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    War Stories 
  • In the first part of Through Mud and Blood, if you manage to flip Black Bess on her backside:
  • The beginning of Friends in High Places. Blackburn somehow managed to tie Rackham to his chair while they're playing cards.
    • Just the fact he spends most of missions telling a string of Blatant Lies and the fact that he totally gets away with it.
    • After the tutorial to flying is complete, when Blackburn and Wilson discover the hidden German fortification they're suddenly unblinded by the fog and see that they're about to crash into the wall. When they pull up just barely over the ledge, one unfortunate German soldier gets hit right on the chin by the landing gear. Ouch.
    • Also during the same campaign, the normally tense moment of sneaking through the German trenches is broken by a German soldier suddenly tripping over himself, drunk, past a corner and then falling asleep on the floor, snoring too.
    • Wilson stops beating up a German soldier on board the Zeppelin, and the three of them, Blackburn included, stares in awe at the burning spectacle of another Zeppelin about to crash into them. Needless to say, all three decide to get the hell out of there.
  • In The Runner. Foster wants to accompany Bishop to storm the beaches of Gallipoli. To test him, Bishop simply asks Foster to level his rifle. Seeing Foster seemingly stumble through his rifle's shape and motioning something of a bayonet charge, Bishop comes to an important conclusion.
    Bishop: Yeah okay, you're staying here.
  • At the start of Nothing is Written, killing the first sentry will prompt Lawrence to comment. If, after killing the guard, you look at the rifle, Lawrence will sometimes make a comment that suggests not picking up the rifle and to use stealth. It can almost sound comical if your plan was to pick up the rifle to use as a weapon.
    • Even more comical if, after all the talk about stealth and its importance, you just hop on the machine gun and mow down all the enemies, which is frankly the most effective option.
    • If you take your time completing certain objectives, Lawrence will periodically chime in reminding you exactly what to do even though that's what you're already in the process of doing.
    • In the first mission, ignore the train and head north. You will come across a tank depot, with a lone Ottoman tanker nearby. Occasionally, you might catch him taking a piss.

  • The fact that DICE added the Kolibri pistol, a pitiful 2.7 mm pistol that's smaller than the character's hands. Even the customization screen has the player character looking at the tiny pistol incredulously between his thumb and index finger.
    • The player character's interactions with the pistol are also hilarious. Upon pulling one out, the character has it in his left hand, palm up, and it barely fills his palm. Then taking it from his left hand as dainty as a tea cup with his thumb and index finger on the right, then pulling back the tiny slide with the thumb and index finger of the left hand to mark it ready for combat. It should also be noted that everything the player does with the tiny-ass pistol is treated the same as a regular pistol, so you can even aim down the tiny sights on the thing. You can imagine a certain quote regarding tiny firearms going through the character's (or your) head.
    J: I feel like I'm gonna break this damn thing!
  • The sniper decoy. It's basically a fake head on a stick used to lure out enemy shooters. Trigger-happy players that fall for it will get their soldier marked on the minimap for every enemy to see and track down.
  • The issues connected to the aerial collision hitboxes from the previous games are back, with the same hilarious results. Whereas in Real Life a collision between two biplanes would result in shredded cloth and high speed wood debris, in-game it's possible for planes to bounce off each other after hitting each other head-on, tailgate other planes without doing actual hitpoint damage...
  • What would be a Funny page without discussing the numerous bugs that would otherwise make a serious multiplayer match full of hilarity?
    • Tanks have been seen suddenly and without explanation start to levitate, before crashing to the ground as if it suddenly remembered about gravity. The A7V Heavy tank seems to be a regular victim of this, given its propensity to get tipped to its side, which leads players to theorize that it's the physics engine trying to force the tank's model to right itself, as the tank doesn't have a damaged or destroy model with it tipped sideways.
    • Any sniper shot that manages to One-Hit Kill a player seems to have a random chance of throwing the victim into orbit, much like the giants in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. And speaking of Skyrim, the way ragdoll physics works in the game, anyone can go flying from a random shot as if they got hit by the Dragonborn's Unrelenting Force shout.
  • For April Fool's day 2017, DICE briefly added a unicorn skin to the C.T.E. And it could talk.
  • A player made a fake video where reloading the LMG 08 played Pop Goes the Weasel. Apparently, DICE thought it was worth putting it into the game for real.

  • From the Codex entry on camouflage:
    "Remember that the French went into this war in bright red pants. That turned out to be less than optimal."

  • One of the melee weapons introduced in the In the Name of the Tsar DLC is the "Dud Club." What is it? A deactivated grenade! And you thought the Demoman was insane.
    A dud grenade that looks like it would make a mean bludgeon. Totally safe to use… probably.
    • Naturally, there are rumors that it can blow up if the conditions are right.
      • As of the June 2018 update, it can.

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