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  • The official single-player trailer. It has a tearjerking moment or two, sure, but it's bound to make you smile at the end.
    Unidentified Harlem Hellfighter: They push. We push.
    Every once in a while, we push hard enough that the light breaks through the clouds,
    and the world beyond the war...glimmers.
    Behind every gun sight, is a human being. We are those people.
    If history only remembers one in a thousands of us, then the future will be filled with stories of who we were and what we did.
    But until that day comes, we will stand, we will look death in the eye, and we...will...fight.

Storm of Steel:

  • The quote above comes from the end of the the prologue mission. In it, a scene shows a Harlem Hellfighter aiming his rifle at a lone German soldier, with him doing the same. Then, as sunlight breaks through the clouds and onto the death and carnage, the two soldiers...lower their guns and stand down, showing that both are already tired of this industrialized slaughter.

Through Mud and Blood:

  • Finch making fellow New Meat Edwards feel welcome among Black Bess' crew, especially in contrast to McManus.
  • Oddly enough, when you play as the pigeon delivering a message to HQ for artillery fire. It's a peaceful reprieve from the chaos still ringing around Black Bess...well, not that the pigeon would know about that. Or care.
  • McManus' Changed My Mind, Kid + Big Damn Heroes moment:
    McManus: [after saving Edwards] I lost my way back there.
    Edwards: There is no right way in a place like this.
    McManus: We'll find one. You're the driver.
    • Edwards covering for McManus in front of Townsend.
  • There's also McManus hearty laughter when Edwards manages to get Bess running for one last time.
    McManus: Hey, Edwards! She likes it when you swear, boy!
  • Edwards, McManus, and Townsend keeping the arguments to a damn bare minimum as they take Black Bess out for one last strike against the Germans.
    McManus: All right, then... Let's bloody do it!
    • This:
      McManus: [to Townsend] Oh, no! Don't you think you can go dyin' on us now!

Friends in High Places:

  • Instead of running away again, and leaving Wilson to die, Blackburn carries him all the way back to the front. For a con-artist, that is truly noble.
  • When Blackburn gets arrested for his crimes and faces court-martial, Wilson offers to speak up for Blackburn as defense.
    Wilson: I'm gonna speak out for you, you know. At the court-martial. It might do you some—
    Blackburn: I doubt it, but...thanks.


Avanti Savoia!:

  • Luca's love for his brother Matteo and his dedication in combat is all in order to make sure Matteo can come home alive. Makes it all the sadder that he failed.

The Runner:

  • Bishop, despite his irritation, does everything he can to ensure Naïve Newcomer Foster doesn't get into trouble and die needlessly.
  • Foster putting the well-being of his comrades first as the British is about to shell their position. He knows he might die, even if Bishop acts as a distraction, but he doesn't care about just surviving this war.

Nothing Is Written:

  • Zara's loyalty to Lawrence—someone she should have no reason to trust, considering him being an outsider, just like the Ottomans.


  • On November 11th 2018, several groups of players planned a cease fire at 11:00 am to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, the official end of World War I. For five minutes players agreed to put down their controllers and lower their weapons in the game to sit in silence.


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