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  • In Crysis 3, the Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! moment to Psycho as the latter is in a Heroic BSoD following Claire's death and once again lamenting the fact that he is an ordinary human with no suit powers. Prophet, who has been putting up with his complaining about his lack of powers for the whole game, throws him down and rightly points out that if Psycho had been wearing his Nanosuit five minutes ago, the world would have ended right there since the Alpha Ceph/Rasch would have been able to lock him down as well and kill all three of them with impunity and that it's not the suits that make a hero, but the man wearing it.
    Prophet: "If you'd been wearing the suit, we'd all be dead! You being human is what saved us! We were all human Psycho. And we all fought. Me, you, Nomad, Jester - all of us. WE fought. Not the goddamned nano suits! Now it's just you and me that's left. We can make a difference! One last mission!"
  • Psycho, stuck in his gunship's harness, reaching his hand out towards Prophet who is being sucked into the Einstein-Rosen Bridge. Just shows that how much he cares about Prophet even though the latter is more machine than man. The words exchanged during that scene were both heartwarming and tear-inducing.
    Psycho: Prophet! Barnes! Hold on!
    Prophet/ Barnes: Michael! The suit...I can't...
    Psycho: Damn it Barnes! It was never just about the suit! (Prophet/Barnes gets sucked into the Einstein-Rosen Bridge) Barnes! BARNES!!
    • Keep in mind, both Prophet and Psycho are shouting each other's real names instead of their codenames given to them in the nanosuit team. Gives new meaning to the term Band of Brothers.
  • The entire game has a subtle one. At the beginning, Prophet is practically robotic, unemotional, and laser-focused on one thing - defeating the Ceph at any cost. At certain points in the game (namely upon Psycho giving him the tags from Raptor Team and momentarily connecting to the Ceph Hive Mind) Prophet gets something akin to a Heel Realization and immediately becomes more human, particularly on the latter occasion. It's audible in his voice how the emotion returns, his diction becomes looser, and he slowly regains his humanity, which is key to the game's ending. Prophet from the start of the game wouldn't have been able to stop the Warrior Ceph colony ship, but after realizing that his humanity is what sets him apart from the Ceph after becoming so attached - literally - to the nanosuit, Prophet has the spark that the Ceph will never have or understand.
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  • Psycho, despite his fury at learning that Claire was the one who was behind his torture at the CELL skinning lab, still chooses to hijack a Vulture gunship and charge in to save the remaining rebels, including Claire, from a massive Ceph assault.

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