Cath Palug AKA Fou is hardly in the entire Lostbelt.

The Foreign God's Main Goal.
  • Somehow, the Lostbelts have a Tree of Emptiness named after a galaxy. What I believe that the Foreign God is trying to do is usher in an alternate history wherein the universe/galaxy they come from actually survives. Perhaps the Foreign God is the Sole Survivor of his galaxy or universe. By placing their bets on a Lostbelt to hijack Proper Human History, the tree can actually take root and bring that particular galaxy line/extinct galaxy of the Foreign God back in newly created Proper Human History(the winning Lostbelt), which would then allow it to flourish and take over the universe. Or just continue to exist.

LB6 will introduce the "Fairy" trait.
Possessed by The Fair Folk, Half-Human Hybrids, and certain Elementals. Servants like Yu-Meiren, Medb and Artoria Caster will have it retroactively.
  • Confirmd, though Artoria Caster only has it as an NPC, not the one summoned by Chaldea.
    • Artoria Caster does gain the trait after clearing Lostbelt 6. However, the only ones who retroactively get the trait after it was implemented are Goblins and Spriggans.

The point of divergence of the seventh Lostbelt is 65,000,000 BC.
Daybit's Lostbelt is the only one located in the Americas, which is where the Chicxulub Crater is. While the crater is not yet within his Lostbelt's territory based on the map from the third Lostbelt prologue, it's the closest to it. So, perhaps Daybit's Lostbelt is one where the astroid impact that killed the dinosaurs never happened. It's been mentioned that humanity in his Lostbelt is on the verge of extinction, which makes sense in a world where humans aren't apex predators. This would also have the bonus effect of the Mesoamerican gods never arriving on Earth in the first place, which would make things super interesting if Quetzalcoatl or some other Mesoamerican god were summoned there by the Counter Force. In fact, perhaps having them recreate the asteroid impact that started the K-Pg extinction event could become a plot point.

If Ritsuka gets a Servant version, their Saint Graph will take the name of Everyman.
As in, the character from the morality play.

Everyman's role in his home work was to be the trope he named codified: a representation of the common man. Ritsuka, with their Audience Surrogate role and generalized background, fits this aspect of Everyman perfectly, not to mention that due to the events of the game they're the last relevant "common man" left, as every other human is either a Servant, a mage, in on some part of the plot, or dead due to shenanigans.

In the play, the aesop was about how, despite all the necessities of life, a man only has their deeds to go with them in death. In-game, despite the numerous Heroic Spirits Ritsuka can meet and learn from, it is similarly up to themself and their actions that determine their fate in the end. The deeds of Ritsuka in their attempt to save as much of Proper Human History as they can and stop the Lostbelts are deeds that may be recognized by the Saint Graph, as mentioned in the "Ritsuka as Saver" WMG, as well as the deeds they acted on when interacting with their many Servants.

Much like the personifications in the play, the summoned Servants are willing to help Ritsuka out throughout their journey, but in the end have their own accounts to write and also leave a notable mark on Everyman with their interactions.

Lostbelt 7 will have a major Hindu plot, but it will have Aztec names.
Because Lostbelt 4 was roughly a depiction of the Aztec Five Suns Creation Myth but with Hindu characters. Cipactli being a stand-in for Kali makes it especially obvious.

Lostbelt 6 has been overtaken by Dead Apostles
  • Its point of divergence is "the fairy realm of the round table"... which is where Cath Palug is. In a timeline with the Crimson Moon and such, Cath Palug would become Primate Murder, providing a step up in threat from Lostbelt 5 and making him no longer The Unfought.
  • Beryl is dealing with a psychotic princess... who could be Altrouge.
  • And of course, the reason for his Lostbelt having a difference depth of EX is because the Crimson Moon and the apostles are completely incompatible with timelines where Servants can be summoned.
    • Jossed. The Dead Apostles have nothing to do with Lostbelt 6.

Caren absorbed the personalities of one of her Alternate Universe selves in order to channel Amour (and Eros) without being completely overwhelmed.
She's good at channeling spirits, really good, but even she decided to be cautious in channeling gods. But who better to trust then herself? She only intended to channel the Roman god(s) but her Goo-Goo-Godlike Capsule Servant Baby Caren self encouraged her to fully claim the power as her own in her third ascension.

Fujimaru Ritsuka is a Synchronizer.
A concept introduced in Tsukihime. A Synchronizer is someone whose body and magic adapts to other people in order to give them power easily or to get Half-Human Hybrids to accept their dual nature and not be crazy. Tsukihime went the old-school eroge game of it being via blood or sexual fluids; but in these Bleached Underpants times there are way more efficient magical methods of dispersal. Much like how Sion's magical Mental Compartmentalization affected Nemo, Ritsuka's extends to their Servants.
  • Despite being enormously successful in actually creating the bloodline, in the past the Fujimaru family abused their Synchronizers for short-term gain or even pleasure. Additionally infighting over this "resource" brought them to the brink of extinction. So the modern-day Fujimarus are a vestigial mage family at best, but fortunately that also means they treated Ritsuka well, and Ritsuka is well aware to not talk about it.

The "Foreign" God is a god of Foreigners, that is to say, the Eldritch Abominations and its ilk.
Just a pun I thought of that possibly hints at the nature of Beast VI.

The player character may be slammed with a Sealing Designation somewhere down the line.
For those unaware, a Sealing Designation basically means that the Mage's Association will stop at nothing in order to get their hands on a mage with the designation, often a result of said mage's research and abilities. Upon capture, you are effectively locked up and "preserved."

While the player is mentioned as having the same amount of magical ability as Lord El-Melloi II (Waver Velvet), although it is implied that this is a result of a total lack of formal training instead of an ability ceiling. Even though their family line, origin, and element remain entirely unknown, the fact that they are capable of making long-lasting contracts with hundreds of servants would probably earn them a Sealing Designation by itself (the Association probably wouldn't like the idea of someone who can command a sizeable army of Servants being outside of their control.) If that wasn't enough, they have a contract with Ryougi Shiki (Void Shiki) who is directly connected to the Root itself, the same Root that is the ultimate goal of magecraft.

While some of the Chaldean staff managed to diminish the player's involvement during the seven Singularities so as to prevent a likely Sealing Designation from being handed down, covering up the Player's involvement in the Lostbelts would be significantly harder.

Cú Chulainn Caster is Odin in disguise.
This article here as well as the following comments point out several irregularities with Cú Chulainn's Caster form. Here are the points from the list - paraphrased and reorganized.
  • At absolutely no point does he ever give his name or makes any mention to it.
    • Other Servants who initially don't give their names say that they'll give it to you later. Caster does not even bring up the subject.
    • In the Garden of Sinners crossover event, he says "there's no Cú Chulainn here". It's treated as a gag, but...
    • In the Singularity F Memorial Quest, he's the only Servant referred to by his Class name instead of his True name.
    • In Lostbelt 6 he finally introduces himself... as Grimnir. This is an alias that Odin uses in the Grímnismál.
  • He's not supposed to be the Caster of the Fuyuki Grail War in the first place. In the original reality, it's Medea, while in FGO reality it's Solomon. Material states that Singularity F is the result of data colliding, and Caster resulted from that. However, in that case it should be either Solomon or Medea who appear in Singularity F, not Cú Chulainn.
  • One of his lines goes as following: "Isn't bit boring to play a game that never ends? For better or for worse, it's like you can't move the pieces forward, yeah?" Is he talking about Singularity F? At any rate, this sounds weird.
  • His Final Ascension art and animation update features two white wolves. Odin is stated to have two wolves named Geri and Freki.
  • His second Noble Phantasm, which he mentions in one of his My Room lines, is called "Ochd Deug Odin - Seal of the Great God". It's an exceedingly powerful Rank A Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm with potentially Game Breaking effects, but what's interesting is its description: it activates by chanting its True Name and using all 18 primordial runes granted by Scáthach at once (keep in mind she taught him the Norse ones) and it "temporarily unleashes the power of the rune possessed by the Great Odin". Aside from the weirdness of him even having that Noble Phantasm in the first place (he's not supposed to have Wickerman either, but at least we get an explanation for that), why can't he use it? (Potential Game-Breaker status not withstanding).
  • In the North America version of the game, his Bond Craft Essense is called "Yggdrasil Tree". That's taken from Norse Mythology, so why would a Celt have it?
    • In addition, the Yggdrasil tree has a particularly strong tie to Odin. The Ygg bit is another name for him, and according to legend at some point he hanged himself from one of its branches to gain wisdom.
  • For some reason, he's in the Nordic Fields during Boudica's 3rd Strengthening Quest.
  • During Valentine's Day in the return gift scene, he talks about the Human Order Incineration and the Human Order Reorganization - a.k.a. the Lostbelts. Somehow he knew about the Lostbelts before the game even got to that point.
  • In the 2019 Valentine's event, he's seen reading the book "Scandinavia's Beautiful Mountains".
  • In the FGO mats, Sigurd takes special notice of him and then has a Double Take. The fact that Sigurd noticed Caster is odd, but it should also be noted that Sigurd encountered Odin a number of times in his legend, thus making him one of the most likely people to recognize him.
  • Scáthach's Interlude brings up a LOT of questions. The regular Lancer Cú Chulainn says that his power is reduced because half his Saint Graph is missing. Mash suggests that the reduction in power may be because he was separated in numerous classes, but Lancer Cú is surprised that he can be summoned as a Caster. In addition, there are several Servants summonable in numerous classes, and none of them has this problem. There's a possibility that the other half of the Saint Graph went to Caster, and he's using an external source to stabilize it.
  • According to the Arcade version of FGO, it's impossible for any version of Cú Chulainn to be summoned without Gáe Bolg or the skill "Martial Arts Disciplining in the Shadow Country". Yet Caster has neither, thus making him an impossible summoning.
  • Not very noticeable in the English version, but he occasionally slips into using the "washi" pronoun during dialogue. For those who might not know, "washi" is actually pretty formal, and contrasts Cú Chulainn's much more casual "ore".
  • A lot of his official art has him looking subtly different that the other versions of Cú Chulainn.
    • He has lighter-coloured hair in all of his artwork, and Fate/Grand Carnival gives him wrinkles under the eyes. This trait is usually used in anime to show a character around 40-50 years old; an age that Cú Chulainn never reached.
    • In his card art and formal outfit card, his eyes are almost orange rather than red. In addition, one eye is always at least partially hidden.
    • In his April Fool's card, he has different facial features than the rest of the Cú Chulainns.
  • Tying to the above, Odin is known for disguising himself as an older man, usually a wizard, in a hood, and he's missing an eye. Missing eye aside, Caster fits most of that criteria, and as pointed out above, most his art hides his eye anyway. Odin gave said eye in exchange for wisdom, and there are a few remarks that Caster is getting smarter.
    • In Lostbelt 6 he loses his left eye and starts wearing an eyepatch.
  • In the original Fate/stay night, Emiya draws a connection between Gáe Bolg and Odin's spear, Gungnir. Considering that he has picked up things like Rho Aias and Caladbolg, we can probably take him at his word. In his animation update, Caster throws his staff above the enemies heads, and then it changes tragectory to attack them from behind. While this could easily be a reference to Gáe Bolg's actual method of killing in the myth (it entered the victim through the asshole), it could also be a reference to how Odin would throw Gungnir above the heads of his enemies to declare a war.
  • Another detail from his animation upgrade is that his Instant Runes often take the form of a Valknut; this symbol according to some scholars is associated with Odin.
  • There are overall several indications that Caster will play a significant role later in the story: he's featured in the trailer of Lostbelt 6 and received his animation update during the Lostbelt 6 livestream, and Word of God has implied several times that we will be returning to Singularity F at some point.
    • Tying to the above, in one of My Room conversations, he say's he'll teach you how to use Runes later. Maybe it's not Blatant Lies after all.
  • Caster and Odin share several personality traits. Both of them are known as "the raging one", are strongly tied with the concept of war, magic, and wisdom, and both of them are The Gadfly - as Caster displays in Singularity F when he tries to get Mash to activate her Noble Phantasm. In addition, in various events Caster seems to have a gambling problem, which is also one of Odin's traits. Not to mention "summon me as a Lancer" works for Odin too.
  • The recent Lostbelt 6 update also adds fuel to the fire. In My Room dialogues, Scáthach tells him that his Rune magic is slightly different from what she taught him. He asks Sigurd not to look at him with the glasses, when he sees Brynhildr he muses that this must be fate/karma and specifically refers to Scáthach-Skadi as "Lostbelt Skadi", which contrasts how all other Celtic Servants address her.
  • His new battle lines from the same update are just as interesting.
    • "Witness the essence of the Rune magecraft taught by Scáthach... Sure, let's go with that." Along with Scáthach accusing him of his Rune magic being different, this could easily imply that he didn't learn them from her.
    • Another line is that "he doesn't have the noose of his neck anymore". As an above point states, this Odin did this to learn his runes. The noose bit also never happened to Cú Chulainn.
    • One of his victory lines references "wolves and crows" and that he has "no idea what they're talking about". The crows part could be a reference to the story of Cú Chulainn's death, which features a crow sitting on his corpse, but the whole quote seems to better reference Odin and his pets; the wolves Geri and Freki, and the crows Huginn and Muninn.
  • Lostbelt 6 also gives his a buff to his Disengage skill. More specifically, it's actually two buffs that activate back-to-back, with the first called "At the Fountain" and the second called "Sacrifice to the World Tree". Very specific, game.
  • In Lostbelt 2, it is outright stated that it was Odin who fused Skadi and Scáthach together. Who says he never did it before?
  • Caster is seen alongside Hildr in the "Dance Tournament in the Land of Shadows" event, even though he should have no connection to her.
  • This is partially confirmed as of the second part of Avalon le Fae. He is Cú Chulainn, but acts as a Pseudo-Servant of sorts for Odin, as he was given his authority by Odin himself to help out Chaldea.
  • There's a theory that the situation above was made possible by the events of Fate/hollow ataraxia. In it, Cú Chulainn Lancer is hit with Lugh's Noble Phantasm during his fight with Bazett, resulting in the "splitting of his fate" and thus the split in his spirit origin.

Koyanskaya’s been guiding Chaldea into taking out the Lostbelts
  • Consider she’s always present for every Lostbelt that Chaldea visits. It’s not a coincidence, she’s intentionally guiding them through the Lostbelts in the best order to take them out (notably using the poison to force them to take a detour into China before India). Furthermore, Goredolf had the lipstick tube since the prologue, she could’ve used it when Chaldea were escaping and killed everyone, let alone kill Gudao and Mash in Russia when they were still too weak to fight back. She’s been using Chaldea to destroy the Lostbelts, which happens to increase the value of her collected Monsters; they are now unique existences that can never be replicated in the world. This may be necessary for her ascension into a Beast. There’s also the revelation that she’s been collecting special ‘Big Ones’, monsters a cut above the rest, and she can only hold nine of them. However, there’s only 7 Lostbelts; even accounting for grabbing a Big One from the Earth before it got bleached, she’s still down one…except Chaldea, or perhaps Ritsuka himself, is the last Big One she needs.

The Reason Why Mash Regains Galahad's Powers In Lostbelt 6
  • In Lostbelt 6, after she loses her memories and Orthinax Armor, she manages to regain Galahad's powers with a small notation of her being "Fairy Knight Galahad". Why is this? Consider how in the Nameless Forest, everyone, Servant or not, got affected and lost their memories and identities. Tristan, Gudao/ko, Da Vinci, and Mash were all affected...but Mash is a demi-servant who is the vessel of Galahad, who up until now has been refusing to hand his powers to Mash! The Nameless Forest affected him as well, making him forget why he was depriving Mash of her powers, and thus when the moment arrived for Mash to protect people, he regave her his powers!
    • The situation with Galahad is confusing at best, but Lostbelt implies that while Galahad has abandoned Mash, the thing that prevents her from using his power is she herself, with Mash putting herself in a mental block that makes her think that she cannot use Galahad's powers. The incident with the Nameless Forest makes her forget her mental block and thus give her full access to Galahad's powers, with some later pep talk allowing her to retain it even after remembering who she is.

A theory on why Boudicca is the way she is
  • Beyond just letting go of her hate due to her existence as a servant, and her being Boudicca the mother and wife from before she was the revenge driven queen that scorched London to the ground, She is the Queen of Victory. That is, she is Boudicca as Victorian England saw her, an Icon of British glory, compared favourably on both sides to Queen Victoria, Ruler of the British Empire, long may she Reign. This is why she is protective in nature, since she was treated by them as the protector of Britain from Roman aggression, rather than the avenger against Roman wrongs. This also feeds into why she can't bring herself to truely hate Nero, since as this Boudicca is part Queen Victoria, hating the female ruler of an empire for the wrongs commited by her subordinates in thier imperial holdings is tantamount to hating herself.

The summonable version of Morgan is actually from the future, specifically from after the end of Lostbelt 6 part 2
  • The Master will eventually gain her favor then she would then become an ally for the final battle, and she would desire to form a relationship with them upon her summoning as a Servant.

In Avalon le Fae (Part 3) ,the Master, after learning how horribly Morgan died and how evil the fae are, will snap and massacre every last one of them, and become what Summer BB had feared would happen all the way back in Servafes.
  • Summer BB's motives back in the third Summer event were to protect the Master from something so awful that would happen in the Lostbelts, and what she saw was bad enough for her to create a time loop. What she may have seen was the Master giving in to hatred and despair, and Jumping Off the Slippery Slope, becoming a worse person than BB herself could have ever been.
    • Jossed. There is a lot of Dramatic Irony going on in regards to Morgan's death and things quickly get out of control where Chaldea's main priority is merely surviving while trying to figure out what to do with the Calamities.

Sherlock Holmes' secret.
  • With the reveal of Oberon's true name and class, I feel like Holmes might also have the same class reveal down the line. He did pretend to be Dantes back in Epic of Remnant Shinjuku. He might be Holmes for real, but have something else inside and that's what Moriarty has been suspicious of.

The Galahad seen in the Lostroom OVA is a Pretender-class Servant
After just seeing how brutal the Faes in Lostbelt 6 and the introduction of the Pretender class, it draws the possibility that someone impersonated Galahad and tried to dissuade the Master from going their path in fighting the Lostbelt. Seeing how much hateful the Avalon Le Fae Lostbelt is... it felt like even at his worst, Galahad would still be abhorred at their atrocities, instead of saying that it's one of the better outcomes than Proper Human History.

Goetia and Tiamat will be made summonable by the end of Cosmos in the Lostbelt
So far, those two are the only Beast-class entities fought that have not been turned into playable Servants. While Kiara and Kama/Mara becoming summonable in their debut events would not normally be considered enough precedent to consider these two as likely candidates for future Servants, Koyanskaya's debut after fighting her incomplete Beast form turns this into a pattern.
  • Speculating on the details of this, Goetia would be summoned in a version of his King of Humans form that isn't in the process of disintegrating (thus giving us, essentially, a summonable Solomon as well). Tiamat, being a god and thus not normally summonable, would probably be summoned using Raikou or Boudica as a vessel due to their motherly instincts (though her Femme Fatale form also isn't beyond possibility).
  • As to how it's possible to summon them at all: Goetia would use the Master of Chaldea's (and possibly some of the other Servants') memories to establish himself in the Throne of Heroes as an entity independent of the now-erased Solomon, while Tiamat, freed of her Regression aspect, would be all for protecting her children from an Invader From Beyond.
  • There's also the possibility that they fit specific classes.
    • For Goetia, he would fit the newly formed Pretender Class, as for the majority of the first arc, he pretended to be Solomon and led Chaldea through those lies. Though he comes out as more honest in the end, the class can still apply as he initially lead through deception. It also serves to mention his strengths and weaknesses as Beast I fits most of the Pretenders. He's strong against the Knight Classes, and weak against Cavalry.
    • For Tiamat, she may fit the Foreigner Class. If we consider one odd justification for Foreigner, that being Voyager and how he applies because to the rest of the universe, he is the Foreigner. Tiamat could qualify underneath similar circumstances. After all, if she's the Mother of All Life left behind in the past, then her biology could make her highly alien and foreign to modern humans, so distantly displaced from her.
      • Tiamat has been announced... in Arcade, as an Alter Ego. Hopefully she gets ported to mobile as well...

New Pretender Servants
With the release of Oberon, the door for possibilities is wide open when it comes to future Servants of the Pretender class. And as of January 12th, 2022, we've also discovered that fusing with another aspect (Oberon fused with Vortigern, hence "Oberon Vortigern" is his name. I believe we have a few candidates already:
  • "Faker": He's been brought up before, the Servant from the El-Melloi Case Files seems like the obvious candidate.
    • Confirmed.
  • Arsene Lupin: I've seen a few people bring up the idea that the figure on the Pretender card looks an awful lot like Arsene Lupin, the famous Phantom Thief meant to be Sherlock Holmes's rival.
  • Grigori Rasputin: Yes, he's already an Alter Ego and an Apostle of the Alien God, but to be fair, we did get Muramasa as a Saber-class Servant. As for the Kotomine Pseudo-Servant, Pretender seems like a perfect fit for Rasputin, as he was basically the biggest liar in Russian history. He could be summoned as Rasputin-Koschei, a fusion of him and the unkillable villain archetype prominent in several Russian folktales.
  • Hassan of the Hundred Personas: They undoubtedly have at least one infiltration specialist in there, they explicitly call themselves unworthy of the title of Old Man of the Mountain, and they were only given the title due to fear of the other candidate, thus making their entire life a lie from their point of view.
  • Jay Gatsby: Because The Great Gatsby became public domain at the start of 2021, I could see the eponymous party goer as a Pretender-class Servant considering his background and where he gets all the money to throw these parties.
  • "Tokugawa Ieyasu": The one we have seen in Koha-Ace is not the actual Ieyasu, but a body double set by the Tokugawa System to replace the real one after he suddenly died. His gimmick of being able to change into any of the seven classes based on his retainers also make him fitting for a class about pretending to being someone you aren't (and getting around the problem of him not having a base class).

The Alien God is Nibiru
The twist of Part 1 revealed that the King Solomon that antagonized us turned out to be an embodiment of the Ars Goetia, a Beast who had taken the book's 72 Demon Gods and manifested them as his whole body. If we're going for a new or perhaps more interesting yet similar twist to the Part 1 villain reveal, it could possibly be that the Alien God is actually a version of Nibiru, whom others may know as Planet X, which is one of the many popular "end of the world" scenarios. Servants that are born from things eternally lost in space have been done before (reference Voyager), so Nibiru wouldn't be too much of a problem. As for the Alien God herself, she's often referred to as "the Beast that Announces the End", and though many end of the world scenarios are forewarned, there's no doubt that the arrival of Nibiru as the end of our world would fit the title moreso than others.

Somewhere down the line, you're eventually going to get the ability to summon your future self as a Servant.
  • While the events of the "Observer on Timeless Temple" arc were covered up, with your achievements being downplayed so the Mages' Association doesn't come after you, something as significant as saving the planet from the Lostbelt crisis is significantly more difficult to hide. Even if your involvement manages to be downplayed, there is a good chance Alaya itself has already noticed, what with you first preventing humanity's total incineration, and then preventing timelines it pruned from taking over, and that's just the events that we know are happening right now. We don't know the future story arcs that are planned. As for the "future self" part, this isn't the first time someone's future self has been summoned as a servant - Shirou and EMIYA, for example.
    • Our future self's Class? As a person who has saved Proper Human History *twice*, could it be anything but Saver?

The Grand Servant Daybit summoned will be a Rider class
  • Looking through the Servants the Crypters have either summoned are were heavily associated with within their Lostbelts, each one is from one of the original seven classes:
    • Kadoc: Anastasia (Caster)
    • Ophelia: Sigurd (Saber)
    • Hinako: Yu Mei-ren (Assassin)
    • Pepe: Ashwatthama (Archer)
    • Kirschtaria: Caenis (Lancer)
    • Beryl: Morgan (Berserker)
With Rider being the only one left, it’s possible Daybit’s Grand Servant could belong to that class. While it may be a stretch for Hinako and Beryl, since they summoned a Saber and Ruler class Servant respectively, Hinako was later revealed to be Yu Mei-ren, who could be summoned as an Assassin class Servant, and the PHH Morgan Beryl summoned transferred her memories to her Lostbelt counterpart, who could be summoned as a Berserker.
  • Sorry if I'm wrong, but didn't Beryl summon PHH Morgan as a Ruler, and then memory and time travel shenanigans resulted in the Lostbelt Morgan we know?
  • Right, but I already mentioned that the Morgan he summoned was a Ruler and that she transferred her memories to her counterpart.

The Gunner was Shirou
The leading theory is Daybit was the mysterious man who confronted Marisbury in his office. I'll offer the other theory for discussion's sake.

  • The gunner's sleeve, on a closer look, appears to be a black piece of cloth with a plain silver/grey bracelet on top of it. The only character in FGO with a matching "sleeve" - NPCs, Servants, CE-only cameos, you name it - is The Lone Bearer Shirou.
  • When the individual enters his office, Marisbury tells them they are "minutes late, It's not like you". Punctuality is one of Shirou's most consistent character trait.
  • There's a considerable amount of evidences Shirou has some ties to Chaldea:
    • In chapter 9-2 of LB 6, Muramasa is implied to have known Pepe in the past (when Pepe was doing dirty work for the mage's association) and says he's a "hungry raven" (ravens are stated to be one of Pepe's dislike in his materials). Futhermore, Pepe refers to Muramasa as "Muramasa-chan" in his thoughts and "Senji Muramasa" when he's speaking out loud. Pepe is a modern man whereas Muramasa died centuries ago, so this is most likely Shirou talking here.
    • In the flashback of Solomon, Marisbury tells Solomon they were going to "let the world think Saber and their Master won the Fuyuki Grail War". Whoever this Master was, has never been identified and their current whereabout are unknown. We can infer that they survived the war (how could you give them credit for winning the war if they died) and may have a bone to pick with Marisbury, the man behind Chaldea. 2004, Fuyuki, Grail War, Master of Saber, might as well say "Shirou".
    • At the end of his interlude, Angra Mainyu tells the Master to leave and give the report without him because he "can't stand the guy (Romani)". Meanwhile, Romani doesn't even seem to be aware of his existence, let alone meeting him. Given who the doctor is and Angra's body being identical to Shirou, Angra Mainyu may be aware he needs to keep his distance at all time.
    • The alien god appears to be using many things and people connected to Chaldea and especially Marisbury (for non-NA-spoiler examples, every Crypters were scouted and hired by him). So the fact that TWO of the alien god's apostles are pseudo-servant of masters from a grail war that happened at the exact same place and year as the one Marisbury won cannot be ignored. Sure, it happened in another verse, but in the "Lord El-Melloi II Case Files", we learned he wanted to take part in FSN's Holy Grail War too, but abandoned the idea after finding out the Grail was corrupted and could not grant his wish. Plus, we know Kirei died in 2004 in FGO as well.
  • While swords tend to be Shirou's weapon of choice, EMIYA Alter is a thing. Something that's more blink-and-you-miss-it are Koyanskaya of Light's lines. Her modernity/gun-obsessed third ascension self seems to think highly of Muramasa, which is strange because she looks down on Robin for using "outdated" tactics and Muramasa's entire personality is being a boomer and old-fashioned. Heck, one could argue his limitations as a magus forces him to use something more conventional like a normal gun if he wants to kill discreetly.
  • I'll concede the mysterious individual's boots are similar to Daybit's, but they're also kinda similar to the one EMIYA wears in the Unlimited Blade Work anime's stinger.

"The Chaldean" is Olga-Marie's soul fused to Goetia/Solomon.
  • Ties into a different theory that while the Alien God has Olga's body, she doesn't have Olga's soul. Olga was in a unique situation in the prologue, supposedly dead for real when she, Mash and the MC were rayshifted to the past. When Lev sent her back to the present, supposedly her soul has been trapped and tortured all this time. However, I posit one individual would have cause and reason to make use of her still; Solomon, or Goetia. Her existence outside the normal flow of time and her anomalous 'death' could easily have been made use of by S/G using her soul to manifest. Notably, when Ishtar and Eresh did so with Rin, they note it's only her soul they use, and the real deal can continue to exist. Thus, Olga could have been used as a way to stabilize S/G into the Lostbelts so they could help fix the incoming apocalypse at the hands of the Alien God. As for evidence in support, Olga and The Chaldean both have those unique Supernatural Gold Eyes, this specific combination would explain their superior magecraft talent (both modern and ancient) and would help to explain why Goetia would be wanting to help humanity at all in any small scale capacity, something Beast I couldn't rationally understand. In short, whether it's Goetia or Solomon under that cloak, using another soul to stabilize them following their destruction in the Temple of Time seems highly likely, and Olga-Marie's just so happened to be one perpetually available, if her Fate Worse than Death end at Lev's hands was as eternal as implied.

Lancelot's womanizing is him making up for lost time in his "second life".
Gawain sees being a servant as a second life, thus looks to date. Lancelot under a similar logic decided to make up for lost time (as in life he only had eyes for Guinevere), thus hitting on various women. Unlike Gawain, his attempts are rather unsightly. Guinevere hardly comes up as it's a painful topic for the knights.

Holmes was turned into a Ruler to protect him
More specifically, it was to protect him from his own investigations. Left unchecked, he would have investigated ever-greater mysteries until finally coming into contact with an Outer God of Knowledge and being corrupted into a Foreigner.

The Holmes/EXTRA document
While there are plenty of theories regarding Holmes - including the one right above this entry - nothing quite reaches the length and analysis of this epic 51.000 word document called Holmes/EXTRA. Initially a draft detailing what connections Holmes may have to BB, and by extension the EXTRA games, it turned into a massive pool of still developing interconnected fan theories that are honestly... kind of hard to follow. Here are the highlights:
  • Holmes is quite possibly the coming of Maitreya as predicted by Theosophy (the religion Helena Blavatsky founded) due to encountering something alien at the Himalayas. Also, the Ruler class is actively warping his personality, and blocks him from consciously considering the subject.
  • The Alien God is an imaginary devil.
  • Literally everything that happens in the game is part of Marisbury Animusphere's plan to make humanity Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence.
  • Qin Shi Huang is Type-EARTH and doesn't even know it.
  • Holmes - and probably Moriarty - are not in fact real people.
  • BB and Sion are somehow involved in all of this. There's dimension travelling involved.

Certain LB characters will eventually return as Pseudo-Servants in the final chapter of Part 2.
  • They already persist in some way through the Craft Essences we have of them, and their timelines being pruned could be resolved by tying their existence to a Heroic Spirit from the Throne of Heroes - which exists outside time and space. As for possible Candidates...
  • Patxi
    • Simo Häyhä, the White Death.
      • Hate to put a third bullet point... Unfortunately, while I have seen Patxi as a pseudo-servant for Simo Häyhä discussed in a few places, and I adore the idea myself, I really doubt that Simo Häyhä will ever appear in FGO. He only died in 2002. I'm absolutely certain that there will be some kind of legal issue with his inclusion from the Swedish goverment and whatever living family he still has. That said, the idea makes a lot of sense. Both of them come from humble beginnings, being poor hunters (and shepard in Simo's case) living in a frigid northen country, both are known for being excellent marksmen (Patxi's skill is noted in his introduction), both of them were dragged in a major conflict against that they didn't feel too strongly about, both fought against Russia (if Patxi's final speech don't count as "against Russia", I don't know WHAT does), and both were shot at by an entire firing squad to their left side (difference is that Simo survived that one, but his face was extremely mangled as a result). I imagine psuedo-servant Patxi would definitely feel the collective injuries on his left side.
    • Vanagandr (also known as Fenrir). Apparently he was said to be a wolfman in the Fate/Extra Last Encore Drama CD.
    • Mh'ithrha as a Foreigner - Mh'ithrha is the leader of the Hounds of Tindalos, who are all capable of appearing from literally anywhere across time and space as long as there is an angle of at least 120 degrees or less. This could also explain how he is able to appear despite his timeline being pruned.
      • That said, due to his origin, he would not get along well with Abby by virtue of the fact that Mh'ithrha and Yog-Sothoth have been fighting a Forever War for all of eternity. On top of that, it's likely that he would have a very odd perspective on time, bringing up both past events that he wasn't present for as well as future events that have yet to happen. It's also likely that some of the Norse servants might mistake him for Fenrir at a glance, as it's noted that Mh'ithrha does resemble Fenrir.
  • Gerda
    • Lifthrasir/Lífþrasir - The whole theme of LB2 is that the Losbelt is stuck in a perpetual state of Ragnarok, which was the end of the Norse age of gods. Lifthrasir is foretold to have been one of two people to survive the utter destruction that such an event would bring. This not only fits with the overall theme of Losbelt 2, but also the fact that Gerda technically survived her world's "Ragnarok" - that is to say, survived the fact that her home timeline was pruned away. In addition, she could have a much deeper insight into how Pan-human History and the whole idea of parallel timelines and worlds work, as Lifthrasir and Lif survived Ragnarok by hiding in Hoddmímis holt, which is commonly theorized to be an aspect of Yggdrasil, if not another name for Yggdrasil altogether.
  • Asha
    • Nirṛti - LB4 was all about death and reincarnation, sometimes at the cost of the bonds of its people. Asha, over time, forgot about her pet dog and her family. By the end of the story, she was crying over such a loss. Nirṛtiis a goddess of death, decay, and sorrow associated with dogs. The name Nirṛti is derived from nirṛ, which means "to separate", a common occurrence with Asha's life in the story, and ṛta, which can mean "disorder", something that came to the Lostbelt with the arrival of Chaldea.
  • Macarios and Adele
    • Alexiares and Anicetus - twin sons of Heracles who guarded the gates of Olympus and responsible for the protection of towns and citadels.
    • The "Gemini": Admittedly, this one doesn't make a ton of sense due to the Dioscuri already being summonable; however, their role in summoning Quirinus, a Roman deity, may have had some side effects. To add to this, strictly speaking, the Gemini as a separate entity don't actually exist, making them much closer to Phantom Spirits more than anything. As a result, they may be fused with a number of other Saint Graphs outside of Greek Mythology and perhaps even the proto-Indo-European Divine Twins.

Holmes knows that he's "the traitor", but he doesn't know why.
One thing about Holmes that gets brought up repeatably is that he sucks at just giving out info. He likes to hold his tongue until there is no doubt about his speculation and then give out his dramatic reveal, even if the info would come out too late. As such something might have summoned him during the first arc and kept him around until second arc, but he has no clue who did it and what for. Is it some kind of evil force or something like Gaia or Alaya? Has it something to do with what he found during the trip with Helena or just his own intellect? Is he meant to do something specific or does it just want him to do what he would normally do? He hasn't told anyone about this because he isn't sure what him being here entails and only plans to tell everyone once he himself figures out who the "mastermind" with his summoning is.
  • Both jossed and confirmed. Turns out that he is the first Disciple of the Foreign God sent to get rid of Goetia and then join Chaldea for some purpose. But Holmes decided to erase his memories of his role before joining Chaldea, and has been avoiding to seek answers for why he was summoned because deep down he knows that he will betray Chaldea once the truth is out.

Subject E is not a real alien, merely a cover story for Beast VII's true origin.
Isn't it a little too convenient that someone with no knowledge of magecraft or the Incineration of Humanity would just happen to come across a supposed backstory for the bleaching through means we are never told about, and someone was coincidentally waiting to kill him when he got there? And without actually seeing the corpse we cannot trust anything about Subject E being anything more than a perfectly ordinary tree. Even the "distress signal" can be explained by the fact that grass emits a distress signal when you cut it (it's the stuff that makes freshly mowed lawns smell like they do). In all likelihood, the whole thing was little more than a booby trap designed to flush out and eliminate would-be investigators that might have otherwise gotten too close to the truth- the real truth, not the one laid out for them.
  • Unsurprisingly jossed: Subject E is a human... from the foreign world CHALDEAS (a fact which trips up every analysis made for some reason), and may in fact be the player character's counterpart from it.

Arcade is a timeline that is "after" Mobile.
After Solomon deleted himself from the Throne of Heroes, the effect shifted to all other timelines. (they aren't complete in mobile because Chaldea still remembers him plus it would cause Paradox) This is where there is no Dr. Romani in the Arcade continuity, and it's why there's a "hole" when Da Vinci tries to think about the origins of Demon Pillars.
  • But...the Demon Pillars were still there at first. What should have happened was the timelines should have repaired such that they never existed but as the "door" was closing, SOMETHING put its foot in. That SOMETHING sent things resembling Demon Pillars to the Singularities to keep the door open long enough so it could squeeze through. Yes, they existed before Solomon, but not in that form and not causing the Singularities.
  • There is more evidence that supports that Arcade starts after mobile. In Arcade's 6th Singularity, Jerusalem, the Lion King you defeated in Camelot shows up to help them and references the events of that Singularity. Ditto for Alter Ego Tiamat in Arcade's version of Babylonia - she shows up because she remembers being defeated by Chaldea and thinks it would be a waste if this version of Chaldea loses.
  • At the very least, Lord El-Melloi II’s dialogues in Lilim Harlot seem to imply that the Convergence Singularity happens concurrently with (or after) Olympus, what with him mentioning that the Septem Servants and the Roman army being sent there by Romulus-Quirinus to help Nero overcoming Sodom’s Beast’s influence.

EMIYA willingly joined Saber Alter in the Fuyuki Singularity
In Heaven's Feel it's established that, due to not being a proper heroic spirit, Archer is nearly immune to the effects of curses like All the World's Evil. As such, it's unlikely he would have been corrupted like the other servants. Given Saber was most likely corrupted by the greater grail, Archer logically should not have been corrupted by the same thing. As such, Archer most likely joined Alter of his own free will. Archer even notes that he's not anyone's desiple when called Saber's desiple by Cú. Given it's stated that Archer's past as Shirou was very similar to the Fate Route (The main difference being that version of Shirou failed to save Saber's heart), perhaps Archer believes Saber to be the only person he can put his faith in even in her current state due to having worked with her in the past? Or at the very least he agreed with Saber's desire to sustain the era.

The Protagonist is The Teetotaler due to the drinking party in Okeanos
They probably were too young to drink at the beginning of the game, but due to the fact that Drake got them wasted in Okeanos, they now have a slight trauma about drinking, not helped by some cases of Alcohol-Induced Stupidity such as Hundred Personas in Camelot and Rashomon. Claiming that they are too young to drink is just the easiest excuse to give to others.

Daybit's Fantasy Tree was deliberately propagated.
The subtitle of the final Lostbelt was revealed to be known as "Traversing the Golden Sea of Trees", and that at the time, Chaldea wasn't able to detect any signs of a Fantasy Tree in South America. This makes me wonder if the Fantasy Tree instead propagated: the entire Lostbelt is completely swarmed with golden Fantasy Trees, making it the reason why they couldn't detect one at all. They wouldn't be dealing with a Fantasy Tree, but a Fantasy Forest. This does, however, raise the issue of the Alien God: wouldn't the Alien God just pick a single Fantasy Tree and continue with her plans? I don't think so: I believe this potential "Fantasy Forest" was created as a means to buy enough time for Chaldea to initiate Cosmos Denial after Daybit heard about what happened to Avalon le Fae.
  • Considering what we know about ORT and the Crystal Valley, I feel like something reversed happened to the Tree of Emptiness; Instead of the Tree of Emptiness creating an entire forest, the forest that was already there basically consumed the Tree of Emptiness and made it just be another part of the forest. The Trees of Emptiness mainly have white "barks", so for it to become a "golden tree" must have meant that something in the Lostbelt caused it to mutate.
  • Confirmed in a roundabout way: The Lostbelt's version of ORT ate the Tree, so when Crystal Valley activates, it converts all trees into Trees of Emptiness and creates the titular Sea of Trees.

There's going to be a surprise Lostbelt 8 after the end of Arcade.
And it will be a crossover event between Arcade and Mobile.

How Noah will come to Mobile Chaldea.
Arcade’s finale mentions that Noah came to Mobile at a certain point to bring Arthur to Arcade to deal with Beast VI/S. And Arthur explains that Beast VI’s S and G can only manifest after he confirmed the existences of L and R in Mobile, which as the time of this writing hasn’t happened yet.

With the suspiciously frequent amount of Nemo getting sidelined from the action ever since Atlantis, one cannot help but to wonder if he’s done something while being off-screen. Like, saving a dying Grand Servant.

Just like how Lion King used Nitocris’ connection with Ozymandias to summon herself to Lost Jerusalem, Noah will use his newfound connection with Nemo to summon himself to Mobile Chaldea. And just like how Lion King manifested in regular Lancer Altria form, Noah will have the older Captain form at first before reverting to his usual appearance.

(Addition after Lostbelt 7 part 1) Rasputin’s explanation about the nature of the Lostbelt’s underworlds allowing Protagonist to summon anyone including those that only an alternate version of themselves had met before and Nemo being put in constant danger so far might lead to the arrival of Noah for real. But we shall see…

Aurora is a Lostbelt counterpart to Sessyoin Kiara
Both are beautiful women who try to project a serene, benevolent image, but are barely-concealed pathological narcissists underneath. Both are so narcissistic that they are completely incapable of acknowledging anything or anyone else, and this self-obsession is so strong in both that they become very real threats to the entire world (Kiara is not disqualified from the Beast class on the "loves humanity" front solely because she herself is the only being she acknowledges as "human," while Aurora is compelled to destroy anything that takes even the slightest bit of attention off her, even if that something is "the one thing staving off complete planetary annihilation"). The only true difference between them is that Kiara has significant power in personal combat due to being an Evil of Humanity, while Aurora dies pathetically to make way for the real physical threat.
  • Kind of ignores how Kiara does acknowledge others like Hans and the player, and that most iterations of Kiara behave the way they do because of their horrible upbringings, while Aurora is the way she is by the nature of the Fae.

Ruggiero will be a Summonable Servant in 6.5.
Looks like Constantine, Charlemagne and Roland get to come on board during the 6.5 teaser. Who's to say that one of the servants won't be Ruggiero? He's also been mentioned frequently before, so it's not really going to be a surprise if he does drop by.
  • Seems pretty unlikely, since Bradamante's search for Ruggiero is about as much a part of her legend as Rama's Curse of Separation. It's explicitly stated in her profile that she will never find him due to that, but she's too much of a Determinator to let that get her down.
  • Jossed, he doesn't appear in Traum at all.

CHALDEAS is a Cosmic Egg containing a Pocket Dimension, and David Bluebook's story is told within it.
First of all, Nasuverse has explored the ideas of world eggs in different forms. Reality Marbles, the method to get Koyanskaya leave Earth, Case File's OVA etc. Second, Prisma Illya had explored the idea of "world created inside a object" with the Pandora's Box, which had created so many possibilities that it could create a new Human History if opened.

Now if you look at what David has said in his segments, you notice how much of it contradicts stuff we have heard about, such as how the bleaching of Earth happened with the Trees of Nothingness. David also seems to have oddly advanced view in technology, like him calling the tech in Area 51 "outdated" when the whole place seems really advanced. Lastly, the memos about Subject E mentions how it crashed onto Earth on 2016; Something that should be impossible due to the Incineration of Humanity, but then contradicted by Moriarty stating that Subject E arrived hundred years ago. But you know what most likely happened in 2016? Olga Marie being thrown into CHALDEAS to suffer for eternity.

What most likely happened is that CHALDEAS contains a replica of the world that has developed way past the current world as we know it. When the Incineration of Humanity happened, Olga Marie was thrown into it and ended up in the contained world, where she was taken by Area 51 personnel and experimented upon (something that Moonlight Lostroom seems to imply with one scene). When the Foreign God attacked Chaldea and Anastasia froze CHALDEAS, the world inside it was "updated" to emulate the bleaching of Earth, leading to the state it is in now. What David found before being shot was not the Subject E he read about, but rather the "actual" Subject E from the outside world.

The nameless Archer girl's identity
While she is left unnamed, the key things we know about is that she is an Archer, she is from Sengoku period, and she is a monk. This ultimately narrows her to few individuals; Either Sugitani Zenjubou or Saika Magoichi (any one of them, or possibly all three of them). There is a chance that she will appear in the next GUDAGUDA event since both of them had a thing against Nobunaga.

Mississippi Mythicizers was NOT meant to be a collab event, but was pushed out to be one for reasons
If you look at the internal IDs for each Servant (as in, the datamined ones, not the ones you see in Spirit Origin List), you notice that some Servants come out in different order than their actual release. Two examples are how Mary Anning is placed between Mélusine and Lancer Ryouma, and Daikokuten are placed between Miss Crane and Caster Corday. This implies that the two were registered in the game's code before Lancer Ryouma and Caster Corday, but were not release until later.

The idea here is that Mississippi Mythicizers was going to be a mini-event like All the Statesmen released around the Sixth Anniversary, with Mary Anning and Daikokuten being available in the gacha. However, the writing staff started to realize that they had no idea what the next year's collab would be like (note that the development time or most things are six months). Because of this, they decided to push back the release of Mississippi Mythicizers until the next year for it to take the proper collab slot. The three-part release of Avalon le Fae probably helped them decide on that.

There is of course the possibility that the original debut event of Mary Anning and Daikokuten was going to be vastly different from what we got, but since the event needed a 5* Servant, Riyo created Super Bunyan to fulfill that slot and the plot diverged to accompany her inclusion.

The Chaldean is Marisbury Animusphere.
The events surrounding Marisbury's death are already heavily in question - who was the gunman who confronted him, why did they want CHALDEAS shut down, why did Marisbury shoot himself instead of defending himself - and Marisbury himself is an Identical Stranger to Dr. Roman but with golden eyes instead of green - just like the Chaldean. While Marisbury's own ability with magecraft is unknown, and the Chaldean is a One-Man Army, it's possible that he used his knowledge of Demi-Servants to turn himself into one of Solomon, possibly being able to bypass Solomon's Cessation of Existence through his own ability to create Sirius Lights.
  • The problem with this theory is that there is nothing about Chaldean that really screams Marisbury. His hair and eye colours are both paler than what Chaldean has, and of what we have seen of Marisbury's personality, he doesn't seem like he would be that weirded out about the inhabitants of the Lostbelts like Chaldean is. Plus if he really was Marisbury, then other characters like Wodime would react to it like that. The only way for him to be Marisbury if he became a Heroic Host to whomever is piloting the body.

Hakuno Kishinami will eventually get summoned as Moon Cancer or Ruler.
  • Her Noble Phantasm would be the Regalia, which gives her power over the Moon Cell.

A possible future Servant: Tokoyo.
  • From a Japanese story, she was a girl who went on a quest to find her exiled father, then ended up slaying a sea serpent with only a dagger and breaking a curse on a lord. She would likely be Assassin since dragons and similar creatures are classed as Riders, which are weak to Assassins, and she used a dagger.

Goredolf will be the only thing standing between us and a sealing designation by the end of Part 2.
  • He's already brought up that he will vouch for us in the event that the council decides to come down on our heads - and likely has at least some pull. However, convincing them to hold off on the sealing designation will be a hard sell, meaning that he's the only thing standing between us and getting vivisected. As a result, subsequent chapters will force us to tread carefully.

The fact that we're probably going to have to deal with ORT in the 7th Lostbelt may be the catalyst for characters from Angel Notes to start appearing.
  • While Gun God may not actually appear within the Lostbelt, likely being saved for a later Notes collaboration, there is a chance that we may find ourselves running into V/V at some point. Given that Type-Venus's wings are said to resemble trees, as well as the fact that V/V's wings are yellow, it may also be another explanation for the "Golden Trees."

Galahad is a Phantom Spirit
So many of the traits we know of for sure can be twisted to portray him as an Empty Shell: "No wish for the Grail" can be interpreted as "completely devoid of desire;" "subservient to superiors" can be interpreted as "devoid of ambition and initiative;" "impartial" can be interpreted as "devoid of worldly attachments." In the end, following this train of thought leaves him so utterly devoid of personality traits that he winds up relegated to Phantom Spirit status just because there's nothing to record in the Throne of Heroes except his daddy issues. This explains why he rarely, if ever, shows up in person, as well: As a Phantom Spirit with nothing he values enough to pursue, he is literally incapable of manifesting without someone else to direct his power- and furthermore, there is no catalyst to summon him in the first place, except perhaps the Round Table or Siege Perilous.

In Heian-kyo, Kintoki's Caster is Caster of the Nightless City.
Kintoki bears the marks of a Master but his Caster never actually shows up. Since his Command Spells are present until the end, it implies that his Caster is still alive and active. So where is this Caster then? If it is Caster of the Nightless City there is a very simple and succinct answer. IN HIDING. Heian-kyo is a mess of superhuman warriors, vicious monsters and baleful spirits; our thanatophobic Caster probably took one look at all of that, basically said "screw this" and immediately went into hiding hoping that everything will blow over.

Green figure identity
The readings it gives exceed that of ORT. Not many beings can surpass an Ultimate One, so the list of possibilities:
  • Another Ultimate One - TYPE-Jupiter was also vaguely human-shaped, made of photon gas and had "an articial sun" as its core, which would explain its weird material properties, and surpasses Type-Oort, because their power levels roughly correspond to native planet size.
  • Outer God, manifested physically - unlikely, despite possible power - while the structure of its body is strange, it as a perfectly comprehensible form
  • The World itself - not guardians or other proxies, but Gaia rousing physically from the core to sort the mess. Conditions of Earth core are by cosmic coincidence somewhat comparable to that of the surface of the Sun. Representing the planet in its totality it would contain the idea of plant matter, fire, crystal and everything else.
  • Yet another Ultimate One - of the Sun. After all, the head honcho of the whole Solar system up to this point was conspicuous by its absence. This would both explain power level and physical readings.
  • Quetzalcoatl at her full power - the point of divergence is long before Velber's visit and end of the Age of Gods, so she wouldn't degrade into Divine Spirit here, her portfolio includes the Sun as one of the main purviews, and her original true form is an infection that spread from the meteorite, infecting the plant matter first. With some leaps of logic one might assume that she's the one behind the golden forest, with her microbial form responsible for such a mutation, and possibly present in the deinos and everything else. Being essentially the ecosystem that encompasses the whole (pocket) world, she would get an absolute Authority in the Lostbelt.
    • Confirmed, yet jossed: Kukulkan fills the same niche as Quetzalcoatl, but she isn't a variant, but a completely separate being that ended up being superficially similar thanks to Daybit's actions.

U-Olga will be our ace in the hole for the finale.
As of right now, things are pointing towards U-Olga not actually being the main antagonist of the whole story, and none of us know who the other would be. (Perhaps it's the Alien God's Priestess, but that's another theory) Provided U-Olga survives Nahui Mictlan when Cosmos Denial initiates, I believe she'll aid us in who the TRUE final boss of Cosmos In The Lostbelt might be. See, U-Olga's seeds are responsible for creating the Trees of Emptiness, and by extension the Lostbelts, in the first place. Perhaps she'll plant one final seed that summons everyone from the Lostbelts to make a united stand, in a similar manner to how the Servants came to aid us in Observer on Timeless Temple.

U-Olga's in-gameplay class is Saver
Apparently she has a passive called Defender of Humanity; what other class would fit that passive?
  • Or she has no class and isn't part of the system at all.

The final boss (or at least a final boss) of Lostbelt 7 will be Cipactli.
Cipactli - also known as the "earth monster" - was a primordial sea monster that was baited by Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl into surfacing with the sacrifice of Tezcatlipoca's foot, whereupon they killed it and turned it into the land that people could live on, with its remaining consciousness being appeased by regular blood sacrifices. Obviously, in Proper Human History, the end of the Age of Gods would have fully suppressed Cipactli, but in a Lostbelt predating even humanity, that's not necessarily the case. With the Lostbelt taking place underground, it might be easy to forget, but this history still has Pangea, upon which apocalyptic events are happening. Considering Cipactli's nature as the origin of the land itself, it's possible that the events on the surface of the planet are caused by the lack of blood sacrifices to appease Cipactli.

In a move very similar to the end of Avalon le Fae, it's possible that the events of Lostbelt 7 will result in Cipactli fully waking up in order to devour everything as it once did. Our method of fighting the land itself is currently unknown, but considering Lostbelt 7 Part 1's inclusion of an alliance with the previously-assumed Big Bad, as well as Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl/Kukulkan's antagonistic history with the earth monster, it's entirely possible that the end of Lostbelt 7 will include an Enemy Mine situation where we use U-Olga's abilities as Beast VII, Kirei's Anti-World Noble Phantasm, Tezcatlipoca's status as a Grand Servant, Kukuklan's immense power, and Daybit's ability to do the impossible (and potentially even control ORT) to fight the planet itself, as Cipactli takes advantage of its immense power and status as this Lostbelt's replacement for Gaia to fight back with all it's got.
  • Jossed: not even a squeak about it. The bosses are ORT itself and Tezcatlipoca.

Each of the game’s main writers get to write at least one Grand Servant candidate.
FGO has five main writers: Kinoko Nasu, Yuichiro Higashide, Hikaru Sakurai, Hazuki Minase, and Meteo Hoshizora. As of this writing, only Minase and Meteo have yet to confirm that they write any known Grand Servant candidates. Those two writers only joined the main writers team during Epic of Remnant, so it’s understandable if they don’t get to write any of the earlier Grand Servants revealed. Maybe Nasu already gave the late-joiners a chance to write a Grand Servant candidate with his assistance, and we just don’t know who yet?

The protagonist is actually a Pretender-class Servant
A Pretender's whole deal is to acquire abilities they don't normally have by assuming an identity that does have them; it may be possible for one to acquire the ability to manifest independently (and, coincidentally, become a Master) by assuming the identity of a living human, albeit at the cost of a majority of their combat ability. This also explains their 100% compatibility with every Servant, as well: They are literally changing their personality to suit whoever they speak to.
  • Admittedly, this is likely disproven by the fact that they aren't a Berserk Button for Kiyohime; her "hates lies" thing would conflict rather strongly with a class that's all about lying.

The Foreign World's Sixth Disciple is none other than Edmond Dantes.
Lostbelt 7 Part 2 revealed to us that the Foreign World - CHALDEAS - actually summoned seven Disciples to ensure its invasion succeeds - three to keep an eye on the Crypters, three to keep an eye on Chaldea, and one to serve as its voice. We already know that the Crypters' Disciples were Rasputin, Douman, and Muramasa, we've already seen Holmes and Moriarty from Chaldea's side, and the Seventh Disciple is none other than the Foreign God itself. The only information we have about the Sixth Disciple is their title: "The Count". Considering that the number of Servants who are Counts can be Count-ed on one handnote , the answer for which repeatedly plot-relevant Servant could be a spy for the Foreign World seems obvious. Of course, this implies that the Count - the man who literally lives inside of Ritsuka's head to No-Sell mental attacks - is working for the Foreign World and could, at any moment, use his influence to screw with Ritsuka's mind himself, possibly even turning them against Chaldea. The thought is chilling.

The Foreign World's Sixth Disciple is Fujimaru Ritsuka, aka the player character.
Okay so I admit this is more of a crack theory than anything else but hear me out. Ritsuka has no concrete past, went through the perfect set of circumstances to become the Last Master of Chaldea and thus inadvertently let the whole humanity extinction thing happen due to stopping Goetia and any other Beast from doing humanity in themselves, are ambiguously human at this point, and would explain why the Priestess hates them so much. Maybe something caused them to forget their purpose and thus let them act against it, thus causing the Priestess to see them as a traitor.

The meaning of "F" in "Singularity F".
While it ostensibly means "Fuyuki," it could also be "Final" as it seems to a pivotal area in the trailers for the Lostbelt Saga.

The identity of the Sixth Disciple.
S/he's codenamed "Count," so there are possible contenders:1. Count of Monte Cristo, as stated above.2. Count of Saint Germain, so it could also lead to a Strange/Fake collab/event.3. Some other servant.

The goal of the Foreign World
CHALDEAS is a simulation of Earth but is also the Foreign World, the cause behind the Lostbelts and Tree of Emptiness, which are simulations of pruned timelines. The purpose of the trees is to impose a new order over the world, with each one basically competing against the others. This would mean the goal of the Foreign World CHALDEAS would be to impose a new order on Earth. Daybit states the Foreign World's goal is to save humanity, but its actions would make humanity despised by the universe. The only action that would cause such a reaction is simple, killing Gaia, or the Earth. Thus, it is likely the goal of CHALDEAS is to impose a new order on the world where humanity is supreme, which would destroy Gaia as a separate entity, the purpose of the Lostbelts is to blind the Counter Force, either by creating a world where it doesn't exist, or where there is something powerful enough to counter it.
  • You mean F/GO is a prelude to Notes?

The Chapters of Ordeal Call will each end in the creation of a Grand title for the Extra Classes.
The Human Order is blocking Novum Chaldea from continuing towards the Foreign World because they abused the usage of Extra Classes, which aren't supposed to protect Proper Human History because of their lack of Grand Servant titles. In addition, "Romani Archaman" initially said that there were four classes they needed to confront before correcting himself to three, with the trailer showing the symbols of Ruler, Avenger, and Alter Ego, along with a scratched-out Foreigner Class... and Ordeal Call occurs right after Lostbelt 7, when ORT created the seat of Grand Foreigner. As such, it seems like the main goal of Ordeal Call will be creating the titles of Grand Ruler, Grand Avenger, and Grand Alter Ego.

Koyanskaya's animal form is not just a fox, it's specifically a polar fox
Because she wants/wanted to show her nature as a coming Evil of Humanity. People who know Russian will get the joke.

Grand Extra Class candidates
If we're going with the theory that Ordeal Call will create Grand titles for the Extra Classes, that would mean somebody will have to fill in each of those spots.
  • Grand Ruler: Dante Alighieri: One of, if not the most famous religious figures in history, responsible for writing The Divine Comedy.
  • Grand Avenger: Lilith: A Biblical figure from the Old Testament and the first wife of Adam. Since she was with who is effectively the first human ever, a hatred for him and his children could be what makes her Grand Avenger.
  • Grand Alter Ego: Sasaki Kojiro Alter: We know the lore of the original Assassin-class Servant: he's a guy who only took up the name Sasaki Kojiro, who may or may not have been an actual living person in-universe. Perhaps a Sasaki Kojiro Alter will focus on another aspect and be the birth of a "true" Sasaki, but how this will be done, nobody really knows for certain.
  • Grand Foreigner: Randolph Carter: The protagonist of Lovecraft's Dream-Quest saga has already been confirmed to exist, and his repeated interactions with eldritch entities would make him the perfect candidate.
    • I think this is position is already taken by ORT...though I dunno if the pruning of LB 7 means the slot's now open.

Why these specific Classes for Ordeal Call?
So at the beginning of Ordeal Call, we are told that PHH is barring us entry specifically for using Rulers, Avengers, and Alter Egos. This comes of as weird considering there are several extra classes. This is what I think explains the situation:
  • Banned Classes:
    • Rulers: While Rulers are an established PHH class, as seen in Fate/Apocrypha, they are not supposed to be contracted with a Master. Rulers are supposed to act as completely independed regulators that do not hunt for the Grail themselves and do not fight unless it's to regulate the participants of a Holy Grail War. Chaldea not only has summoned several Rulers and contracted already summoned ones (literally the FIRST THING WE DID post Singularity F), we threw them straight in the thick of battle too.
    • Avengers: That class is straight up not supposed to exist. The only reason it exists is because the Einzberns messed with the Fuyuki Grail. While there are several PHH Avengers, it's heavily implied that none of them would be in that class if not for the existence of Angra Manyu. In addition, the Avengers page points out that each of them plays like they belong in a different class (like Dantes playing like a Rider of an Archer, or Salieri playing like an offensive Caster). Us utilizing a class that should not exist and has already been established as an anomaly goes against Human Order.
    • Alter Egos: Technically the class started as BB experimenting, but now everyone and their grandmother can be summoned in it. The issue is that all Alter Egos are an amalgamation of partial and/or mangled Spirit Origins fused with also partial and mangled Divine Spirit origins. It was already established in Babylonia that full blown Divine Spirits are A Big Deal, so screwing with them like that goes against the order of things. Also, it is far from a contained phenomenon. This is another class that should not exist, it messes with the natural order of the Throne, abuses the Pseudoservant system and has gotten out of control.
  • Permitted Classes:
    • Shielders: We already know there are PHH Shielders, like Galahad. My headcanon is that there are a lot of servants that qualify for this class but just get summoned in more convetional ones. Example, Achilles who has a shield Noble Phantasm.
    • Moon Cancers: While this hits many of the same boxes as Alter Ego, it is a contained phenomenon. With the exception of Archetype Earth, all Moon Cancers are directly connected to the Moon Cell and BB. In fact, it's implied that you need BB's permission to be part of this class. Yes, Summer Kiara did hijack it, but she still plays within the pre-established system set by BB. In other words, this class has an active regulator that severely restricts access to the class, and that access is connected to a very specific computer in a very specific branch of PHH.
    • Foreigners: Foreigners are a very important part of PHH. ORT is only here on Earth because of the presence of humanity. Velber's (who is established as a Foreigner in the EXTELLA games) invasion was so important that two different Lostbelts spawned from that invasion having a different outcome (not to mention the long term consequences, like Attila the Hun, the current form of the Olympus Gods, the creation of the Valkyries and Tametomo, and who knows what else). Then there are PHH figures talking about Foreigners, like Lovecraft and Gilles, and finally there's the man-made Foreigner Voyager. Voyager in particular carries explicit and undeniable proof of the existence of PHH.
      • Counterpoint to this one: Foreigners are, by definition, not of the human order. Why would PHH permit them when less-anomalous classes are banned? Furthermore, the story has the Chaldean start to say "four" before correcting himself to "three" so presumably one banned class has just recently had the restriction removed. Since this is in the immediate aftermath of the creation of Grand Foreigner, that presumably means Foreigner was, at first, on the "ban list" as well, and that the existence of a Grand Class is the key to that lock. Also note how literally every Foreigner in PHH either formed there (Voyager, Abby, Hokusai) or is an eldritch abomination so powerful it can brute-force its way past PHH's "you cannot exist" defenses (Velber, ORT).
    • Pretenders: By definition this class slips under the radar as they can disguise themselves as several different classes. In addition, there ARE PHH Pretenders. Examples are Hephastion (as in Fate the current depiction of Alexander are based on her), Mexico City, quite possibly Amanojaku from GUDA6 (would explain Okuni's append and fit his modus operandi), and also quite possibly Ieyasu who changes classes every five minutes. Furthermore, their presence is an active hindrance to the Foreign God, as seen in LB6. With all that taken into account, PHH either can't find them or lets them slide.

Ordeal Calls are based on Apostles of the Foreign God
  • Rewriting this WMG for clarity.

There're some curious points. Circumstantial evidence is that classes more troublesome from the World's point of view (aliens and their proxies, glitches in the matrix, and walking lies) are conspicuous by their absence (barring Chaldean's slip of the tongue). More direct evidence is the names for the upcoming Ordeal Call chapters:

  • Arbitrator Upholding the Balance: Pilgrimage Toward Awareness of One's Uncertain Sins - perfectly matches Holmes, with being explicitly called an arbitrator of balance once and discovery of sins, uncertain due to his amnesia. Summoned as a Ruler.
  • Perpetual Avenger: All-Consuming Flame of Vengeance - pretty good match for Monte-Cristo, an Avenger and one of the few Counts in employ of Novum Chaldea.
  • Personality Split Off From the Ego: Confrontation with One's Inner Self - ok, either there's a double meaning in the Japanese version, or that indeed matches the definition of Alter-Ego class, but it can be streched to mean Moriarty, who was split from his main story nearly at the origin point and mostly emulates his own vision of himself proper (instead of, well, being himself).
Additional point is that Chaldean discusses how the Foreign World appointed three of its apostles to be assistants to Chaldea (the Detective, the Count and the Professor) shortly before explaining the Ordeal Calls to Chaldea.Yet another point that the Foreign World is now the last bastion of the Human Order per Chaldean's words, and thus Novum Chaldea must justify the violation of the ban by the Foreign World, with them also using the same Servants as a sort of a coincidence.