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  • First of all, the reveal trailer, that made hundreds of Battlefield players who barely knew anything about World War I rush off to research it, and it's not hard to see why. From the beautiful graphics to the epic shots of tanks rolling through trenches, to biplanes speeding through the desert, to hand-to-hand combat in the middle of No Man's Land, it's a CMOA from start to finish. Oh, and it became the most liked trailer in YouTube history.

     The Game itself 
  • First, a standing ovation for the fact that the game itself has sparked off a new wave of interest in World War I from gamers and helped truly show that World War I-themed video games can be huge successes.
  • Props for DICE for taking a stance away from the usual norm for singleplayer mode of a single epic storyline focusing on a character or faction and instead have it in segments of different stories on different fronts. It definitely encompasses on the term of "World War".
    • Really, just the fact that the campaign was actually great, especially compared to their highly-criticized previous efforts.
  • The wide selection of melee weapons the player has at their disposal, from a shovel to a friggin' mace, and the many different ways a player can kill someone with them.
  • The Behemoth-class vehicles. When one shows up in a multiplayer match, you know shit is about go down. Either it'll be a Curb-Stomp Battle on your side, or you'll have to go through hell and back just to take it out.
    • Whenever the Airship gets destroyed. It's truly a spectacle to behold as you see its flaming wreckage come crashing down onto the map.
  • Air combat in general is this. There's nothing like the thrill of speeding through the air, hammering at targets with your machine gun and feeling like you're literally on top of the world. Until your plane gets shot down, that is.
  • The fact that bolt-action rifles, the real primary weapons of the war and often treated as little more than slow-firing sniper rifles by most video games, are realistically presented as lethal, accurate and reliable enough that even with the countless machine guns and prototype firearms lying around, there's always going to be a sizable amount of players running around with bolt-actions and racking up a fair amount of kills. Special mention goes to the SMLE No. 1 Mk. III*, which is both a first-class combat rifle in its own right and quickly becoming the most beloved bolt-action rifle by many players for its magazine size and firing speed. Another contender is the Steyr-Mannlicher 1895, arguably the fastest bolt-action rifle in the game.
    • If you are the Assault Class, one of your gadgets is an AT Rocket Gun, it seems pale in comparison to other anti-tank weapons, until you realize that you can actually use it against infantrymen like a modern day anti-materiel rifle. Nothing is more satisfying than delivering numerous One-Hit Kills with a BFG, Enjoy Counting Bullets...
      • This extends to the Tankgewehr 1918, the most powerful weapon in the entire game, which is not only, capable of taking out a Heavy Tank in a single hit to the front at extremely long range, but can also take a sizable chunk out of the armored train with every hit.
  • Operations is an entire game mode designed to create Big Badass Battle Sequences. The fact that 40+ players are stuffed into roughly 1-4th of a map and have to fight for two objectives means that combat is incredibly condensed and intense. Bullets and grenades flying everywhere, explosions and destruction set the backdrop for masses of infantry and cavalry charging to their objectives, airplanes engaging in intense dogfights and raining death as the entire attackers lets out a massive war cry. Simply put, it's the mode that makes the word Battlefield come true in front of your eyes.
  • Destroying a Behemoth in Multiplayer, just for the sheer spectacle of it.


Storm Of Steel

  • The fact that the prologue completely redefined the way War Is Hell is portrayed in single-player mode. No more Super Soldier stuff, you are just one of the few common soldiers fighting to survive by the brink, and sometimes even that is not enough.

Through Mud and Blood

  • The Theme Music Power-Up sequence when Edwards manage to start Black Bess again in the last mission, complete with the original Battlefield Theme music.

Friends In High Places

  • Blackburn, despite all his misadventures and (possible) lies manage to escape court-martial at the last minute.
    • The last mission of the war story. All. Of. It. Flying up to defend London against a swarm of bombers and fighters, then taking on a massive zeppelin. Crashing and boarding said zeppelin, taking over its anti-aircraft gun to take out another zeppelin while your co-pilot is having a fist fight right in front of you with the guy who was manning it originally. Then the enemy zep crashes into yours, and the three of you Outrun the Fireball to escape. While all this is going on, the British and German airforces are engaged in a massive dogfight all around you. Holy shit!
    • This line from the last mission. Character Development ahoy!
    Blackburn (firing the aforementioned anti-aircraft gun): "C'mon Fritz! Come and get it! My name is Clyde Blackburn! I'm a pilot! I'm a gambler! And I'm a stand up kind of guy! I'm a stand up...kind of guy! I'm a stand up kind of guy!!!"

Avanti Savoia!

  • In part 1, you are basically an armored soldier, with a freaking LMG. If you saw a guy like that on the other side instead, you'd run.
  • And in part 2, your character loses both his armor and machine gun, but he picks up an experimental turret SMG and doesn't stop fighting through the newfound hell of the landscape.

The Runner

  • The context for it is horrifying, but you really have to give it to the guts of the ANZAC forces during the Gallipoli campaign with this one quote.
    Whitehall: Only the ones who volunteered, so naturally all of them.

Nothing Is Written

  • The entire Boss Fight against the Ottoman armored train "Canavar". Especially the moment Zara traps the train by destroying its tracks, Lawrence and the rest of the rebel Arabs attack with a full-on cavalry charge with the Ottoman troops on the other end as well. Zara, with the multitude of captured enemy anti-vehicle weaponry, has the job of blowing the train to hell and back.
    • Just the fact alone that you get to play as an Arab female protagonist who kicks serious amounts of ass is a huge moment of awesome in and of itself.



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