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Heartwarming / Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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  • Mike Toreno's "last mission" for CJ, which is picking up his brother from prison.
    • Another Toreno moment occurs earlier in the game, at the end of "N.O.E.", where he genuinely congratulates CJ for a job well done. This is especially nice if you've been really struggling on the mission.
    Mike Toreno: "Nice going, Carl! Really. You did good, kid."
  • Considering how much of a Jerkass Sweet is most of the time to CJ, this trope usually comes in play whenever Sweet actually compliments him.
    • Particularly where CJ and Sweet are driving from Mad Dogg's Crib back to Grove Street through the riots, and talk about Maccer. Sweet eventually starts listing off as many euphamisms for A Date with Rosie Palms as he can, while CJ laughs and tells him to stop. It's this odd bonding moment that's nice in a weird sort of way. Considering how distant they usually are, literally and figuratively, the two of them just laughing and joking like that helps reaffirm the fact that at heart, they'll never not be brothers.
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  • Having CJ to save Madd Dogg from suicide was awfully nice especially how much it sucked for Madd Dogg to have lost everything... thanks to CJ, but...
  • In-game: The Burger Shot cashier is such a Nice Girl — to the point where some players abstain from violence in there, as a Pet the Dog.
  • CJ is willing to let a harmless janitor stay in the maintenance closet and learn about his casino heist plans...solely because the Janitor lives in said closet. The result is the janitor actually helps out with the heist, providing extra muscle.

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  • Near the end of the game:
    CJ: "There were a bunch of homies hanging around outside on Grove Street, watching the distant smoke clouds in parts of the city we hadn't reached yet that were still suffering rioting. I wondered how many of them would be eager to leave the relatively safe Grove Street to drive into old Azteca territory and take on geared up Vagos. In the end, I had to turn people away because they wouldn't all fit in the car.
    • Also counts as a mild funny.
  • On the chapter explaining the mission "High Noon", after CJ killed Pulaski, he decides to head back to Las Brujas to give Hernandez a proper burial at the cemetery inside Las Brujas as a thank you message for taking the bullet from Pulaski during the grave digging part.
    CJ: "It wasn't much, but I buried Hernandez there in Las Brujas, stripping his uniform and but leaving his badge in there with him. I said a few mumbled words over the grave, wishing I'd known him better, known him well enough to say something nice. "You saved my life," I said, to finish,"Twice. Yo words to Cesar, and just now when you attacked Pulaski. I'm sorry I couldn't save you, man..... thank you.""
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  • In the epilogue — CJ gets a final call from Toreno, who genuinely wishes him well on the rest of his life.
  • Remember the janitor mentioned above? During the heist, CJ hands a briefcase to the janitor (named Tito here) and tells him that its his bonus, to be opened after the heist is successful, which it is. Cue Tito whooping with joy at the end of the chapter as he opens the briefcase to find his bonus: two million dollars. Not to mention the next chapter reveals that CJ and Woozie gave him a cut of the take on top of that.
  • Even CJ punching Zero out for inadvertently telling Berkley about the heist becomes this since the narration states that CJ pulled his punch at the last second owing to all the actual help Zero had been over the past few months. While things are still pretty frosty between them, they money they just stole from Caligula's will go a long way towards it.

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